Have you ever made this comment to yourself before? As illustrated below 👇👇

What is the struggle all about? We all want good happenings to be with us for life, therefore exonerating ourselves from bad headlines. Although, it’s good to run away from troubles, but how can one survive the unseen ones when such an individual is avoiding the physical troubles? Is this the case in your mind?

What I will do in this article is to make us think deeply about some things. It’s a pity that the world does not value things like these since my focus is not on nudity or other sexual things. It’s the reality because the aforesaid examples fetch fast money than any other thing. In addition, I will randomize my thoughts if possible, therefore, bringing some provoking and logical thinking. As some would say, logic can’t explain the existence of this world, it can, it depends on what side you tend to use.

This world is so annoying, yet the belief of some people is beginning to shake. Who should be blamed? Is everything okay is this world? A lot of things like war, oppression, depression, evil and immorality have dominated this world extremely to the extent that some people are in the state of doubt saying, where is God? Is he sleeping? Has he forgotten us? Now, people are mocking them that where is there God who is mighty and strong? Where is he that created heavens and earth?

The issue of God and this world is a complex discussion, and if one isn’t careful one may offend the two parties. Which side are you? If God operates from both seen and unseen places and if the world is the reality you are experiencing, then, who is worthy of obedience?This argument will take us to the issue of Predestination (something foreordained by God).

If Predestination is what it is, then, mankind has no freewill of his own. Hence, the game of grace is the subject matter. How about that? As we tend to say, we have a choice given to us, how sure is it that you have power over that choice? It’s a pity that religion has turned some into everlasting puppets, their thoughts are based on teachings that are not tested. Remember, test all spirit. What Predestination does, is to obey the source not the subordinates.

Predestination for me is like a created cinema by God who has formulated all things for his glory, he put in place all things whether good or evil, mankind, things and nonliving things. All these are in accordance to his will. As a matter of fact, what is the role of predestination? As some tend to ask these questions below :

  • Why am I not free?
  • Why am I not rich like some?
  • Is Grace a Game?

Like a bet you tend to try your luck may be your ticket would bring happiness to you, all in the name of making money. In addition, the outcome might favour you. The popular maxim is, money must be made.I know it is important to make money since she is the real power, but when there is nothing to rely on, desperation would have her way in. It is not the case that you have not been trying, may be grace has gone to the wrong direction.If hardwork depicts money, then the labourers deserve to be richer than employers. Isn’t it?

All(employers) they do, is to motivate you with different examples at the end you would think you can whereas not all experiences can be used in someone’s life, you have to create yours.

Yet, where is grace? Has she become a game? Has she compromised her authenticity? I can’t blame her because she’s replicating her name grace meaning “the undeserved favor”. If that is the meaning of grace, then who makes it to be deserved. Let me elucidate this in a simple statement :

Grace carries the word ‘undeserved’, when she visits an individual or a group of people it becomes ‘deserved’. Who is the catalyst behind this? Or should we call this a coincidence? Is Grace in existence on her own? We need to ponder on these questions, howbeit, the game of grace is like a journey of longevity.What hope is left for a man who has laboured all his life, yet grace hasn’t found him? Some will say,“let him continue and learn someday his time will come.” Is he Abraham Lincoln?

The game of grace is when the unfortunate becomes fortunate,therefore leaving no hope for the rightful owner of grace. Is this not a game?

Have you not wondered why grace is partial at times, to the extent that you tend to yell at your creator? Like, why not me? It’s not your fault, but the race of mankind tend to blame himself for all these calamities while they are for the pleasure of some unseen forces, man is like a toy controlled by a robotic means, yet grace can not just act without the law of cause and effect. The question is: why can’t everyone be fortunate?

I will end this short aphorism without making it too long, so that the observer won’t be bored. Honestly, grace is a game. Evil will befall X, it won’t befall Y and might happen to both parties. Some would rejoice, the other would lament. Some would be killed, some would also be pardoned. Each religion believes Grace is in their own religion which leads to salvation.

We have strived in order to thrive and subdue our enemies, but it is as if nothing is working. Hence, grace is still putting some people on queue. I hope their time will come before they finally gets knocked out of the game.




If consciousness and unconsciousness are not needed, then death won’t be necessary. I once decided to pretend as if death had taken me, but I discovered I couldn’t because it’s only those who are truly dead can give an account whether they are alive or not. However, if they are still conscious when they are dead, how would they explain to the living? – – Opeyemi.A

Before reading some views and opinions on this huge nomenclature,let us meet the writers who have contributed immensely to this article.


My name is Mohamed Hishaam, I’m 26 year old final year medical student. Maldivian currently studying in Sri Lanka. Being a voracious reader, I also in turn have a passion for writing. I believe my extensive reading has given me a broader view of the human condition then most. As I believe you can learn and gain experience from any book, be It fiction or non fiction.
PS I’m also in the army.-@mh.write –

Silas Adaramola is a Creative Thinker with special interest in Human and Social Development.

His special abilities of using his eyes to observe and mind to think; providing solutions in distinct dimensions has distinguished him from his peers.

He is a sustainability enthusiast who believes in the Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of “The Pursuit of Truth”, technically termed *Satyagraha*.

Akinrulie Opeyemi has a degree in philosophy from Ekiti State University. He’s a philosophical writer and moralist coupled with various fields such as real estate, hospitality, facilities management and logistics. He’s also the owner of

Mohamed Hishaam On Consciousness And Unconsciousness After Death.

Unconsciousness and consciousness after death When one hypothesis about consciousness and unconsciousness after death, one must take into account whether there is an order to the universe or not. This order usually comes in the form of religion; which is a vast topic in itself; which this author won’t go into in detail in this article.

The flip side of this coin belongs to the atheists. Who believes there is no God or gods, which means there isn’t a force that will regulate and after life or reincarnation. Because there isn’t an order pertaining to it.
If one aspires to an atheistic belief, it means that our short life comes to an end the moment of our death. Hence, no consciousness or unconsciousness can be there.

Making our life’s, or the meaning to it pointless if one thinks it through. There isn’t an end game.
“Remembering those that passed are for the living,
For do you think those that have let go of their mortal coils,
Care about our mortal toils?”

Now if you aren’t an atheist, there are two choices for consciousness. Either reincarnation into another life or consciousness existing in the afterlife. When you look at those two choices, reincarnation doesn’t seem like much of a reward or punishment. It’s not much of an end goal, just a perpetual continuation of life, in essence purposeless it would seem. So I much favour the afterlife, heaven and hell. It provides and answers some long standing questions of humanity. Why do we exist? What is our purpose? An afterlife ordained by a God gives us that purpose, which we would otherwise not have. A test for just rewards or punishment being the answer. So this would suggest there being consciousness after death, and that we do not lose our conscious being futile in death.
So in the end, if you believe in there being an order to life, a purpose, than ultimately consciousness prevails in death. If it’s chaos, an atheistic route, than life holds no meaning, no purpose, and ultimately our consciousness will be lost in the abyss in unconsciousness futile.
“Without God, life’s just a futile exercise of existence,
Oh so finite, and all but purposeless in its essence.”

Opeyemi Akinrulie On Consciousness And Unconsciousness After Death.

I won’t assume that all human beings know the meaning of consciousness, unconsciousness and death. In other words, before examining some facts about this subject matter let me breakdown the aforementioned words in bold italics.Consciousness implies awareness.Unconsciousness implies unawareness.Death implies the end of one’s existence.

“Do we have the right to stop treatment using criteria that pretend to know the boundary between life and death?” — P.Mollaret and M.Goulon.

“Only a very bold man, I think, would attempt to define death.” –H.K.Beecher

“To be immortal is commonplace; except for man, all creatures are immortal, for they are ignorant of death; what is divine, terrible, incomprehensible, is to know that one is immortal.” – – Jorge Luis Borges, The Immortal, 1943.

How,then, can we know if one is conscious after death? Even if there is a verification that the brain still functions after one’s death that doesn’t mean the person is still conscious. I feel it’s a normal thing for one’s brain to be conscious after death since it’s a fresh death. As I put it below :

“I closed my eyes in pretence in order to confirm the true identity of consciousness and unconsciousness after death. I was thinking this would enable me see the reality behind the scenes, but darkness is all I could picture. Hence, if I couldn’t sense and see what is it after darkness,then, consciousness after death is impossible.

Furthermore, although one needs to understand the difference between life, death, consciousness and unconsciousness. In my first paragraph I explained the meaning of consciousness, death and unconsciousness. Now, let me address what life is, because to be alive is not to be conscious, some are conscious but are not enjoying life. Some are alive and they have failed to embrace awareness. Hence, this is a case of a brain that is conscious but that is not alive to enjoy life, what is the importance? If a brain is alive and its not functioning, is it not the case of death? ”

Kindly glance at a research below given my Google :

However, a new study suggests your consciousness carries on functioning after your heart stops beating and your body movements fail. This means you are essentially “trapped” inside your dead body with your brain still working, if only for a short time.–(c) Google.

If X is trapped inside his or her dead body, does it not imply that the person is already dead? But X’s brain is still active, and this would only last for a short time. If that should be the case, one can deduce that death is still the ultimate character.

How about the case of a person in coma? Well, it’s totally different, in this scenario one hasn’t been confirmed dead. As a matter of fact, there is still hope that such an individual would live again but under may be, this is what I call resting painful enjoyment.

Let me add to my arguments as I put it beneath :

“On the case of consciousness and unconsciousness after death, it is a simple paradigm but a very intractable and herculean task. If everything in one’s body stops working, what else is left? Are we expecting such a victim to come back to life when it’s not the case of coma? Is the brain the only part that can make one conscious? How about the heart that pumps blood?

Speculations would always arise when metaphysics (beyond the physical realm) still remains unsolved. However, if the brain is still functioning after death that doesn’t mean such a person would be back to partake in life. If that should be the case, the person is dead and he or she is just using a temporary life which would only last for a short period. How, then, is consciousness possible after death?

When one is dead there is nothing more, the victim knows nothing. How?because the body is lifeless and it can’t perform as a human being rather as a body performing like the dead.

To cap all these, here is my point underneath :

Why consciousness is not possible after death is because of the word death. If death means a total cessation, departure and isolation from life, then, where would consciousness come in? The word ‘death’ takes it beyond consciousness and unconsciousness. As a matter of fact, unconsciousness gives hope while death is a goodbye. Hence, it would only make sense if it is consciousness and unconsciousness before death, not consciousness and unconsciousness after death.


Chuck Palahniuk once said;
We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.

J.K Rowling also once said;
To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

This now brings us down to the heat of the moment; *Consciousness And Unconsciousness after death*.

Before I delve straight into explaining my thoughts on the matter arising, your mind needs to be focused on the possibilities that is between Life and Death.

The society we live in is a perversive one which is known for something peculiar; directing our minds intentionally’ to fear factors.

“`A scientific undertone to misplace our identity and keep our consciousness aloof of the truth.“`

“`Death is not a mistake of creation but a necessity to put us in a place of rest after a purposefully lived one.“`

We cannot come here and live forever, how stressful is that?

Factually, I may not be able to give a detailed explanation of life after death because I am yet to experience one. However, some in the past has miraculously been able to transcend into death and back to life. These will guide my thoughts accordingly.

There are three embodiment of Human existence namely,

• The Body
• The Spirit
• The Soul

*The Body* is the outward and physical part of a person.

*The Spirit* is the inner being and is the connection between the Body and Soul. it’s the most pliant of them all.

*The Soul* is in connection with the world outside the terrestrials. It activities are beyond here but we can tap from it which brings about Wisdom.

The connection between these three is interdependent on each other but your personal dwelling determines which of them will be the most active. The influence of the Body on the Spirit and the Spirit on the Soul is transient.

In a case whereby the Body dies, the Spirit is a medium for the Soul to take it rightful place since the after world is the responsibility of the Soul. Our Spirit is the leveling ground of creation where the consciousness of being occurs.

In conclusion, the bodily organs is still partially in connection with our Spirit being after death. It is therefore a plausible statement that bodily consciousness shortly after death possibly betides.




Friendship should be about helping each other to grow in all ramifications, it’s not to be subdued by jealousy and villainous acts which have filled the hearts of many. In this article I would narrate two stories so that you will know my main Postulation as related to this subject matter. Be careful of fake laughter in this world because many people have been defeated by that, in addition, not all things are meant for publicity, learn secrecy from God.

How I wish I could exist all alone by myself, for myself and only myself. It’s a pity that I am already in existence, so the only way to cope is to avoid some things if possible and accept the inevitable.

Oppression is real, impression is another life. It’s part of success for one to showcase what you have acquired depending on the notion which is between “oppression and impression.” Yet within, friends versus friends even the real ones can still snitch. As a matter of fact, everyone has a price tag which you would stylishly accept. Isn’t it?

Have you heard about the story that happened somewhere in Nigeria?

Three young friends went for swimming, one of them is very rich due to his parents coast of wealth, so he paid for the gate fee for his friends too with his magnanimous heart,thinking, they have the same heart. They jumped into the swimming pool with merriment and euphoria, but suddenly the young man who is from a wealthy family started drowning, his friends couldn’t help him because of jealousy. Hence, he died in the swimming pool as his friends couldn’t help all in the name of envy.

Is it a crime to be rich or wealthy? Has it become a taboo to help others?friends killing friends, even some would deliver you for you to get killed. How about that? On your mind you would think she’s very painstaking about you not knowing she has bad intentions. What a world! Calamity has taken over the throne of conscience. How then can one escape from the ways of nefarious friends? Even if you keep quiet it’s as if their network is stronger than the spiritual predominance of this world as they tend to make a research on someone. I think idleness should be arrested.

They would smile and laugh with you, they would make a vow calling heavens and earth to bear witness. They would give you a hug, inspiring you with words of wisdom, but their minds are bitter and if care is not taken death might be invited to do her usual task on you. The armor of pretence has subdued their hearts and they have assumed the throne of deception, they have assumed the world as if it’s theirs. Hence, the downfall of a person is their priority.

We are friends, yet we deceive each other. Does it make sense? Why can’t we celebrate ourselves with an authentic heart and mind. Some people have argued that the world is so small, but I would rather say, the world is so enormous, let us make it real just like reality. As illustrated below about a story of ‘kipapo’.

There was a man named Kipapo in a town called Gajisaji, what made him famous amidst his friends was his kindhearted exemplifications in that community. Whenever he walks people hail him and even say, he’s the best amidst his friends.

Although,all these compliments didn’t subjugate his humility rather it encouraged him to abase himself. These compliments alerted some of his friends to gang up against him before he surpasses them in the community, these same friends were accommodated by Kipapo when they were homeless. These same friends were sheltered by him and he even shared his things equally in order not to cheat them.

Remember, if it were to be some people they would say, how can I share my things equally with those I am accommodating? Am I not the landlord? Why should I? What has Kipapo done? So his friends agreed and conspired to give him a tortured death.

Some friends would become your friends to stop the notion of friendship and replace it with envy which would lead to one’s termination out of life or within life. Did he deserve the conspiracy? Is it a crime for one to prosper? Instead of supporting their friend as he did to them when they were nothing rather they repaid him by torturing him to death until he gave up the ghost.

That was how Kipapo became a candidate of death as he couldn’t accomplish his mission and reap the fruits of his labor, especially his children and his newly born baby. His friends forgot what he did for them in the past, as a matter of fact, an ungrateful heart would always find a way to delete his memories so that he would accomplish his mission. What have they gained from this? Is wickedness interesting? Pleasure or what?

Who can one depend on? How would one survive in this world with dubious friends? Although some friends are harmful but we can’t say because they are, then we should separate ourselves from all. Who is dependable? You have concluded within yourself never to trust anyone again, you have thought about it over and over again. However, would you rather live in this world only or accommodate some loyal friends, but remember if you were the only one living in this world, it would definitely be a boring one. Isn’t it? Why not accept this standard and maintain with sagacity?

KIPAPO-OF-GAJISAJI was murdered by his trusted friends who he helped wholeheartedly. How about the case of that wealthy kid who was terminated as a result of jealousy? Don’t you think one needs to be careful in this world? People cried when KIPAPO died which is necessary for them, but the most painful part was the sudden exit of that young and promising boy who was left to die in the swimming pool without pity. Once again, be careful. Where should his parents start from?

From jealousy to hatred, from hatred to total condemnation. Who cares? It’s their joy to see you fall and not rise again, that is why some people don’t talk anyhow or leak their future plans to people, and even if they would do it. They would say them in parables and aphorisms in such a way that anyone who is not coded enough would attack at the wrong time.

We must not forget the fact that, one needs the support of friends to accomplish your proposed plans, but you have to balance it by knowing what to say at the right time because you can’t do all by yourself in as much as we say that friends are dangerous, you also need them to achieve some goals. Some would say, I can move ahead without the support of friends after all I have the support of “nature, family and God”.

Since you have concluded that no one can be trusted, even in human beings would God instill the act of grace and favor because he’s not a magician and he won’t come down. For you to receive all these you have to learn how to trust. Trust is a risk, betrayal is normal and loyalty is a decision. Who can be trusted?



This article is not to promote suicide, but it is to examine reasons or causes of this trending subject matter which can never be forgotten. What is suicide? Why suicide? The aforementioned questions are common, but we all know what suicide has done to our contemporary society. Hence, suicide is a deliberate or an intentional killing of oneself. If that should be the case, there are some actions and intentions behind suicide.

She said, ” I am always under pressure. It’s either I conform,or I embrace endurance. This is becoming unbearable, I think it’s high time I said ‘a goodbye to the world.

some would say, forget the past and move on. Well, it’s true. But, can the past be forgotten, if it can be forgotten, then, there will be no need for memories and documentations. Yet, this world is not a place to be.

It is as if my life isn’t functioning. My life is static. Am I really progressing? I would have loved to compare my life with some people. But, ingratitude may lead to total annihilation. As a matter of fact, ‘compare and despair’ is a bad thing

I am dying inside gradually. When I am gone I know some people will use my pictures by giving me posthumous eulogies. The dead ones always have a special recognition. What a pity, death is always a star.”

Could it be depression? Could it be poverty? Could it be lack of money? Could it be as a result of different failures? Could it be the inability to cater for the family? Why is suicide an option?

As a matter of fact, some might be quick to castigate such an individual who committed suicide, but he who is not in such an individual shoe won’t be able to grasp the agony. That doesn’t mean that the pain will end rather you have also created a dirge for your family, thus, it’s another exit which might cause a breakdown. Have you thought of this? Why thinking of suicide?

Is it because things aren’t going your way? Is it because you have been faulted on several occasions? Is it because your boyfriend or girlfriend left you? Why is suicide an option? Let your tears be wiped, let your genesis be consolidated, forget your past and create the impossible.

What is good in suicide? Pleasure? Enjoyment? As a matter of fact, let me guess the mind of a suicider. As I put it below, kindly be attentive and follow each line with focus :

“Well, what is there in this life when my mates are making it, yet I am at one spot battling with myself. Is it not better to end my life and ease the stress of over thinking? I am diligent and truthful, I have self-confidence than my colleagues and I am very punctual, yet I can’t point at anything significant in my life. Is this not a shame? Let me take my life and end everything once and for all.” It is essential to note that, if one compares too much, one might be defeated forever which might trigger suicide.

The joy of suicide is not to create happiness because she has to meet her target, perhaps she must deliver. If that should be the case, why give suicide a chance to dominate you? Or is it because of the money you borrowed? Is it because of the comparison leveled on you? If you think you are invalid, then remember you are valid to some people.

Look I am in tears, I have read many suicide reports in 2018 involving youngsters and adults. The tiredness of life radiates in our mind on a daily basis, it’s either we succumb or defeat it, if not, frustration and depression are often regarded as tools of suicide. I had several suicide thoughts because I felt I was not progressing. Suddenly, I began to reflect on my previous articles on how I have been encouraging people to believe in themselves. So, if I commit suicide, would I not be regarded as an incompetent motivator who is hiding under the umbrella of deception?

I said to myself, “if I commit suicide I am a coward, even the world needs the brave ones.”

Even the issue of social media can’t be exempted from this subject matter, at times what you see is not what you get. When you let your life be on social media only, you will be in the realm of impression, not progression. Some people have committed suicide because of what they saw on social media saying, is that not X flourishing, we started together now X is beyond me, I would rather die than to see X take over me. A world of perfidiousness. Hence, Y Committed suicide but X is still in success. Who cares? Life doesn’t care when you are dead, because another department has taken over. Don’t impress life, impress yourself.

If nothing is working, work on your self. I know you are planning to commit suicide, before you embark on the journey of the dead kindly read my texts may be you might change your mind. I know I can’t feel your agony and what you are passing through, but I believe my words will motivate and recreate you. Guess what! I have a better offer for you. See below :

Why suicide? What is the point? Why have you decided to opt for an option that would cause pain?

Since you have decided to commit suicide, how about your creator? Would you not be an ingrate? It’s another way of saying he didn’t create you well. Would he not feel disappointed? Is your case the most terrible one? One thing I have noticed is that those who are often with complete body commit suicide easily, but the incomplete ones tend to motivate themselves. Have you not noticed?

If the disabled ones could be alive battling for the survival of which they didn’t allow their “inability” to obstruct them. Hence, what is your excuse? Suicide? It is very pertinent to note that the aforementioned set of people didn’t embrace suicide as an option rather they derive joy in their “inability”. Remember those that are blind, what should they do? Yet, you think suicide would settle it all.

You are very wicked, so you want to leave your family or children in agony. Why suicide? I know you have cried to God about these problems, but that doesn’t mean you should commit suicide for you to see him. Perhaps, who says you would see him when you are dead? As a matter of fact, when you are dead, whether you have done good or bad. The decision is still in the hand of the creator.

The main objective of suicide is to end your purposes. Hence, another person will actualize them for you. Is this not a defeat? Then, what is your essence? A failure is not a failure its just a nomenclature, you can change the title to something else, but it depends on your decision.

Finally, before you commit your suicide, remember you are useful to some people. They put you in prayers every day. Would you let this effort be in vain? I also heard they are planning to restructure you in all aspects. Think before you commit suicide because once it is done, it is done. Life will miss you partially, but I would advise you to stay than choosing that path. Your life is very useful, don’t end it. Kindly preserve it.

Suicide has become the only way to ease the stress. Even the next world is created for the brave ones, not a coward like you.”–Akinrulie Opeyemi.



What is happening in this world? Is this the end? Evil has become the supremacy of everything, I am not sure if holiness still dwells amidst us. I will be personalistic in some cases in this article, so that you will feel the avid explanations towards this subject matter. I will also make my paragraphs short, in order to ease you. Yet, it’s as if there is no conscience in this world again, no fear of God and the faithful ones are beginning to deviate from TRUTH since they are under threat. Perhaps, who wants to die?

I know this has been happening for years, but that doesn’t mean I should mute myself because it is Said that,”there is no gain in veracity.” Howbeit, I think God knows how to reward the loyal ones, but his time, is not in accordance with man’s time. I am sure you must have been wondering about what is making the writer to spew in this manner. It is a popular topic called “RAPE”.

Have you not heard of cases pertaining to rape? Some victims have died due to depression, because only those involved would feel the pain of this calamity. Where is the conscience of all these rapists? Or has rape become a decent business? If care is not taken, these rapists might register as a company.

In order for you to take me serious, how about this popular case of rape? According to the report :

She was the only daughter of her mother, after waiting for several years, she gave birth to her. She nurtured her daughter judiciously with the notion of enjoying the fruit of her labour when the time comes. She gave her mother joy when she was alive, but unfortunately that day, she left her daughter in the house with happiness, not knowing that, it would be the last day she would see her on earth.

These wicked and heartless rapists invaded the home of this hardworking young lady whose future is so bright, they didn’t only rape. As a matter of fact, she was stabbed to death. How would her mother feel? Remember, that is her only child. Where would she start from? It’s a painful thing to see one’s child buried in front of you, this is a taboo rather your child or children should bury you. The question is : would this incident not instigate her untimely death?

Is it the case that these rapists always rejoice when they rape? Or they derive pleasure when they perform this atrocious act? I think this is associated with the way they think. When they think it, they have already thought about it. Since, thoughts are powerful then it would become a must executed mission as regards the issue called “RAPE.”

According to report: How about the case that happened in a country recently where a 20 years old man raped a 100 years old woman? What judgment should be given to the raper whose sexual urge couldn’t be controlled? Yet, some would feel that these rapists are performing this unbearable act because they had no choice in the first place. If I may ask, what choice? The choice to do what? Our creator has many choices for mankind, it’s left for “you and I”to think about the part and path we want to embrace. Isn’t it? How about that?

In addition to this subject matter. According to report : how about the girl who was drugged and gang raped by her friends? As a matter of fact, the video went viral, but to worsen the situation she later committed suicide. As some would say, God knows best. Is God evil? A law should be created to eradicate those using this medium to derive pleasure for the sake of wickedness.

Where is this “world” heading to? Although we all know it’s wicked, but for the wicked it’s a world of pleasure. If that should be the case, who would put an end to this disgusting act called RAPE. No wonder, some women hate men. No wonder, some women prefer same sex relationship. No wonder, some women have chosen sologamy(marriage to oneself). No wonder, some women have decided not to listen or give any man a chance in the name of rape.

Some might say, it’s a curse to rape or may be, such an individual has been charmed, therefore, relating this matter to voodoo. But how possible is that? Or should the government create a court for spiritual matters? Who would be the judge? Man? Demons? Angels? Truth be told, let the journey of these rapists be put to an end. We must not say, this matter doesn’t concern us. Who knows what would happen next? Remember,to protect the oppressed, someday they would remember your patriotic visions, till then, women deserve a strong security, especially this contemporary society where rape is now lucrative for some men.

At this juncture, I would cut everything short in order for my audience to digest this little article. At first I wanted to mute my feelings, but I couldn’t. I pray we don’t witness this act, because it’s very demeaning to rape a woman. Is such an individual a responsible man? Yet, some would rape with laughter and euphoria. Where is their conscience?

Or are they thinking God would forgive them after they might have committed this despicable act? Sure, he’s merciful, but Karma never forgives. To cap this short aphorism, any man caught in this act should be castrated and tortured. Death would always find a way to operate since she’s also close to Karma.



It is said, that when you spare the rod you spoil the child. Does this mean the rod will amend the ways of that child in order for him or her to be responsible? Whereas some parents have beaten their children mercilessly, yet they have refused to be responsible. Who is to be blamed? Parents? Peers? Society?

Where is the world going? What is the world turning to? The issue of moral decadence has become a contagion in our contemporary society, I don’t think there would be next generation. If there would be, what morals would they meet? This is not applicable to children only, the elders are also included, however, to use the rod in this context is not to beat an individual to coma, but the inability of parents or guardians to use cogent words to correct some wrongdoings must be frowned at.

Akinrulie Opeyemi laments,”the world is really growing, children see different things on social media, especially some adult displays which are meant to be privatized. Do not forget that what they see will surely manifest when it comes to sexual contents, it works so fast and gives one a second thought of that prima facie. If discipline is lost, then, what would such an individual or child do? Would he or she not be a partaker of the feast of moral decadence? It’s a pity that in this contemporary world those who are ready to restore morality are often seen as wicked souls, which means; “evil is good, good is evil”. Isn’t it?”

I have tried to understand the establishment of this world and the intention behind, yet I am waiting for that day where she would totally be replaced. Children are going gaga and wild, some have backslidden from their good acts as they no longer have respect for their parents or guardians. Some have no regards for elders since some of them are not pure in the quest of restoring the dignity of morality. Who would beg morality to come back to her place? Indeed, she has lost her trust in mankind since there is no unity within. Hence, immorality became the ruler and things fell apart, perhaps you can ask Chinua Achebe(the great novelist)

How about musical videos and movies involving sexual contents? How about sexual talks? How would these children survive all these?

Have you ever wondered the cause of immorality? I have been trying to know the reason why immorality has become a popular ruler within our society, well in my own opinion kindly take a look below

I feel the existence of this world has grown beyond mankind, as you are battling your own, your kids should also be considered. If your children are not properly trained the opposite side might come for them, some might say, what if I did not have the capacity to cater for them. let this be clear, “money is not everything, talk to them rigorously; remember, words are powerful.”

Once again Akinrulie Opeyemi exclaims,”these children have been deceived by cartoons which are tinted with fake morality. As a matter of fact, their parents or guardians might not be able to see it, because it’s a strategy created to lure them into the world of Jezebel. I am afraid that the world would soon collapse and vanish, and I am begging whosoever is in charge to be calm because the children of Jezebel are still in deception, thinking it’s the right way.”

Would they come back home? Would they listen to the speech of morality? However, what I am concerned about is the way some parents or guardians tend to use a rod or cane to correct their children in order for them to follow their stipulated policy.

Has this method worked? In some cases, it has worked, but if beating connotes success, then, some would have made it. If words could change people, then, some would have been at the zenith of their career. Even if one should adopt these two methods, how are we sure they would contribute to the growth of such an individual?

Don’t let me divert your attention to another thing, perhaps I am not a married man maybe someday I would consider the concept of marriage in order to experience how to upbring a child. It’s not the case that you must marry for you to know how to train a child, but marriage gives you the sense of responsibility as assumed by some people.

I think I am getting too far, I don’t type more than 2,000(Two-Thousand) words, because of the reading culture which I have been clamoring about for years, so I stay within that paradigm, but that does not mean I can’t go beyond. The readers should also be put into consideration, especially in this global world. Let me put this article to an end and leave the readers to criticize and share their thoughts as regards “children of Jezebel”.

Akinrulie Opeyemi writes,” I hope you have understood all my analyses as regards this article, at times I have a lot to say and discuss, but can one reason beyond his maker? When a child is growing try as much as you can to train him judiciously, never let him to be afraid of you because they are some secrets within him to be unveiled, but your ability to cajole him with calmness would win his heart. In addition to this, know his friends and locations, don’t forget that friends are very influential than parents or guardians, although you might say this is strange, the world gives the unexpected. Every stage should have is approach. To cap this aphorism, children of Jezebel ,are you willing to return? Are you ready to listen to the good words of your parents or guardians? If you are, it’s not too late to come back to your source coupled with a remorseful heart. Destroy your pride and your nefarious acts, nobody is above correction. Finally, I have spoken like a novice whose thinking needs to be upgraded, but if you want to have a child create a future for him before his arrival. If not, Jezebel would be glad to have him.”

It is written,”train your child and he would give you rest.”