“ Wait!  What are you trying to do? Do you want to commit suicide because life has been unfair to you?  Have you questioned your inner life?  Who told you you will be accepted in another place after your termination? These questions are to be answered subjectively or personally.”——-Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

    I am writing this article with an emotional goodness may  be life can eulogise or praise me for what I have been doing. But, I am sorry to announce that life doesn’t know anybody, because she acts as if she knows no one. At times, you tend to utter this statement, “ am I the only one”  also, I am not exempted from this particular act. When you are a slave to life, then, what can you do? Life has not restricted you to explore but, you are the one creating a limit, I am not saying that life doesn’t have a limit. Hence, there is nothing bad in trying. We are to rule life, but, life dictates all aspects, because the power of death is in life. What will you do if life is angry?


    Everyone is clamoring for freedom. How about the cage life has given you? If you can break out of life, then, you are free to see freedom, not that you are in freedom. Do not be confused with that utterance, if that is ingested and digested it will make sense. In our contemporary society, something sensible is not sensible, but, something senseless is sensible. When I write I give a space of thinking because I want the reader to put his or her self into the realm of actualization. Moreover, when you lack the self belief you will become a subordinate being who can’t stand to fight except he or she is supported. When will you eradicate that slavery concept? Tell life you want to succeed, in lieu of this, do not opt out.


    ” In our contemporary society, something sensible is not sensible, but, something senseless is sensible. All views can not be the same because approaches are different. As a matter of fact, time is so happy that we have been taken by irrelevance.” – – – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


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