This article is not associated with the writer’s thinking but it’s in conglomeration with what is happening in the society as some people tend to ask this question : when will I be rich or wealthy? It’s so frustrating when one is ridiculed because he or she lacks some things, however, this tends to oppress some people who don’t see it as an inspiration to do more.

This question would still pop up, but when? In your mind you are very frustrated. You look at your date of birthday you nod your head, even sometimes you think about it, especially why you haven’t hit the right spot that would catapult you to wealth. You tend to hem that phase and focus on your life. Nonetheless, don’t allow what you see pressurize you, there are lot of things going on behind.

At times when you walk around you see luxury cars parked by one person. What comes to your mind? Some questions like : Does this person has two heads? Why am I not favored despite the fact that I am hard working? Have I not paid my dues? Or my dues aren’t enough? What are my doing in a wrong way? Yet, when?

In as much as you are going through a lot, kindly remember it will end in this world,aftermath, is what I don’t know, but by faith is what has been set aside to believe. Howbeit, outwardly you laugh, you say a lot of comic words, but inwardly you are feeling something different. You want that comfortable life you have been thinking of, you have also demonstrated how you would behave when you become what you have desired. But, when?

There are some people that would oppress you, even some would use you to uplift themselves and dump you later, thinking you won’t become somebody in life. However, one day the story would change, they would laugh with you, but they have forgotten how they got rigid with you. In addition, vengeance is not the best way, let karma function. Hence, an everlasting social distancing is necessary. Isn’t it?

One day, you sat yourself, you started thinking about how some people have accused you pertaining your lack of sharpness. I know this has been weighing you, it’s not an easy thing to stand upright under criticism, however, this is necessary for your growth. This would upgrade the concept of your “self and identity”. What is self? What is identity?

Let us take a glance at some theses by some writers, before I explain my own theory:


“In common discourse, the term self often re­fers to a warm sense or a warm feeling that something is “about me” or “about us.” Re­flecting on oneself is both a common activity and a mental feat. It requires that there is an “I” that can consider an object that is “me.” The term self includes both the actor who thinks (“I am thinking”) and the object of thinking (“about me”). Moreover, the actor both is able to think and is aware of doing so. As the philosopher John Locke famously asserted, “I think, therefore I am.” Aware­ness of having thoughts matters.” (c) Daphna Oyserman, Kristen Elmore & George Smith (handbook of self & identity edited by by Mark R. Leary& June Price Tangney)


“Want a burger and fries or softly steamed fish and fungi? How about offering a bribe to win that contract? Feel like bungee jump­ing? People believe that they do not need to seriously weigh the pros and cons of these choices before deciding, that their identities provide a meaning-making anchor. They know who they are, and who they are directs their choices. In that sense, choices large and small feel identity-based and identity­ congruent.

Identities are the traits and characteris­tics, social relations, roles, and social group memberships that define who one is. Identi­ties can be focused on the past-what used to be true of one, the present-what is true of one now, or the future-the person one expects or wishes to become, the person one feels obligated to try to become, or the per­son one fears one may become. Identities are orienting, they provide a meaning-making lens and focus one’s attention on some but not other features of the immediate context”. __(c) Daphna Oyserman, Kristen Elmore & George Smith (handbook of self & identity edited by Mark R. Leary& June Price Tangney)


If “self” is different from “identity”. How would one separate these two conflicting issues? Is realising oneself not identity? In a contemporary Palance, If self connotes myself, that is my identity, so how is self different from identity?

One day, I went for meeting a young and vibrant lady walked in, as she was about to sit a man asked, “would you please identify yourself?”

In the aforementioned scenario, there is a misuse of language which is often common in our society today. “Identifying yourself” is so incongruous, but using a statement like, “would you please introduce yourself nullifies the conflict.” How?

When one is “identifying oneself” it conveys both the self and identity. Hence, there is no need to separate the introduction of self and identity. In addition, if someone says, I don’t want them to know me, so let me hide myself . Hence, if “self” has been hidden, how do we tend to know the “identity” of such an individual? When self is not allowed to manifest, identity would become useless.

However, they are inseparable if you think about it deeply. They work together for the purpose of your existence. If that should be the case:

how is a random thought for the hopeless related to self and identity?

When self is activated, then identity would follow, although they can’t be divided. This would make you know that the underlined question in italic is necessary towards actualizing your goals. You would have what you have desired, but self and identity would play a major role. Hence, let your random thought be hopeful.


I have vowed not to be a fan of GULDER. I have decided to be a STAR, so that I would have a LIFE. I was told that, in order for me to become a LEGEND,I must defeat one particular HERO, but I must also know his ORIGIN, then use my BULLET. Hence, the TROPHY will be mine. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.



Have you ever made this comment to yourself before? As illustrated below 👇👇

What is the struggle all about? We all want good happenings to be with us for life, therefore exonerating ourselves from bad headlines. Although, it’s good to run away from troubles, but how can one survive the unseen ones when such an individual is avoiding the physical troubles? Is this the case in your mind?

What I will do in this article is to make us think deeply about some things. It’s a pity that the world does not value things like these since my focus is not on nudity or other sexual things. It’s the reality because the aforesaid examples fetch fast money than any other thing. In addition, I will randomize my thoughts if possible, therefore, bringing some provoking and logical thinking. As some would say, logic can’t explain the existence of this world, it can, it depends on what side you tend to use.

This world is so annoying, yet the belief of some people is beginning to shake. Who should be blamed? Is everything okay is this world? A lot of things like war, oppression, depression, evil and immorality have dominated this world extremely to the extent that some people are in the state of doubt saying, where is God? Is he sleeping? Has he forgotten us? Now, people are mocking them that where is there God who is mighty and strong? Where is he that created heavens and earth?

The issue of God and this world is a complex discussion, and if one isn’t careful one may offend the two parties. Which side are you? If God operates from both seen and unseen places and if the world is the reality you are experiencing, then, who is worthy of obedience?This argument will take us to the issue of Predestination (something foreordained by God).

If Predestination is what it is, then, mankind has no freewill of his own. Hence, the game of grace is the subject matter. How about that? As we tend to say, we have a choice given to us, how sure is it that you have power over that choice? It’s a pity that religion has turned some into everlasting puppets, their thoughts are based on teachings that are not tested. Remember, test all spirit. What Predestination does, is to obey the source not the subordinates.

Predestination for me is like a created cinema by God who has formulated all things for his glory, he put in place all things whether good or evil, mankind, things and nonliving things. All these are in accordance to his will. As a matter of fact, what is the role of predestination? As some tend to ask these questions below :

  • Why am I not free?
  • Why am I not rich like some?
  • Is Grace a Game?

Like a bet you tend to try your luck may be your ticket would bring happiness to you, all in the name of making money. In addition, the outcome might favour you. The popular maxim is, money must be made.I know it is important to make money since she is the real power, but when there is nothing to rely on, desperation would have her way in. It is not the case that you have not been trying, may be grace has gone to the wrong direction.If hardwork depicts money, then the labourers deserve to be richer than employers. Isn’t it?

All(employers) they do, is to motivate you with different examples at the end you would think you can whereas not all experiences can be used in someone’s life, you have to create yours.

Yet, where is grace? Has she become a game? Has she compromised her authenticity? I can’t blame her because she’s replicating her name grace meaning “the undeserved favor”. If that is the meaning of grace, then who makes it to be deserved. Let me elucidate this in a simple statement :

Grace carries the word ‘undeserved’, when she visits an individual or a group of people it becomes ‘deserved’. Who is the catalyst behind this? Or should we call this a coincidence? Is Grace in existence on her own? We need to ponder on these questions, howbeit, the game of grace is like a journey of longevity.What hope is left for a man who has laboured all his life, yet grace hasn’t found him? Some will say,“let him continue and learn someday his time will come.” Is he Abraham Lincoln?

The game of grace is when the unfortunate becomes fortunate,therefore leaving no hope for the rightful owner of grace. Is this not a game?

Have you not wondered why grace is partial at times, to the extent that you tend to yell at your creator? Like, why not me? It’s not your fault, but the race of mankind tend to blame himself for all these calamities while they are for the pleasure of some unseen forces, man is like a toy controlled by a robotic means, yet grace can not just act without the law of cause and effect. The question is: why can’t everyone be fortunate?

I will end this short aphorism without making it too long, so that the observer won’t be bored. Honestly, grace is a game. Evil will befall X, it won’t befall Y and might happen to both parties. Some would rejoice, the other would lament. Some would be killed, some would also be pardoned. Each religion believes Grace is in their own religion which leads to salvation.

We have strived in order to thrive and subdue our enemies, but it is as if nothing is working. Hence, grace is still putting some people on queue. I hope their time will come before they finally gets knocked out of the game.




It’s good to be optimistic coupled with some positive vibes, but the above question might look simple and straightforward, howbeit deep in your heart you tend to ask these questions:
Is life worth living? Why is time needed? When would eternity be enthroned? Some have argued that what has life, time and eternity got to offer? In a nutshell, what have they contributed to human race rather than make them  think rigorously about their aging existence.

The vagueness of this world has made it pretty unbearable for some while it has favored some. In a delicate life there is always a simple trend, we need to widen our thoughts but not with multiple beliefs which are birthed with doubt. As a matter of fact, we tend to ponder on questions like : is life worth living? Is my essence real? Is there a supernatural being somewhere? What have I achieved? Fruitful or fruitless?


In his piece “Is Life Worth Living?”, William James considers what he calls “the nightmare or suicidal view of life” On this view, life is not worth living because  life could be worth living only if there exists “an unseen order of some kind in which the riddles of the natural order may be found explained”  and  there exists no such unseen order.



William Hamilton’s Discussions on Philosophy and Literature (1856):

In regard to Time Past, and Time Future there is comparatively no difficulty…. But Time Present, when we attempt to realize it, seems to escape us altogether—to vanish into nonentity. The present cannot be conceived as of any length, of any quantity, of an protension [duration?], in short, as any thing positive. It is only conceivable as negation, as the point or line (and these are only negations) in which the past ends and the future begins—in which they limit each other.


Wolfhart Pannenberg, “Theological Questions to Scientists”
Is there conceivable any positive relation between the con-cept of eternity and the spatio-temporal structure of the physical universe? . . . This is one of the most arduous, but also one of the most important questions in the dialogue between theology and natural science. . . . Without an an-swer to the question regarding time and eternity, the rela-tion of God to this world remains inconceivable.


One day I killed my body and activated my spirit I wanted to assist my mental capacity into another level with a unique perspective towards understanding life, time and eternity. Suddenly, it was as if I have ignited the world of insanity, but life told me not to try to reason beyond the human level because time has been given to humans,and eternity belongs to an external force. If that should be the case, is life worth living? Some would also ask, why is it that my time hasn’t come? Is eternity a realistic postulation?

“Is life worth living?” is a statement that has destroyed a lot of people who are usually promising. As a matter of matter, the aim of the aforementioned dictum is to render one purposeless, howbeit suicide would be introduced gradually in order to accomplish the unfinished mission since time and eternity are no longer visible. To buttress my points, how about this scenario? 👇👇

When life is unfair you tend to think everything is over. No thought will be reasonable to you, you would think you should just end everything and all things in order to free yourself from what you are experiencing. Some have assumed that the main reason for committing suicide is money. This is not so in all cases, I think unhappiness and comparison should be banished, if possible.

I know it’s hard to cope and align oneself to some certain things in life, but I wouldn’t know the crux and reason of suiciding oneself. It is as if overthinking has subdued thinking, because thinking should be thinking, not to be overthought. Why is suicide the only option? If I have the power I will cease the existence of death since it has become the ultimate goal of ending one’s life. Life is good with the right things, but death is a cheat.

How about the case of a final student who ended his life because of carryovers? Some people would be quick to judge saying, no matter what you are passing through suicide should never be an option. Have you ever experienced real frustration? I am not saying that suicide should be encouraged but the way some people criticize so easily with prejudice could provoke the upcoming suiciders to follow the path of their departed heroes. It’s very pertinent to note that, suicide is not an instantaneous imagination, it’s a rigorous thinking that usually occur daily or once with an intense thinking.
Life is worth living, some would be fast to criticize me and saying, it is as if the writer has comfort within him, if not, he would not have said that sentence in bold italics. But it’s not the case. Even if it’s an obvious thing in the society that doesn’t mean endorsement should be permitted by nullifying the realities life. Imagine if everyone is this world should
end their existence, how would time and eternity manifest themselves?

This would now take me to the notion of time and eternity. Kindly note that, there is no way I would talk about time without eternity and there is no way I would talk about eternity without time. Hence, when time has been exhausted, then eternity would be the ruler because of her unending predominance. When there is too much comparison the house of inferiority would be happy because they have a client with unhappiness, this would make one  hasten time to perform her unusual duties as I put it below :👇

That very day he was told about how is mates are succeeding and buying different cars. To add to his situation, he was also reminded that age isn’t on his side, so he became dejected, his happiness was mixed with agony. What’s the next step? Money ritual? Should he wait for his own time when time waits for no one? Is he still on God’s radar? So many thoughts came to his mind. Yet,”look at your mates” has brought more harm than good,but time is at the corner watching him.
From the above scenario, what would be his next action? Would he not say, I don’t care about eternity let me just  do whatever I want, afterall, I am not sure if eternity is real. How about that?

What “time” does is to give you a sense of oldness by making you to act as soon as possible but not in the case of usurping some things which are not meant for you rather time is like a guideline that makes you plan judiciously because eternity might appear anytime. Yet, is eternity real?

Before I end this article I don’t want to be vague, the question is: what is eternity?

If it means an existence outside time or an indefinite existence. Hence, the world must end for this to happen. Isn’t it? How can we exempt God who hasn’t showed himself in his real appearance but he always sends his presence to remind mankind of eternity? If atheism is saying, there is no God which implies that there is no eternity, then atheism is false. You know the right way but you are still adamant, at the end it won’t pay you rather tears would the next thing but blood would be happy take over because it is an opportunity for her reign. This is a parable, how about that?

The moment we came to this world we have gained “Life”, then “Time” is what we are using now, but where we would spend “Eternity” is what we are still fighting for. Hence, the spirit of discernment is for all, if it’s not, then many won’t know that eternity is AROUND.  If your thinking isn’t consolidated you might think eternity is your friend whereas she has her own purpose. Hence, you can’t play with her.

How I wish I could say more or pour out my mind in a deeper sense, even in a simple sentence and sense some people are still battling with understanding. Hence, equality is delusional.

Remember, there is a supreme being somewhere whose verification is yet to be unveiled but if eternity is not coming,then the propensity of knowing the initiator won’t be real, in addition, life and time would be irrelevant.




I am about to narrate the story of a man whose world is about to crumble, but I have told him to be patient. However, he won’t listen as he has vowed to take a forbidden step if his desires are not granted. What must have prompted him to express himself in this manner? I would express all that he said without prejudice, but I will try and shorten my paragraphs for the convenience of the audience. Yet, he clamored again,” my world is about to crumble, who will save me?


Well, there is a need for me to appreciate God, my family, and my friends. Especially God for his good notions towards me maybe someday I might see him, till then let me express carefully so that you will post on your blog.

Why am I behind? Why is my life miserable? What’s happening to me? Am I taking the wrong steps? I am diligent, yet nothing. Have I, offended someone? Am I cursed? I have been trying to meet up, but I am still behind. But why?

I have become the last, I hope this is not Ichabod(the glory of God has departed from Israel). Where is my glory? Where is my hope? Why is God silent? Oh God kindly assist me, if not, let thy will be done. Now, what’s on my mind is suicide so that I may see you if possible. I hope suicide won’t lead me to hell. Yet, I pray I make heaven.

Don’t see me as an ingrate, but if one compares too much it weakens such an individual. Remember, this has led some to quit and end their life and it has also led some to ignite their life, people are created in different ways and perspectives, it depends on the forum you are. Howbeit, my life is in the struggle. But why?

There is a difference between agony and pain. There is a difference between heart and mind. It has grown from pain to agony, my mind is lost and the heart is pumping too fast. Yet, who will rescue me? They said a problem shared is a problem solved, but not in this contemporary society where some villainous people are expecting your downfall. I hope God will rescue me?

Why is that the good things I have done are not valued? Is it a normal criterion of this world that good things should be castigated? Maybe, it is an attempt to provoke the kindhearted ones to deviate from the right part. If that should be the case, what is the fate of these truthful ones? Will they not be honored on this earth? Or it’s in heaven they will be rewarded?

I am confused, even those I trust still use my past to hurt me, in such a way that they would start mentioning things they have done for me. Well, I know this is part of life. As a matter of fact, there is no way they won’t ask for it either directly or indirectly. It is as if my main purpose is besmirched, or is it not? Yet, I must continue to strive till my time is up because that is what life is all about.

Where do I proceed to when I haven’t seen life yet? It looks like everything isn’t functioning I have become an amateur who is trying to retrace his or her background. My world is about to crumble and this is not a joke. Soon, you will understand all these words I have been saying, but if it’s God’s wish for me to live so be it. I strongly believe that God is good.

If it is so, will God allow me to die without fulfilling my purposes? I know he’s not wicked, but life is complicated. What more can I say? Everything is about the struggle, it is as if the essence of this world is suffering. At this point, I would cease my thoughts at least I have expressed some things that have been bothering me, but I would end these thoughts below:

Everything moves as if there is nothing happening, desperation has led many into a “fake life” as they want to trend like others, but they have forgotten that” he who wants to be famous or popular must offer an unending sacrifice“. Depression makes one think deeply about some issues especially if you think,” this is not supposed to happen to me“. Hence, your hidden thoughts will be ignited.


The previous expression is just a free notification to the audience. Finally, I appreciate Akinrulie Opeyemi for helping me to package these thoughts. In addition, I think life is like a game, so I need to play the best I can. Well, I have a lot to say, but I hope God has not forgotten. Till then, I pray I make heaven.


There are different stages of life we must face, our struggles are different that is why we react to things in different ways. The essence of mankind is to create his own happiness in this world but remember happiness is not free. How? If happiness is free it shouldn’t appeal to something it should just be, not in this contemporary society where something must be the source of your happiness. Hence, find the thing that gives you joy.

As a matter of fact, the world is not a place to be. If that is the case, then, there must be a place to be, yet we must keep working and pushing someday the reality will be shown to us. Frustration and depression can make one utter some negative comments about oneself, howbeit, whenever you are downcast look at the mirror and say;

“I know I will make it.

I know I will be successful.

Nothing can stop me.”





Kindly follow each line with scrutiny. Don’t jump into conclusion so easily, if not, you will lose some crucial points. When life gets miserable for you suicide shouldn’t be an option. I would like the readers to relax and read this article. As a matter of fact, I would make the paragraphs short and informative for proper understanding.


Life, why are you tired? You know mankind would miss you. You know you are lively, but at times you prefer to be silent when the wicked ones are at work, in addition, you even prefer to extend their existence in this world. Why? Who gave you that mentality? God? Man? Or it’s a normal thing? You have created a disastrous paradigm that is beyond your capacity. In other words, life has been clamoring with the usage of these words: As ‘LIFE’ speaks ;

I am life and I am alive, soon I would depart from this world because mankind has offended me. I would only pardon those who are using me fruitfully, I would also extend my stay in this world as I am also a stranger like mankind. Don’t be dismayed I think there’s life after death. Hence, if there is no life after death, why is death compulsory and prominent? If that should be the case, I am life I would die, but I would be recalled when the time comes. As a matter of fact,to die is for man,to live is for life.


What meaning does life give? Tell me, some would say,”let’s have hope” even hope is tired of mankind because she has become a common request. What a pity! I am not writing this to question God, but it’s very pertinent to note that those who blaspheme Him are under a systematic transformation may be they would beg repentance to win their hearts. Hence,God won’t inform eternity that He’s coming.

I am not the only one imagining this thought, I think life has no meaning. If she has a meaning please kindly tell me. I know you would say, so far I am alive I should be thankful and grateful for the gift of life. A gift accompanied by the world of wickedness? A gift where some won’t taste the goodness of life till they die? A gift where it is said that we must pay the price of our forefathers with our lives? Life has taken man as a comedian while man is tragic, life is laughing.

What is the meaning of life? For the ‘wealthy and healthy’ life should continue and if there is a way they can bribe eternity they are willing to pay any amount, we should be happy that eternity is hidden. For those who are depressed coupled with the agony they are experiencing within, their assertion would be,”life has no meaning.

As I put it,” when life is not giving you good things you tend to assume you are the only one in this world. you feel depressed and dejected, thinking about different things associated with sadness. When life decides to show her identity she would appear in a bad mood, but how you tend to handle it matters. As a writer, I can proffer solutions indirectly through my dexterity, yet life has no meaning to some.

Remember: I am only expressing my thoughts perspectively, and if you think life has meaning, then ask life to tell you her mission, she would tell you that she’s also a visitor. If I should think from morning till night it won’t change the fact that no one would get out of life alive. Hence, Life is aware, yet she gives hope to people. Deceit or truth?

As you know, not every one that laughs is happy. In other words, when happiness is not permitted to flow internally you tend to fake the laughter, and this kills so fast. As some would say,’happiness is free’. Let me address this popular saying👇:

Truth be told, happiness is free. But happiness is freedom so there is no need for one to say, happiness is free. What do I mean? Happiness has her own freedom, if you say happiness is free she might feel ridiculed because she’s everywhere it’s left to you to decide.

If life should depart from this world, what would happen? who would replace her? There is one particular feeling about life which some human beings feel it should be corrected, as for them,life has compromised by not sharing equality as wished by some men,and this has made life to be on the run.

Akinrulie Opeyemi purports, I think it’s not necessary that life should have a meaning in as much as she has people within her capacity who can utilize her,then, why are some people thinking it’s the responsibility of life to give them a meaning? If life should give you a meaning, what would be your responsibility?

He argues further, let me tell you this, I hope you would understand the main establishment of this world. When you listen carefully to everything on earth you would know that life is about to end her existence, not in the concept of individualism, but collectively it’s a price ,whether you pay it or not,it would be paid on your behalf.

In other words, life is not helping you by extending your existence, she’s just reminding you that you have a little time to discover and exhibit what has been deposited in you. You are meant to give life a meaning, life won’t bother herself, what she does is to bring challenges to your ways deliberately so that when you have acquired you would know how to utilize yourself judiciously.

I hope I am not going too far in this stride,what I have been trying to say is that,rather than focusing on this subject matter : LIFE ON THE RUN. Surely, the subject matter would be for everyone at the end,but emphasising on life and her departure would leave a footprint of laziness on your mind,it would bring a depressive thought and create an irrelevant jejune within the context of your thinking.

Don’t think about life too much, if you do,she would kill you unknowingly. Remember these words below:

I beseech you to be good to one another whether life is on the run or not. ‘Evil ‘is a concept created to corrupt ‘good’. When you are good several attempts would be waged just to give you commotions and discrepancies. What would be your next move? Go on the run with life or stay with life and utilize her? As you know the world is not a better place for some while it is ,for some people ,in order for them to be wicked ,and cause villainous events . You can’t pray for their repentance they are called ,”the pharaohs” because of their adamant hearts.——–(Akinrulie Opeyemi)



I want to give thanks to God for His guidance over my life. I also want to thank my family for their support. I will also use this opportunity to thank my friends and those who have been reading my articles, however, it’s only God who can justify mankind. It’s not the case that I am going to die soon because I know the readers might have been provoked by the topic. Don’t be afraid it’s just a thought radiating on my mind,afterall death is compulsory, but when someone dies at a very tender age people tend to pity the departure of such an individual.

If I die, what would happen? Who would cry for me? Am I an icon? Would the world be on vacation because of me? Would I be accepted by God? All these few questions are not for me maybe when I am gone the story will be told and he who is worthy would speak. I have tried to erase all my thoughts in order for me to start all over, time can’t be reversed she’s only programmed to obey the creator.

Some people want to live till eternity as they are looking for ways to rejuvenate themselves, but no matter how desperate they are to immortalize themselves the pillars of this world will fail them. It’s the fact, who can run away from the truth? Let tears be forgotten when I am gone, don’t be sad because in the end you will embrace happiness and you will continue your journey, so act what you will do later. Or can you cry forever? If I die you don’t need to honour me, let’s meet at the right place after this world, if there is. Don’t be annoyed my mind is too rigorous

I know death is not friendly and it’s not something one can joke with, but I can’t hide what’s real. For how long are we going to run away from what would defeat us one day?

Let me reflect on the past and think about how I am going to restructure my life and give her another meaning. There is no time to penelopize rather I will ignite several ways to normalize my life, what path and part should I take? It’s not the case that I am confused on this notion, but I need to express what is bothering me as a writer whose job is to express with sagacity and allow the readers to think and create their own thoughts. Remember this
It’s a pity that one day I would depart from this world, but it would be appropriate to leave at a very old age. Who am I to determine my end? I can only appeal for an extension like Hezekiah maybe it will be granted. Hmm, we laugh and rejoice. We dance and learn different things. We make friends and enemies. In the end, it would be same death, different death and different locations.

Open your mind and imagine what I have been expressing, think deeply and let your mind be plain, that is why I have assumed the character as usual in order for you to understand,”IF I DIE”. Nothing would be left, how I wish I could carry my belongings with me, but only my character would follow me and I would see souls who have been in the world as assumed.

What is the essence of the world when we know that death would predominate in the end? We seek power that would eventually bring us down, we tend to deceive people thinking death is not coming soon. Let me tell you this: every moment of your life is about death, death doesn’t call before she takes.

I know I am a stranger in this world, however, this implies that there is another place greater than this world. I have thought of many things to escape this penalty called ‘death’. You are not exempted, because someday you would realize and feel it. We can’t escape it.

Depression in happiness is the same thing as sadness, no doubt this is frustrating and paining. It’s a battle between progress and regress as I put it: death comes suddenly, some people tend to force death to take them through suicide, assisted suicide or euthanasia (mercy killing), but whether we like it or not it would come. There is no time to express more, but if there is a need for you to ask questions I will be glad to attend to them, in this case, kindly keep this as a record in as much as we don’t know what tomorrow will yield. Before I bring this short aphorism to a close kindly see this below:

Never pay evil for evil, only good can shun evil. It’s very vital to understand how life works, I hope we would understand the encrypted journey the world holds, nonetheless, even if evil would shun evil it’s for some time, in the end, good is still the owner of the throne.

If I die today. If you die today , what would be the next thing? A life of struggles which connotes sudden death.