In my previous article titled ‘THE FALLEN ANGELS’ I explained how those angels revolted against God which led to their dismissal. But, in this article I will examine an angel who fell as a result of his rebellious thoughts. I am sure that the luciferians might be angry at me because they give high reverence to LUCIFER, in other words, lucifer is their God which they think he’s the light. Yet, I am still interrogating myself  about why I always think metaphysically, why can’t I think in the context of science and technology etc. But, I noticed that people tend to know about scientific and technological methods than spiritual notions that is yet to be known. 

    Hence, if it is verifiable, then let’s put that which is not verifiable  to test in order to know that there is a God somewhere. What happened to lucifer might repeat itself soon, people have been carried away by celebrities, extreme money and  fashion, not knowing that, there is a lucifer somewhere trying to obstruct their beyond. It is a pity that the entire race of mankind will soon be erased. In as much as you are carried away you might miss your target. Let’s quickly examine the historic battle that happened in heaven according to the Bible.  

 “And war broke out in heaven, Michael [the archangel] and his angels waging war with the dragon. The dragon and his angels fought, but they were not strong enough and did not prevail, and there was no longer a place found for them in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down, the age-old serpent who is called the devil and Satan, he who continually deceives and seduces the entire inhabited world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.”  REVELATION 12:7‭-‬9

                                                                                             I am not a pastor, but if you think I am explaining based on my religious belief, then tell me a person who doesn’t have a belief he or she will refer to. You can’t just exist without a religious background whether something or nothing. But, I am glad I have one. The question is, what’s your belief ? Always Remember this, not all beliefs are worthy because the misconception of one God has caused a lot of religious disagreements. As for some, worshipping LUCIFER is the same as adoring God since he was created by Him.

                                                               LUCIFER violated  one of the rules and regulations stipulated by the God, so he faced the penalty of rejection without any trial. He who offends God will definitely report back to God because all things give reverence to Him. Even LUCIFER will give an account about his life. All ideas of this world have been nurtured by physical ideas which tend to originate from a spiritual source. As a matter of fact, luciferians are also regarded as satanists, if they worship LUCIFER, then what has he promised them? Eternity? Or he will surely be a king over God some day? If LUCIFER was part of the rebellious angels cast out from heaven, and it is very obvious, what kingdom will he establish that will give longevity?

               A LETTER TO LUCIFER 

   LUCIFER, do you want to continue  tormenting the world? Do you wish to repent and turn to God for forgiveness? If you are willing, I trust God,  He’s not a bad creator. When He cast you out He wanted you to realize that no one is above correction,but you took it personal and opted for war. Listen to this : You can’t win God,perhaps you shouldn’t have committed yourself to pride. I am not saying that God is right because I can’t tell Him  what’s right or wrong. And I am not  saying you are right or wrong. Hence, what happened between God and lucifer will be revealed one day because there is more to that. 

   I know some luciferians or satanists will be reading this article probably with anger, I know my life might be at risk, but who cares? Regrettably, lucifer will realize what he has been doing and he will have no choice than to succumb. Who knows may be has given up already?But, I don’t think the repentance of lucifer is possible, if it is, then God would have Shown His mercy on him. Yet, I will ask lucifer this question : where is your light? You were dancing in the glory of God until you created pride which mankind is using till date.

You gave yourself a mind of rebellion, you created a group of retaliation and you dismantled yourself with the seat of pride. Is there a way for you to return home? Are you planning another war against God? Remember, He created you. Tell  your followers the main reason for your revolt. I hope I  have given you a clue to reconstructing your past and current actions. Only if LUCIFER will realize his deeds, then GOD might decide to give all human beings a free access to His kingdom.

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