Truth be told, one needs to check his or her body system regularly, if not, a strange mayhem might occur without any notification. My thinking is too strong, especially  when it comes to morality, metaphysics, knowledge. Etc. It’s as if my mind has been furnished with an unending thought. I hope my randomized mayhem will be heard. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 



 Where is my hope? Where is my joy and happiness? Where is the world of euphoria I once dreamed  about? Where are my visions which I have encrypted for my personal consumption? I left intelligence in order to be myopic so that I can gain an unending knowledge, yet I was attacked by the world of mediocrity because she thought I know whereas I am just like an empty vessel willing to subject myself to something profitable. 

   I thought happiness will be forever, I thought every weapon will be useful in a battle, so I carried all,not knowing that all those weapons are invalid. I sat on the ground because I wore a white garment, so that people will fall for my humility. I am only putting myself in the shoes of  some people, but I wouldn’t know if this will align with their thoughts. It was named an express road not because it’s free, but it’s a planned suicide. I am feeling somehow only God knows my next move, may be He has predestined what I Will become. 

   I have not ended my story I know it’s not interesting, but please kindly follow it. Unhappiness is a bad teacher, she will make you to be happy publicly, and interiorly you will be dying. What life have I chosen? I am just writing with my instinct, but I hope it won’t fail me, I hope I will be able to survive this race. I hope hope will not revert herself, I hope she will continue to give me hope to keep  hoping. I have tried my best, I have diligently embraced hardwork, when will it yield the necessary fruits? 

   Even those that are dreaming have realized their dreams despite the fact that visions are real. Is it not better to be a dreamer than a seer? The essence of everything is, to accomplish a particular goal, or am I not right? Mind you, when I Speak I don’t introduce a religious way of thinking except if it is related to religion. If all my  thoughts are related to immorality I would have been the most famous celebrity on earth, I speak about morality only the few ones hear my solo expressions. A society that is infected with an omen immorality will cherish their companions. 

   If my thinking is shallow, how come my thoughts aren’t affected? One day I stood at the middle of an ocean I thought deeply to the extent that I wanted to cross to the other side, but I was cautioned with  a simple question : why should I? Honestly, what sense will it make if I should cross? The establishment of the other side might be fair and unfair,I would have gone there myself, but it’s a one way decision. My tears can’t be wiped even the towel given me couldn’t rescue my tears, what else is left? Whether it is real or not, it will surely come to pass. What reality do I have? What position will I find myself in this contemporary age? 

  I shouldn’t pity myself rather I should keep moving. There will be no bus stop, but let’s reason together : if my life has no bus stop, how will I evaluate myself? That is, if my life is going without an end,I will be purposeless, don’t you think so? Kindly put yourself in this scenario. The common thing is, the society will watch you until time has passed before drawing their conclusions. A life of individualism which no one is ready to gaze at you. I wish I could stop how I think, I wish I could be gentle like God, but the human nature won’t allow me. 

  I have furnaced my thoughts , I have decided to follow the wrong path in order to deceive them,not knowing that there is a right path within. As a matter of fact, when the merriment is over the only  scene that will be seen is, an individual, no body will be available to safe or save you. I hope my mayhem is not too long, I hope you not disappointed, I know this is not sensible, but kindly accept it. Yet, I am still walking in the corridor of many assumptions which I hope they will get me to the land of fruition. What essence will it be if my thinking is dormant? What progress will you make if you are under the canopy of inactive thinking? 

   If I should decide to proceed without involving myself, how is it going to be like? Is that really possible? This is a war within which everyone has. In a nutshell, I don’t want to go too far, I want it to be short always,so that it won’t be tiring, the fact will always remain whether it is or it’s not. I have spoken randomly, so as to touch every area, but as soon as the reading culture has been upgraded from RED to GREEN, I will elongate my articles. The mayhem can only be solved by you and mine can only be solved by me, not the society. 


No chance to express deeply, when I write I am so cautious that is why I make whatever I want to say to be short and precise. I have randomized my thoughts in the shape of reality, I hope all these will pave a way for you. I will see you in the next chapter of a written life. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

            TO BE CONTINUED…. 







     Have you defined your purpose? 

   This shouldn’t be a strange topic, I am sure you are familiar with it. Why am I on earth? Why are you on earth? Perhaps, age can be a number, but it’s like a time that can’t be reverted. In other words, the actuality of the term ‘age’ can’t be reduced, but it must definitely increase. As time approaches, you must ask yourself the main reason why earth has chosen you. As a matter of fact, I am not exempted from this relevant question : why am I on earth? I have been thinking for several years, even insanity has become a normalcy. Let me say this fact, anyone who tries to think outside God will definitely run mad, this is not a curse. A trial will convince you. 

      Only if you were there when the world was created. At times, I speak as if there are no words again, but the most interesting thing is that, I free myself to thoughts so that they can express themselves because words also speak. If you have realized your purpose, this doesn’t mean it’s achievable. That is, there is a clear difference between “purpose and achievement”. Purpose is easy, but achievement is difficult. I hope I am plain in my expressions, I am just trying to invigorate my morale as regards my purpose on earth may be, I have lost it, who knows? If ‘why’ is not important, then purpose won’t be discovered. 

   ” Well and truly, competition won’t take mankind anywhere, it will only strengthen disagreement between people. It is very pertinent to note that, the question, ‘why am I on earth?’ is not a common watchword. It appears when suffering becomes deep.” – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

    I have only created this platform to ignite your purpose because of the confusion on earth which we see everyday. I would have decided to conceal this thought, but the essence of life is learning.
     The aging concept of life will serve as a reminder. If I am on earth to participate in some things, the question is, have I concluded those things? It seems life is unfair, but it is not the case, because life is only fulfilling her destiny. I am putting myself in this scenario, you must also do the same by imagining yourself in the concept of reasoning : why am I on earth? I am not the first person to talk about this, and I won’t be the last person to do so. I want to be successful. I want to move around in wealth. I don’t want to suffer at all, but I realized that suffering must be included. If that should be the case, how about those discovering their purpose without suffering? Yet, they have discovered their purpose while on earth. 

  Has that solved the reason? Why are you on earth? Yes, I know God created us, but His creative dexterity can be seen as a true meaning of purpose. Now, here is my argument : If God has a purpose, and He gave mankind a purpose. Why is man still doubting his creation as regards his purpose? Man should know that he will report when the time comes, he can’t hide. Let’s understand one thing, there is nothing like ‘born by mistake’. If God can’t mistakes, then your creation has a purpose. 

   As a matter of fact, I am making those paragraphs to be direct and simple for the purpose of all. Born with regret, happiness becomes a melody at end. One who is always remorseful will see an easy task as an intractable confrontation. Once again, why am I on earth? Why are you on earth? This is a feeling that is not normal, because you can’t wake up and ask this question : why am I on earth? It’s very scarce. If I  can trek to heaven I won’t bother myself to come back to earth. You know why? Have you heard this statement before : why am I in heaven? Because it has been argued that, heaven is interesting. 

      However, it has been argued that the world is too short, yet man is struggling in his journey, I am wondering  when he will be able to reach the final bus stop of his destination. Instead of thinking about the above topic you tend to think about the death that is coming, you alerted her with your thinking, if not,she would have stayed on her own without interference. As I am writing this, I am picturing myself so that this article will also impact me. If I have no purpose, then what am I doing on earth? If things that are not breathing have purpose and utility, then why am I on earth? Shouldn’t be a problem. Perhaps, the main reason  why man has not discovered his purpose can be traced to the exegeses of religion. When will man be free? What a pity. 

    Why am I on earth? Is it to partake in all social activities? Is it to mock people? Is it to crack jokes and laugh necessarily and unnecessarily? Is it to gain freedom? Is it to build houses and use exorbitant cars? Etc. If all these things I have mentioned are just  additional assumptions, then what is the primary focus? Remember, there is a God who is overseeing all things whether you like it or not. If this is true,”realization” will make us know that all deeds are in existence in order to open some good acts with righteous, so that you may see God. A purposeful life must know God, but some people may say, how about people who don’t know  God yet they are purposeful? It’s lie. Let me carry you to a metaphysical realm may be, you will understand this concept. “It’s so unfortunate that you can’t see their hearts, but within them, there is a strong image of God whispering to them. They won’t mention Him because they understand how it works.”  God is versatile, He comes in different versions. Choose the version you belong . Hence, you will realize why you are on earth. 


   Why am I on earth? Don’t see this question as a common assertion created to mock your identity, but see it as a catapult which will place you to the zenith of your career. Let me tell you the truth, there is nothing on earth, this is an era where youths are going astray because the above topic has been overlooked. Whether you realize your purpose or not, the exit is not free. As I am, I am yet to fulfill my purpose, the concept of time and eternity are almost the same at this point. No where to hide because all things have been exposed. As a matter of fact, every body can speak by using analecta to express, howbeit, at this stage of life, creating a purpose shouldn’t be a challenge.  I will end my thoughts , so that the reader will be able to digest and ignite his or her purpose on earth. 

        What’s your purpose on earth? 




Where is  power? Where is wealth? Where are the mentioned and unmentioned issues? Are they powerless? Let them come out and protest about the journey that is over. The journey is over, but it seems like it’s not over. It is like a film acted to bring the reality to people so that they can feel it like emotions. If a tear should drop it won’t shake the world, so keep your tears because accountability is very angry.  End is coming to an end, even end will be happy because she’s tired of ending disputes that won’t end. 

     At the end, man would address all issues with simplicity, till then, you are not the boss of your life. If you think and reason this, you will know you aren’t. Those words are in existence in order to encourage you. As a matter of fact, people who have died should not be overjoyous,because theirs will be examined critically  for failing to accept the avaliable concepts when they were in existence. As for those who are alive, you know it’s over and you could feel the end which is not near. You have been thinking about the next step, but the interesting thing is, that  crown will be dethroned and the throne will be empty, then the real owner will be enthroned. 

     The time is over, the clock is ticking like a mark of correction. It’s so sad that the journey is over, but if you can see what I am seeing, you won’t say, “the ‘over’ is near”. What will be your position? What is your fate? When the time comes faith will become fate. You know why? You can use your faith to correct your fate in some circumstances, but fate can’t correct your faith. That is why people tend to question your faith, at the end you will have no choice, but to accept your fate.   This is where mankind can’t escape because fate is always waiting 

                     1.  SOLILOQUY 

   Note this :   Well and truly, the journey is over, I will express as if I am not, whereas I am. 

     “I have partook in different spheres of life. I have met different people from  different regions. I have interacted and argued on the basis of good and bad. Now, the journey is over and all tribes are gone, I am the only one soliloquizing all thoughts. Why is this so? There is nothing to hide when the journey is over. Perhaps, it’s already over. “

                     2. SOLILOQUY 

  ”  The first(1) soliloquy should be a dream because I just woke to reality. If the journey is over mankind will return to that dream they once dreamt about which is real. I know what I am saying is not a sensible concept, but what is the essence of sensibility when the myopic ones lack sensitivity? Even the wise ones are depreciating because of their extremism. “

     The purpose of the first soliloquy and second soliloquy is simple. I will breakdown  these  two parts in order for you to understand. The former (1.soliloquy) is a about the dream of mankind while the latter (2.soliloquy) is the concept  of reality. In other words, when you sleep you are unconscious, this implies a dreaming process, but suddenly consciousness erases unconsciousness. The journey is over yet, mankind is unconscious. I know you are confused, are you? Okay, let me explain better :

    “Man is unconscious when dreaming, but suddenly consciousness erases unconscious, thus it ends the dreaming process. In other words, the world is a dreaming process, you are in one activity or the other. Consciousness is naturally a mankind thing, until dream became our world. Now, the journey in the world is over. Consciousness is the only sincere paradigm, if you are conscious you will know  the journey is over because dream can’t replace vision.

    People are applauding you,even life knows the journey is over. She is just faking herself to mankind. Can life be a liar in this journey ? Well, she has nothing to lose because she will exist after death and even when,eternity comes  she will still exist. Life will always become lively to herself .yet, I say, ‘the journey is over’. Mankind has tried enough, he has contributed immensely to the genesis and revelation of this  world. Remember, the world doesn’t care about man’s contributions. As some will say, I am sorry for this announcement, but I am not sorry to say, ‘the journey is over’. 

     If the world is a dreaming process, does this imply that, I am also dreaming? How did I know that the world is a dreaming process? As a result of this, you have embraced a particular belief because of your consciousness that the journey is over. At the end, what you have believed in will be the judge when the journey is over. Yet, THE JOURNEY IS OVER. 





                  Read. Study. Think 


   A dipsomaniac is a person who is addicted to alcohol. As a matter of fact, alcohol is seen as a father to those who are in the state of addiction. If they don’t do it, it will be called absalonism. Hence, reverence is given to alcoholism. Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

      If I should ask the vast majority about their thoughts on who is a dipsomaniac or a drunkard, thoughts will be many, but castigation will be the subject matter because it has been assumed that anyone who is addicted to alcohol has a limited sensibility and sensitivity. Thus, people who are addicted as related to the context of the above topic can’t contribute to any judicious activity until they are free from alcohol. If that should be the case, I have two questions which are as follows : Is it the case that people who are addicted to alcohol should be laughed at, especially, when they misbehave? What if  there are some elements of truth in their expressions? 

       Well and truly, I am not supporting alcoholism but in this case, one must not drink to stupor in as much as there is a limitation. Unlimited doesn’t mean you are unlimited, it is a caution in accordance with limitations. Perhaps, if ‘unlimited’ is real, people would have opted for the best at the detriment of others without any consideration. If that should be the case, what is your consumption capacity as regards to alcohol? Do you drink to the extent of uttering some nonsensical statements? If alcohol doesn’t fit your personality, why involving yourself in this act? I am not saying that those taking alcohol steadily should persist  but, conscientiousness must be permitted. 

     When you are drunk your unconsciousness becomes conscious because the word ‘truth’ must reveal itself in that scenario. The word ‘lie’ is always easy to commit but, ‘truth’ is always waiting for an opportunity in order to strike. And if it has been argued that opportunity comes but once, truth will always be there for the purpose of fulfilling its ordained will. As a matter of fact,to Some people, alcohol is like an invigorator that empowers them to bring out the reality in them. If this is true, then, the impact of alcohol  to some people is the ability to express the reality. How about that? What’s your view? Do you think it is a must to take alcohol in order to activate the reality of things? Is this argument sensible? 

     Of course, it is not sensible. When you were created you weren’t nurtured with alcohol in order to know the reality, instructors only gave instructions. Hence, reality became the basic thesis of life. As time approaches, you concluded within your heart to taste a new form  of reasoning, unfortunately, this became an addiction, and you totally became a dipsomaniac. Whose fault? Society? God? Or you? What always perturbs my mind is that, a drunkard can construct a valid  argument that is verifiable which will attract one’s attention but, it’s always hidden. But, this should not be a platform for you to get drunk and misbehave because your misbehavior  may hinder some opportunities. A thinking of thinking that should be thought. 

     What pleasure is in alcohol? What is the joy of a dipsomaniac or a drunkard in the department of alcoholism? Some people have argued that  alcohol suppresses depression and erases some negative thinking. In other words, it is a pleasure(alcohol) that brings some lost happiness. What If alcohol was not created? What would have been the source of happiness or inspiration to some people? Will they die? How would one thing dictate for things? Shouldn’t it be things dominating one thing? What life are you living? Is it a life of a drunkard or a dipsomaniac? Every second counts, every minute reads, and every hour speeds. Hence, time is over.  

      If your unfinished business is to finish as a drunkard, well, it is an achievement that should be recognized. But, it may be hard to see a drunkard in a real business of life exhibiting a good leadership quality. Life has no future, yet I am still wondering how a rigorous drunkard will be able to create a future in a life of no future. If there is a certain future, then, mankind won’t bother God or plan for something in this world. Optimism is always the key. What optimistic point of view do you have when you are always drunk? Certainty or uncertainty? 


  A drunkard wrote this article,but if this article is not sensible. This is because, the writer is drunk. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 



     I was perturbed by some abnormalities of life thus I couldn’t keep all these thoughts,  so what I can do is to express these aphorisms through writing . Remember,  thinking is attached to man but smart thinking at times may lead to wrong thinking but if  deep thinking is available give it a try. Well and truly , life gave mankind an invitation in order to join the race of thesis and antithesis at the end it will be either happiness , sadness , or tragic comic relief , in as much as she dictates all things . Can you live without life ? If you can live without life tell me how you have accomplished and how you will accomplish what are still coming without the presence of life . Perhaps , life is good but death is the cheat . Tell me life is not good and I will tell you to come as a tree or thing  in the second coming if there will be one . Do not forget that the advantage of life as a living is the autarchy and dominion over things who are also agitating to be like man. Yet , I will ask : What is life to you ? 

      We are in a long walk to freedom just like Nelson Mandela . The nemeses of life might be frustrating but soon they will become hilarious and you will trump them . Life has made me to be a talkative just  like a parrot but I believe one  day I shall be rewarded  . When ? How ? As interesting as life is , she is always in friendship with ‘limitation and death ‘ or have you not wondered that all efforts are geared to something ? Can you be appealing to nothing ? I have asked myself these questions still I am not satisfied so what I can do is to shut the doors of uncertainty and proceed to the next phase of life. However , no body wants to dance to  the music of sadness in this life but,  if happiness and wealth  are the subject matters  no choice will be given  thus , your welfarism will be their priority . This periphrasis of life is not for many but for  the few who can embrace the scope of knowledge because life is knowledge . As a matter of fact , knowledge is not life but life is knowledge . 

    Parables can not express all my thoughts neither can the words of wisdom or knowledge can be my daily mantra. What will be the purpose and essence of everything if I  desire everything when  I will end like nothing?  What I have desired to become is still in my mind but the only thing that could hinder me is when life decides to leave . How about you ? What are your wishes? I know I do not know what the future holds but the future holds something which I can not see. Can you ? If you can,  I congratulate you but beg life not to betray you in as much as you are living . When death comes there will be no remedy,  only if you can imagine how many souls  have been lost in this life you will know you are not important . So why raise your shoulders when you are nothing ? Even if  you are something be humble,because your something is nothing to some people. What has  life taught you? 

  ” I hope I have not wasted your time with this short aphorism. It will only make sense when we are senseless in order to acquire sense. If you know the contact address of life pay her a visit.” —Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 

 “I do not know what the future holds but the future holds something “—   Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 

” Life is good but death is the cheat “— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua . 




Death is always a pointer in all aspects, this might be seen as an irrelevant assertion but, the strongest brutality in life is when death comes before accomplishment.” – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


Ikujebi Oluwadamilola Iyanuoluwa who just gave birth to a new born baby died on September 12th, 2016. What condition would her family be? How about the new born baby? The wickedness of death is the joy she derives from the termination of many lives. ” – –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


”  Who should be blamed? Who will stand as a justifier for the sudden departure of this adorable soul? The happiness of death is to See people cry coupled with an extreme agony. The purpose of life is yet to be understood, different souls to death at different locations. Is death competing with life? Or is life also competing with death? I have clamored in several articles but little could get my postulations. No wonder, things can change rapidly either good or bad.”— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


I know you would have gotten to the place of accountability, if there is. Remember to tell those who are in-charge about some things you encountered before your departure  that, the world has been captured by the dominance of death. If a saviour has been scheduled for millions of years, this should be reduced because faith and grace would soon die “—Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

” You are not the only one feeling the pain, I am also feeling it. We shall meet someday if there will be an assemblage after this world. ”  – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua