It is assumed that a man needs to be equipped with money and power. He wants wealth and a beautiful woman. The greatest mistake is, at times he tends to follow appearance rather than character. But, he has forgotten that some women make use of flashy things in order to cover their real character.___Opeyemi Akinrulie. 

    Time is ticking and the desperation of some men is out of bounds. Their mantra is, “money must be made whether good or bad”. There is no doubt that a man wants to inherit power, fame, money and be dominant in some places, if not all. Remember he also has the zeal for women all in the name of sex which will make him weak aftermath. As a matter of fact, men have the tendency of cheating,especially when the woman is seductive that might bring him into the state of sexual imaginations. Please women don’t be frustrated by the actions of some men. The greatest thing to resist is, perception. It’s an intractable decision. 

   Howbeit, when a man sees a woman there are  three things I think would attract him: beauty, shape, and endowment. Thinking that would be enough in creating a good family, after some years things began to change despite the fact that the woman tried to look sexy in his presence. Unfortunately, he’s still in the quest of searching for  many women to date. His dictum will be in this language, “that my wife is old”, it’s a pity that what a man wants is yet to be known. As women can’t be satisfied, so as men can’t be satisfied. Hence, the insatiable concept of mankind will continue to be a subject matter. Yet, I will ask again, what does a man want? 

   Since women love men who are  engulfed with money in this contemporary society, what else will be their  option if not to impress the society especially women? I will hide this statement, but be conscious because it will be in obscurity. Any woman who is not romantic will find it hard to adapt to this paradigm: a man will not cherish a woman whose romantic orientation has been destroyed by some religious embodiments. As a matter of fact, try and be romantic in your moves when you are with your man. I am not saying this will hold him, it will only solve the unsolved. 

   In this chapter of life a man should know what he wants because he’s in charge of the mantle. If he’s not accurate I wonder how he would lead his family. The desperation is too high, some people want to impress instead of thinking about how to surmount. Well and truly, terrorism, domestic violence, and so on, are all  happy for their popularity. Perhaps, what can be said is exhausted. Men must know what they want, if not,desperation won’t cease. Yes I know he wants a charming woman whose beauty will shine like a star, but don’t forget that even a star can be covered. He wants his woman to be young forever. There is nothing a woman will do to satisfy her man yet, he will be tempted by his attempted thinking. 

   When his creative mind has been infected with sexual notions he will have no choice than to succumb. Remember, no matter how strong  men are, women are the strongest creation that can cajole them, some men may disagree with this argument, but the truth must be told, what has been empowered by destiny will be very difficult to change. Once again, what does a man want? He wants his woman to be a good cook especially in these aspects (amala, pounded yam, and semo). He wants his food to be served on time without excuses. Whenever he wants your attention you must give him, if not he might be tempted to call one of his hidden decisions. Even if all these things are fulfilled he would stay for few minutes, afterall another lady is winking. 

   The hearts of men are filled with deceits and lies, a single man will want to titillate every woman because it has been assumed that women have different tastes. I wouldn’t know if this is true, the confirmation should  be launched  to those practicing this act. Men should know what they want. I shouldn’t be excluded from this act, how many women have I deceived? It’s not easy to castigate one’s self. If all men are liars, I am a man. Hence, I am a liar. It will depend on an individual to show that all men are not liars, this will be known when your purpose accedes with what you want as a MAN. 

   She will give you her body yet, you won’t be satisfied. She will cook the best food you like yet, you will go ahead to taste Miss or Mrs X food. You will lie to her that her food is the best whereas you have a second thought. When you were searching for her you did all you could to get her, but after the acquisition you changed like a development all in the name of covetousness. Are you truly a man? The writer is not exonerated from this scenario. What are you looking for?  What am I looking for? When you proposed to her you said, “I have finally found miss right, you were so joyous to the extent that you called your friends for a celebration because your celibate life is over, but suddenly she became mrs left. What really went wrong?                                 

   Is it the case that her sexy appearance has disappeared? Why did you date her because of  beauty? Did you examine her character? Listen to me, although a man will be attracted to a woman who is  endowed with beauty.Remember,beauty fades,but character is forever. If you won’t update and ugrade your maturity by treating your woman as if she’s the best in the world your purpose will be dwindled. Let your woman know what you want, so that she will act accordingly. As a matter of fact, what he wants might be stated directly, but he might also change his thoughts because of what he sees on daily basis. Hence, what he wants can’t be defined. 


  Some men won’t know what they want because some women tend to twerk in order to seduce them. This seduction obstructs them a lot without further thinking, in addition, the mode of dressing is a barrier that takes a man from a woman to another woman. As matter of fact, the satisfaction of mankind will be corrected when creation is restructured. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 


  This is a huge problem and a battle which some warlords haven’t been able to defeat. Men can marry numerous women to the extent that their children might not be given a solidified education. Perhaps, who cares? Who will feed them? The inability of some men in the perspective of knowing the actual thing they want has bewildered them in the real sense. Once again, answers have gone for  vacation. I have no help to render, you can only rescue yourself by  projecting what you want, even a projector can’t do it. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 





     This might be a hard task to fulfill as regards some issues about a woman. It is the case that the insatiable conditions of mankind can’t be accomplished. Remember, the curiosity of a woman is exorbitant than the opposite sex. She wants to look good, she wants the best attire, she wants expensive things and  she likes to be eulogised for her exhibitions etc. This doesn’t mean she’s satisfied, perhaps she still want more. If that should be the case, what can you do to satisfy a woman? 


Although, I am an inexperienced man, but I will express with an autarchy of simplicity as regards this topic : What does a woman want? In other words, it has  been argued that all men are the same, but how about women? Are they not the same? If one is to argue that all men are the same, then all women are also the same. Perhaps, if both parties are the same in mentality, then the world will fall apart, thus the world includes series of human beings with different views and opinions. If I should ask Miss or Mrs Y her priority she would surely have something to say. Yet, a woman can’t be satisfied because of the competitive nature that has been deposited in her. 

   I will continue to repeat this question : what does a woman want? So that women who haven’t  realized their purpose will be able to visualise it. If you are dating a woman always remember to create a department of attention, if not, you might lose her and start over again despite your investments. But, is this enough? Hmm… I don’t think. The journey has just begun, how about a department called trust. When there is a doubt between both parties. That is, “Mr X and Miss or Mrs Y” a strange annoyance will start happening, husband comes home late and wife refuses to cook adequately. What else will happen? Divorce or unity? 

    As a matter of fact, a woman should be treated with care because of her flexible heart which can easily be harmed. Let me ask you a question : in a relationship who is more committed? A woman or a man? To be candid, if a woman is treated properly she will stay with her man, except if there is curse somewhere tormenting her. If one is satisfied, what is left? I understand that money is an avuncular to women. It’s not easy to reject money in this contemporary society,  even if you sacrifice your last penny she will still say, ‘baby, don’t forget about that thing’. In this situation, ‘intelligence ‘ may disappear, especially if that man is not sufficient. Shouting won’t solve the matter and impatient is a virus.  

    Remember, jealousy is her nature, so if you look at other women trouble may arise. She wants to be cherished like no other. She wants you to keep mentioning her name many times, if possible in every dream. She wants you to give  her money when necessary, which is the crux of all relationships. Have you not heard, “no money, no love”. The world made it so,because she has been promised that she will inherit herself, even if there is eternity, it is a pity that the world fell for this deception. Again, what does a woman want? When you are with your friends make sure you hype her and elevate her like the tallest Mountain in the world. She will love you more and more. You might say, love is not in existence again, but is there anything that can hold a relationship if love is to be exempted? I know, you will mention other concepts, but love might not be, her essence can’t be demolished.  

    This is a funny world where women dominate indirectly. Is it the  case that, every man’s achievement is subjected to the umbrella of a woman? What if those instructions are detrimental? As it has been said that, ‘behind every successful  man there is a woman’. Hence, I argue that, ‘behind every unsuccessful man there is also a woman’. How about that? If what a woman want  is what you are looking for, you might not be able to fulfill your destiny. Perhaps, if problems can be solved totally, then there will be no need for you to ask questions. The society is frustrating, your woman is demanding. What’s your next step? 

    If you engage her in gossips she will like you. Every woman loves to gist about some events that are humorous,even if they aren’t funny. Is there anything you can do to please a woman? To know what a woman want means you have solved one of the greatest problems of life. It will be like an epic movie if she starts enumerating all her needed items. Yet, she won’t rest. What can you do to satisfy her? A big kitchen is necessary when building your house because a small one might cause a dispute. If one should start stating  what a woman want, one might exhaust heavens and earth. Perhaps, I am arguing about women. How about : what does a man want? This will be discussed in another article. But my main argument is about the choosy nature of a woman. 

    She wants you to be by her side and  cuddle her if necessary. She wants you to dance with her whether you have the moves or not. She wants you to be there for her in difficult situations. Remember, she gives you her body as a trap,so that when the time comes you will satisfy her. Failure to fulfill her “wishlists” will result to this question : what does a woman want? Don’t bother yourself by searching for an answer because one answer can’t be a solution for all women. If you conduct an individual interrogation one after the other, there will be different opinions. I think I am going too far, I hope you are not tired. I will give  my conclusion soon.   

   Although, men can’t take their eyes away from any woman who is sexy. Especially, in a situation when her body is sexually attractive. Some men are tempted by this scenario, what can they do? The only way is to go blind for life. In this case, it can’t be possible. In as much as nature keeps permitting the word “cheat” there is nothing we can do about it. A woman wouldn’t  like to share her man with another in this modern era. Yet, this does not mean she is satisfied. I think a meeting should be held for all women, if it will be possible. The question : ‘what does a woman want?’ Will continue to ring like a bell. 


What do you want as a woman? What do you want from your man? 


  I have only suggested some arguments about this topic maybe they might work. If this question has been left unanswered, I have tried my best in analyzing and postulating some expositions. Truth be told, if we can satisfy all human beings, then the question : “what does a woman want? ” won’t be a problem. If this can’t be done, you will have no choice than to manage your problems. 









     Have you defined your purpose? 

   This shouldn’t be a strange topic, I am sure you are familiar with it. Why am I on earth? Why are you on earth? Perhaps, age can be a number, but it’s like a time that can’t be reverted. In other words, the actuality of the term ‘age’ can’t be reduced, but it must definitely increase. As time approaches, you must ask yourself the main reason why earth has chosen you. As a matter of fact, I am not exempted from this relevant question : why am I on earth? I have been thinking for several years, even insanity has become a normalcy. Let me say this fact, anyone who tries to think outside God will definitely run mad, this is not a curse. A trial will convince you. 

      Only if you were there when the world was created. At times, I speak as if there are no words again, but the most interesting thing is that, I free myself to thoughts so that they can express themselves because words also speak. If you have realized your purpose, this doesn’t mean it’s achievable. That is, there is a clear difference between “purpose and achievement”. Purpose is easy, but achievement is difficult. I hope I am plain in my expressions, I am just trying to invigorate my morale as regards my purpose on earth may be, I have lost it, who knows? If ‘why’ is not important, then purpose won’t be discovered. 

   ” Well and truly, competition won’t take mankind anywhere, it will only strengthen disagreement between people. It is very pertinent to note that, the question, ‘why am I on earth?’ is not a common watchword. It appears when suffering becomes deep.” – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

    I have only created this platform to ignite your purpose because of the confusion on earth which we see everyday. I would have decided to conceal this thought, but the essence of life is learning.
     The aging concept of life will serve as a reminder. If I am on earth to participate in some things, the question is, have I concluded those things? It seems life is unfair, but it is not the case, because life is only fulfilling her destiny. I am putting myself in this scenario, you must also do the same by imagining yourself in the concept of reasoning : why am I on earth? I am not the first person to talk about this, and I won’t be the last person to do so. I want to be successful. I want to move around in wealth. I don’t want to suffer at all, but I realized that suffering must be included. If that should be the case, how about those discovering their purpose without suffering? Yet, they have discovered their purpose while on earth. 

  Has that solved the reason? Why are you on earth? Yes, I know God created us, but His creative dexterity can be seen as a true meaning of purpose. Now, here is my argument : If God has a purpose, and He gave mankind a purpose. Why is man still doubting his creation as regards his purpose? Man should know that he will report when the time comes, he can’t hide. Let’s understand one thing, there is nothing like ‘born by mistake’. If God can’t mistakes, then your creation has a purpose. 

   As a matter of fact, I am making those paragraphs to be direct and simple for the purpose of all. Born with regret, happiness becomes a melody at end. One who is always remorseful will see an easy task as an intractable confrontation. Once again, why am I on earth? Why are you on earth? This is a feeling that is not normal, because you can’t wake up and ask this question : why am I on earth? It’s very scarce. If I  can trek to heaven I won’t bother myself to come back to earth. You know why? Have you heard this statement before : why am I in heaven? Because it has been argued that, heaven is interesting. 

      However, it has been argued that the world is too short, yet man is struggling in his journey, I am wondering  when he will be able to reach the final bus stop of his destination. Instead of thinking about the above topic you tend to think about the death that is coming, you alerted her with your thinking, if not,she would have stayed on her own without interference. As I am writing this, I am picturing myself so that this article will also impact me. If I have no purpose, then what am I doing on earth? If things that are not breathing have purpose and utility, then why am I on earth? Shouldn’t be a problem. Perhaps, the main reason  why man has not discovered his purpose can be traced to the exegeses of religion. When will man be free? What a pity. 

    Why am I on earth? Is it to partake in all social activities? Is it to mock people? Is it to crack jokes and laugh necessarily and unnecessarily? Is it to gain freedom? Is it to build houses and use exorbitant cars? Etc. If all these things I have mentioned are just  additional assumptions, then what is the primary focus? Remember, there is a God who is overseeing all things whether you like it or not. If this is true,”realization” will make us know that all deeds are in existence in order to open some good acts with righteous, so that you may see God. A purposeful life must know God, but some people may say, how about people who don’t know  God yet they are purposeful? It’s lie. Let me carry you to a metaphysical realm may be, you will understand this concept. “It’s so unfortunate that you can’t see their hearts, but within them, there is a strong image of God whispering to them. They won’t mention Him because they understand how it works.”  God is versatile, He comes in different versions. Choose the version you belong . Hence, you will realize why you are on earth. 


   Why am I on earth? Don’t see this question as a common assertion created to mock your identity, but see it as a catapult which will place you to the zenith of your career. Let me tell you the truth, there is nothing on earth, this is an era where youths are going astray because the above topic has been overlooked. Whether you realize your purpose or not, the exit is not free. As I am, I am yet to fulfill my purpose, the concept of time and eternity are almost the same at this point. No where to hide because all things have been exposed. As a matter of fact, every body can speak by using analecta to express, howbeit, at this stage of life, creating a purpose shouldn’t be a challenge.  I will end my thoughts , so that the reader will be able to digest and ignite his or her purpose on earth. 

        What’s your purpose on earth? 




 In my previous article titled ‘THE FALLEN ANGELS’ I explained how those angels revolted against God which led to their dismissal. But, in this article I will examine an angel who fell as a result of his rebellious thoughts. I am sure that the luciferians might be angry at me because they give high reverence to LUCIFER, in other words, lucifer is their God which they think he’s the light. Yet, I am still interrogating myself  about why I always think metaphysically, why can’t I think in the context of science and technology etc. But, I noticed that people tend to know about scientific and technological methods than spiritual notions that is yet to be known. 

    Hence, if it is verifiable, then let’s put that which is not verifiable  to test in order to know that there is a God somewhere. What happened to lucifer might repeat itself soon, people have been carried away by celebrities, extreme money and  fashion, not knowing that, there is a lucifer somewhere trying to obstruct their beyond. It is a pity that the entire race of mankind will soon be erased. In as much as you are carried away you might miss your target. Let’s quickly examine the historic battle that happened in heaven according to the Bible.  

 “And war broke out in heaven, Michael [the archangel] and his angels waging war with the dragon. The dragon and his angels fought, but they were not strong enough and did not prevail, and there was no longer a place found for them in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down, the age-old serpent who is called the devil and Satan, he who continually deceives and seduces the entire inhabited world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.”  REVELATION 12:7‭-‬9

                                                                                             I am not a pastor, but if you think I am explaining based on my religious belief, then tell me a person who doesn’t have a belief he or she will refer to. You can’t just exist without a religious background whether something or nothing. But, I am glad I have one. The question is, what’s your belief ? Always Remember this, not all beliefs are worthy because the misconception of one God has caused a lot of religious disagreements. As for some, worshipping LUCIFER is the same as adoring God since he was created by Him.

                                                               LUCIFER violated  one of the rules and regulations stipulated by the God, so he faced the penalty of rejection without any trial. He who offends God will definitely report back to God because all things give reverence to Him. Even LUCIFER will give an account about his life. All ideas of this world have been nurtured by physical ideas which tend to originate from a spiritual source. As a matter of fact, luciferians are also regarded as satanists, if they worship LUCIFER, then what has he promised them? Eternity? Or he will surely be a king over God some day? If LUCIFER was part of the rebellious angels cast out from heaven, and it is very obvious, what kingdom will he establish that will give longevity?

               A LETTER TO LUCIFER 

   LUCIFER, do you want to continue  tormenting the world? Do you wish to repent and turn to God for forgiveness? If you are willing, I trust God,  He’s not a bad creator. When He cast you out He wanted you to realize that no one is above correction,but you took it personal and opted for war. Listen to this : You can’t win God,perhaps you shouldn’t have committed yourself to pride. I am not saying that God is right because I can’t tell Him  what’s right or wrong. And I am not  saying you are right or wrong. Hence, what happened between God and lucifer will be revealed one day because there is more to that. 

   I know some luciferians or satanists will be reading this article probably with anger, I know my life might be at risk, but who cares? Regrettably, lucifer will realize what he has been doing and he will have no choice than to succumb. Who knows may be has given up already?But, I don’t think the repentance of lucifer is possible, if it is, then God would have Shown His mercy on him. Yet, I will ask lucifer this question : where is your light? You were dancing in the glory of God until you created pride which mankind is using till date.

You gave yourself a mind of rebellion, you created a group of retaliation and you dismantled yourself with the seat of pride. Is there a way for you to return home? Are you planning another war against God? Remember, He created you. Tell  your followers the main reason for your revolt. I hope I  have given you a clue to reconstructing your past and current actions. Only if LUCIFER will realize his deeds, then GOD might decide to give all human beings a free access to His kingdom.




Something  has been bothering my conscience I think this is the right time for me to express such arguments. There are some simple arguments I will introduce in this article, but do not be confused, I will carry you along for proper understanding. If at the end,you didn’t  understand, then there is a problem, but if it’s the matter of technicality, understanding will penetrate easily. 

   What comes to your mind when the word equality is being mentioned? As some will say, equality implies a thing or something that is shared without partiality. If that should be the case, can equality find a place in the hearts of mankind? I am not talking from the perspective of gender equality, but I am talking about a normal equality  that will surface within man’s society and the world he lives in. Remember that, the world is a political arena where you must choose who you want to follow either by something or nothing, the middle is too open because you might get crushed. So, where is the place of equality? 

   If equality is to be achieved, then the actual measurement of the world must be provided. Who can measure the world with accuracy? Who is ready to sacrifice his or herself? Yet, man has been clamoring for equality in all ramifications of life,especially women. If equality is real she would have equalized the rich and the poor, despite the existence of equality, things are still things, therefore nothing has changed. Perhaps, if the real meaning of equality is to be put to action,then scenarios like : V.I.P (very important person or people) and V.V.I.P (very very important person or people) should  be demolished totally. Can this be done? 

  Equality tends to appear to be doing her job whereas she is not even in control of herself. She is yet to fulfill her destiny, because it does not make sense when a group of people dictates the regulatory system of equality. Equality must be for all. Truth be told, I have been living in this world for years, I have been expecting the function of  equality, but instability and stability have been at the apex of her nomenclature. Yet, I am challenging equality to come out  from her cage. Where are you? 

  What I am concerned about is,whether equality can be possible in this contemporary society where fighting for  one’s self is a priority. Even within yourself as you are reading this article, ask yourself this question : Do I share or do things without prejudice? If you assume the paradigm of holiness trying to be a Saint, you might be the greatest deceiver of all time. Equality can only be possible if all elders can share things equally with the young ones. Since some elders can’t  commit themselves to the aforementioned statement, then the youths are not the leaders of tomorrow. 

     As a matter of fact, the backgrounds of all things built by man were basically a norm fabricated with inequality. If what I am saying is not making sense, please tell me and I will explain with a context that will be more sensible. But, do not get forget that,in as much as  there are different languages, how do we expect equality to be a daily  thing? Faces are different, traditions and cultures are numerous, religions are incongruous and to  shape the world with equality, is to provoke some battles . Have you not heard what I said priorly :  same death, but different locations. This is strange because equality is even struggling to create a spotlight of enigmatic scenarios. 


 Serious events are coming to rule, by then,you will understand the true meaning of equality. As some would say,”democracy” has it all. Democracy is only a liar structured to give man a partial equality in form of inequality. 

“This is my short expression”