The world has no grace of giving people hope rather she is under the influence of satanic predictions. As a matter of fact, Satan is a god and I have been wondering why God gave him so much power to torment with such pejoration. The World is in shackles and obstacles, it is either you bargain or you lose all. But why?

It’s not the case that I am questioning the establishment between God and Satan, but my focus here is Satan. I have wondered about so many things and I have imagined beyond, yet I am still in the realm of the impossible. What progress have I made? As a writer and philosopher I always try as much as possible to be simplistic and write as if I am in that particular scenario, but this is not to prove that I know, it’s for the benefit of the audience.

The world is disorganized, yet nothing has been done to rectify those problems we are facing. Religion and politics are dominating enormously, each religion has their own savior. Bigotry and prejudice can’t be exempted from man’s thinking and If anything bad should happen some people tend to trace it to Satan and this uncivilized mentality is usually seen in Africa, the home of fanatical religion.

The same people would say, Satan is bad. As they tend to pray too much forgetting to work judiciously, they have turned God into a magician, so if what they have prayed for did not work out, they tend to raise an alarm saying, Satan is at work or devil is a liar. I am not saying that Satan is not in existence, but this African mentality as regards satanic forces has become a predominant thing, it’s as if the center of everything is spirituality. Yet, Satan will always be happy to accept newcomers.

Is it not obvious that those who worship Satan are performing exceedingly? Is it not conspicuous that those who have sold their souls are dominating all things? The rate at which some people are seeking money and wealth can’t be overemphasized. Desperation has sized their hearts, a choice is given, the utility should be applied to thinking and reasoning. Hence, the end is like a repercussion. Although, Satan gives joy that looks healthy, as one tends to rejoice after gaining money and wealth. As a matter of fact, the way one would spend the money would be as if there is a spirit saying, “you have a short life, therefore, spend without thinking of the consequences”. Is this not the case?

They have said since God isn’t willing to listen to us and activate our good intentions towards greatness, then, we would accept the criteria of Satan and register with his party. We don’t care about the outcome, we have waited for years, yet God has refused to answer us. Have we offended him? Have we not asked for forgiveness? What have we done wrong? Hope is gone. Grace is yet to be located. Everything is disappointing. Our trust which is the savior is not ready to come. What is our fate?

Satan has been permitted a long time ago to establish his throne on earth, he dictates the affairs of the world without pity, he roams amidst mankind without permission and even waging war against his creator. Well, the end will be interesting, but I hope it comes fast. As a matter of fact, don’t be dismayed, I believe one day the world would be relieved of her duties and we would see where people in there would be transferred to. I guess my thoughts are too imaginative, but whether they are or not, the thing is, the freedom we have still belongs to this world.

Let me predict the mind of Satan in the prima facie, as I put it below:

Satan speaks, my world has nothing to offer, but I will make it look as if it is meaningful and mankind will fall for it since his interest is to be comfortable on earth. I will make everything look simple, but in the end, I will give agony and disruptions. I will create a scenario whereas it’s for destruction, I know mankind will embrace it as a means of survival.

In addition, I will invent many things that will lure man away from reality. I will be god over them and I will make them feel more perfect than their creator. I will make them feel that their freedom and free will are unlimited, thus, they can be like God.

Many will follow me, many will sell their souls, many will sacrifice for me, many will forget the covenant they made with the supreme being, but it will be too late for them to repent, because I will make them feel it’s a normal thing to sin and it’s abnormal to be pure without an element of impurity. Woe to all the partakers.

To cap my expressions, it’s a choice and I will only play my role with normalcy, not by force. As a matter of fact, many people don’t know the power in their possession, thus, they focus everything on Satan, but there is a CHOICE given. Isn’t it? Although I can’t deny the presence of the spiritual world, it’s as if this has subjugated the continent called Africa, especially Nigeria.

You hear something like,” Satan must leave.” To where? Let me tell you one secret :

Deception is the reality in this world, at times you have to be abnormal and turn things that are good into bad ones for you to flourish. It’s either you endure and do the right thing, or be a friend to Satan. Which side are you, it’s now or never?

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