6 and 9 are the same, it depends on which side you will like to choose . If you turn your phone upside down. you will see ‘6 and 9’ in the same actuality. Hence, reality is real. ” – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

     For how long will this fake people hide under the umbrella of deception?  How many years will they spend in this world tormenting and deceiving innocent souls? Yet, they will speak with the tune of truthfulness saying, God called them with a proof that can not be verified. If this God is  good, why must you lie against Him? On the mountains will they sleep. They will prophesy and exclaim loudly with some sugarcoated utterances all  in the name of God. People will be moved by their miraculous exhibitions because they  have  said, “thou says the LORD”  whereas God has  said nothing. Afterall, when He speaks there will be a strong evidence which man will not be able to understand. 

      As a matter of fact, if one understands the mystery of God then, He’s not God. What makes God unique is the hidden facts about Him which mankind can’t comprehend. This fake people won’t accede with this belief still they won’t stop deceiving the masses with their deceptive  truism.  If people won’t  seek for  lightness, will lightness be happy to shine without the concept of permission? Remember it has been declared that, ‘let there be light’. This fake people won’t pause at any time they will  proceed by seeking for supernatural power to back their missions all in the name of fame, wealth,and glory.  When will they repent? Many souls have fell,people are falling, and many will still fall.

    They will hide under the umbrella of God because He can’t be seen but a feeling of His presence is always the subject matter in man’s society . I won’t blame this fake people for embracing this concept(deception)  but, I would blame the vast majority seeking for a sudden miracle, thinking,God is a magician. Have you not heard about this? : “Draw near to God and He would draw close to  you.” In other words, if there is no constant interaction between you and the maker, you might fall for the deceptive utterances of this fake people. Have you not heard this saying? : ” My grace is sufficient for you”. Why beg for grace when you have one?   

      Miracles would soon cease, I would like to see how this fake people will succeed without their magical powers, yet some agendas have been made available to reduce the high level of ignorance but, some people have chosen the path of argumentum ad ignoratiam(appeal to ignorance). I guess, the inequality in the prima facie has played a vital role  in this world. As a matter of fact, originality is not easy to attain. A fake concept can be tinted with originality but, truth can’t lie because truth  is true. Is there any other word that can substitute “Truth” in a simpler form? Why fake it when you know the reality? 

  Listen to the words of some people : “ How would I be original when condemnation is the proclivity of my reward? Since the word ” fake” has invited me  to flourish without payment I would rather go for it. Afterall, the after life is not certain.Hence, let me act in  a fake way under the good God.” Are you ready for the consequences? –Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

 ” All things might be informative  but, not transformative. If there is no transformation, what is the essence of the information? Do you want to live a life of once existed  but, no existence ? ” – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 




If I am sleeping,  please wake me. If my thinking is wrong, please correct me. Evil and Good have brought uniqueness to this world. Willy-nilly, we have our choices to make but guided by a limitation which man can’t wrestle. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

     From the above quote will I bring my own arguments  as regards the concept of evil and good whereas some might use it interchangeably by saying, “GOOD AND EVIL”.   I am not writing this article to cajole or win the hearts of the masses but I am expressing in order to give my opinions about this ontological debate called, ‘evil and good’. I am sure that nobody will want to be in an auditorium of evil but if ‘good’ is given for free everyone will gyrate in her territory. Where is evil from? Where is good from? Their conglomeration or agreement would be like a mixed economy for the purpose of man’s realization. If I should tag God as evil, people will criticize my intention but if I should acknowledge God as the good one, people will jubilate with me without limits. Why is it the case that ‘evil’ has been attributed to man? Why is it the case that ‘good’ has been given to God as the supremacy? Hence, this is because His perfection can’t  be ridiculed. Yet I will ask this question, can’t I be like Him since He’s my Father? Mr X  wants  to be like his father. Or have we not heard this statement?  “Like father, like son.” Where there is evil, good will struggle and where there is good, evil will not struggle but their agreement will be fulfilled by death. What is the purpose of everything?  To be ‘good’as man implies perfection and to be ‘evil’ implies perfection. These two concepts in man makes him or her imperfect thus, man will continue to agitate for perfection. That is, man must claim or choose one side in order to obtain perfection. Hence, the presence of evil and good means imperfection. How about that? 

    If I have concluded to be good or evil, are my responsible for that? Is it the case that I am fulfilling and assisting a  mission which is unknown to me whether good or evil? How will I opt for evil and leave the good side? If truly this mission has been planned then I should not be blamed for my actions, in lieu of this, I should be appreciated for my contributions to life. This is also applicable to you. Isn’t it? If the genesis of evil and good  can be cancelled then people will rejoice afterall they will have the opportunity to choose the part and path they have been thinking. If natural disasters are regarded as evil, who will be responsible for these? God? Man? Devil? Man in his fear will quickly ascribe those evil occurrences to the devil since he has been named as a rebellious being. But,can the devil act and react without permission? Moreover, it is very vital to note that, what is natural is of nature. What is nature? Nature is the manifestation of what we can see but controlled by a supremacy greater than mankind. Are you still doubting? If you are a critical thinker without an extreme belief of religion you might get it right. As a matter of fact, fear might limit your level of understanding. Have you not seen the motto  of an “Acer laptop ” which opines “explore beyond limits”? 

        We are just struggling with these  two concepts because we do not know which is evil and which is good. What if at the end, evil was good and good was  evil. Can this be possible? We might think evil is evil and good is good , in such a way that we tend not to reason beyond because we think that should be a mere  definition for them. However, evil was created in order to draw mankind closer to the supreme being. It has been assumed that man lost his confidence when he disobeyed his maker thus, evil became a common issue and the only way to eradicate this, will be dictated by man. Must he be the one to rescue himself  ? Is it the case that his creator is napping? This can’t be. If  the creator possesses an absolute power then, He has the edict to change all evil to good. If that should be the case, why is man bothering himself to be good?  Do not mistake my arguments because I am not criticizing God. Afterall the concept of reasoning should be permitted. Nobody wants to be a friend to evil but if evil is not for man, who is evil for? Animals? Things? How do we tend to survive by being good when most of the  faces in this world are tinted with evil? 


When good things are happening in your life always remember that evil is at one corner planning to also join the party. You can not always have ‘good’ afterall  ‘evil’ is like a debt. Beg who is coming to be quick. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 




      “READ , STUDY , THINK DEEPLY ”            


    Which part will I choose ? Which path should I follow ? I am not confused but thoughts are always appealing to something,  if not, destiny will be useless . ”  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua . 

   What will I do ? Should I stop talking ? I was told that destiny can not be changed and if truly destiny is at work I can deduce that what I am writing is as a result of my destiny which has been foreordained. If I can not move beyond my destiny  , why can’t  destiny show me my destination?  If I am wicked , can this be as a result of my destiny ? If I am good , can this be as a result of my destiny ? This concept of destiny is applicable to mankind . Some people have argued that there is a reason for everything in life yet what we can do is to acknowledge or blame “destiny ” for all occurrences . If the purpose of life is to fulfill some purposes then the purpose must be accomplished with happiness , or do you want to end with sadness ? Are we not seeking happiness ? What destiny dictates in a man’s life is enormous , no wonder you will see some people at the same spot everyday but also agitating to live large like others , despite their workaholism they could not get to the  land  of fruition . If destiny opines “fortune and misfortune ” , what is your part ? 

        There are mountains you can climb but I can’t climb . The same thing goes to you in a vice versa condition . You might say it is hardwork and consistency but it is very essential to note that , we do not know the next agenda of destiny . Destiny is not now,  it is something that is yet to be fulfilled whether  good or bad . What I am battling with as I am writing is whether destiny can be changed  , I know you might want to appeal to an authority but this won’t be a strong criterion of knowing the actuality of destiny. What is your own destiny ? There are times some people would have planned how their future will be but it is not the case that they have not planned sensibly . It is the case that , destiny works within the context of beyond . How about the disabled ? How about  the poor ? How about  the sicklers ? How about the rich ? Etc. Are they under the concept of destiny ? Destiny do not care about you because the foreordained commandment is very important . What decisions  can you make ? A freedom given in disguise is no freedom at all. It is either death or liberty . Which will you embrace ? 

       I am trying my best not to express much but it is as if I am aggrieved by the concept of destiny . If I had known my destiny I won’t bother myself  because at the end the choice will be mine . Perhaps , if all destinies can be  “good ” then the eternal life will be forgotten . The establishment of eternal life as related to destiny is a method of choosing those who are qualified to have a place in eternity . As a matter fact , those who have been awarded with misfortunes might not have the privilege to fellowship at the after death or life party .  In other words , those with good fortunes will be at the good side . Is it their fault ? Is it my fault or yours ? If hardwork connotes success  then destiny should let it be, not destiny acting in accordance with the foreordained . In order to be simplistic I will explain below: 

  ” Although Mr X has worked hard but he won’t be rewarded because ‘destiny ‘ did not agree with the foreordained about his success, that is, he was not destined to be a success . In the opposite sense , although Mr X only showed little concern but he must be rewarded because  ‘destiny ‘ made it so ”  What is your opinion about this?

    It’s better to work hard because we do not know what ‘ destiny ‘ has planned . I would have loved to express deeply but reading might not be easy at times , I guess it’s destiny . Willy-nilly , what you have chosen might not be the choice of your destiny. Hence , destiny is not a choice it has been foreordained . 


 Destiny is man but man is not destiny. See things as if you are not living then the next phase will be actualized without your consent . What is that ? It’s ‘destiny ‘ — Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 


     ”    Read , study , think  deeply”



     I was perturbed by some abnormalities of life thus I couldn’t keep all these thoughts,  so what I can do is to express these aphorisms through writing . Remember,  thinking is attached to man but smart thinking at times may lead to wrong thinking but if  deep thinking is available give it a try. Well and truly , life gave mankind an invitation in order to join the race of thesis and antithesis at the end it will be either happiness , sadness , or tragic comic relief , in as much as she dictates all things . Can you live without life ? If you can live without life tell me how you have accomplished and how you will accomplish what are still coming without the presence of life . Perhaps , life is good but death is the cheat . Tell me life is not good and I will tell you to come as a tree or thing  in the second coming if there will be one . Do not forget that the advantage of life as a living is the autarchy and dominion over things who are also agitating to be like man. Yet , I will ask : What is life to you ? 

      We are in a long walk to freedom just like Nelson Mandela . The nemeses of life might be frustrating but soon they will become hilarious and you will trump them . Life has made me to be a talkative just  like a parrot but I believe one  day I shall be rewarded  . When ? How ? As interesting as life is , she is always in friendship with ‘limitation and death ‘ or have you not wondered that all efforts are geared to something ? Can you be appealing to nothing ? I have asked myself these questions still I am not satisfied so what I can do is to shut the doors of uncertainty and proceed to the next phase of life. However , no body wants to dance to  the music of sadness in this life but,  if happiness and wealth  are the subject matters  no choice will be given  thus , your welfarism will be their priority . This periphrasis of life is not for many but for  the few who can embrace the scope of knowledge because life is knowledge . As a matter of fact , knowledge is not life but life is knowledge . 

    Parables can not express all my thoughts neither can the words of wisdom or knowledge can be my daily mantra. What will be the purpose and essence of everything if I  desire everything when  I will end like nothing?  What I have desired to become is still in my mind but the only thing that could hinder me is when life decides to leave . How about you ? What are your wishes? I know I do not know what the future holds but the future holds something which I can not see. Can you ? If you can,  I congratulate you but beg life not to betray you in as much as you are living . When death comes there will be no remedy,  only if you can imagine how many souls  have been lost in this life you will know you are not important . So why raise your shoulders when you are nothing ? Even if  you are something be humble,because your something is nothing to some people. What has  life taught you? 

  ” I hope I have not wasted your time with this short aphorism. It will only make sense when we are senseless in order to acquire sense. If you know the contact address of life pay her a visit.” —Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 

 “I do not know what the future holds but the future holds something “—   Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 

” Life is good but death is the cheat “— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua .