This article is not to promote suicide, but it is to examine reasons or causes of this trending subject matter which can never be forgotten. What is suicide? Why suicide? The aforementioned questions are common, but we all know what suicide has done to our contemporary society. Hence, suicide is a deliberate or an intentional killing of oneself. If that should be the case, there are some actions and intentions behind suicide.

She said, ” I am always under pressure. It’s either I conform,or I embrace endurance. This is becoming unbearable, I think it’s high time I said ‘a goodbye to the world.

some would say, forget the past and move on. Well, it’s true. But, can the past be forgotten, if it can be forgotten, then, there will be no need for memories and documentations. Yet, this world is not a place to be.

It is as if my life isn’t functioning. My life is static. Am I really progressing? I would have loved to compare my life with some people. But, ingratitude may lead to total annihilation. As a matter of fact, ‘compare and despair’ is a bad thing

I am dying inside gradually. When I am gone I know some people will use my pictures by giving me posthumous eulogies. The dead ones always have a special recognition. What a pity, death is always a star.”

Could it be depression? Could it be poverty? Could it be lack of money? Could it be as a result of different failures? Could it be the inability to cater for the family? Why is suicide an option?

As a matter of fact, some might be quick to castigate such an individual who committed suicide, but he who is not in such an individual shoe won’t be able to grasp the agony. That doesn’t mean that the pain will end rather you have also created a dirge for your family, thus, it’s another exit which might cause a breakdown. Have you thought of this? Why thinking of suicide?

Is it because things aren’t going your way? Is it because you have been faulted on several occasions? Is it because your boyfriend or girlfriend left you? Why is suicide an option? Let your tears be wiped, let your genesis be consolidated, forget your past and create the impossible.

What is good in suicide? Pleasure? Enjoyment? As a matter of fact, let me guess the mind of a suicider. As I put it below, kindly be attentive and follow each line with focus :

“Well, what is there in this life when my mates are making it, yet I am at one spot battling with myself. Is it not better to end my life and ease the stress of over thinking? I am diligent and truthful, I have self-confidence than my colleagues and I am very punctual, yet I can’t point at anything significant in my life. Is this not a shame? Let me take my life and end everything once and for all.” It is essential to note that, if one compares too much, one might be defeated forever which might trigger suicide.

The joy of suicide is not to create happiness because she has to meet her target, perhaps she must deliver. If that should be the case, why give suicide a chance to dominate you? Or is it because of the money you borrowed? Is it because of the comparison leveled on you? If you think you are invalid, then remember you are valid to some people.

Look I am in tears, I have read many suicide reports in 2018 involving youngsters and adults. The tiredness of life radiates in our mind on a daily basis, it’s either we succumb or defeat it, if not, frustration and depression are often regarded as tools of suicide. I had several suicide thoughts because I felt I was not progressing. Suddenly, I began to reflect on my previous articles on how I have been encouraging people to believe in themselves. So, if I commit suicide, would I not be regarded as an incompetent motivator who is hiding under the umbrella of deception?

I said to myself, “if I commit suicide I am a coward, even the world needs the brave ones.”

Even the issue of social media can’t be exempted from this subject matter, at times what you see is not what you get. When you let your life be on social media only, you will be in the realm of impression, not progression. Some people have committed suicide because of what they saw on social media saying, is that not X flourishing, we started together now X is beyond me, I would rather die than to see X take over me. A world of perfidiousness. Hence, Y Committed suicide but X is still in success. Who cares? Life doesn’t care when you are dead, because another department has taken over. Don’t impress life, impress yourself.

If nothing is working, work on your self. I know you are planning to commit suicide, before you embark on the journey of the dead kindly read my texts may be you might change your mind. I know I can’t feel your agony and what you are passing through, but I believe my words will motivate and recreate you. Guess what! I have a better offer for you. See below :

Why suicide? What is the point? Why have you decided to opt for an option that would cause pain?

Since you have decided to commit suicide, how about your creator? Would you not be an ingrate? It’s another way of saying he didn’t create you well. Would he not feel disappointed? Is your case the most terrible one? One thing I have noticed is that those who are often with complete body commit suicide easily, but the incomplete ones tend to motivate themselves. Have you not noticed?

If the disabled ones could be alive battling for the survival of which they didn’t allow their “inability” to obstruct them. Hence, what is your excuse? Suicide? It is very pertinent to note that the aforementioned set of people didn’t embrace suicide as an option rather they derive joy in their “inability”. Remember those that are blind, what should they do? Yet, you think suicide would settle it all.

You are very wicked, so you want to leave your family or children in agony. Why suicide? I know you have cried to God about these problems, but that doesn’t mean you should commit suicide for you to see him. Perhaps, who says you would see him when you are dead? As a matter of fact, when you are dead, whether you have done good or bad. The decision is still in the hand of the creator.

The main objective of suicide is to end your purposes. Hence, another person will actualize them for you. Is this not a defeat? Then, what is your essence? A failure is not a failure its just a nomenclature, you can change the title to something else, but it depends on your decision.

Finally, before you commit your suicide, remember you are useful to some people. They put you in prayers every day. Would you let this effort be in vain? I also heard they are planning to restructure you in all aspects. Think before you commit suicide because once it is done, it is done. Life will miss you partially, but I would advise you to stay than choosing that path. Your life is very useful, don’t end it. Kindly preserve it.

Suicide has become the only way to ease the stress. Even the next world is created for the brave ones, not a coward like you.”–Akinrulie Opeyemi.



What is happening in this world? Is this the end? Evil has become the supremacy of everything, I am not sure if holiness still dwells amidst us. I will be personalistic in some cases in this article, so that you will feel the avid explanations towards this subject matter. I will also make my paragraphs short, in order to ease you. Yet, it’s as if there is no conscience in this world again, no fear of God and the faithful ones are beginning to deviate from TRUTH since they are under threat. Perhaps, who wants to die?

I know this has been happening for years, but that doesn’t mean I should mute myself because it is Said that,”there is no gain in veracity.” Howbeit, I think God knows how to reward the loyal ones, but his time, is not in accordance with man’s time. I am sure you must have been wondering about what is making the writer to spew in this manner. It is a popular topic called “RAPE”.

Have you not heard of cases pertaining to rape? Some victims have died due to depression, because only those involved would feel the pain of this calamity. Where is the conscience of all these rapists? Or has rape become a decent business? If care is not taken, these rapists might register as a company.

In order for you to take me serious, how about this popular case of rape? According to the report :

She was the only daughter of her mother, after waiting for several years, she gave birth to her. She nurtured her daughter judiciously with the notion of enjoying the fruit of her labour when the time comes. She gave her mother joy when she was alive, but unfortunately that day, she left her daughter in the house with happiness, not knowing that, it would be the last day she would see her on earth.

These wicked and heartless rapists invaded the home of this hardworking young lady whose future is so bright, they didn’t only rape. As a matter of fact, she was stabbed to death. How would her mother feel? Remember, that is her only child. Where would she start from? It’s a painful thing to see one’s child buried in front of you, this is a taboo rather your child or children should bury you. The question is : would this incident not instigate her untimely death?

Is it the case that these rapists always rejoice when they rape? Or they derive pleasure when they perform this atrocious act? I think this is associated with the way they think. When they think it, they have already thought about it. Since, thoughts are powerful then it would become a must executed mission as regards the issue called “RAPE.”

According to report: How about the case that happened in a country recently where a 20 years old man raped a 100 years old woman? What judgment should be given to the raper whose sexual urge couldn’t be controlled? Yet, some would feel that these rapists are performing this unbearable act because they had no choice in the first place. If I may ask, what choice? The choice to do what? Our creator has many choices for mankind, it’s left for “you and I”to think about the part and path we want to embrace. Isn’t it? How about that?

In addition to this subject matter. According to report : how about the girl who was drugged and gang raped by her friends? As a matter of fact, the video went viral, but to worsen the situation she later committed suicide. As some would say, God knows best. Is God evil? A law should be created to eradicate those using this medium to derive pleasure for the sake of wickedness.

Where is this “world” heading to? Although we all know it’s wicked, but for the wicked it’s a world of pleasure. If that should be the case, who would put an end to this disgusting act called RAPE. No wonder, some women hate men. No wonder, some women prefer same sex relationship. No wonder, some women have chosen sologamy(marriage to oneself). No wonder, some women have decided not to listen or give any man a chance in the name of rape.

Some might say, it’s a curse to rape or may be, such an individual has been charmed, therefore, relating this matter to voodoo. But how possible is that? Or should the government create a court for spiritual matters? Who would be the judge? Man? Demons? Angels? Truth be told, let the journey of these rapists be put to an end. We must not say, this matter doesn’t concern us. Who knows what would happen next? Remember,to protect the oppressed, someday they would remember your patriotic visions, till then, women deserve a strong security, especially this contemporary society where rape is now lucrative for some men.

At this juncture, I would cut everything short in order for my audience to digest this little article. At first I wanted to mute my feelings, but I couldn’t. I pray we don’t witness this act, because it’s very demeaning to rape a woman. Is such an individual a responsible man? Yet, some would rape with laughter and euphoria. Where is their conscience?

Or are they thinking God would forgive them after they might have committed this despicable act? Sure, he’s merciful, but Karma never forgives. To cap this short aphorism, any man caught in this act should be castrated and tortured. Death would always find a way to operate since she’s also close to Karma.



It is said, that when you spare the rod you spoil the child. Does this mean the rod will amend the ways of that child in order for him or her to be responsible? Whereas some parents have beaten their children mercilessly, yet they have refused to be responsible. Who is to be blamed? Parents? Peers? Society?

Where is the world going? What is the world turning to? The issue of moral decadence has become a contagion in our contemporary society, I don’t think there would be next generation. If there would be, what morals would they meet? This is not applicable to children only, the elders are also included, however, to use the rod in this context is not to beat an individual to coma, but the inability of parents or guardians to use cogent words to correct some wrongdoings must be frowned at.

Akinrulie Opeyemi laments,”the world is really growing, children see different things on social media, especially some adult displays which are meant to be privatized. Do not forget that what they see will surely manifest when it comes to sexual contents, it works so fast and gives one a second thought of that prima facie. If discipline is lost, then, what would such an individual or child do? Would he or she not be a partaker of the feast of moral decadence? It’s a pity that in this contemporary world those who are ready to restore morality are often seen as wicked souls, which means; “evil is good, good is evil”. Isn’t it?”

I have tried to understand the establishment of this world and the intention behind, yet I am waiting for that day where she would totally be replaced. Children are going gaga and wild, some have backslidden from their good acts as they no longer have respect for their parents or guardians. Some have no regards for elders since some of them are not pure in the quest of restoring the dignity of morality. Who would beg morality to come back to her place? Indeed, she has lost her trust in mankind since there is no unity within. Hence, immorality became the ruler and things fell apart, perhaps you can ask Chinua Achebe(the great novelist)

How about musical videos and movies involving sexual contents? How about sexual talks? How would these children survive all these?

Have you ever wondered the cause of immorality? I have been trying to know the reason why immorality has become a popular ruler within our society, well in my own opinion kindly take a look below

I feel the existence of this world has grown beyond mankind, as you are battling your own, your kids should also be considered. If your children are not properly trained the opposite side might come for them, some might say, what if I did not have the capacity to cater for them. let this be clear, “money is not everything, talk to them rigorously; remember, words are powerful.”

Once again Akinrulie Opeyemi exclaims,”these children have been deceived by cartoons which are tinted with fake morality. As a matter of fact, their parents or guardians might not be able to see it, because it’s a strategy created to lure them into the world of Jezebel. I am afraid that the world would soon collapse and vanish, and I am begging whosoever is in charge to be calm because the children of Jezebel are still in deception, thinking it’s the right way.”

Would they come back home? Would they listen to the speech of morality? However, what I am concerned about is the way some parents or guardians tend to use a rod or cane to correct their children in order for them to follow their stipulated policy.

Has this method worked? In some cases, it has worked, but if beating connotes success, then, some would have made it. If words could change people, then, some would have been at the zenith of their career. Even if one should adopt these two methods, how are we sure they would contribute to the growth of such an individual?

Don’t let me divert your attention to another thing, perhaps I am not a married man maybe someday I would consider the concept of marriage in order to experience how to upbring a child. It’s not the case that you must marry for you to know how to train a child, but marriage gives you the sense of responsibility as assumed by some people.

I think I am getting too far, I don’t type more than 2,000(Two-Thousand) words, because of the reading culture which I have been clamoring about for years, so I stay within that paradigm, but that does not mean I can’t go beyond. The readers should also be put into consideration, especially in this global world. Let me put this article to an end and leave the readers to criticize and share their thoughts as regards “children of Jezebel”.

Akinrulie Opeyemi writes,” I hope you have understood all my analyses as regards this article, at times I have a lot to say and discuss, but can one reason beyond his maker? When a child is growing try as much as you can to train him judiciously, never let him to be afraid of you because they are some secrets within him to be unveiled, but your ability to cajole him with calmness would win his heart. In addition to this, know his friends and locations, don’t forget that friends are very influential than parents or guardians, although you might say this is strange, the world gives the unexpected. Every stage should have is approach. To cap this aphorism, children of Jezebel ,are you willing to return? Are you ready to listen to the good words of your parents or guardians? If you are, it’s not too late to come back to your source coupled with a remorseful heart. Destroy your pride and your nefarious acts, nobody is above correction. Finally, I have spoken like a novice whose thinking needs to be upgraded, but if you want to have a child create a future for him before his arrival. If not, Jezebel would be glad to have him.”

It is written,”train your child and he would give you rest.”



I want to give thanks to God for His guidance over my life. I also want to thank my family for their support. I will also use this opportunity to thank my friends and those who have been reading my articles, however, it’s only God who can justify mankind. It’s not the case that I am going to die soon because I know the readers might have been provoked by the topic. Don’t be afraid it’s just a thought radiating on my mind,afterall death is compulsory, but when someone dies at a very tender age people tend to pity the departure of such an individual.

If I die, what would happen? Who would cry for me? Am I an icon? would the world be on vacation because of me? Would I be accepted by God? All these few questions are not for me maybe when I am gone the story will be told and he who is worthy would speak. I have tried to erase all my thoughts in order for me to start all over, time can’t be reversed she’s only programmed to obey the creator.

Some people want to live till eternity as they are looking for ways to rejuvenate themselves, but no matter how desperate they are to immortalize themselves the pillars of this world will fail them. It’s the fact, who can run away from the truth? Let tears be forgotten when I am gone, don’t be sad because in the end you will embrace happiness and you will continue your journey, so act what you will do later. Or can you cry forever? If I die you don’t need to honour me, let’s meet at the right place after this world, if there is. Don’t be annoyed my mind is too rigorous

I know death is not friendly and it’s not something one can joke with, but I can’t hide what’s real. For how long are we going to run away from what would defeat us one day?

Let me reflect on the past and think about how I am going to restructure my life and give her another meaning. There is no time to penelopize rather I will ignite several ways to normalize my life, what path and part should I take? It’s not the case that I am confused on this notion, but I need to express what is bothering me as a writer whose job is to express with sagacity and allow the readers to think and create their own thoughts. Remember this
It’s a pity that one day I would depart from this world, but it would be appropriate to leave at a very old age. Who am I to determine my end? I can only appeal for an extension like Hezekiah maybe it will be granted. Hmm, we laugh and rejoice. We dance and learn different things. We make friends and enemies. In the end, it would be same death, different death and different locations.

Open your mind and imagine what I have been expressing, think deeply and let your mind be plain, that is why I have assumed the character as usual in order for you to understand,”IF I DIE”. Nothing would be left, how I wish I could carry my belongings with me, but only my character would follow me and I would see souls who have been in the world as assumed.

What is the essence of the world when we know that death would predominate in the end? We seek power that would eventually bring us down, we tend to deceive people thinking death is not coming soon. Let me tell you this: every moment of your life is about death, death doesn’t call before she takes.

I know I am a stranger in this world, however, this implies that there is another place greater than this world. I have thought of many things to escape this penalty called ‘death’. You are not exempted, because someday you would realize and feel it. We can’t escape it.

Depression in happiness is the same thing as sadness, no doubt this is frustrating and paining. It’s a battle between progress and regress as I put it: death comes suddenly, some people tend to force death to take them through suicide, assisted suicide or euthanasia (mercy killing), but whether we like it or not it would come. There is no time to express more, but if there is a need for you to ask questions I will be glad to attend to them, in this case, kindly keep this as a record in as such as we don’t know what tomorrow will yield. Before I bring this short aphorism to a close kindly see this below:

Never pay evil for evil, only good can shun evil. It’s very vital to understand how life works, I hope we would understand the encrypted journey the world holds, nonetheless, even if evil would shun evil it’s for some time, in the end, good is still the owner of the throne.

If I die today. If you die today , what would be the next thing? A life of struggles which connotes sudden death.




There is something I have to admit in my life whether I like it or not, and I can’t do without it, that thing is, writing. Please I would like the reader to be attentive and follow each line judiciously, it might not make sense, but may be you can realize who you really are during that process. I will try as much as possible to use myself as an example so that the audience will understand my exegeses, well, that is the life of a writer whose mission is to express his thoughts, and if he’s a philosopher he must be ready for castigation and share opinions with others. As a matter of fact, if my purpose and freewill should conglomerate, don’t you think that would lead to MY PROPOSED VISION.

If you have a purpose try and embrace freewill which would catapult you to the land of fruition. But, have I succeeded in actualizing what I have purported? As some people would say, he that is advising people must be able to show us his good deeds. I am not here to say I am holy,or to say I have gotten to the land of my assumed vision. As a matter of fact, man should always try to be ambitious with dynamism. What is your purpose? Where is your freewill? What is your vision?

The aforementioned questions have been asked by many but I hope I would be able to answer them with satisfaction, if not, you can redefine those questions and find the part and path that fits you. This article would be interactive as I would ask some questions which would make you think beyond your capacity, but don’t be afraid those questions would be simple and easy in accordance with the previous questions in bold italics.


Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua explains, Imagine I have no purpose,imagine my creation has no meaning, how would I survive? What I engage myself in everyday counts in my life and if I chose to live in this world(🌍) without a specific function, then what would be my end (🔚)? These questions I have asked are not new as I am just trying to refurbish your consciousness in order for you to rethink your status. I know some people have been asking about the purpose of life and her essence, we don’t need to be lectured in order for us to perform purposefully. Yet let’s ask ourselves these questions : Is evil (😈) a purpose? Are those performing evil deeds fulfilling their purpose? If they are, this implies that, they derive pleasure from evil acts. Is that a true purpose? Or they chose that act by the freewill given to them?

If all you do is to sit and see TV (đŸ“ș) everyday, is that your purpose? If all you do is to go to night club everyday to dance, is that your purpose? How about gossip? Etc. I hope you haven’t assumed that you still have enough time (⌚). Time has her own purpose too. Don’t joke with your life, because non-living things are begging the creator for LIFE.

Are you with your purpose or without?


It’s so sad that the freedom given to mankind can’t move beyond, if not, he would have gone to see his creator and come back to this world, but in as much as freewill is given, but limited. Hence, that doesn’t mean you should use it as an excuse, afterall you own your decisions. There comes a time in a man’s life when he would be tempted to question himself about his freedom,and how it would accede with his purpose. Have you not found yourself in that situation before?

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua purports, although you have your freewill and you can decide whatever you want to achieve with it, but they are some certain people whom the creator has chosen as He tends to direct them towards the predestined creation, they might not be aware about it, they would think they are satisfying themselves so that the creator won’t have their time. It’s a pity that it’s a training for them, at the end, it would look as if they have the freewill, it’s an illusion, not a reality that can be achieved.

When I talk about freewill, what do I mean? Freewill is what I have chosen to do, that is my wish and desire. Right? Why is it that freewill isn’t free? Have you observed it? Now take a look at this below :

Will’ is what you want to do(wish or desire). ‘Free’ means you are liberal or unconstrained. Hence, we have FREEWILL. The ‘will’ there is an obstruction ,because it’s a task which you have decided to fulfill,if one should abandon his or her task in this contemporary world, I doubt if such an individual will survive in a world where death is free. As a matter of fact, when you add ‘free’ it becomes a struggle which you think you are free whereas you are not. The questions are : are you really free? Am I? If you can influence your decisions, you can’t influence the decisions of your creator.

Be vigilant, because freewill is tired of her duty.


There is one particular vision you have and you have been waiting for the day it would come to pass. Well and truly, you have lamented within, you have cried outwardly at many places with secrecy. You have been told to present your purpose, freewill, and vision, so that they would be tinted to their own taste rather you succumbed to their request by saying, have my soul, take my freewill. But now, you are extremely deep in it. Although God can save you, that doesn’t mean that Karma would be silent about the Calamities you have committed. Fame is sweet, but the price is exorbitant.

Must you do something that is dirty before you get fulfilled in this life? Must you expose your vision to the world? Why not achieve it first, then party with it publicly. As I will end this article in order not to prolong the matter which might be boring if elongated.

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua argues, it’s left for you to decide, no one will decide your journey, but I am afraid that the creator is the ultimate decider, I am sure you have heard this dictum before : man proposes, God disposes. If that should be the case, would it not be better for Him to have your soul and take your freewill. That day, it would be a funny scenario and tears won’t be much, but some people have said, “there is no point in having a freewill without prosperity. Hence, they said to the buyer individually,” have my soul, take my freewill. ” Would you do this? The choice is yours.




If there is a sound from a graveyard, one should know that something is wrong. As a matter of fact, it is very conspicuous that a graveyard is always silent. But, in order not to elongate this introductory scenario I would like to emphasize on this : those in the graveyard couldn’t tolerate the decadence happening in the society, especially in the aspect of the youths. Hence, this is called a sound from the graveyard .’ – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.


The above subtopic should not be seen as a normal question, as some people have misconstrued it. We tend to be cajoled by the utterances of betterment which might not be profitable at the end, but it’s like the future is destroyed and over destroyed to the extent that whenever an individual talks about the hope attached to Nigeria as a nation he or she would hiss and embrace a dystopia thinking. Why is this so? What must have corrupted such an individual? As I express below :

I think everyone is selfish especially the leaders who are deceiving the Nigerian youths that they are the future or leaders of tomorrow, whereas this assertion is only in existence in their lips. If a Nigerian youth should have the opportunity to be a leader or handle any political post, what would be in his or her mind? Would he or she be kind to leave the path of his or her selfish past mentors? Yet, who is responsible for the future of Nigerian youths? The leaders can’t be exempted as they have caused a bad foreknowledge for the past, present and future. What we are envisaging now is, SELF. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua argues, some Nigerian youths are extremely frustrated, they have eliminated their loyalty and they have embraced brutality. Their eyes are red, their hearts are deep, their hands are stained with blood. They have been pushed to do all these things, because in Nigeria it is the survival of the fittest. It’s either you dance to the tunes or they tune you in, or you find your way to the top. What choice do you think I have as a youth? Who cares? In a country where justice is no longer a regular thesis which has allowed injustice to be lucrative in our contemporary society, what else is left for our children? What future are we building? A new one or a corrupted one which has been our daily routine?

Furthermore, as a writer I am not exempted for this act, because I am also a youth. As a matter of fact, mankind is the basis of corruption, and he who is living in this world must continue to renew himself in truth everyday, if not, he might have fallen whereas he would think he has not. But, can corruption be terminated from ‘life’ without reflecting in man’s life again?

Honestly, I think Nigeria is sick and it’s as if nothing is working. The youths are frustrated and the elders are still thinking they have the best routine in the world by not allowing some youths to ship in their relevant ideas for the betterment of this nation. As a youth you have to know this :

Stop waiting for the government to decide your future, perhaps you are not part of their family. There is no way she would remember you, because greediness has taken over her. Kindly build your future yourself because you are responsible for your future.–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.

I am not  the first person to write about this topic, but at times some thinking should be reviewed, so that we won’t repeat our mistakes. I hope the reader is feeling the way I am feeling, truth be told, some youths are extremely frustrated, they have no option than to be fraudulent and be a vagabond spirit looking for who to devour. Should we blame them for this? Who should be blamed for this? Parents? Government? Or the youths? At times, I feel this country is cursed, or can we accord this to destiny or predestination?

You might think  you aren’t affected, thinking your parents are flourishing without an epitome of poverty, well, it’s good to be positive, but the essence of the future is to think deeply in your present situation so that the people in the upcoming future can favour all your generations. Have you not heard this common saying, “as you sow, you shall reap.” Why are we taking everything hard as if they would live forever? Yet, have we built a nation that would sustain us for life? We are hiring the same people with different views and with the priority of deceiving people to achieve their aim. Aren’t you tired of the word called sameness?

Hmm, let me ask the reader this question : can Nigeria be a world class country in 10 years time ? NOTE: If Nigeria must achieve this assumed PLAN,her present situation would determine whether she can,and if she can’t rectify issues like insecurity, unemployment, nonpayment of salaries, unstable electricity (etc). How would she  achieve this? The citizens are waiting for leaders who would solve all shortcomings once and for all, yet deception is what they see. Let eternity forfeit the agreed plan and come without permission, because the powerful ones have immortalized themselves as if they won’t die again. Why is this so?

The graveyard is not silent anymore, people at this location have become noisy especially parents who left their children untimely. They are afraid that the future of their children and youths is not save, as a matter of fact, the only way to fight for those that are alive is to come to life, but he who is dead should maintain and sustain in the land of the dead. Who is responsible for the future of Nigerian  youths? Who will fight for them?

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua explains,” if youths must build an everlasting future that would benefit them and their children, they should forget the bad deeds of their forefathers and existing fathers, they must not use those bad deeds to act,or use them as a foundation rather they should proffer some solutions which would take them to the land of fruition.

If these youths don’t take responsibility of their future,who will? If no one is helping you, will you sit and relax? Let’s be sincere with ourselves as I explain below :

The enmity in this country started when Nigeria gained her independence,as tribalism became the formation of political parties, everyone wanted to dominate and become the most influential. They forgot to create a future for all, which all citizens would benefit from. To aggravate this instability, despite the establishment of political parties to liberate the people, these leaders embraced hatred and they became intoxicated with the usage of power. Now, the youths are the ones suffering the created foundation of deception. How do we solve this unfortunate story?

If we trouble ourselves about the future too much we might not be able to arrive at the point of accomplishments. We should know that everyone in this country is facing his or her problems, because no body cares. What you know might not count at times, but those with cogent connections would easily be given an easy ticket which might be consequential. From the few points I have given,are you convinced that you are responsible for your future? For proper understanding let me make a common example. Take a look at this :

If I chose to become X, I should have considered some  circumstances that won’t allow X to come to pass. Hence, I must be prepared to take the responsibility of actualizing X, in such a way that,I can’t blame the foundation, friends nor other things for not letting X to be realized. Remember, individualism is the real you, no one would assume your responsibility if you don’t.

From the above example I hope I have explained with brevity? If not, put yourself into an arena of assumptions and act as if you were, make sure you activate your mind and mental capacity because it’s only you who can unlock your hidden potentials. Although they are some naysayers whose mission is to discourage and tarnish you, but don’t be bothered ‘progress’ Should be your watchword. Well and truly, this would be like a situation of a salary earner who should be cautious of how he spends his salaries, if not, he might regret his actions in the future. If he lavished all his salaries, who would be responsible for it? This particular situation is synonymous to some youths who have refused to take their responsibility judiciously, yet they are spending their time to slay and impress, in the future they would lament woefully by saying,”our leaders should be blamed”.

I think my time is up,as I would end this short article with a simple postamble statement, as I put it below:

What part have you taken in making Nigeria a great nation? We have all been clamoring for betterment, but reverse is the case. Should we give up or be expectant that great things would fall on us? For how long are we going to wait for this? I would have loved to exempt myself from this conclusion, but in order to make it reasonable, I must relate with sanity and insanity. Honestly, many people have suggested different ways, but it’s as if the glory of this nation is static. Are we progressing or regressing? We are all living for ourselves and everyone wants to be superior and  elegant in all ramifications, once in power, you would want to be there forever. You would be accountable for your life someday , but you are responsible for your future until the real deal comes for her final evaluation. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.