I can’t hide this, it is impossible for me to keep this moment. How I wish I could fly on my own to see God personally. But, I have a dream that one day I will see Him, so that He can give me the true definition of freedom. I am dejected and perplexed, no wonder some people are committing suicide. Is that an option? Once again, where is the freedom? Real or fake? I have placed my mind on eternity, and if it fails, then what hope do I  have? Does it mean the world will continue to recycle all things? As a matter of fact, take a glance at the following questions :

 What vision do I have in this life? What age will I make it? What is the definition of a successful man? What am I going to do with life? Is the grace enough to rectify my life? Who will save me? Man? Society? Friends? Who wants to help? Somebody or nobody? How will I survive? Should I exit this world? Or I should continue striving for survival? All these questions are currently on my mind as I am writing this article. I am crying internally, I feel I am not really at a good point in my life. What do I do? I have a dream coupled with a good vision, some people might say, Philosophy is affecting my thinking, but it’s for a purpose. Can something be without appealing to something?

   Hence, it’s for a purpose. I can’t know everything, but the little I have acquired I have been putting it into practice. I feel deserted by the society, I feel impeded in my heart. I heard that hardwork equals to success, but it should be “hardwork and grace”  equals to success. I have been trying to figure out my life, but I discovered my true autarchy when  I was an undergraduate which I said to myself that, “I will become a professor”. I hope this dream will come to pass soon. Impatience is a disease she might tempt you to misbehave in order to forfeit your dreams. Yet, I have always been hearing this, “God’s time is the best”. I want the audience to remember this, “death radiates without time“.  What choice do I have? Where is freedom? Hidden? Or alive?

   If I should commit suicide, it will pain nobody, perhaps I am not a popular man. The funny thing  is, it is easier to become popular when one is dead than when one is alive. Social media will publicize such an individual without demanding for money, who can wrestle with the dead? Honestly, it’s a mayhem which I can’t hide. As long as I live I will continue to push till something happens, but how about grace? How about destiny? Will it come out as I have thought? I am not doubting, perhaps what is the purpose of mankind if not to doubt?

    Well and truly, very soon we would all vanish from this world in order to give an account about how we have used our freedom. Even the freedom given to us is being monitored for the purpose of judgment. Hence, where is freedom? In an arena where freedom becomes dependent, then it is not freedom. Where is my freedom? Where is your freedom? Is good or bad part of my freedom which I can choose within? My heart is heavy and I am really wounded, not everyone that laughs is happy, such an individual might be faking it. Who cares about what you are battling? All they want to see is your accomplishments, so that they can party with you.

   At some point in one’s life, you might not have the opportunity to think rigorously, so whatever opportunity you see should be utilized. Has freedom hidden herself, so that she can also be free? If freedom is seeking for freedom, then something is wrong. Life will only be interesting if someone is rich, only the rich will desire to live long, but people in penury will desire for an end to everything, yet the struggle must continue. Are you in or out? I want to be wealthy, I want to ride exotic cars, I want to live large and enlarge my coast, yet I am waiting for God’s time. When? What time will it be?

  Let the doors of heaven be opened, let those in heaven listen to the lamentations of an orphan. Let them be aware of my thoughts, let them rescue me and reward me for my good deeds, let them forgive me, if I have offended anyone.  I  am weak, but I must move on, I am always at a corner thinking deeply. Do I have a purpose like this? If I  don’t believe in myself, who else will? I have concluded that no matter what happens I must be strong and be vibrant. What else will I say? I have cast myself for the future, but I hope she will be fair enough to buttress me with good fortunes. Freedom where are you?

 If freedom should go on exile, what would you do? Come back to us if you are still on exile,because in a society where freedom is absentia, dynamicity  will be staticity. 

 What is going on? Is freedom angry? Has she been carried away by the worldly displays? Let’s be sincere to ourselves with some few words :

     “Freedom is an agitation whose mission is to make people realize their potential through the creation of consciousness in order to be liberated. Hence, your freedom is yourself.” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

 ” The return of freedom will be brutal, I guess she’s on exile.”

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      Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 






  As for those hiding under the canopy  of God, It is time to speak the truth and let the vast majority know your status in this world. I know it won’t be easy because of the fame and wealth  you have acquired, but this is a final warning to mankind and also to the writer, if I am not truthful and I am doing the things that don’t please GOD. He will take the decision,if He takes it, what will be my next hope? If that should be the case, how will these fake men of God be judged?  Some men of God whose mantra have changed from salvation to prosperity. They have forgotten the main purpose God called them for, what a pity. Where is your love for salvation? 

  I am not afraid to speak because it’s only God that can be exempted from criticism, but in as much as we are humans and we live in this world castigation is constant. But, where is the zeal of the church? Where is the oneness? They  have forgotten salvation,they have elevated  the wealthy class in the church to the extent that, they even sit at the front all in the name of money. What would a poor man do? A poor man who has no money to comfort himself will definitely feel inferior and seek for solutions to his penury life. Is the church still alive? If God preaches equality, why are you struggling to yield to this word? 

   Where are we going? Even on social media when the name, “God” is being mentioned less attention is given, but when it comes to gossips,people tend to react positively by contributing immensely. If X is  a product of ALLAH, X  will definitely speak about Islam.  Hence,if Y is a product of JESUS CHRIST, Y will surely speak about Christianity. Some pastors are deviating, they have become an advocator for the devil with a garment of God. This has become one of my former articles titled “MISLED BY PERCEPTION“, what is really going on with all churches? 

   Are they really preaching salvation? Have they forgotten this assertion in the Bible, “seek first the kingdom of God?”. In this contemporary society, some pastors are expressing what the congregation want in order to earn respect and wealth, as for them what you wear doesn’t matter, in as much as God always looks at one’s heart. Hence, you are welcome. As a matter of fact, the establishment of a church has become a lucrative job for some people, no wonder it is written, “many are called, but few are chosen“.  When the time comes those that  are real will be known, there is no place created that is hidden. 

   I don’t know how that day will look like,but I think  that the systematic operation  on that day will accommodate all human beings, so that judgment will be given to everyone. I am not judging anyone neither am I castigating anyone, as long as you are a human being you are subjected to criticism which is not extricable. A world where we have several churches with different doctrines and approaches. What else is left in this  world where churches fight against each other? Can you sense or feel the end of all things? 

  Even those worshipping in truth are beginning to deviate from the truth, because the church has fallen apart, yet who will recall and revival the unity of the church? To add to this exegesis, some churches do fight all in the name of tithes and offerings, they have pocketed salvation and they have replaced it with money which alerted evil, may be they have forgotten that, “the love of money is the root of evil“. They have switched off their light of consciousness because of this worldly pleasure. Time is ticking, God is waiting. Are you ready? 

   When the time comes everyone will know the true means of assessing God. He will be the one to clarify how He has been making everything to work Judiciously. There will be no two sides, but one. It depends on the side you are now. Some  pastors, prophets,and apostles should be ready for confrontation, the question will be,how did you lead my people when you were in the world? This question may bring tears or joy, it will be like  a particular moment in a movie when a flashback is being used to show one’s deeds, how I wish there will be a place of remedy, but the only remedy provided is this world.  

   Honestly, this world is getting sick, especially the way religion is overtaking every scene. If you claim that heaven is sure for you,  always remember that you are in the world of  SIN. You are not perfect neither am I, for you to remain in holiness you must always be conscious all the time and relate  with godly people. But, this world is a mixture of different human beings which you might get provoked any point, in a nutshell reviving the church will cost years of sacrifice because “evil and good” are now friends, only GOD can purify the church. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 


   Finally, at this juncture I will like to vacate this scene, so that the audience can think about this. As a matter of fact, all my articles are always short and straightforward, but at times they may require a critical thinking. The church is lost, who will recall her? Is God quiet?






 Dear God, please don’t watch us deviate from your rules and regulations, the world is engulfed with hatred, war,killing and other atrocious things. When are you coming? Today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? The church you established has been divided physically and spiritually. When will you come? THE CHURCH IS LOST. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.





Before proceeding into this controversial topic, let’s know the meaning of these subject matters : what is poverty? What is sin? “Poverty is the state of being poor or to lack something while sin is to do something that is considered wrong according moral or religious law”. – – Merriam Webster Dictionary.


This article came as a result of some people proclaiming this statement that, “Poverty is a sin”. Although no one will want to dance to the tunes of poverty, but in a case when people who are in abject penury are agitating in order to break the chain of poverty we shouldn’t say poverty is a sin, to say that poverty is a sin implies that, anyone who dies in poverty has committed an offense and will be judged by the supreme being without pity. It’s not the case that such individuals have not worked and struggled, but X wasn’t rewarded on time. Will X be blamed for this? Who is to be blamed?

This common statement “Poverty is a sin” has disorganized the thoughts of many, even some people have engaged themselves in ritualistic thinking. When you emphasize mainly on this,the vast majority who are under your ministry will have no choice, but to start searching for options which would lead them away from God. I don’t think God will be happy with this, perhaps the foundation of this world was not laid by wealth, but by words. If that is the case, use good words to transform your life. To say that ‘poverty is a sin’ is to threaten the audience to do anything to get wealth. There should be a way to say this.

As a matter of fact, it’s better to say, “Poverty is not an option, don’t be comfortable with it”. How about this? Gradually, they will start thinking about how to enhance and enlarge their coast towards acquiring wealth, because poverty is not an option. What I would like to ask the audience is, can a person who is serving God truthfully be in poverty? Don’t we have some cases where there are such individuals? If such individuals die in poverty, it has been said that they shall inherit the kingdom of God. Is this true? If this is true, then can we say that the foreordained is at work? That is, their lives have been created with poverty in order to see God at the end. Is this real?

Yet, truth be told, poverty is not good. What poverty does is to create an immature thinking by decorating it with a matured thinking. If X is infected with poverty anything he or she sees will be good, perhaps poverty doesn’t give options, she gives restrictions. If X is wealthy he or she will have options and restrictions. Let me tell this secret: wealth has the power to create poverty. Remember this word “power”.

What I am bemoaning is the way some religions assert that poverty is sin, therefore putting their ministry in danger. It would have been better if the word sin is not included, because it is, this belongs to the realm of religion. Howbeit, repressing on the aforementioned statement won’t assist the vast majority in structuring their future, rather it would instigate them to engaging themselves in some unscrupulous acts which the devil might benefit from. In an arena where prosperity is always their mantra, salvation will be forgotten. All what I have been hearing is prosperity, perhaps who does not want to be in wealth? Who will like to live in penury? Who will volunteer and pray for poverty increment?

The more they hear that poverty is a sin, this will encourage them to do the unexpected. If poverty is a sin, then anyone who dies in poverty will go to hell. Is that the implication? In as much as it has been assumed religiously that no sinner will be welcomed by God on judgment day. Hence, all those in poverty will be cast out. If God should judge by using this criterion, then He won’t be God anymore. Yet, man tend to hide himself under the umbrella of God by saying, “Poverty is a sin” whereas He has not said so. Is it their wish to be in poverty? How will something bad be convenient for them? Yet, the best thing some set of individuals can do is to frustrate and add to their disaster.

Is it their choice? If you were to be given the opportunity to choose anything in life,will you choose poverty? What will come to your mind is wealth. I need to make it clear in my few words, I don’t know maybe I am right, afterall everyone is entitled to express or postulate opinions. I want the audience to follow every line, because it might and might not involve a critical thinking. Check this below

We are in a world where everyone must fight for survival. The rich wants to be wealthy. The poor wants to be rich. To deteriorate the matter, religion added her doctrines into the hearts of people,by using the bad aspects to bring good things,instead of using the good aspects to send bad things to exile. As a matter of fact, how I wish poverty could be banished for life. How I wish there is a regulatory organization that would make wealth to be a common acquisition. Well and truly, it has been asserted that, not everyone will be wealthy which also implies that, some people are meant to be in poverty. But, what can be done? I have noticed that it’s not the case that some wealthy individuals don’t want to help, but they are afraid of dethronement. Who will rescue them? – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Truth be told, all what the world has been saying is, money. What makes you go out everyday? Some might say, “I don’t even care about the money, but it’s just that I am passionate about the job or work “. At the end, what would be the result? If money will not end it, then, be ready to create a nation of poverty. Finally, to erase poverty, let your mind be engulfed with an assumed wealth.
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  If I knew I would have come to the world as a mind, so that I will have the power to dominate the future with certainty. As a matter of fact, the power given to the mind can’t be diluted. The question we need to ask ourselves is, where is the mind? Where is her location? If the mind has a location, then she would have been captured and corrupted by mankind. What we use to picture and image the future is, the mind, she accommodates all thoughts and activates them, but the problem will come when your thoughts are extremely negative, what do you expect your mind to do? 

  She can’t separate your positive and negative thoughts, but what she does is to actualize what you are thinking. Howbeit, if you control your mind judiciously you will move the unexpected. How? You have to have a belief and believe, these words are common, but their influence in the race of mankind can’t be underestimated. Remember, “as you think it you will become it”. If you think I am lying, then give it a try, because the mind is structured in a way that she doesn’t give up so easily, but when you give up, she gives up. When you are determined, she is. When you are down, she is. It is very pertinent to note that, the mind succumbs to your wishes. 

  Furthermore, if X is rich or poor some will say, it’s destiny. Can destiny be a dictatorial dominance over the mind? What relationship do they have? If destiny depicts a divine purpose and the mind connotes a realm of actualization, then is it the case that the way X thinks and how he actualizes his thoughts with his mind can be traced to the foreordained? If that should be the case, nobody will be wealthy. What this will mean is, if Y uses his or her mind to visualise his or her possible visions with his or her mind ,then  he or she can’t achieve them, because his or her has been foreordained with abject penury. It may be argued that, if we should rely on destiny in the case of the mind, progress will be a dream without reality. 

 What do you see? What do you think of? Are they possibilities or impossibilities? What books do you read? Remember, you once had a good mind, but when  your eyes saw the other side of life all the visions you have became destroyed because you said, “you can’t jokingly”, then your mind took this statement serious, look at what you have done. A child of light has become a figure of regrettable reference, what a pity. You must never forget this : your mind is your future. Your mind needs to be solidified with good thoughts, if not, your future will be dwindled. As a poetic writer I have tried over these years to keep using my mind to activate what I will be in  few years,  I have a belief and believe it will happen. In addition to this, I have been standing on front of a mirror to proclaim some statements about my future which I won’t say. Let your mind be your future. 

   How do you  tend to progress from that spot when your mind has been infected with a virus? The moment you think it won’t be possible, then you have impeded your future. Remember this, “your mind is like a spirit, and the spirit sees more  than an individual, because your body is a flesh and the spirit might not be able to communicate effectively as regards what she’s seeing about your future to her. But when you activate your mind with positivity, it gives the mind the ability to create a future for you. If  you have a belief and you believe, you will do it. You were created into this world not with an emblem of poverty or an omen of wealth, but which path and part have you chosen? Positivity should not be a guest nor a visit, it should be a daily manner. Perhaps, your mind is your future. 
    At this point there is need to make some clarifications as regards the brain, the heart, and the mind. I will call them,the indispensable. If the heart beats at all times, and the brain is in charge of thinking, then the duty of the mind is  to make all thoughts possible. Isn’t it? This is a simple assertion, it’s what we witness everyday. At times you tap your heart therefore saying, “my heart can’t deceive me”,whereas the heart knows nothing about deception she’s only responsible for your functionality. However, it’s not the duty of the brain to accomplish your dreams, but it’s her duty to think judiciously,and the mind is the owner of the prognosticative mission. Am I right or wrong? Think about this. It’s good to always feed your mind with positivity because life is negative, think about how you will  make it right in your own way,because no one cares. 

  The question is, if the mind is the future, does that mean, if X thinks positively at all times definitely he or she will have a good future? In other words, what can be deduced is,  positivity implies a good future. Is that so? How about the background of such an individual? Will this not affect the futuristic image? Let me make this clear : a little doubt will disorganize you, you might think it’s little, but there is much power in your first conception. Mind what you use your mind to do. 

   Only those filled with an imaginary power of the mind will recognize her capabilities. She’s can’t be seen, because she’s always on a motion to assist and render her duties. Why cry when your mind is ready to wipe your tears? How? She won’t activate herself, you must make her dance to your music. At this juncture, I will like full stop to  assist me, so that the audience will not be bored. Always remember, the more you train your mind, the more she expands. Finally your mind is waiting for you, locate her and gear her towards positivity.