A blast from the past came suddenly but we thought this should be a mere scenario. This nonchalance became a marriage for mankind thus, he couldn’t rescue himself from the perspectives of good and bad coupled  with the importance he has towards life. There is need for exigency in as much as he has geared a serenity in most aspects.
           The criteria created was to sharpen the stride attached  to man’s life, whether we like it or not, we are all attached to one life. And if there is another  life then, there will no need for this life. Aren’t we tired? Aren’t we tired of the quest and questions of this life? At times, man has suggested many options but those options can’t be actualized because he has  no life but another life which  is not meant for him.
        It has become a cage of no return, and a will nilly postulation. The best way is yet to be discovered. Thinking  will continue to live, no doubt, we can’t quench it and if we do then, none will be in existence. Once we are married to life, it is forever but it will be over. This marriage will be the fastest in the  history of man’s life.
      By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
    “As for those searching for an extension of life, don’t  be deceived. The extension of  life is your life”


     Open those gates and let people enter, they wanted to, not because they have decided  to embrace that path. This real illusion became a quest for mankind  when all roads were obstructed without notification hence, the only way to survive is to discover different authenticating theses which will put Mankind back on track.
    As time approaches they thought they  have found  a home for all thus, they became distracted by a penny which really impaired their hearts. They lamented for many years thinking the problems from nowhere will be resolved rather they became a rock from different rocks. It became a seasonal film coupled with unending series. Which way will man take? Who he’s  ready for the sacrifices?.
  Tears was happy to see the exasperation of mankind because the houses were full of agonizing dilemmas. All eyes were opened in order to see the next thing on board, at the end, futility was also happy to have taken part in the feast of atrocities. Yet, they clamored again, “open the gates of hell”
    When tiredness becomes a regular mantra then, the only option created is to take part in that path. Words of wisdom don’t exist, they are mere words and words. As for those who think, well and truly, it is necessary. Let thinking rescue herself.
  By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
  “If haters don’t exist then, we can’t succeed”


     I don’t know your actual gender but when I grew up I was told you are the maker who made heavens and earth. I have tried to figure out all essences of human life and the main reason why you have created many destinies with different purposes.
   I guess you are listening to my thesis and if you are not, your servants will deliver my message although I have many messages and questions but I will keep that until the day we would meet if I am privileged.
   I guess you are seeing everything but your intervention is always in tranquility even your response might be too late, and this always gives the wicked ones to act spontaneously. As my lamentations will not be over because what I am experiencing is about to tear me apart even death can’t be bribed she must be happy because of the food she is expecting.
   You called some your chosen ministers yet their lives have not been balanced, all what you can do is to make them feel calamities in order for them to glorify you. But why?  There should be other alternatives. I am not saying that this is from God but I feel the time should be confirmed. I have clamoured with my voice and my courage is about to be discouraged may be the next thing is to opt out from the cage to know nothing but something.
  My analysis may be short but if we are to be who we tend to be, the world will have no recognition. As a matter of fact, a freelancer will have the sagacious mentality to actualize some purposes. I don’t talk much neither will I express more than my all.
  This letter might not be straightforward but thinking must be given a chance to scrutinise those views. Liberty won’t come except we agitate for it, if that should be the case. Where is liberty?  I will rest my pen at this juncture but if there an opportunity I will gladly accept all interactions.
   We must assume a goodbye so that another opportunity Will come.
By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
    “If you can’t let life go, she will go by”