This has gone beyond prosecution. This is a brutality without conscience. Is it because religion?  Any belief that supports the killing of people who are not part of one’s religion is not from God. Does God kill? What have they done to deserve this martyr? Yet, they always exclaim the name of God as if He’s the one who has authorized the execution. If one’s religion is real, then you won’t prosecute and execute other religions. Hence, when people see the reality in you they tend to find a way to quench it. If that should be the case, JESUS CHRIST is real, if not, why prosecuting and executing Christians? 

     They have placed religion to be their god, thinking they are doing it for God. Let me tell you something, God does not kill. How will God kill His people? How will He  proselytize people to kill each other  on the basis of religion? This  is a warning, stop it or the wrath will come. Why deceiving your followers? Why telling  them that your religion is peaceful whereas it’s violent? For how long are they going to be on the  island of fake reality? If Christians should execute other people because of their religion, I will definitely speak and criticize them.Now, it has been promoted  to a realm where they slay Christians like a chicken. 

   Are they doing this in the name of god or God? If it is because of God, then it’s lie. I will repeat myself again, “God is not a killer.”  If they continue in this stride of execution they might end what they have been building for years. Their brains have been encrypted with a code of obstinacy. No wonder, it is asserted, “he that has  ears let him hear”. If they won’t listen then their ears will be replaced with no ears. Hence, destruction will be the happiest concept when the time comes. Spread those words with peace, not with violence. They have been succeeding in this execution, but soon, success will secede. 

   I am not cursing any religion, but I am writing this article to all religions. If you are against a particular religion, do not make any attempt to kill the person, but  instruct him or her to leave. This is the essence of religion. In this modern age, religion has been  moved from  peace to war. I am still not getting some beliefs. Will God tell you to fight in order to impose your religion  on the people of a given Country? Will God instruct you to use brutality? If God is peaceful, how come man is not? 

   Some people are saying that, Jesus Christ is not real. This has been the main reason why some religions tend to say God is one, not trinity. Are they trying to say because Christians see God as a trinity, therefore they are living in contrary to their belief? Or did God instruct them to kill anyone who blasphemes Him? God can’t instruct man to kill man. If they think they are doing it for God, well, He’s coming to defend Himself. Remember this common statement : “every private place is like a public place, and every public place is like a private place.” The alphabet ‘P’ occurred frequently in the aforementioned statement which means presentation in the sight of God. Can you hide yourself from this? 

     If  your conscience is lost, you can  buy one through rigorous thinking. If you think bad is good, then there is a problem with your source. They have been brainwashed by the code of conduct stipulated in the modus operandi of their belief. Hence, their hearts are gone, their minds are lost, and their ways are broad. This execution won’t end,because what  makes the end interesting is the closing exhibition. Once execution comes the logo of hope will cry for help unknowingly. 

   As for those who have been executed, I know you felt something deep in your hearts before your execution. Perhaps, there is a feeling when you know that there is something behind all scenes. Please,tell God to come quickly so that this people will know that, “God doesn’t kill”.  



Where is  power? Where is wealth? Where are the mentioned and unmentioned issues? Are they powerless? Let them come out and protest about the journey that is over. The journey is over, but it seems like it’s not over. It is like a film acted to bring the reality to people so that they can feel it like emotions. If a tear should drop it won’t shake the world, so keep your tears because accountability is very angry.  End is coming to an end, even end will be happy because she’s tired of ending disputes that won’t end. 

     At the end, man would address all issues with simplicity, till then, you are not the boss of your life. If you think and reason this, you will know you aren’t. Those words are in existence in order to encourage you. As a matter of fact, people who have died should not be overjoyous,because theirs will be examined critically  for failing to accept the avaliable concepts when they were in existence. As for those who are alive, you know it’s over and you could feel the end which is not near. You have been thinking about the next step, but the interesting thing is, that  crown will be dethroned and the throne will be empty, then the real owner will be enthroned. 

     The time is over, the clock is ticking like a mark of correction. It’s so sad that the journey is over, but if you can see what I am seeing, you won’t say, “the ‘over’ is near”. What will be your position? What is your fate? When the time comes faith will become fate. You know why? You can use your faith to correct your fate in some circumstances, but fate can’t correct your faith. That is why people tend to question your faith, at the end you will have no choice, but to accept your fate.   This is where mankind can’t escape because fate is always waiting 

                     1.  SOLILOQUY 

   Note this :   Well and truly, the journey is over, I will express as if I am not, whereas I am. 

     “I have partook in different spheres of life. I have met different people from  different regions. I have interacted and argued on the basis of good and bad. Now, the journey is over and all tribes are gone, I am the only one soliloquizing all thoughts. Why is this so? There is nothing to hide when the journey is over. Perhaps, it’s already over. “

                     2. SOLILOQUY 

  ”  The first(1) soliloquy should be a dream because I just woke to reality. If the journey is over mankind will return to that dream they once dreamt about which is real. I know what I am saying is not a sensible concept, but what is the essence of sensibility when the myopic ones lack sensitivity? Even the wise ones are depreciating because of their extremism. “

     The purpose of the first soliloquy and second soliloquy is simple. I will breakdown  these  two parts in order for you to understand. The former (1.soliloquy) is a about the dream of mankind while the latter (2.soliloquy) is the concept  of reality. In other words, when you sleep you are unconscious, this implies a dreaming process, but suddenly consciousness erases unconsciousness. The journey is over yet, mankind is unconscious. I know you are confused, are you? Okay, let me explain better :

    “Man is unconscious when dreaming, but suddenly consciousness erases unconscious, thus it ends the dreaming process. In other words, the world is a dreaming process, you are in one activity or the other. Consciousness is naturally a mankind thing, until dream became our world. Now, the journey in the world is over. Consciousness is the only sincere paradigm, if you are conscious you will know  the journey is over because dream can’t replace vision.

    People are applauding you,even life knows the journey is over. She is just faking herself to mankind. Can life be a liar in this journey ? Well, she has nothing to lose because she will exist after death and even when,eternity comes  she will still exist. Life will always become lively to herself .yet, I say, ‘the journey is over’. Mankind has tried enough, he has contributed immensely to the genesis and revelation of this  world. Remember, the world doesn’t care about man’s contributions. As some will say, I am sorry for this announcement, but I am not sorry to say, ‘the journey is over’. 

     If the world is a dreaming process, does this imply that, I am also dreaming? How did I know that the world is a dreaming process? As a result of this, you have embraced a particular belief because of your consciousness that the journey is over. At the end, what you have believed in will be the judge when the journey is over. Yet, THE JOURNEY IS OVER. 





    If I am to be given a wish, I will choose a  reconciliation between God and the fallen angels who revolted against Him. I have wondered many times about this disagreement that has affected the world, especially those agitating to know God in order not to be alienated when His kingdom comes. It is very pertinent to note that, before these angels were cast out from Heaven they were good in thoughts, but what led to this conspiracy? They must have  done something that is extremely wrong hidden from man, if not, God would have forgiven them. 

     As I was thinking, I asked myself, ” can’t they plead? May be, they were not remorseful after they had  connived to dethrone God. Have you not heard that,” woe to he that wrestles with his maker.”  Some people have argued that God should have forgiven them since He’s merciful. But, here is my argument : If God did not discipline the fallen angels, then mankind would have repeated the same mistake superior than the previous one committed. Despite that fact, man is still misusing this grace, at the end,penitence will become destruction. Remember, I am not a preacher. I am just a mundane being trying to reawaken the consciousness of  mankind. 

     These fallen angels are very angry at mankind, they won’t rest until the entire generation of mankind is destroyed. Their simple argument is that, God did not forgive them thus, man will not be forgiven. Yet,the time given to all is limited,not in the case of the fallen angels only, mankind has no time. As a matter of fact, these fallen angels created several methods in order to take mankind away the reality. Hence, they have succeeded in creating many gods to support their aims and objectives. It is very essential to note that, God can’t create gods and instruct man to worship them. It is very contradictory. Let’s have a logical scenario :

  X is (GOD): X wants man to be focused on Him, then would He create gods for mankind to worship? Remember, He said, “I am a jealous GOD.” 

     It may be argued that mankind opened his mind and heart to think and imagine that gods can be adored like God. Did you know that the power of manipulation is the greatest tool the fallen angels is using to turn the hearts of mankind? They will make the presentation sweet and interesting, you will fly with them, at the end, your wings will suddenly disappear without being notified. Their main focus is MAN, so you can’t rest because the world is not at rest. 

      The fallen angels would have repented, but they can’t, because pride is a spirit, and when you refuse to counter it, it becomes your normal status, thinking you are on the right path, but at the end, Hell is the reward for Pride. In a case where these fallen angels were cast out, you think they would relax and let you embrace everything for free. Even, when something is free you are indirectly paying something to get that thing. The world is not free, you have to pay in order to get out either good or bad. Death has its own goodness. 

     Hear the tears of the fallen angels lamenting about the short  period they have. They are everywhere causing commotions and forcing many to worship gods, faking all concepts to be a realistic notion. They won’t give up in this quest, because it’s an interesting thing to be a destroyer, but a peacemaker  is like a sacrificial lamb. I guess X is gone, but X is coming to take, not to give. Only if you can hear the parables of these fallen angels, you would know how desperate they are. 

   When you allow your thinking to think you are,in an extreme way, whereas you are not, then you are subscribing to the prima facie of the fallen angels. It all started by them, but it won’t end with them. You have to choose a side, there is nothing like, I am this or I am that. Those scars can’t be healed totally, because they are to be remembered, so that you won’t repeat  those mistakes. NOTE THIS :GOD is invincible, you can’t revolt against Him because He created that Language. Hence, it’s very contradictory. In other words, you will be revolted by REVOLT. 


If you do not learn now, you will be forced when the time comes. – – – Akinrulie opeyemi Joshua




 The greatest location in life is,the mind. Is it the case that the minds of these homosexuals have been attached to embracing this act? What is the pleasure in the same sex(male and male or female and female) engagement? How interesting is it to them? I hope their minds are still intact because they might have lost them. If not, they would not have thought of homosexuality in the prima facie. – – – Akinrulie opeyemi Joshua 


    If God supports homosexuality He would have informed mankind in a systematic way. Perhaps, some people have assumed that this act can’t be regarded as a bad concept since it’s not a religious matter. It is very essential to note that, religion rules the world whether you like it or not. But, let’s call our conscience and consciousness to be active in this matter, if an individual chooses to be gay or a lesbian,what must have led to this? This is not the time to perform a comic relief but it’s a time to scrutinize with conscientiousness because homosexuality has become a normalcy on our contemporary society. 

   What is the excuse? Is it the case that men are not sufficient? Or is it the case that women are not many? Well and truly, this is a simple analogy. If you think that homosexuality is right,it simply means your creator or maker made a mistake by giving you that GENDER. Hence, you wanted a male gender but He gave you a female gender. You wanted a female gender but He gave you a male gender. In other words, you decided to swap your gender because of the freewill you have. But, always remember that freewill is limited. Judgment has hidden herself because she wants to be unique when the time comes. 

    If you are male  and you act like a female, this doesn’t mean God made a mistake. If you are a female and you act like a male, God didn’t make a mistake. Your identity is not meant to be altered that is why it is called “Identity“. That is, something you can be identified as. If your identity changes,then something is wrong, one may be asked to explain the sudden transformation. Thus, your explanations will be accepted on a truthful ground which people will see that it is truly genuine. On the other hand, this won’t be permitted when you change your sexual orientation on the basis of homosexuality. To be gay or a lesbian is absolutely an abomination in this context. 

    How acceptable or palatable is it for Mr X to sleep with Mr Y? How pleasurable is it for Miss Y to sleep with Mr X? You can use positivity and negative to produce a well solidified accomplishment. Not positivity and positivity. Not negativity and negativity. What makes life unique is the positive and negative aspect. That is why man is always interested in getting things done at all cost which is in the paradigm of curiosity. What’s your opinion? Heterosexuality procreates while homosexuality can’t. That is, imagine homosexuality were to be the subject matter of mankind,how will you be in existence? 

     Are they not violating the law of God which says, “be fruitful and multiply”? Homosexuality is not productive yet,its influence is so high. If homosexuals can’t contribute positively to human society,then let abolition be permitted. But,this is not to say that,if homosexuals can procreate or contribute positively,then it’s right or good. What I am saying is that since it is against nature, why engaging in such an act? Let me put myself in this scenario for proper understanding :

       ” I am a male and it is expected of me to marry the opposite sex (female). Which I must, because it is part of the norms of nature. Now, if I choose to go contrary to the established uniformity of nature by sexually seducing the same sex,then I will be regarded as a bad and immoral ndividual. 

    In other words, the history of Sodom and Gomorrah should be a lesson for homosexuals yet,their adamant minds won’t let them think cleverly. If Sodom and Gomorrah saw this kind of opportunities in trying to correct people involving themselves in homosexuality may be, they would have been pardoned . This is the time of grace yet, you  are using it as if it won’t end. If the end is near, then grace is not for life. 

   Of what profit is homosexuality? What is this world turning into? Same sex marriage in the World God created. “God, I hope you are not angry”. Please kindly forgive us, remember all what you have done. I am not pleading on behalf of homosexuals. But, whether it is right or wrong I have nothing about it, this is just an illumination of change. I hope this will work. 


 This is just a short article created to speak to those practicing homosexuality. At the end, it won’t be the work of the devil. It will be only you.— Akinrulie opeyemi Joshua