I hope this celebration will be for life involving the same myriads but,it won’t be because “be” will disappear one day. The only song we can render is dirge,we must not be remorseful since we are in that arena hence,the thinking we are thinking is a ‘thought’ that is thinking. There is no second chance but we can utilize some chances now which are already given.
    Many are still struggling and agitating for existence but the crucial notion of existence is to realize you can live freely without interjections but they are distractions. The time beckons when it will be like a fluctuated network. What are we going to do? Are we going to hide? We can bet but doesn’t mean we would win because this is definitely a gamble.
    This is an historic genesis of what we have been doing. If everything were to be stable then, there will be no need for the creation of man ,expectations are high but the disappointment will not be surprising. I guess we have something to say hence,it will be nice to conceal it because all angles are not safe.
  By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.
  “To those who are not those but, real”


     I know I am empty but since expressions can’t be quenched. What will I do? I would have preferred to shut my thinking but to cease thinking, is to execute the essence of mankind. I hope the word called ‘privilege’ won’t be killed or assassinated because this is what keeps man in the spheres of life,I won’t subdue mankind with my expressions but every decision is to be made individually.
     Are we still searching for facts? Who told us they are real? Even facts can be created in order to give us sympathy. We are all sympathisers thus,let’s continue the task given to us as sympathisers,one day we would,could, and should. At this point I have nothing to say yet, I am still expressing as if there’s nothing but something is nothing,be nothing so that you will become something.
     We must not be confounded,I know some ways are complicated. They can’t be made easy because an easy way is a hard way. We have guessed and rationalised on matters but aren’t we tired? We can  quench the world,if we can know the unknown. Are we ready?
    By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.
    “We have been hindered by hindrances and the only way is to go back to that juncture”


Don’t feel relaxed when the mantle has not be given but I guess we have gained a consciousness that will make us realise the realities we have lost. As a matter of fact,we have tried to cajole ourselves but this egoistic seed planted in mankind will always be a crux and cross.
   I won’t express much,a parable is a parable to those who are well equipped in knowledge. I am not writing to communicate to myopic thinkers but a wise being must always be in the quest of knowledge. Why must we disturb the future? Why must we speak about what we have not seen? Future is complaining because a rest is needed.
   The necessary conditions were created to settle disputes. A remorseful heart will always be sad even if there is an exhilaration. That bus stop was created for manipulations yet we are rejoicing because it will stop a bus. Which bus? Whose bus?
    By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
  “A sabotage was created for a peaceful agenda”


    The above topic is not a straightforward expression but as some would say that I am not explicit. This is not the case because a poetic philosopher will always express in parables thus, as time approaches I hope we would see what I am seeing. The face of life is not the face we once dreamt about, yet, different assumptions have been postulated but obstruction is now a norm.
    As I am writing, I writing with tears coupled with a deep thought even the next thing to do, is to do the unexpected. As a matter of fact, happiness will be decided by others if we are to live, I have pondered and wondered but this is as if I am the only one in the stride of deception and truth. Several questions will be asked but time is no more, regrettably we have asserted unconsciously because of the distress. We must not be carried away,  let focus be the banner. If the journey is to be reverted it will make no difference even a partisan would have done better if given the chance.
    The horrendous scenes were created so that we would compose ourselves for futuristic agendas and If destruction occurs, what can we do?  Who can we inform? Exit should be an exhibition because this will be an avenue for people to articulate their opinions. I am not good but one thing I will always do is to learn from people because an island of knowledge is meant for some not for all.
  I wish I could express all my thoughts but a grandiloquent speech will be too boring for some to comprehend. I know nothing about the future because future and uncertainty are friends but knowing them won’t favour us thus,partiality is not part of them.
      By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
    “Living again won’t be possible, yet, we want to live again”


    Beliefs are created to ignite the passions of mankind  but we can not proceed by only asking questions , when those questions are not  answered. The only being that can use the sagacious thinking to settle disputes within and without is man,yet, cases are not solved but no discrepancies. How is that possible?
    The vestiges of discovery beckons hence, the mental capacity to actualize those vestiges is what man has been struggling with. For many years the history of mankind is mankind,in as much as man has the agility to visualize his potentials which have been a programmed claim,what can man do? How can we ameliorate what has been done already? As the analysis of the past would be considered with a partial view because we think it won’t be relevant thus,we are always gazing at the future.
    Many lives will still be sacrificed,blood will also become bloody on its own,and even tears will be given another name entirely. This should be a memorabilia that must be a watchword, as many will be useless and useful to life but remember life won’t recognize that, one strike will be indefinite.
   The reading culture is dying thus,further explanations might alert boredom. But let those in the stride of intelligence be conscious.
   By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua  ( Dvor vinordinaire )
   “We are the separation”