Why the Christianophobia? Why the islamophobia? Why the hatred between Christians and Muslims? Do they worship the same GOD? If truly they worship the same GOD then, they will have no reason to be against each other. This will be obvious in such a way that, their unity will shake the world.—Akinrulie opeyemi Joshua 

In the beginning GOD never had any challenge in creating this world. He made all things without stress, you know why? Because His Superiority has to be known. He created mankind with equality, if not, He would have kept some human beings in His kingdom. In addition,He created some good surroundings in order to satisfy mankind yet, the insatiable concept still flows in the hearts of mankind. Has He not tried? If man was not created, he would have been under the existence of nothing . My number one focus is, the disagreement: What’s really going on between them (Christians and Muslims)? What a remarkable shame. 

   It is believed that,the conception of Christians is that, God is trinity (God.Son.Holy Spirit) and trinity is one. But,the conception of Muslims is that,Allah is God who has no trinity. The discrepant issue happening between these parties has grown to be an apparent encounter known as HATRED. Some marriages can’t be held because of these religious incompatibilities. Some couldn’t be employed because of these disagreements.These are few assumptions which I have seen on this earth, when will these atrocious notions stop? Are they not tired? The essence of a good future is for it to be peaceful, not for it to be destroyed before its arrival. In this case, the deed has been done.  

     If Christianity is a way of life in accordance with Jesus Christ  and Islam means peace in relation to Prophet Muhammed. Where is the violence coming from? To talk of a way of life is to be submissive in attaining a particular goal without violence. To talk of peace is to act in accordance with God’s instructions  without violence. Is God a violent God? If they won’t concur to make peace then,let the world forget about the abolition of war. Let’s look at this analogy below : 

     If Q is from P and R is from P. P decides to give Q and R the freewill to create all things for their own good. But, this freewill disorganized Q and R. Hence, they are battling with each because they have forgotten the ONE SOURCE. How about this? 

    Who is to be blamed? Is it Q or R? Is it P? What are they deriving from violence? A competition that will yield nothing but, something called hatred within the society should be banished with the proclivity of no return. Mankind should continue is dramatic journey because I feel every act is being recorded in order to invite the retrospect. If they are beautiful houses and places which are extraordinary in this world,imagine how the unseen will be. Both parties are not seeing things from this aspect,may be they are. A shame chained by a shame. 

   ” As I am writing this article I am getting tired because it won’t change anything. perhaps,I am not the first person to ignite this type of passion.”–Akinrulie opeyemi Joshua 

     I have heard and seen many visions about the conglomeration of Christians and Muslims. Can this happen? Can they settle this dispute? My wish, is for them to come together as one but,I am still wondering how this unrealistic motive  will be realistic. I am sure I am not dreaming,and if it’s a dream,it must real. For how long will they continue to battle? It is an easy thing to destroy but, peace will demand a long meeting. 

  Mountains are angry because they have failed to provoke themselves. Hence, the spirit of companionship left, and mountains became happy. One mind,many minds. If GOD had created the world with a mentality of destruction then, CREATION will be impossible. Have you thought of this? Death rate will be immeasurable and birth rate will be measurable yet, Christians fight Christians. Muslims fight Muslims. Christians fight Muslims. Muslims fight Christians. 


  I have a lot to say but,I have to be conscious because of the reading culture. Perhaps,this is related to our society where we fight unnecessarily. People tend to defend their  faith with brutality, if where you are going is not certain,why engaging yourself in such an act? Even if, where you are going is certain there is need for you to solidify yourself lest  you fall. Because what I am seeing in this context is, SUPERIORITY. What progress have they made? They are just proselytizing people to embrace their BELIEF. If that should be the case, this should not be based on hatred. – – Akinrulie opeyemi Joshua 





    On July 30th,2016,I wrote an article titled “who will I marry”. But, this is an extension of the former. I will assume a character in some aspects in this article in order for the reader to see the reality, I am sure you will like to follow each line and paragraph for proper understanding. The question is: Who will you prefer to marry? 

     I can’t know people’s minds, I can’t know their strategic ideologies. The only thing I can perceive is the way they tend to appear. Even if a man or woman has some good intentions towards an individual, how can we know this? If  I am to give my criteria as regards the woman I will like to marry I will express with passion because it is a life time contract. It won’t make sense if I start using checks and balances in selecting many, all in the name of a right choice. Your mouth may not be able to do it, but use only one hand to justify it. 

     Many questions have been raised, such as: Do I have to look for a perfect woman or man? How do I know the right man or woman with a good character? How many years will it take to observe each other? As matter of fact, after these questions, confusion will be happy by activating the consciousness of person’s thinking with a statement like : who will I marry? You are searching for an elegant man or woman whose background is solidified with respect and integrity. To be candid, the picture you are imaging might not be the  reality. If that is the case, how can you know the real identity? 

     If you are looking for a perfect man or woman then, the question you need to ask yourself is, am I perfect? The concept of perfection is not for man to be fully  perfect, it is a mere appearance created so that man won’t be limited in his thinking. Hence, we must work towards perfection. Yes, I understand you want a  peaceful home but, can mankind live without the concept of war or disharmony? I know you might have been seeing a young charming prince or princess who you have been gazing at, this should not be a problem. If you don’t know who to marry, marry yourself  first,in order to realize the next step. 

    If you have a contemplating mind, it is better for you to relax your mind before making any decision. The mind is so powerful, and if  activated, you never can tell what will happen. Remember, marriage is good thing. In other words, marriage is an institution which has its own problematic issues to be solved. Let divorce be exempted from your mind, afterall, I believe you asked yourself this question before crossing the border of companionship: who will I marry?  Are you single? Are you looking for who to marry? Don’t jump, wait and ask yourself : what motives do I have in  this quest? 

                  MY BASIC ARGUMENTS   

  Honestly,you know I don’t express like an introvert  human being. My arguments are always straight and direct. I have asked about the high rate of divorce in our society today, I have wondered and pondered, may be, people engaging themselves in such an act have failed to cogitate about it. Is it the case that they haven’t thought about it? Or  something went wrong? 

    If marriage is said to be a life time concept, why seeking for beauty? I know  you want your kids to be good looking and presentable in public. But, of what essence will it be without peace?  You want a good background, how about  the character? 

  As I have said earlier, ideas should be informative. What moral lesson will it give if it’s long like a moving train? 

  “You have the autarchy to decide which way you want to go. The consequences are always ready for your  actions, it may be subsequent or later. What you are seeking for is not hard but, the actualization is difficult to embrace.”—Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 


                        Short and direct 



                  Read. Study. Think 


   A dipsomaniac is a person who is addicted to alcohol. As a matter of fact, alcohol is seen as a father to those who are in the state of addiction. If they don’t do it, it will be called absalonism. Hence, reverence is given to alcoholism. Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

      If I should ask the vast majority about their thoughts on who is a dipsomaniac or a drunkard, thoughts will be many, but castigation will be the subject matter because it has been assumed that anyone who is addicted to alcohol has a limited sensibility and sensitivity. Thus, people who are addicted as related to the context of the above topic can’t contribute to any judicious activity until they are free from alcohol. If that should be the case, I have two questions which are as follows : Is it the case that people who are addicted to alcohol should be laughed at, especially, when they misbehave? What if  there are some elements of truth in their expressions? 

       Well and truly, I am not supporting alcoholism but in this case, one must not drink to stupor in as much as there is a limitation. Unlimited doesn’t mean you are unlimited, it is a caution in accordance with limitations. Perhaps, if ‘unlimited’ is real, people would have opted for the best at the detriment of others without any consideration. If that should be the case, what is your consumption capacity as regards to alcohol? Do you drink to the extent of uttering some nonsensical statements? If alcohol doesn’t fit your personality, why involving yourself in this act? I am not saying that those taking alcohol steadily should persist  but, conscientiousness must be permitted. 

     When you are drunk your unconsciousness becomes conscious because the word ‘truth’ must reveal itself in that scenario. The word ‘lie’ is always easy to commit but, ‘truth’ is always waiting for an opportunity in order to strike. And if it has been argued that opportunity comes but once, truth will always be there for the purpose of fulfilling its ordained will. As a matter of fact,to Some people, alcohol is like an invigorator that empowers them to bring out the reality in them. If this is true, then, the impact of alcohol  to some people is the ability to express the reality. How about that? What’s your view? Do you think it is a must to take alcohol in order to activate the reality of things? Is this argument sensible? 

     Of course, it is not sensible. When you were created you weren’t nurtured with alcohol in order to know the reality, instructors only gave instructions. Hence, reality became the basic thesis of life. As time approaches, you concluded within your heart to taste a new form  of reasoning, unfortunately, this became an addiction, and you totally became a dipsomaniac. Whose fault? Society? God? Or you? What always perturbs my mind is that, a drunkard can construct a valid  argument that is verifiable which will attract one’s attention but, it’s always hidden. But, this should not be a platform for you to get drunk and misbehave because your misbehavior  may hinder some opportunities. A thinking of thinking that should be thought. 

     What pleasure is in alcohol? What is the joy of a dipsomaniac or a drunkard in the department of alcoholism? Some people have argued that  alcohol suppresses depression and erases some negative thinking. In other words, it is a pleasure(alcohol) that brings some lost happiness. What If alcohol was not created? What would have been the source of happiness or inspiration to some people? Will they die? How would one thing dictate for things? Shouldn’t it be things dominating one thing? What life are you living? Is it a life of a drunkard or a dipsomaniac? Every second counts, every minute reads, and every hour speeds. Hence, time is over.  

      If your unfinished business is to finish as a drunkard, well, it is an achievement that should be recognized. But, it may be hard to see a drunkard in a real business of life exhibiting a good leadership quality. Life has no future, yet I am still wondering how a rigorous drunkard will be able to create a future in a life of no future. If there is a certain future, then, mankind won’t bother God or plan for something in this world. Optimism is always the key. What optimistic point of view do you have when you are always drunk? Certainty or uncertainty? 


  A drunkard wrote this article,but if this article is not sensible. This is because, the writer is drunk. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua