I came into this world with an unconscious mind but, as time approaches I embraced consciousness in order to partake in the race of life. What do I owe this life?  Who predestined my life?  What is my destiny depicting? I have not been able to think and rationalise beyond, if can, I would have suggested a solution to all solutions. At times we tend to work zealously thinking everything will become successful but, at the end futility is  always the main frame. You have a wish list doesn’t mean it will come pass, it is just an existence in your mind. If my life has been predestined by the unknown then, why am I working?  Why should I work?

      Someone has arranged  this world in such a way that we  cannot question it. We have been restricted by an authority whose vision  is to be in anything for life. We must ask why life is so rigid and flexible, no doubt, the quest  for more will keep radiating within the territorial condition of man. A  caged world which will not be opened anytime soon, we can get out of it, how about the next phase? A  life we have no choice even when ups and downs are tedious. Can we commit suicide or euthanasia(mercy killing)?  If we can, how about the assumed world?

     What rights do we have? We must beg endlessly, even an appeal for freedom or freewill won’t be exempted. I have wondered why peace won’t be amidst mankind, it is not the case that peace can’t reign but, it must be concealed all in the name of elevation and eulogy. Tears in some places yet we have people who are laughing at the corner of their houses. Some may argue that, if everything were to  be sweet life would not have been interesting. Says who? Although everyman has fear but, the instilled notion in the hearts of man is cumbrous or heavy. What else would I say?  What expression will I give to  convince myself that, it is what it is? A predestined life is what we are living. Think about your existence and the end that will occur suddenly. What next?

     “Are we still looking for a replacement, the original one will be costly to see”


By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)


    I wish I could reject the world at first but I had no choice, so I opted for this world. I never knew things will be pretty bad, if I had known I would have come as things so that the society will have nothing to say about me. As a human being I discovered one vital umbrella that is very synonymous to man and other things, that is,”the world “. Can we know anything outside it? As a matter of fact, I wanted to give up, but hope acted as a comfort to me, now hope has forgotten me.

      I sat at the balcony of knowledge, thinking and recollecting the scenarios of the past, may be I can see a reason why hope left without saying anything. Hence, I ask again, where is hope? I have humbled myself at the doors of humility, I have cautioned myself about the usage of my languages , I have cried and lamented with zeal but no one could feel my wounded heart. I have not decided but, I believe “hope” will reconsider me and attend to my issues. What will make me happy is when I sail through without distress, even happiness will have no choice than to cajole me for life without an inch of sadness.

   I have chosen to dance to the melodious songs of the gods because I wanted them to feel the wickedness of man. Willy-nilly,hearts have been perverted and demolished, all efforts must be rewarded with good bonuses but the stride of life is too short. Please you can ask for an extension if need be. Remember” hope ” is enjoying, at the eleventh hour when it is too late she will come  out to act as if she knew nothing, one will have no choice thus, familiarity will be a maxim of daily memory. I know hope is not dead but, where is hope?

Hope, I know you are, I know things might be hard now, I know you have given man a lot of chances. Give me  the last chance to sail through “

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)


       When will she return? When will she activate her consciousness? Innocent souls are suffering and dying. What we are waiting for  is her return, so that she will rescue people from calamitous dispositions. The only thing I have always wanted is the true thing behind the establishment of this world. I wish I could erase the term, “World”, and I would know may be it will exist without that name, however, we have been thinking about metaphysical imaginations which will not cure, but prevent us from knowing why true is truth.

      We have clamored for her return, but all the invitations were rejected because she has the power that supercedes all. Yet, we are rejoicing in  distress because we have no choice. In addition to this, she’s in another realm of exhilaration enjoying herself with no aim of coming back. We have put our trust in her, she can’t betray us. At end, tears became happy because it has seen a place to hide itself. Show no mercy, and don’t be too altruistic, compassionate, and kindhearted because all these will be categorised into the arena of vanity.

    “As for those whose intelligence have been engraved without a code of nothing. I hope they are prepared to face the consequences which were told to them before accepting the rules and regulations. They have sat on that thrones for too long we could not see, because we are in a world where spiritualism and kardecism are prioritised ”  – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Free yourself from deceptions , and let what you know emerge as the overall. The main aim of life is for man to think, if everything were to be solved then, the existence of man won’t be needed. What time will she come? it’s getting late.

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)


   My only wish is to see them but, since the doors of the dead and living are not the same, I have decided to set my aim in gentility. Tears everywhere, if tears could be calculated it will be uncountable. I thought I can hide the feelings but it will make no sense if this is kept. If we walk around what we can perceive is loneliness even an identity can still be doubted. The vestiges  were created for one purpose: That will be an end to all.

   My main concern is that painful departure. I have lamented like a baby, I cried, thinking heavens and earth will assist me in waking and exhuming them yet, they looked at me scornfully. No renditions of help from anywhere, all I could see is my  family and society who tend to cajole me to act like man. Hence, I asked, “is it in the case of male and female?” 

  I  thought I  saw them, but a dream in a dreamland. The time has come to make a huge decision coupled with an autarchy of no  interventions. I am perturbed, perplexed, and disheartened with these stereotyped situations, if these were not arranged it would be amendable. They were taken spontaneously, this baffled me to keep asking questions  about their sudden exit. Well and truly, there are things hidden which are hidden in hidden, except hidden unveils itself, the problems wont be solved.

“late Mr and Mrs  Henry  Comfort Akinrulie will continue to be an epitome of huge significance. I will be looking forward to see them again, if there is another. I still have my belief, but  what I am feeling must not be felt by others. The glorious day  has been set aside, I will always love them ” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

  ” since there is a departure then, an arrival should be in existence “

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)


  Why should I be passionate  about others? Can’t  I decide to act exclusively? Why must I do this and that? What can the others  offer? Will they consider me too?
   As a matter of fact,those questions posited will no doubt provoke our interests  in knowing the right manners  to approaching some vital issues. We have been asking several questions whether we need to help others at our own detriment but even if we decide to help others. Will they  appreciate  it? At times,we need to think with scrutiny because a scrumptious meal might be dangerous. Some have decided to stop  helping others because at the end calamities always have a predominance section spontaneously.
    As the case may be, we have not thought of it judiciously but until the aforementioned questions are answered then,those situations attached won’t be solved. Yet we always  have pity to people  who won’t  consider us thus,we tend  to wait  for a reward from above. I hope the  above will remember with a necessary consideration.
   I can’t decide for others  who to help but those decisions given will be
monitored for a decider to decide. I guess we are not sleeping because when that  day will come even ‘come’ won’t be aware.
   I don’t write much hence,In solitude we are still experiencing a razzmatazz but this  frenzy atmosphere will nurture us and give us the right path. If helping others is right then,all would have been right in all ramifications but I am not saying  that helping others is wrong.
   Let those concerned make a decision
    By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
   “We must  believe in something if not,nothing ”

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)