Only if you have lost your perception then, women will make no sense. “—Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


  She was twenty-two years old when she met this man. They got married but she could only enjoy her marriage within the interval of two years because of the beating launched by her husband. This terrible incident catapulted her to the land of the dead thus, at the age of twenty-four she died. Why should a man hit a woman? Is he responsible or irresponsible?


     A woman brought you into this world yet you treat her as if she’s nothing. She carried you in her belly for nine months. She Covered and sheltered you with passion and love, till this moment you are radiating within her context. Well and truly, women can be provoking at times but this should not prompt you to beat a woman whether married or single. It has  been assumed that whosoever beats a woman is irresponsible, if that should be the case, responsibility won’t be happy with such act.
       What must have provoked a man to raise his hands against a woman? But in as much as anger won’t stop dwelling amidst mankind, what can he do? What he can do is to walk away from the atmosphere of that woman in order to quench his unpredictable fury. Women should be cherished and respected in the society perhaps, they are regarded as a vessel of lower standards. If this is true, a responsible man would cater and guide her through challenges not to beat her mercilessly. Yet again, why hit a woman?
       Some men will exclaim like a gong saying, “it is the devil”. Why do you always provoke the devil? In contrary, the devil doesn’t provoke, may be you are the devil. Why hit a woman? What has she done wrong to deserve this disgraceful  act? Although, women can be annoying at times but your ability to stabilise yourself  is what makes you a man. Are you still a man? I hope you have not sold your dignity and integrity?.


     Have you imagined a world without women? If  men were to be the only existence without the opposite sex. What will be the benefit of life? Who will give birth? Would man and man have sex? We must not ridicule their efforts in the development of life. Moreover, their parental guidance should be eulogised as regards the upbringing of children.
      As a matter of fact, this act of segregation alerted some feminists to protest all in the name of equality. But, in retaliation men stood firmly to rebuff this postulation wholeheartedly. This has not forgotten to the extent of beating a woman without or with consciousness. Let this question be your watchword, “Why hit a woman?”.
      I was worried about the condemnations and the act of recklessness meted on women. The only way I could be their mouthpiece is to write on their behalf. If this won’t stop then, men will lose their pride, integrity, and dignity. Why hit a woman? Don’t you have conscience? If you are to correct a woman, it should be done with maturity. The moment you beat, maturity becomes immaturity yet you want to be respected.
      Men should not sell their world by creating unnecessary scenarios all in the name of anger. Women, do not provoke men. Unity should be embraced by both parties in order to excel in all spheres of life.


     “ A man in his right sense  won’t beat a woman.”—Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


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