A CONCEPTION 

How I wish I could verify the hearts of these prostitutes, so that I can know all their thoughts. I have been wondering what it feels like to be a prostitute, but I can’t be one, I can only examine them and look at their motives. The question is, why prostitution in the first place? – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 

  If X decides to engage in this job called prostitution, what must have been the basic reason for such an act? In as much as prostitution is mostly common to women, I will  start the argument from there, not with the conception of quarreling with the vast majority, or supporting, or going against this profession, but I would be sincere by exempting my emotions, so that reality will prevail. As a matter of fact, only God is fit to judge.  If the origin of Y is unknown, why must you say what it’s not. Some people might ask, why can’t I be one? 

  What story will I tell? Perhaps, these prostitutes may have a genuine reason for engaging themselves in this profession. If that should be the case, what reason do I have? If have no father or mother and no one is catering for me, should this motivate me to be a prostitute? Afterall I am not the first to witness this tragedy. If the circumstances of life are so deplorable and the situations within are pejorative, what else will be left for me? The above connotes the possible questions which might be in the hearts of these prostitutes. 

  If you launch an attack towards these prostitutes coupled with your hatred, will this solve this act? These prostitutes are regarded as sinners whose lives are not worthy to emulate. One question I will ask you is, can your way of living be emulated? It is not the case that these prostitutes are extremely bad, but in a case where the unemployed ones are idle. What will be the outcome? It might be an addiction that led them to this act. What a pity, it has become the survival of the fittest and we live in order to survive. 

   Anytime you hear the word prostitute, what comes to your mind? Oh! She’s a bad woman full of abnormalities, but it’s not the case that she’s bad. You should have given her a chance to express herself may be her  excuses will be palatable and acceptable. Truth be told, these prostitutes have made married men to forget themselves, thus they no longer enjoy the romance in their home. What a pity, an insider is now an outsider. All in the name of that pleasure. Despite this fact, one should know that prostitution has effects. 

  Although, it has been labelled as the world’s oldest profession, but this doesn’t mean that prostitution should be regarded or disregarded. My questions are: if a prostitute decides to quit this profession, will she be able to cope outside it? Do you think she will leave this profession easily? What if her husband can’t satisfy her, will she Visit her past? Which job is available for her? If Pride will allow humility to flourish, then it will make sense . Perhaps, prostitution is not the only job. 

  Prostitution has become a nation, she has her own policies binding her people. If she has a nation, how can we eliminate a nation? They are growing with alacrity, yet they will be the last prostitutes on earth, because the upcoming prostitutes know that this profession won’t last. Hence, the time of judgment is coming. Although,if a man should decide to get married to a prostitute, don’t you think they might break up? Somehow, they might encounter a person who has Romanced her who is a friend to her husband. Is this scenario not common? 

  Do you think the husband won’t seek for divorce? To be candid, when engaging oneself in prostitution, one should always remember the outcome. It is the matter of two ways. Life has been ridiculed to the extent that sex has become common, it’s not something private. It is very essential to note that, if a woman sleeps with different men, when it is time to decide about your marital life you may be afraid because of the repercussion, even on your wedding day you will be gazing about because of your past. True or false? You will say, “if I knew I would have thought of it”. A former thinking will become a present thinking, tears won’t affect your decision. 

Soon, it will be over, but you will have to pay the past not to reveal those things. The past is so wicked to the extent that she will make you feel the extreme sympathy of your past by passing them to the present  just like a gift. Let’s relax and think about this question : can you bribe the past? If prostitution will come for vengeance, which is very obvious, you might say, “after doing this profession I will leave the state. This won’t solve the problem because water is common to mankind and you would meet her anywhere, perhaps the probability of meeting some people you have  met in the past is certain. If that should be the case, how do you tend to abscond this fact? 

   Although most religions detest prostitution because it is seen as an illegal act, but if I were to be a prostitute and I am performing my moral obligations coupled with the stipulated rules and regulations of God. What else is left? Remember one thing, God only proposed His judgment, but he has not revealed to mankind about how He will judge, if not, mankind will become an extremist. In spite of this, can’t you see the level of criticism? As a matter of fact, there is more to judgment and this is a question for the unknown. You know? If X should tell  a prostitute to stop this act, would X marry her? When you are trying to collect a particular thing from someone, try to create a certain alternative. But these prostitutes might be the last on earth, no place to hide,because all things will soon be valueless. If that should be the case, what would be their gain? 

 Truth be told, this profession adds no value which I must be sincere with. Or if you love sex, why not look for a man to capture who is also active? Prostitution is profession that gives a shameful conception, meanwhile you will think it’s normal, afterall we only live once. ‘We live one’ is not even the matter, but if you have lived an unreasonable life, how do you tend to come back to correct those mistakes? Is there a second chance? If this life is once, then the only thing I can do is to be moderately good, perhaps none is perfect, or are you? Time don’t speak, she creates awareness.

                  A THOUGHT 

  There are some things I want to say, but time won’t permit me because I need to be cautious. You know  about the reading culture which I have been  talking about. But, how will you feel if one of your relatives is a prostitute? In a scenario where prostitution is the only means of survival, will you do it? Is prostitution bad? Is it their joy to engage themselves in this profession? Were they forced or lured to do this job? I have given you few questions, the comment box is always open. – – – AKINRULIE OPEYEMI JOSHUA 


            To Be Continued… 





 Truth be told, one needs to check his or her body system regularly, if not, a strange mayhem might occur without any notification. My thinking is too strong, especially  when it comes to morality, metaphysics, knowledge. Etc. It’s as if my mind has been furnished with an unending thought. I hope my randomized mayhem will be heard. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 



 Where is my hope? Where is my joy and happiness? Where is the world of euphoria I once dreamed  about? Where are my visions which I have encrypted for my personal consumption? I left intelligence in order to be myopic so that I can gain an unending knowledge, yet I was attacked by the world of mediocrity because she thought I know whereas I am just like an empty vessel willing to subject myself to something profitable. 

   I thought happiness will be forever, I thought every weapon will be useful in a battle, so I carried all,not knowing that all those weapons are invalid. I sat on the ground because I wore a white garment, so that people will fall for my humility. I am only putting myself in the shoes of  some people, but I wouldn’t know if this will align with their thoughts. It was named an express road not because it’s free, but it’s a planned suicide. I am feeling somehow only God knows my next move, may be He has predestined what I Will become. 

   I have not ended my story I know it’s not interesting, but please kindly follow it. Unhappiness is a bad teacher, she will make you to be happy publicly, and interiorly you will be dying. What life have I chosen? I am just writing with my instinct, but I hope it won’t fail me, I hope I will be able to survive this race. I hope hope will not revert herself, I hope she will continue to give me hope to keep  hoping. I have tried my best, I have diligently embraced hardwork, when will it yield the necessary fruits? 

   Even those that are dreaming have realized their dreams despite the fact that visions are real. Is it not better to be a dreamer than a seer? The essence of everything is, to accomplish a particular goal, or am I not right? Mind you, when I Speak I don’t introduce a religious way of thinking except if it is related to religion. If all my  thoughts are related to immorality I would have been the most famous celebrity on earth, I speak about morality only the few ones hear my solo expressions. A society that is infected with an omen immorality will cherish their companions. 

   If my thinking is shallow, how come my thoughts aren’t affected? One day I stood at the middle of an ocean I thought deeply to the extent that I wanted to cross to the other side, but I was cautioned with  a simple question : why should I? Honestly, what sense will it make if I should cross? The establishment of the other side might be fair and unfair,I would have gone there myself, but it’s a one way decision. My tears can’t be wiped even the towel given me couldn’t rescue my tears, what else is left? Whether it is real or not, it will surely come to pass. What reality do I have? What position will I find myself in this contemporary age? 

  I shouldn’t pity myself rather I should keep moving. There will be no bus stop, but let’s reason together : if my life has no bus stop, how will I evaluate myself? That is, if my life is going without an end,I will be purposeless, don’t you think so? Kindly put yourself in this scenario. The common thing is, the society will watch you until time has passed before drawing their conclusions. A life of individualism which no one is ready to gaze at you. I wish I could stop how I think, I wish I could be gentle like God, but the human nature won’t allow me. 

  I have furnaced my thoughts , I have decided to follow the wrong path in order to deceive them,not knowing that there is a right path within. As a matter of fact, when the merriment is over the only  scene that will be seen is, an individual, no body will be available to safe or save you. I hope my mayhem is not too long, I hope you not disappointed, I know this is not sensible, but kindly accept it. Yet, I am still walking in the corridor of many assumptions which I hope they will get me to the land of fruition. What essence will it be if my thinking is dormant? What progress will you make if you are under the canopy of inactive thinking? 

   If I should decide to proceed without involving myself, how is it going to be like? Is that really possible? This is a war within which everyone has. In a nutshell, I don’t want to go too far, I want it to be short always,so that it won’t be tiring, the fact will always remain whether it is or it’s not. I have spoken randomly, so as to touch every area, but as soon as the reading culture has been upgraded from RED to GREEN, I will elongate my articles. The mayhem can only be solved by you and mine can only be solved by me, not the society. 


No chance to express deeply, when I write I am so cautious that is why I make whatever I want to say to be short and precise. I have randomized my thoughts in the shape of reality, I hope all these will pave a way for you. I will see you in the next chapter of a written life. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

            TO BE CONTINUED….