If I am to be given a wish, I will choose a  reconciliation between God and the fallen angels who revolted against Him. I have wondered many times about this disagreement that has affected the world, especially those agitating to know God in order not to be alienated when His kingdom comes. It is very pertinent to note that, before these angels were cast out from Heaven they were good in thoughts, but what led to this conspiracy? They must have  done something that is extremely wrong hidden from man, if not, God would have forgiven them. 

     As I was thinking, I asked myself, ” can’t they plead? May be, they were not remorseful after they had  connived to dethrone God. Have you not heard that,” woe to he that wrestles with his maker.”  Some people have argued that God should have forgiven them since He’s merciful. But, here is my argument : If God did not discipline the fallen angels, then mankind would have repeated the same mistake superior than the previous one committed. Despite that fact, man is still misusing this grace, at the end,penitence will become destruction. Remember, I am not a preacher. I am just a mundane being trying to reawaken the consciousness of  mankind. 

     These fallen angels are very angry at mankind, they won’t rest until the entire generation of mankind is destroyed. Their simple argument is that, God did not forgive them thus, man will not be forgiven. Yet,the time given to all is limited,not in the case of the fallen angels only, mankind has no time. As a matter of fact, these fallen angels created several methods in order to take mankind away the reality. Hence, they have succeeded in creating many gods to support their aims and objectives. It is very essential to note that, God can’t create gods and instruct man to worship them. It is very contradictory. Let’s have a logical scenario :

  X is (GOD): X wants man to be focused on Him, then would He create gods for mankind to worship? Remember, He said, “I am a jealous GOD.” 

     It may be argued that mankind opened his mind and heart to think and imagine that gods can be adored like God. Did you know that the power of manipulation is the greatest tool the fallen angels is using to turn the hearts of mankind? They will make the presentation sweet and interesting, you will fly with them, at the end, your wings will suddenly disappear without being notified. Their main focus is MAN, so you can’t rest because the world is not at rest. 

      The fallen angels would have repented, but they can’t, because pride is a spirit, and when you refuse to counter it, it becomes your normal status, thinking you are on the right path, but at the end, Hell is the reward for Pride. In a case where these fallen angels were cast out, you think they would relax and let you embrace everything for free. Even, when something is free you are indirectly paying something to get that thing. The world is not free, you have to pay in order to get out either good or bad. Death has its own goodness. 

     Hear the tears of the fallen angels lamenting about the short  period they have. They are everywhere causing commotions and forcing many to worship gods, faking all concepts to be a realistic notion. They won’t give up in this quest, because it’s an interesting thing to be a destroyer, but a peacemaker  is like a sacrificial lamb. I guess X is gone, but X is coming to take, not to give. Only if you can hear the parables of these fallen angels, you would know how desperate they are. 

   When you allow your thinking to think you are,in an extreme way, whereas you are not, then you are subscribing to the prima facie of the fallen angels. It all started by them, but it won’t end with them. You have to choose a side, there is nothing like, I am this or I am that. Those scars can’t be healed totally, because they are to be remembered, so that you won’t repeat  those mistakes. NOTE THIS :GOD is invincible, you can’t revolt against Him because He created that Language. Hence, it’s very contradictory. In other words, you will be revolted by REVOLT. 


If you do not learn now, you will be forced when the time comes. – – – Akinrulie opeyemi Joshua

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