This article might be regarded by some people as blasphemous but, if truly he has been regarded as a father to all then, I must be able to express some things. As the case may be, I will remain silent at this moment.” – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


    I was told that my birth can not be explained without my maker. I was told that my life has been predestined by the same being. I was told that everyone must acknowledge the supreme being for his security over mankind. I have heard different conversations as related to his superiority, there is one vital problem which has been perturbing my mind. This question should be seen as an important part of life  hence, what is God? The ‘who’ is simple but, the ‘what’ has been a major pointer as regards the supremacy of God. As a matter of fact, do not see me as an atheist or an agnostic because I have been castigated severally about my belief, I  was quick to respond  by  saying, ‘I believe in God’. I would have suggested a verification but, the verification principle might be too busy.
       I know  you will be thinking skeptically as regards my belief  in God. Well and truly, his existence is yet to be verified which is very obvious but, fear won’t let mankind speak the truth. The only thing man does is to  feel him despite his establishment somewhere and everywhere , I am not disputing his existence and what I am doing in this article is  to expand his existence and non existence as imagined by the writer. If you know, you must be silent and let  people who are in the know create a good foundation of knowledge. Superiority would continue in as much as there is a demarcation between good and evil. In other words, what God is trying to do is yet to be understood, man is only a  rational thinker suggesting everything on the basis of assumptions. What is  man holding onto?


  If physicalism is attributed to God then, spirituality would be destroyed because the unseen reality is the crux of his existence. This is to say, that the overseer of this world is hidden. If God created man then, some one  created God, if not, where did he get the concept of creation? I have deleted my consciousness so that I would be able to speak without an interference yet, those who are sleeping have upgraded their versions within that context . If I am regarded as a blasphemous human being then, you need to know more about God. Perhaps, it would only be bad if God sees it as bad,I guess he would be happy about this notion. If I were to be in existence without an origin then, I will have to buy in order to be meaningful. Will it make sense if your source is unknown? How true would your convictions be?
           If my voice would not be heard thus, I would  embrace an audibility from a speaker that has clarity. I have been hearing about end time yet time is an unending concept. When would this time end? I have been in life for many years, I have seen different inventions and interventions all these are still at the verge of discovering their basic norms. Terminate my life I will regain my consciousness. kill me I will still feel good. set a criterion, I know it will  be objective one day. Can you battle with the unseen? It would  have been better if one can see the unseen. If it is possible then, happiness would be everywhere but, can this be possible? Man is still agitating for one thing, a thing  that would be an everlasting thing. I will continue to speak like a rigid man, in as much as life is in connection with God. Is God an assumption?


What would be the purpose of life after life? At times, I have wondered within my paradigm, thinking I  could imagine what it is. ” – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


” This is an article dedicated to those who have assumed that my believe in God can be doubted. It is good to doubt because it  is always sensible if a sceptical analysis is permitted for the purpose of truthfulness . As for God, let him be what he wants to be, I can not quarrel with him. But, the essence of belief is freedom. “— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

When I got to heaven I saw a long queue beyond what I can comprehend so, I could not wait then, I gave those in-charge to deliver my letter. “—-Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


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