If I am not reacting to something, why writing this? As senseless as a madman can be, he is still reacting to something. Must you be told the right thing to do? Must you address problems? What have you solved permanently with your discipline? If ‘beating  around’the bush will pave ways, why not embark on it like a journey?. ” – – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


Many books have been published but, some or all are reacting to something in order to gain something. As a  matter of  fact, if this is regarded as plagiarism, it will be an unthinkable assertion expressed without thinking, he who wants to grow must be ready for  criticism that will catapult him to the land of fruition. Everyone likes judging life as  related to their perspective, if I have a  goal, will I forfeit that goal and embrace some problems which will hinder me? When you act as  if you are good, you will have more problems than ever, you must pretend to know nothing  when necessary. Knowledge is not created for obscurity but, the beauty of knowledge is to dance within human society. I have been sleeping with my two eyes closed but, the importance of knowledge alerted my consciousness to be awake, I can not know all, I believe in what I perceive within the society because correcting myself is like a partial torture. The true reality has been hidden neither will  it be unveiled to mankind, it will be like a drama, if all these were to be  a playlet designed to be a comic relief. Fools will be needed in  this mission because only them can give a good advice. How about that?


In this case, if you feel like a boss it shows that you are still crawling. The essence of leadership is to continue learning “. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


My words are like punchlines, I speak like a dared lion, if you are capable come into the game and let’s fight with knowledge because it is the only tool of knowing something. Why feel remorseful because of castigation? It should be a catalyst for your growth, not a depreciation of your Memorial embodiments. Happiness don’t kill, it will only make you forget your sad moments but, when you accelerate your happiness it becomes an unfavored concept thus, depression will be a strong household created for that mission. As a matter of fact, if your mind is not working then, you are not walking. It will be an illusion which can be probed, at times, when you read books written by them, it will hinder your thoughts and their thoughts will be imposed on your thoughts dramatically. In other words, your real thoughts will be supporting their theses, this is not to say that, books are bad but, how about yours? That is, your reality. Do not pocket your own views because of superiority. Do not fake your reality when needed. I don’t speak much, these are mere words, do not embrace them. If the world can not contain you, it means you are too small to be in existence, in a  nutshell, is my mind retarded or hindered? Is your mind hindered? Are you still waiting for someone to give you self-belief? Goodness might not be happy to be with you.

” I have spoken like nothing, if there are things I need to know I won’t repudiate them. A door is a perfect example of knowledge which connotes ( IN  &  OUT).” – – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


This is a world where you can not  misbehave or act anyhow. A life without criticism is a living dead. ” – – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


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