Imagine a world where all religions will dwell together in unity. Imagine a world where you can be able to preach your religion to other religions. Imagine a world where laughter will live forever. When would religion stop this disastrous impersonation?.”  – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 


     If religion is a criterion for all then, more Calamities would come to establish a canopy of religious conflicts. I have wondered about the essence of religion as related to human society. Some people have argued that the main aim of religion  is to  instill morality in mankind in order to act morally, yet, if that should be the case, this religion has succeeded in some not in all, in other words, is religion acting as a moral agent under man’s umbrella? Or is religion a dictatorial being upon mankind? Peace won’t come except your religion can create that peace with others. Discrimination won’t take you anywhere, it will only make you think you are dynamic whereas you are static. Stop being dramatic, rise up and face different things because time is not friendly.
       Religion was invited by man but, this religion brought an  overwhelming situation which led to different condemnations. As a matter of fact, at times I wish I could see religion myself as a human being that talks,so that I can tell him or her about the discrepancies, as the case may be, religion won the hearts of many deceptively in a unique way. This concreteness has been accommodated with a strong belief which is unshakable. The only way to discipline religion is for man to discipline himself, if not, religion will always be an everlasting paradigm. This is not the matter of exaggerations coupled with a delusive thinking which religion has  given to all in form of truthfulness. Can you think outside your religion?


       If religion is exempted, what would be  the watchword of mankind? A nation without religion might collapse, if I am lying then, neutrality will be needed. Have you not heard this saying, “no religion, no society“. If this is true, religion connotes society and society connotes religion, as time approaches, religion became a predominance concept, up till this moment she is still existing in the spotlight as a queen over kings. Many crowns have been lost all  in the name of religion, the percentage of people agitating for unity is below but, the ability of religion in causing disagreement can be seen as a lofty standard. Man is like a moron blinded  by fear as regards religion, this blindfolded concept demands an illumination if progress is needed.
       I once approached a young lady that, would she marry me? She replied, ‘what is your religion?’ I could not respond to her question rather I embraced a concept in drama called farce (humor). Religion is everywhere, everything, something, and nothing. In order to be plain, I have concluded within me not to use any religion as an example for the sake of partiality. In other words, no sentiments. If religion won’t be friendly to all then, peace would  be scarce. If greatness is to be in continuity there is a common word which man must embrace, although it is simple but costly to maintain. Behold, I present to you, UNITY. I have little words to express, I  will continue to be loyal in all ramifications.


” When I cry, you laugh. When I laugh, you cry. This is the concept of religion. An instability  without focus.”— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


” In this article, I have only expressed little because the reading culture is partially an existing imagination. I hope one day, the arena of seriousness will be designed with agitation. “— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


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