I salute all the souls that have left the world prematurely and maturely. As for those who are alive, I know it won’t be easy to erase the memories we have shared with them, they have been in life but, life permitted death to partake in the feast of blood, If this is not a surprise. Must we wait until death takes away our tangible ones whose vestige aways rings in our hearts? When are we going to see the departed souls again? Are they in another world? If they are in existence elsewhere looking at us, then, who has gone to verify that?


   Good tunes are  not always melodious, it depends  on the different perspectives attached to those scenarios we are to see. It seems smooth to us because this has been assigned to  be like that. Who is to be blamed?  It is better not to have been created than to be created to seeing pattern of identities which is death. The only thing that betrays humanity is death, as some would say that any individual who dies has been destined to die. Is it maturely or prematurely? As I am writing this, I am lamenting inwardly but why? Many people have departed despite their contributions to the growth of humanity yet, no pity is shown to them. How I wish that the normal entrance we came out from could be the entrance of departure, no matter what happens we would still elevate that which is not for sadness. Why is this so?


   “Death”, listen to me be easy with the vast majority, don’t be harsh to them, especially people whose parents are waiting for a glorious return  because they have sent them to acquire an educational concreteness. I know you are not caring and  you know nobody but, have mercy or show mercy to those who have labored. If you kill a whole generation, what will be next? Wherever you are let thinking be your mantra, and yoga should a moment of reminiscence.


“what will happen if the world suddenly comes to an end?  Death will have no choice but, to reduce her capacity by killing herself ” – – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

        In memory of  those students in Ekiti State University, Nigeria, who lost their lives in an accident on July 11th, 2016.

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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