The world has no grace of giving people hope rather she is under the influence of satanic predictions. As a matter of fact, Satan is a god and I have been wondering why God gave him so much power to torment with such pejoration. The World is in shackles and obstacles, it is either you bargain or you lose all. But why?

It’s not the case that I am questioning the establishment between God and Satan, but my focus here is Satan. I have wondered about so many things and I have imagined beyond, yet I am still in the realm of the impossible. What progress have I made? As a writer and philosopher I always try as much as possible to be simplistic and write as if I am in that particular scenario, but this is not to prove that I know, it’s for the benefit of the audience.

The world is disorganized, yet nothing has been done to rectify those problems we are facing. Religion and politics are dominating enormously, each religion has their own savior. Bigotry and prejudice can’t be exempted from man’s thinking and If anything bad should happen some people tend to trace it to Satan and this uncivilized mentality is usually seen in Africa, the home of fanatical religion.

The same people would say, Satan is bad. As they tend to pray too much forgetting to work judiciously, they have turned God into a magician, so if what they have prayed for did not work out, they tend to raise an alarm saying, Satan is at work or devil is a liar. I am not saying that Satan is not in existence, but this African mentality as regards satanic forces has become a predominant thing, it’s as if the center of everything is spirituality. Yet, Satan will always be happy to accept newcomers.

Is it not obvious that those who worship Satan are performing exceedingly? Is it not conspicuous that those who have sold their souls are dominating all things? The rate at which some people are seeking money and wealth can’t be overemphasized. Desperation has sized their hearts, a choice is given, the utility should be applied to thinking and reasoning. Hence, the end is like a repercussion. Although, Satan gives joy that looks healthy, as one tends to rejoice after gaining money and wealth. As a matter of fact, the way one would spend the money would be as if there is a spirit saying, “you have a short life, therefore, spend without thinking of the consequences”. Is this not the case?

They have said since God isn’t willing to listen to us and activate our good intentions towards greatness, then, we would accept the criteria of Satan and register with his party. We don’t care about the outcome, we have waited for years, yet God has refused to answer us. Have we offended him? Have we not asked for forgiveness? What have we done wrong? Hope is gone. Grace is yet to be located. Everything is disappointing. Our trust which is the savior is not ready to come. What is our fate?

Satan has been permitted a long time ago to establish his throne on earth, he dictates the affairs of the world without pity, he roams amidst mankind without permission and even waging war against his creator. Well, the end will be interesting, but I hope it comes fast. As a matter of fact, don’t be dismayed, I believe one day the world would be relieved of her duties and we would see where people in there would be transferred to. I guess my thoughts are too imaginative, but whether they are or not, the thing is, the freedom we have still belongs to this world.

Let me predict the mind of Satan in the prima facie, as I put it below:

Satan speaks, my world has nothing to offer, but I will make it look as if it is meaningful and mankind will fall for it since his interest is to be comfortable on earth. I will make everything look simple, but in the end, I will give agony and disruptions. I will create a scenario whereas it’s for destruction, I know mankind will embrace it as a means of survival.

In addition, I will invent many things that will lure man away from reality. I will be god over them and I will make them feel more perfect than their creator. I will make them feel that their freedom and free will are unlimited, thus, they can be like God.

Many will follow me, many will sell their souls, many will sacrifice for me, many will forget the covenant they made with the supreme being, but it will be too late for them to repent, because I will make them feel it’s a normal thing to sin and it’s abnormal to be pure without an element of impurity. Woe to all the partakers.

To cap my expressions, it’s a choice and I will only play my role with normalcy, not by force. As a matter of fact, many people don’t know the power in their possession, thus, they focus everything on Satan, but there is a CHOICE given. Isn’t it? Although I can’t deny the presence of the spiritual world, it’s as if this has subjugated the continent called Africa, especially Nigeria.

You hear something like,” Satan must leave.” To where? Let me tell you one secret :

Deception is the reality in this world, at times you have to be abnormal and turn things that are good into bad ones for you to flourish. It’s either you endure and do the right thing, or be a friend to Satan. Which side are you, it’s now or never?



 In my previous article titled ‘THE FALLEN ANGELS’ I explained how those angels revolted against God which led to their dismissal. But, in this article I will examine an angel who fell as a result of his rebellious thoughts. I am sure that the luciferians might be angry at me because they give high reverence to LUCIFER, in other words, lucifer is their God which they think he’s the light. Yet, I am still interrogating myself  about why I always think metaphysically, why can’t I think in the context of science and technology etc. But, I noticed that people tend to know about scientific and technological methods than spiritual notions that is yet to be known. 

    Hence, if it is verifiable, then let’s put that which is not verifiable  to test in order to know that there is a God somewhere. What happened to lucifer might repeat itself soon, people have been carried away by celebrities, extreme money and  fashion, not knowing that, there is a lucifer somewhere trying to obstruct their beyond. It is a pity that the entire race of mankind will soon be erased. In as much as you are carried away you might miss your target. Let’s quickly examine the historic battle that happened in heaven according to the Bible.  

 “And war broke out in heaven, Michael [the archangel] and his angels waging war with the dragon. The dragon and his angels fought, but they were not strong enough and did not prevail, and there was no longer a place found for them in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down, the age-old serpent who is called the devil and Satan, he who continually deceives and seduces the entire inhabited world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.”  REVELATION 12:7‭-‬9

                                                                                             I am not a pastor, but if you think I am explaining based on my religious belief, then tell me a person who doesn’t have a belief he or she will refer to. You can’t just exist without a religious background whether something or nothing. But, I am glad I have one. The question is, what’s your belief ? Always Remember this, not all beliefs are worthy because the misconception of one God has caused a lot of religious disagreements. As for some, worshipping LUCIFER is the same as adoring God since he was created by Him.

                                                               LUCIFER violated  one of the rules and regulations stipulated by the God, so he faced the penalty of rejection without any trial. He who offends God will definitely report back to God because all things give reverence to Him. Even LUCIFER will give an account about his life. All ideas of this world have been nurtured by physical ideas which tend to originate from a spiritual source. As a matter of fact, luciferians are also regarded as satanists, if they worship LUCIFER, then what has he promised them? Eternity? Or he will surely be a king over God some day? If LUCIFER was part of the rebellious angels cast out from heaven, and it is very obvious, what kingdom will he establish that will give longevity?

               A LETTER TO LUCIFER 

   LUCIFER, do you want to continue  tormenting the world? Do you wish to repent and turn to God for forgiveness? If you are willing, I trust God,  He’s not a bad creator. When He cast you out He wanted you to realize that no one is above correction,but you took it personal and opted for war. Listen to this : You can’t win God,perhaps you shouldn’t have committed yourself to pride. I am not saying that God is right because I can’t tell Him  what’s right or wrong. And I am not  saying you are right or wrong. Hence, what happened between God and lucifer will be revealed one day because there is more to that. 

   I know some luciferians or satanists will be reading this article probably with anger, I know my life might be at risk, but who cares? Regrettably, lucifer will realize what he has been doing and he will have no choice than to succumb. Who knows may be has given up already?But, I don’t think the repentance of lucifer is possible, if it is, then God would have Shown His mercy on him. Yet, I will ask lucifer this question : where is your light? You were dancing in the glory of God until you created pride which mankind is using till date.

You gave yourself a mind of rebellion, you created a group of retaliation and you dismantled yourself with the seat of pride. Is there a way for you to return home? Are you planning another war against God? Remember, He created you. Tell  your followers the main reason for your revolt. I hope I  have given you a clue to reconstructing your past and current actions. Only if LUCIFER will realize his deeds, then GOD might decide to give all human beings a free access to His kingdom.



    If I am to be given a wish, I will choose a  reconciliation between God and the fallen angels who revolted against Him. I have wondered many times about this disagreement that has affected the world, especially those agitating to know God in order not to be alienated when His kingdom comes. It is very pertinent to note that, before these angels were cast out from Heaven they were good in thoughts, but what led to this conspiracy? They must have  done something that is extremely wrong hidden from man, if not, God would have forgiven them. 

     As I was thinking, I asked myself, ” can’t they plead? May be, they were not remorseful after they had  connived to dethrone God. Have you not heard that,” woe to he that wrestles with his maker.”  Some people have argued that God should have forgiven them since He’s merciful. But, here is my argument : If God did not discipline the fallen angels, then mankind would have repeated the same mistake superior than the previous one committed. Despite that fact, man is still misusing this grace, at the end,penitence will become destruction. Remember, I am not a preacher. I am just a mundane being trying to reawaken the consciousness of  mankind. 

     These fallen angels are very angry at mankind, they won’t rest until the entire generation of mankind is destroyed. Their simple argument is that, God did not forgive them thus, man will not be forgiven. Yet,the time given to all is limited,not in the case of the fallen angels only, mankind has no time. As a matter of fact, these fallen angels created several methods in order to take mankind away the reality. Hence, they have succeeded in creating many gods to support their aims and objectives. It is very essential to note that, God can’t create gods and instruct man to worship them. It is very contradictory. Let’s have a logical scenario :

  X is (GOD): X wants man to be focused on Him, then would He create gods for mankind to worship? Remember, He said, “I am a jealous GOD.” 

     It may be argued that mankind opened his mind and heart to think and imagine that gods can be adored like God. Did you know that the power of manipulation is the greatest tool the fallen angels is using to turn the hearts of mankind? They will make the presentation sweet and interesting, you will fly with them, at the end, your wings will suddenly disappear without being notified. Their main focus is MAN, so you can’t rest because the world is not at rest. 

      The fallen angels would have repented, but they can’t, because pride is a spirit, and when you refuse to counter it, it becomes your normal status, thinking you are on the right path, but at the end, Hell is the reward for Pride. In a case where these fallen angels were cast out, you think they would relax and let you embrace everything for free. Even, when something is free you are indirectly paying something to get that thing. The world is not free, you have to pay in order to get out either good or bad. Death has its own goodness. 

     Hear the tears of the fallen angels lamenting about the short  period they have. They are everywhere causing commotions and forcing many to worship gods, faking all concepts to be a realistic notion. They won’t give up in this quest, because it’s an interesting thing to be a destroyer, but a peacemaker  is like a sacrificial lamb. I guess X is gone, but X is coming to take, not to give. Only if you can hear the parables of these fallen angels, you would know how desperate they are. 

   When you allow your thinking to think you are,in an extreme way, whereas you are not, then you are subscribing to the prima facie of the fallen angels. It all started by them, but it won’t end with them. You have to choose a side, there is nothing like, I am this or I am that. Those scars can’t be healed totally, because they are to be remembered, so that you won’t repeat  those mistakes. NOTE THIS :GOD is invincible, you can’t revolt against Him because He created that Language. Hence, it’s very contradictory. In other words, you will be revolted by REVOLT. 


If you do not learn now, you will be forced when the time comes. – – – Akinrulie opeyemi Joshua




I was in an abattoir one day and I saw how a goat was slaughtered . I paused , I asked myself that , ‘if a man dies is soul will go to his creator but, is this applicable to animals ? . It has been said that dead souls will rise again and animals whose souls have been terminated will dance to the tunes of no return unlike man whose creator has a purpose for . Man should be grateful for the  gift of life. “Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.  

       As a matter of fact, the balcony of knowledge in me won’t stop this thinking . Hence , I ask, ‘where do souls go to? ” This question should not be taken as a joke or as a comic relief whose intention is to make people laugh coupled with no purpose . This should be a question for those who are in the stride of curiosity . If I knew the answer I would not have thought of this perhaps , this question has not been answered empirical but the spiritual world is a feeling for all. If my body comprises of life , soul , and mind . If my soul goes to the creator , how about my  life ? How about my mind ? 

     When I was born I came to this world with three  spiritualities  and this can not be doubted . These are : LIFE , SOUL AND MIND . A life is given unto me in  order to discover my purposes . The soul is the spirit that makes me feel the impact of my creator. The mind is the consciousness in me which makes me to realise that I am in world . This is not applicable to the writer only but the reader must also picture his or her self in this scenario . Have you imagined this ? If I am to live I will need these three tiers which can be seen like a governmental issue . If my life is no more . If my mind is gone . My soul will be accountable for all the things have done whether good or bad in the presence of the creator . 


At the end , you will know the truth because it is an unchangeable reality which can not be doubted . If the essence of life is not truth . What will it be? You want greatness perhaps , you have gotten everything . Train your soul for good records. ” Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

        Even the writer is guessing on a rational basis that souls go to the creator after man’s departure from this world . What if the creator says souls only radiate within the concept of imagination. Yet, I believe souls go to the creator. At this juncture, some might say that the use of word ‘creator‘ is ambiguous because creator can mean something else to me and also to many people . In other words , a creator is a person or an unknown being who creates things . It is very pertinent to note that , there is “a known creator and unknown creator ” . This is where superiority becomes  Paramount , let me distinguish these two concepts as regards to where souls go to. 

       What makes the unknown creator superior is because he possesses life,soul,and mind . In addition , he has a perfect thinking that man is always agitating for . Thus , he made soul (spirit ) to be his superiority . Up till this moment , man can make robots with a partial life and mind (consciousness ) but the soul which can perform extraordinarily is not given to mankind . If not, man will be ‘GOD’ not ‘gods’. Despite this fact , some men are still claiming the position of ‘GOD ‘ the unknown creator . Have you thought of this ? 

     In the concept of the known creator , he depends on the unknown creator to establish his status . He’s in a box because of his limited freedom neither will he be unlimited anytime soon. The intelligence of mankind can be ascribed to the unknown creator  perhaps , he can not input souls into what he had created if he can then , the unknown creator will be irrelevant and the world will be the absolute attainment for man. In other words , the creator I am talking about is the unknown creator who receives all souls . If souls don’t report to man then , souls must have  a superior boss . Is it not the case ? 

“I hope I  have not bamboozled the reader . If souls radiate within the context of the world then, it will be a physical issue . Since souls go to somewhere to rest or receive judgment as it has been assumed . Thus, where do souls go to ? This is a question for all . “–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.  


” If I  should say that souls go to the unknown creator I will be castigated . The known creator is not  even an option . Hence, I have decided to make it an open conversation coupled with  thinking and reasoning . Exempt all doubtful acts and choose one . The question is ‘WHERE DO SOULS GO TO ? “–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua . 



    I salute all the souls that have left the world prematurely and maturely. As for those who are alive, I know it won’t be easy to erase the memories we have shared with them, they have been in life but, life permitted death to partake in the feast of blood, If this is not a surprise. Must we wait until death takes away our tangible ones whose vestige aways rings in our hearts? When are we going to see the departed souls again? Are they in another world? If they are in existence elsewhere looking at us, then, who has gone to verify that?


   Good tunes are  not always melodious, it depends  on the different perspectives attached to those scenarios we are to see. It seems smooth to us because this has been assigned to  be like that. Who is to be blamed?  It is better not to have been created than to be created to seeing pattern of identities which is death. The only thing that betrays humanity is death, as some would say that any individual who dies has been destined to die. Is it maturely or prematurely? As I am writing this, I am lamenting inwardly but why? Many people have departed despite their contributions to the growth of humanity yet, no pity is shown to them. How I wish that the normal entrance we came out from could be the entrance of departure, no matter what happens we would still elevate that which is not for sadness. Why is this so?


   “Death”, listen to me be easy with the vast majority, don’t be harsh to them, especially people whose parents are waiting for a glorious return  because they have sent them to acquire an educational concreteness. I know you are not caring and  you know nobody but, have mercy or show mercy to those who have labored. If you kill a whole generation, what will be next? Wherever you are let thinking be your mantra, and yoga should a moment of reminiscence.


“what will happen if the world suddenly comes to an end?  Death will have no choice but, to reduce her capacity by killing herself ” – – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

        In memory of  those students in Ekiti State University, Nigeria, who lost their lives in an accident on July 11th, 2016.

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)