A slay queen is a person that is not satisfied until she meets  her doom which might lead to death. If that should be the case, what hope would be given to her aftermath? Repentance? Or liberty to continue in the same quest? – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.


What gain would it be if a fake is what you want? Who are you living for? Who are you impressing? Your friends? Your enemies? Kindly be truthful and let us know the fact. Why did you choose a life of a slay queen? What has brought you into the realm of deception? What  and who instigated you? Perhaps, I know the reason why I am asking these questions, because my heart is perturbed by the sudden death of  a slay queen who met her doom all in the name of MONEY. Would she avenge her death? Or would God fight for her? This should be a lesson for the upcoming slay queens.

But, would they listen? Would they study the lives of those who were there before them, so that they won’t fall into the pit of destruction? The notion of a slay queen has become a profession for them. As a matter of fact, if they don’t do it they can’t survive. As I put it below :

 I have been wondering about the main reason why they have chosen this path, may be it’s because I am not a woman, perhaps I would have felt the same way. The question is: for how long would a slay queen continue to slay? The body can’t work forever, it would get to a stage where she would demand her own time for her to rest. But as a slay queen, I know  your focus is centered on money making, so that you would be able to fit into this evolving society. In other words, you need to spend and let your friends know you are a big girl. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.

What a life we are? I doubt if their consciousness is still available as they have used social media to be their permanent site because they know that men would keep agitating for sex. At times, the realness of these slay queens is mostly kept in order to pervert the audience. As a matter of fact, to show their reality is to give them less, but the fake life attracts an exorbitant price which some men would concur with. Well, it’s a life of a slay queen.

Truth be told, it’s a perfect journey of ritualism as  regards the issue of money, but the future is in tears. As some people would ask, “what alternatives have I created for them if they are to leave the life of a slay queen?”  well, read my response below :

I don’t have to create anything for  their survival, it’s pride that has made them to feel they can’t humble themselves by  embracing  some jobs that are not dubious. Perhaps, it’s what they have been nurturing and it has grown beyond, it’s either to slay or be slain. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Let me proceed with my  compendium and put the audience into the  know with this controversial topic. As a matter of fact, I know some slay queens will be intrigued or astonished by this article, well it’s a life of a slay queen. What profit does it give? Are they creating a nation for themselves or for the upcoming ones? I haven’t discovered the essence, I need some cogent answers as regards this profession. To add to this execrable job known as a slay queen. On social media they are always trending even their uniqueness can be depicted in their names.

What profit does it bring? Money? Fame? Or a celebrity recognition? Yet, some women would be demanding for gender equality when some women are disgracing some women. As I put it below :

If  slay queens should go on strike, what would be the future of some men? What would be their reaction? The notion of slay queens has added to the issue of domestic violence in the society, if this is true, then all women would need to have a meeting because they are the ones disturbing themselves. In addition to this, in a society where slay queens are like a kingdom, don’t even agitate for equality or gender equality,because women are envious in nature. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.

I would excavate my thoughts and I would make them dance to the music of knowledge. Hence, the issue about slay queens shouldn’t be ridiculed, but it should be given a good attention, because whether you like it or not, it’s an everlasting existence. Some people have been forced to ask this question : would these slay queens marry? Truth be told, it’s a question that appears simple, but Kindly see below as I put it:

A slay queen might be fortunate to get a good husband, but I doubt if her past won’t bifurcate her marriage, that is why every step in life demands an appropriate thinking. She might have the grace of forgiveness, but the glimpse of her past would always be in the museum for remembrance. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.

As I am writing this article the tears gushing  internally can’t be seen, but it can be felt by the writer, I guess it’s for the sake of the slay queens. I have nothing to offer them or do you? If you do, I would like you to remember this :

If you choose to render help to them by bringing them out of the shackles of this misfortune, would they not run their sexual-political ambition at one side without notifying you? Perhaps, he who God hasn’t changed can’t be changed.–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.

The lessons of the past should be an example to those who desire to be in an arena of fake reality. But, money is so tempting and deceiving. Her appearance is accompanied by different thinking which may provoke an individual to be desperate. Hence, the life of a slay queen would be difficult to leave, in lieu of this, she might decide to hang it for a while and resume back when things become intractable or hard. Honestly speaking, if I were to be a woman and I have no hope, what would be my next agenda? To be a slay queen? Or what? As I put it below :

If being a slay queen would put an end to all atrocities in one’s life, then it would be a job for all, but in a case where it would aggravate one’s fruition, why should it be a profession? Well, “if I were to be a slay queen, I would also think ahead as regards the unknown return, whether it’s true or not, definitely my time would expire one day. The funny thing is, it has no date, month and year like a normal product, which means my life has an unknown limitation. ” If it is said that, ‘life is nothing, so enjoy while you are alive,’ this shouldn’t be desired in a wayward manner. I  guess I am writing too much, don’t worry let the conclusion be your decision. 

          Thanks for your time. 

                 Yours faithfully. 

     Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 





              THE ILLUMINATI 
  What else is left in this world? What is new on  this earth? I hope my thinking won’t kill me one day. But, for how long will  I continue to be a critical reminiscer? I guess it’s part of life to think about the past in order to avoid some futuristic mistakes, but I hope people won’t repeat the mistakes of others which they have committed as a result of the light, the pyramid, the eye, and the eternal. All these are symbols belonging to this occultic  group. I have no hatred for them, what I  am perturbed about is, the way they haven’t been able to tell their members the authentic truth about their establishment. All what I have been hearing is, they follow the aforementioned symbols which will bring them fame, fortune, wealth, and a lucrative job. In other words, you can have anything you desire.

   What gain is it if I don’t know what I am serving? The obscure thing about this group is, their mentality is positioned on earthly acquisition only. Yet, their members have failed to question  their suspicious identity in which they are  using to cajole people into their territory. Everything will continue to appear good in your presence, fame and wealth will always be at your doorsteps, but always remember that, it’s more than a trap. I will liken it to be a trap of eternity. As a matter of fact, this illuminati has not unveiled her true identity, and if you study their belief properly you would know that, they know that the over is certain. Kindly examine this definition of  “illuminati “ gotten from an English Dictionary :       

“An alleged global, elite, secret society which has  its ultimate objective the subjugation of humanity (world domination or New World Order).”

   Take a look at the words I purposely converted into a  small view, that is, the subjugation of humanity. From the definition you could see their purpose and mission, if that should be the case, what are they doing it for? Who are they doing it for? As they have claimed that they are not related to Satanism, perhaps one is permitted to worship any deity. Now, let’s examine the meaning of the word “DEITY” gotten from an English Dictionary: 

“The state of being a god; divine characteristics, godhead.A divine being; a god or goddess.”

 If the  above definition is true, then it is contrary to GOD’S EXISTENCE. Perhaps, when something is a deity it becomes tricky somehow, in such a way that, one is free to commit immorality. Let me ignite your thinking in order for you to understand my arguments so far :

   “Deities are real, because God is real, if not, these deities won’t be accountable at end. Hence, there is a God somewhere supervising all affairs which you know, but the mission of this elite group is, to subdue your thinking by making you assume you can act anyhow. Have you not heard this? If you do anyhow, you will see anyhow. “–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

  They control the world, so if you are planning to be a messiah in this world you must join the party. If you are not ready to sell, don’t even bother to buy. They are in their last days, so they need to bring  more candidates to their kingdom, I won’t judge them and I won’t say they are going to hell, If I do, I might upset my creator. The journey to becoming a star won’t be an easy one, yet you want to have the whole world, you want people to keep clamoring your name all the time. You want to be the talk of the town, what essence will it give? 

   A deceptive action tinted in a good manner, would  God allow you to worship anything? What “light” are they following? What “pyramid”are they following? What” eye”  are they following? What “eternal” are they following? Show your real identity and let people know your stand, let us know the  rights you have been claiming, if it is right, then, we can join you to fight for it. But, in a case where one is  not straightforward, what would you expect? Is it not deception? 


  It is as if most people aren’t aware of this particular organization, or may be they are, but they have underestimated their predominance. Truth be told, I could feel the pains of eternity struggling to end the world, she’s tired of all these disastrous occurrences. She has been begging the creator, because she’s angry. She wants to reign forever just as it has been ordained. But, the creator told her to wait for her time. Hence, time has been instructed to quicken herself. If that should be the case, the last days would appear like the tower of babel, but it won’t be completed, because it is a disguised concept created in order to obstruct mankind. They hid the truth and spiced it with deception for man’s consumption. 

  Honestly, all I know is, there is a God. Is not the case that He’s silent, He’s waiting for His time. You should know that, God has His own time. Some skeptics might ask me these following questions : how sure are you that there is GOD? Have you seen Him?  What if His existence wasn’t real? These few questions may put your mind to the state of doubt, but it is a conspiracy. If something is not real, why battling with it? Because it’s real that is why  they are finding different ways to end it. Their watchword is, “kindly sell your soul and acquire what you have been looking for. They will only show you the positive aspects, but when you are IN, the OUT will be difficult. 


    It’s a battle we have to fight, but either it’s for or against.  A battle that will take many lives, tears will be natural. How many lives are we  going to sacrifice? It’s so sad that the entire world has gotten to the stage of destruction, as a writer, what choice do I have? I have nothing to lose, but I have something to achieve. Yet, the illuminati has taken over everything , even using some churches as a tabernacle of atrocities. What choice do you have!!! Tell  me, when everything has turned into a comic state, we tend to laugh at everything, thinking it is, whereas it’s not. As a matter of fact, mankind will continue to joke until reality becomes angry. If she is, nobody can beg her to return to her normal state. 

   I hope you are following my explanations so far, don’t be carried away by the displays happening on earth, it’s a strategic distraction. Let’s ask ourselves the following questions : why offering fame and wealth when they won’t last? Why not offer the kingdom of God? Why offering war to attain peace? Must it be bad before it can be good? Why must I sell my soul in order to acquire the world? All these questions should be set just like an alarm which wakes us everyday, if the human life is short, and nothing will be taken after departure, then why should I buy a shaky happiness? 

 ” As long as we live on earth, the only choice we have is, to decide within, whether we like it or not, it is a trap created for us. The debt has been paid already, it is left for us to use the opportunity to correct all abnormalities. At times, I tend to question myself severally, may be, I have been  infected by rigorous thinking. It looks as if the world is dominating the world, not God dominating the world. As a matter of fact, if you have sold your soul, kindly reclaim it, because time would soon be replaced with eternity. “- – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 






     I can’t hide this, it is impossible for me to keep this moment. How I wish I could fly on my own to see God personally. But, I have a dream that one day I will see Him, so that He can give me the true definition of freedom. I am dejected and perplexed, no wonder some people are committing suicide. Is that an option? Once again, where is the freedom? Real or fake? I have placed my mind on eternity, and if it fails, then what hope do I  have? Does it mean the world will continue to recycle all things? As a matter of fact, take a glance at the following questions :

     What vision do I have in this life? What age will I make it? What is the definition of a successful man? What am I going to do with life? Is the grace enough to rectify my life? Who will save me? Man? Society? Friends? Who wants to help? Somebody or nobody? How will I survive? Should I exit this world? Or I should continue striving for survival? All these questions are currently on my mind as I am writing this article. I am crying internally, I feel I am not really at a good point in my life. What do I do? I have a dream coupled with a good vision, some people might say, Philosophy is affecting my thinking, but it’s for a purpose. Can something be without appealing to something?

       Hence, it’s for a purpose. I can’t know everything, but the little I have acquired I have been putting it into practice. I feel deserted by the society, I feel impeded in my heart. I heard that hardwork equals to success, but it should be “hardwork and grace”  equals to success. I have been trying to figure out my life, but I discovered my true autarchy when  I was an undergraduate which I said to myself that, “I will become a professor”. I hope this dream will come to pass soon. Impatience is a disease she might tempt you to misbehave in order to forfeit your dreams. Yet, I have always been hearing this, “God’s time is the best”. I want the audience to remember this, “death radiates without time“.  What choice do I have? Where is freedom? Hidden? Or alive?

       If I should commit suicide, it will pain nobody, perhaps I am not a popular man. The funny thing  is, it is easier to become popular when one is dead than when one is alive. Social media will publicize such an individual without demanding for money, who can wrestle with the dead? Honestly, it’s a mayhem which I can’t hide. As long as I live I will continue to push till something happens, but how about grace? How about destiny? Will it come out as I have thought? I am not doubting, perhaps what is the purpose of mankind if not to doubt?

        Well and truly, very soon we would all vanish from this world in order to give an account about how we have used our freedom. Even the freedom given to us is being monitored for the purpose of judgment. Hence, where is freedom? In an arena where freedom becomes dependent, then it is not freedom. Where is my freedom? Where is your freedom? Is good or bad part of my freedom which I can choose within? My heart is heavy and I am really wounded, not everyone that laughs is happy, such an individual might be faking it. Who cares about what you are battling? All they want to see is your accomplishments, so that they can party with you.

       At some point in one’s life, you might not have the opportunity to think rigorously, so whatever opportunity you see should be utilized. Has freedom hidden herself, so that she can also be free? If freedom is seeking for freedom, then something is wrong. Life will only be interesting if someone is rich, only the rich will desire to live long, but people in penury will desire for an end to everything, yet the struggle must continue. Are you in or out? I want to be wealthy, I want to ride exotic cars, I want to live large and enlarge my coast, yet I am waiting for God’s time. When? What time will it be?

      Let the doors of heaven be opened, let those in heaven listen to the lamentations of an orphan. Let them be aware of my thoughts, let them rescue me and reward me for my good deeds, let them forgive me, if I have offended anyone.  I  am weak, but I must move on, I am always at a corner thinking deeply. Do I have a purpose like this? If I  don’t believe in myself, who else will? I have concluded that no matter what happens I must be strong and be vibrant. What else will I say? I have cast myself for the future, but I hope she will be fair enough to buttress me with good fortunes. Freedom where are you?

     If freedom should go on exile, what would you do? Come back to us if you are still on exile,because in a society where freedom is absentia, dynamicity  will be staticity. 

     What is going on? Is freedom angry? Has she been carried away by the worldly displays? Let’s be sincere to ourselves with some few words :

         “Freedom is an agitation whose mission is to make people realize their potential through the creation of consciousness in order to be liberated. Hence, your freedom is yourself.” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

     ” The return of freedom will be brutal, I guess she’s on exile.”


          Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 






      As for those hiding under the canopy  of God, It is time to speak the truth and let the vast majority know your status in this world. I know it won’t be easy because of the fame and wealth  you have acquired, but this is a final warning to mankind and also to the writer, if I am not truthful and I am doing the things that don’t please GOD. He will take the decision,if He takes it, what will be my next hope? If that should be the case, how will these fake men of God be judged?  Some men of God whose mantra have changed from salvation to prosperity. They have forgotten the main purpose God called them for, what a pity. Where is your love for salvation? 

      I am not afraid to speak because it’s only God that can be exempted from criticism, but in as much as we are humans and we live in this world castigation is constant. But, where is the zeal of the church? Where is the oneness? They  have forgotten salvation,they have elevated  the wealthy class in the church to the extent that, they even sit at the front all in the name of money. What would a poor man do? A poor man who has no money to comfort himself will definitely feel inferior and seek for solutions to his penury life. Is the church still alive? If God preaches equality, why are you struggling to yield to this word? 

       Where are we going? Even on social media when the name, “God” is being mentioned less attention is given, but when it comes to gossips,people tend to react positively by contributing immensely. If X is  a product of ALLAH, X  will definitely speak about Islam.  Hence,if Y is a product of JESUS CHRIST, Y will surely speak about Christianity. Some pastors are deviating, they have become an advocator for the devil with a garment of God. This has become one of my former articles titled “MISLED BY PERCEPTION“, what is really going on with all churches? 

       Are they really preaching salvation? Have they forgotten this assertion in the Bible, “seek first the kingdom of God?”. In this contemporary society, some pastors are expressing what the congregation want in order to earn respect and wealth, as for them what you wear doesn’t matter, in as much as God always looks at one’s heart. Hence, you are welcome. As a matter of fact, the establishment of a church has become a lucrative job for some people, no wonder it is written, “many are called, but few are chosen“.  When the time comes those that  are real will be known, there is no place created that is hidden. 

       I don’t know how that day will look like,but I think  that the systematic operation  on that day will accommodate all human beings, so that judgment will be given to everyone. I am not judging anyone neither am I castigating anyone, as long as you are a human being you are subjected to criticism which is not extricable. A world where we have several churches with different doctrines and approaches. What else is left in this  world where churches fight against each other? Can you sense or feel the end of all things? 

      Even those worshipping in truth are beginning to deviate from the truth, because the church has fallen apart, yet who will recall and revival the unity of the church? To add to this exegesis, some churches do fight all in the name of tithes and offerings, they have pocketed salvation and they have replaced it with money which alerted evil, may be they have forgotten that, “the love of money is the root of evil“. They have switched off their light of consciousness because of this worldly pleasure. Time is ticking, God is waiting. Are you ready? 

       When the time comes everyone will know the true means of assessing God. He will be the one to clarify how He has been making everything to work Judiciously. There will be no two sides, but one. It depends on the side you are now. Some  pastors, prophets,and apostles should be ready for confrontation, the question will be,how did you lead my people when you were in the world? This question may bring tears or joy, it will be like  a particular moment in a movie when a flashback is being used to show one’s deeds, how I wish there will be a place of remedy, but the only remedy provided is this world.  

       Honestly, this world is getting sick, especially the way religion is overtaking every scene. If you claim that heaven is sure for you,  always remember that you are in the world of  SIN. You are not perfect neither am I, for you to remain in holiness you must always be conscious all the time and relate  with godly people. But, this world is a mixture of different human beings which you might get provoked any point, in a nutshell reviving the church will cost years of sacrifice because “evil and good” are now friends, only GOD can purify the church. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 


       Finally, at this juncture I will like to vacate this scene, so that the audience can think about this. As a matter of fact, all my articles are always short and straightforward, but at times they may require a critical thinking. The church is lost, who will recall her? Is God quiet?






     Dear God, please don’t watch us deviate from your rules and regulations, the world is engulfed with hatred, war,killing and other atrocious things. When are you coming? Today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? The church you established has been divided physically and spiritually. When will you come? THE CHURCH IS LOST. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.



                THE 80TH ARTICLE 


      Before proceeding into this controversial topic, let’s know the meaning of these subject matters : what is poverty? What is sin? “Poverty is the state of being poor or to lack something while sin is to do something that is considered wrong according  moral  or religious law”. – – Merriam Webster Dictionary.

                      MY ARGUMENTS.

     This article came as a result of some people proclaiming this statement that, “Poverty is a sin”. Although no one will want to dance to the tunes of poverty, but in a case when people who are in abject penury are agitating in order to break the chain of poverty we shouldn’t say poverty is a sin, to say that poverty is a sin implies that, anyone who dies in poverty has committed an offense and will be judged by the supreme being without pity. It’s not the case that such  individuals have not worked and struggled, but X wasn’t rewarded on time. Will X be blamed for this? Who is to be blamed? 

      This common statement “Poverty is a sin” has disorganized the thoughts of many, even some people have engaged themselves in ritualistic thinking. When you emphasize mainly on this,the vast majority who are under your ministry will have no choice, but to start searching for options which would  lead them  away from God. I don’t think God will be happy with this, perhaps the foundation of this world was not  laid by wealth, but by words. If that is the case, use good  words to transform your life. To say that ‘poverty is a sin’ is to threaten the audience to do anything to get wealth. There should be a way to say this.

      As a matter of fact, it’s better to say, “Poverty is not an option, don’t be comfortable with it”. How about this? Gradually, they will start thinking about how to enhance and enlarge their coast towards acquiring wealth, because poverty is not an option. What I would like to ask the audience is, can a person who is serving God truthfully be in poverty? Don’t we have some cases where there are such individuals? If such individuals die in poverty, it has been said that they shall inherit the kingdom of God. Is this true? If this is true, then can we say that the foreordained is at work? That is, their lives have been created with poverty in order to see God at the end. Is this real? 

     Yet, truth be told, poverty is not good. What poverty does is to create an immature thinking by decorating it  with a matured thinking. If X is infected with poverty anything he or she sees will be good, perhaps poverty doesn’t give options, she gives restrictions. If X is wealthy he or she will have  options and restrictions. Let me tell this secret: wealth has the power to create poverty. Remember this word “power”. 

        What I am bemoaning is the way some religions assert that poverty is sin, therefore putting their ministry in danger. It would have been better if the word sin is not included, because it is, this belongs to the realm of religion. Howbeit, repressing on  the aforementioned statement won’t assist the vast majority in structuring their future, rather it would instigate them to engaging themselves in some unscrupulous acts which the devil might benefit from. In an arena where prosperity is always their mantra, salvation will be forgotten. All what I have been hearing is prosperity, perhaps who does not want to be in wealth? Who will like to live in penury?  Who will volunteer and pray for poverty increment? 

        The more they hear that poverty is a sin, this will encourage them to do the unexpected. If poverty is a sin, then anyone who dies in poverty will go to hell. Is that the implication? In as much as it has been assumed religiously that no sinner will be welcomed by God on judgment day. Hence, all those in poverty will be cast out. If God should judge by using this criterion, then He won’t be God anymore. Yet, man tend to hide himself under the umbrella of God by saying, “Poverty is a sin” whereas He has not said so. Is it their wish to be in poverty? How will something bad be convenient for them? Yet, the best thing some set of individuals can do is to frustrate and add to their disaster. 

       Is it their choice? If you were to be given the opportunity to choose anything in life,will you choose poverty? What will come to your mind is wealth. I need to make it clear in my few words, I don’t know maybe I am right, afterall everyone is entitled to express or postulate opinions. I want the audience to follow every line, because it might and might not involve a critical thinking. Check this below 

    We are in a world where everyone must fight for survival. The rich wants to be wealthy. The poor wants to be rich. To deteriorate the matter, religion added her doctrines into the hearts of people,by using the bad aspects to bring good things,instead of using the good aspects to send bad things to exile. As a matter of fact, how I wish poverty can be banished for life. How I wish there is a regulatory organization that will make wealth to be a common acquisition. Well and truly, it has been asserted that, not everyone will be wealthy which also implies that, some people are meant to be in poverty. But, what can be done? I have noticed that it’s not the case that some wealthy individuals don’t want to help, but they are afraid of dethronement. Who will rescue them? – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 


      Truth be told, all what the world has been saying is, money. What makes you go out everyday? Some might say, “I don’t even care about the money, but it’s just that I am passionate about it”. At the end, what will be the result? If money will not end it, then be ready to create a nation of poverty. Finally, to erase poverty, let your mind be engulfed with an assumed wealth. 

    (C) 2017 





                      A CONCEPTION 

    How I wish I could verify the hearts of these prostitutes, so that I can know all their thoughts. I have been wondering what it feels like to be a prostitute, but I can’t be one, I can only examine them and look at their motives. The question is, why prostitution in the first place? – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 

      If X decides to engage in this job called prostitution, what must have been the basic reason for such an act? In as much as prostitution is mostly common to women, I will  start the argument from there, not with the conception of quarreling with the vast majority, or supporting, or going against this profession, but I would be sincere by exempting my emotions, so that reality will prevail. As a matter of fact, only God is fit to judge.  If the origin of Y is unknown, why must you say what it’s not. Some people might ask, why can’t I be one? 

      What story will I tell? Perhaps, these prostitutes may have a genuine reason for engaging themselves in this profession. If that should be the case, what reason do I have? If have no father or mother and no one is catering for me, should this motivate me to be a prostitute? Afterall I am not the first to witness this tragedy. If the circumstances of life are so deplorable and the situations within are pejorative, what else will be left for me? The above connotes the possible questions which might be in the hearts of these prostitutes. 

      If you launch an attack towards these prostitutes coupled with your hatred, will this solve this act? These prostitutes are regarded as sinners whose lives are not worthy to emulate. One question I will ask you is, can your way of living be emulated? It is not the case that these prostitutes are extremely bad, but in a case where the unemployed ones are idle. What will be the outcome? It might be an addiction that led them to this act. What a pity, it has become the survival of the fittest and we live in order to survive. 

       Anytime you hear the word prostitute, what comes to your mind? Oh! She’s a bad woman full of abnormalities, but it’s not the case that she’s bad. You should have given her a chance to express herself may be her  excuses will be palatable and acceptable. Truth be told, these prostitutes have made married men to forget themselves, thus they no longer enjoy the romance in their home. What a pity, an insider is now an outsider. All in the name of that pleasure. Despite this fact, one should know that prostitution has effects. 

      Although, it has been labelled as the world’s oldest profession, but this doesn’t mean that prostitution should be regarded or disregarded. My questions are: if a prostitute decides to quit this profession, will she be able to cope outside it? Do you think she will leave this profession easily? What if her husband can’t satisfy her, will she Visit her past? Which job is available for her? If Pride will allow humility to flourish, then it will make sense . Perhaps, prostitution is not the only job. 

      Prostitution has become a nation, she has her own policies binding her people. If she has a nation, how can we eliminate a nation? They are growing with alacrity, yet they will be the last prostitutes on earth, because the upcoming prostitutes know that this profession won’t last. Hence, the time of judgment is coming. Although,if a man should decide to get married to a prostitute, don’t you think they might break up? Somehow, they might encounter a person who has Romanced her who is a friend to her husband. Is this scenario not common? 

      Do you think the husband won’t seek for divorce? To be candid, when engaging oneself in prostitution, one should always remember the outcome. It is the matter of two ways. Life has been ridiculed to the extent that sex has become common, it’s not something private. It is very essential to note that, if a woman sleeps with different men, when it is time to decide about your marital life you may be afraid because of the repercussion, even on your wedding day you will be gazing about because of your past. True or false? You will say, “if I knew I would have thought of it”. A former thinking will become a present thinking, tears won’t affect your decision. 

    Soon, it will be over, but you will have to pay the past not to reveal those things. The past is so wicked to the extent that she will make you feel the extreme sympathy of your past by passing them to the present  just like a gift. Let’s relax and think about this question : can you bribe the past? If prostitution will come for vengeance, which is very obvious, you might say, “after doing this profession I will leave the state. This won’t solve the problem because water is common to mankind and you would meet her anywhere, perhaps the probability of meeting some people you have  met in the past is certain. If that should be the case, how do you tend to abscond this fact? 

       Although most religions detest prostitution because it is seen as an illegal act, but if I were to be a prostitute and I am performing my moral obligations coupled with the stipulated rules and regulations of God. What else is left? Remember one thing, God only proposed His judgment, but he has not revealed to mankind about how He will judge, if not, mankind will become an extremist. In spite of this, can’t you see the level of criticism? As a matter of fact, there is more to judgment and this is a question for the unknown. You know? If X should tell  a prostitute to stop this act, would X marry her? When you are trying to collect a particular thing from someone, try to create a certain alternative. But these prostitutes might be the last on earth, no place to hide,because all things will soon be valueless. If that should be the case, what would be their gain? 

     Truth be told, this profession adds no value which I must be sincere with. Or if you love sex, why not look for a man to capture who is also active? Prostitution is profession that gives a shameful conception, meanwhile you will think it’s normal, afterall we only live once. ‘We live one’ is not even the matter, but if you have lived an unreasonable life, how do you tend to come back to correct those mistakes? Is there a second chance? If this life is once, then the only thing I can do is to be moderately good, perhaps none is perfect, or are you? Time don’t speak, she creates awareness.

                      A THOUGHT 

      There are some things I want to say, but time won’t permit me because I need to be cautious. You know  about the reading culture which I have been  talking about. But, how will you feel if one of your relatives is a prostitute? In a scenario where prostitution is the only means of survival, will you do it? Is prostitution bad? Is it their joy to engage themselves in this profession? Were they forced or lured to do this job? I have given you few questions, the comment box is always open. – – – AKINRULIE OPEYEMI JOSHUA 


                To Be Continued…