I was in an abattoir one day and I saw how a goat was slaughtered . I paused , I asked myself that , ‘if a man dies is soul will go to his creator but, is this applicable to animals ? . It has been said that dead souls will rise again and animals whose souls have been terminated will dance to the tunes of no return unlike man whose creator has a purpose for . Man should be grateful for the  gift of life. “Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.  

       As a matter of fact, the balcony of knowledge in me won’t stop this thinking . Hence , I ask, ‘where do souls go to? ” This question should not be taken as a joke or as a comic relief whose intention is to make people laugh coupled with no purpose . This should be a question for those who are in the stride of curiosity . If I knew the answer I would not have thought of this perhaps , this question has not been answered empirical but the spiritual world is a feeling for all. If my body comprises of life , soul , and mind . If my soul goes to the creator , how about my  life ? How about my mind ? 

     When I was born I came to this world with three  spiritualities  and this can not be doubted . These are : LIFE , SOUL AND MIND . A life is given unto me in  order to discover my purposes . The soul is the spirit that makes me feel the impact of my creator. The mind is the consciousness in me which makes me to realise that I am in world . This is not applicable to the writer only but the reader must also picture his or her self in this scenario . Have you imagined this ? If I am to live I will need these three tiers which can be seen like a governmental issue . If my life is no more . If my mind is gone . My soul will be accountable for all the things have done whether good or bad in the presence of the creator . 


At the end , you will know the truth because it is an unchangeable reality which can not be doubted . If the essence of life is not truth . What will it be? You want greatness perhaps , you have gotten everything . Train your soul for good records. ” Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

        Even the writer is guessing on a rational basis that souls go to the creator after man’s departure from this world . What if the creator says souls only radiate within the concept of imagination. Yet, I believe souls go to the creator. At this juncture, some might say that the use of word ‘creator‘ is ambiguous because creator can mean something else to me and also to many people . In other words , a creator is a person or an unknown being who creates things . It is very pertinent to note that , there is “a known creator and unknown creator ” . This is where superiority becomes  Paramount , let me distinguish these two concepts as regards to where souls go to. 

       What makes the unknown creator superior is because he possesses life,soul,and mind . In addition , he has a perfect thinking that man is always agitating for . Thus , he made soul (spirit ) to be his superiority . Up till this moment , man can make robots with a partial life and mind (consciousness ) but the soul which can perform extraordinarily is not given to mankind . If not, man will be ‘GOD’ not ‘gods’. Despite this fact , some men are still claiming the position of ‘GOD ‘ the unknown creator . Have you thought of this ? 

     In the concept of the known creator , he depends on the unknown creator to establish his status . He’s in a box because of his limited freedom neither will he be unlimited anytime soon. The intelligence of mankind can be ascribed to the unknown creator  perhaps , he can not input souls into what he had created if he can then , the unknown creator will be irrelevant and the world will be the absolute attainment for man. In other words , the creator I am talking about is the unknown creator who receives all souls . If souls don’t report to man then , souls must have  a superior boss . Is it not the case ? 

“I hope I  have not bamboozled the reader . If souls radiate within the context of the world then, it will be a physical issue . Since souls go to somewhere to rest or receive judgment as it has been assumed . Thus, where do souls go to ? This is a question for all . “–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.  


” If I  should say that souls go to the unknown creator I will be castigated . The known creator is not  even an option . Hence, I have decided to make it an open conversation coupled with  thinking and reasoning . Exempt all doubtful acts and choose one . The question is ‘WHERE DO SOULS GO TO ? “–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua . 

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