The question, “when will you marry?” has sent some singles into early marriages therefore forgetting the basics of marriage. Honestly, marriage is not by force but I feel it’s just an everlasting platform which tends to create a shelter of companionship, although one might get a divorce if it’s not convenient, but of what essence is the conglomeration when it will be divided in the future? Where is the love in the prima facie? Has it faded?

I think I need to give a better example for the benefits of my ever gallant and impeccable audience. I will answer the above question (when will you marry?) as if I am the victim. Hence, I will assume that question is for me, but kindly note, “this is not the real mind of the writer, it’s just an assumed character.marriage is a good thing,but the problems within her circle must be handled by solid minds. It’s not a juvenile race.

When will you marry? I have looked at this world critically with Impartiality I have noticed that the aforesaid question is so common in our contemporary society,howbeit, one needs to distinguish these two statements : who will you marry? & when will you marry?. If I should say, who will I marry? It means, I haven’t seen any one yet. If someone should ask me, when will you marry? It implies, may be, I am currently in a relationship and considering engaging the person on a permanent move. Yet, there are some things that must be in place before you get married.

As some would say, how would a bachelor be an adviser to upcoming marriages? Is he married? What does he know about marriage? We learn a lot of things in the society we are, the good and bad occurrences are not just a ‘mere coincidence’, after all, learning from historical compendiums gives you an insight of what a particular thing is. But, it doesn’t mean that problems won’t arise. As a matter of fact, problems are meant to stay and it’s left to you to decide the way or pattern you will handle them.

In as much as, money has become part of the tools of a good marriage in some cases . Some would say, let us manage and when we get married everything would be in place, in short, blessing would come from nowhere. Is it in all cases? If it worked for X, would it work for Y? If marriage involves maintenance, what would one use to maintain? Is money not pivotal? Some would say, how about trust, love and care? I doubt if those three things are still in existence unless we take the past to the present. If they are, that would be an uncommon scenario.

In this global world that moves with alacrity, how do you show true love without money? Have you forgotten that whoever has money has the high tendency of earning an enormous respect? Even as a husband your wife would respect, not all women can embrace penury. You must rise and make money, you would see the queue would have no end. I think, every woman loves to explore, especially going on vacation to relax and get illuminated. If that is the case, how can one achieve this without money?

Or am I not making sense? Some would also say, let us get married, God would be there for us, well, he’s everywhere, but to rely on God without a plan won’t give him the avenue to react seriously to solving your problems rather you would be seen as an unserious fellow who hasn’t used his or her freewill judiciously. Remember, God did not force you into marriage, you made the decision.

What future have you pictured for your wife and children? Although, there is no certainty about the future since human beings are subjected to change. But that doesn’t mean one should be reckless by forfeiting the plans. I am not a motivational speaker but my aim is to provoke your thoughts in relation to this subject matter. There is no perfect person, there is a right person, at times, not everyone can’t be built,you have to let go.

There are some situations when you have true feelings, but such an individual won’t see it that way. Why? Because he or she has no feelings for you. The essence of love as related to companionship is for two lovers to let their intimate feelings join together so that they would have a clear vision about their home, children, career, purpose, etc. If all these few things have mentioned are not seen the same way within them. I doubt if peace would reign. Then the question, #who will I marry? Would appear for query.

It’s a simple thing to give advice when you are outside the court. Your views would be subjective, thinking, this is an easy task until there is need for you to be in the court. In order not to elongate this article it’s high time I closed this aphorism with a sagacious comment as related to when will you marry?

Well, this is a bitter truth and this might not accede with your belief. Truth be told, always think rigorously before embarking on this journey that demands “emotion and passion”. It’s a lifetime partnership, so sit and take your time it’s not a competition. There are times you will fight, but it’s necessary, however, your reconciliation should not take time, everything isn’t the devil’s work, take full responsibility.

As said, I am not a motivator. I write according to what I have experienced within the society and current happenings. If they should ask this question : when will you marry? Tell them : I am still in a meeting with marriage.



Opeyemi Akinrulie writes,I am just an ordinary man learning everyday in order to improve myself in all ramifications. It’s not the case that I have an experience concerning a well structured marriage ,but I have observed that some marriages can’t be resolved as a result of domestic violence, lack of children and trust etc. All these have bifurcated the union of a husband and wife. What is the solution to this wilderness? If there is a wilderness in a marriage division would be happy to dwell in that arena.

Well,if I may ask those who are married. Is marriage an easy institution? What sustains a marriage? Who is the most troublesome in a marriage? The husband or wife? It is said that ,it’s those who are in marriage can advise each other,I agree, but in this contemporary society where some People are sagacious with the intelligent concept of solving people’s problems through the observance of various disputes in marriages,don’t you think they can also proffer solutions?

As a matter of fact, he who is in the box won’t be able to see conveniently. Why is your marriage in the wilderness? You have turned your wife to a practical exhibition in order to show your strength through beating .Are you responsible at all? Every day you reign curses on your husband without considering that karma is always in partnership with consequences. What have you done?

Things were good at first when you got married to him,but wealth became scarce and you left to search for greener pastures. Where is your love for him? Mr man, She suffered with you when you were nothing ,now you have become a business tycoon ,no time for her anymore, you went ahead to marry a second wife,you betrayed her. Is this the way to repay a faithful wife?

Madam,your husband is too old he can’t satisfy you again,you would need a young and agile man to titillate and satisfy you. Remember this statement during your conglomeration : “for better and for worse till death do us part”. What are you looking for? You have become a general market to all men, in other words, any vibrant man can sleep with you so far he can dig deep. Well, it’s a world of distrust between both parties. Who should be blamed?

Mr man, you are very covetous and all what you do is to follow all women without preference, you don’t even have a taste. Why have you given your love to whores? You have taken your wife for granted to the extent that she has no meaning to you. As a matter of fact, you have divided your love for her, but remember that when love is divided it becomes a broken home. If that should be the case, how would your children react to this? What mindset would they have? What morality would they pass to their children?

Wilderness is happy that she has found where she would establish her city, she has no plans to leave. As a matter of fact, she has fumbled that no one can question her edicts. Mankind has a lot to learn, if not, sensibility would commit suicide because man has refused to utilize her. How can one exempt marriage from the wilderness? How can one have a peaceful marriage without distortion? Let me be sincere with myself, although I am not bothered by the futuristic nemeses,whether I like it or not, it would surely happen as I have no power to dictate the future but I guess there is need for one to be tested. However, wilderness is necessary in marriage, if not, the story about “imperfection” would have been tagged as a lie.

I hope I am not expressing too much? Don’t worry I won’t elongate it rather I would close the chapter of knowledge, so that you won’t get exhausted. Whether married or single some day you would be annoyed and provoked, you would feel downgraded and disrespected, I am sure maturity is for all, except if you choose to be childish. I would close this aphorism with some delectable words below :

Some people have vowed not to get married, thinking that it’s an avenue for them to escape the above subject matter MARRIAGE – IN- THE WILDERNESS. I once asserted that, “no one is safe we are all pretending to be”. If that should be the case, a safe place is yet to be created. As for me, I have decided to take things easy, I have decided to forgive and be kind to those who have offended me. As it is said, “forgiving is living”. If the aforementioned assertion is true, why should wilderness be my mantra or dictum?

As a matter of fact, this article is not only in the context of joining a man and woman together, but it’s also an expository analysis about what man has engaged himself to. That is, marriage pertaining to (husband and wife) and marriage pertaining to platonic displays.

Nonetheless I don’t want to divert your attention to another phase of life, truth be told, the issue of marriage is like a country. In order to put an end to this article, so that it won’t be voluminous,I would say, ‘reading’ is not for the lazy ones and marriage should be given a world of understanding.

Finally, no one would cure the wilderness in your home, even when you tell some people your problems you might end up regretting it. Remember, “A wound can be healed, but a scar would continue to be a sign of remembrance. If you can’t settle your disputes inwardly, the world would celebrate your Calamities.”

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua



The above topic shouldn’t be a strange thing. As a matter of fact, many marriages have been destroyed, some have been able to settle while some have vowed not to reconcile. What must have caused this division? Is it domestic violence? Dishonesty? Lack of trust? Or the interference of bad friends pretending to be good? Although marriage is a good thing, but when the notion of divorce is invited one would think life is unfair. As a bachelor the reader might be attempted to ask that, have I experienced this scenario in reality? Or am I just randomizing?

Well, he who says that,his society has not offered him anything or he hasn’t gleaned anything from his environ should be questioned, because learning is the paradigm of the society. Hence it’s an indirect experience. I am just reacting to it through my inner thoughts which are always knowledgeably provocative. Don’t you know that,you can use other thoughts to create your own thoughts,perhaps, how do you tend to know when society isn’t at your neck? I think marriage is an institution some women think of, hoping that someday they would be admitted, in response to this 👇👇👇👇

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua puts it below to that single woman who is ready to mingle:

I hope you are ready for the tasks ahead,I hope you have consolidated that your weak mind, I hope you have weighed some circumstances that would occur, I hope you are ready to employ ‘patience’ as a lead role in your life, I hope you won’t get too jealous, I hope you would be careful when saying things to your friends who tend to be good, but they are deceptive inwardly, I hope you know he’s not perfect and he’s susceptible to mistakes. I have succeeded in listing few things, I wouldn’t know what you would face when married, just be of good heart ♥ and don’t get involved in domestic violence.

The argument would be incomplete without giving a stern warning ⚠ to that man who is single and ready to mingle:👇👇👇👇

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua argues, I hope you are ready to act as a man not like a man, I hope you won’t be beating or punching 👊 her like boxers who are finding titles to add to their names, I hope you would take care of her passionately, I hope you would be proud of her in public, I hope you won’t disgrace her rather you would elevate her in the presence of your friends and other subordinates. I hope you won’t cheat on her,but I guess this is an inevitable situation for some men,I hope she would always be sexy to you all the time, I hope you won’t hide anything from her which you might need to apply sagacity, yet let love and trust be your watchword, not violence.

In this contemporary society love has become nothing, some people now tend to be married on the basis of ordinariness,not on extraordinariness. Love should be the establishment when coming together, but it has been seen as nothing. Where is the love you had when you started? Where has she gone to?

How about love in a normal sense? That is without marital vows. How about those friends that vowed to stand by you when tribulations comes? Where are they now? Although this life is a matter of individualism,no matter how zealous you are towards some people, betrayal will come from within. Love was heartbroken💔 when the only video 📹 pertaining to love was shown to her. Hence, she became frustrated,dejected and confused, she said,“I am nothing” .

Love explains herself with sobriety, I thought my main establishment is to demolish hatred and let mankind love one another in harmony. Some people have used me as hatred and hatred as love. I am sick and tired of mankind I think I will take a vacation.

In response to LOVE, Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua replies, love if you leave,mankind would be disorganized and chaos would multiply. I know love has become nothing to man, and this is happening in every aspect of life. Brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters, even loyal friends have become backbiters, perhaps if you leave who would console the betrayed ones? Pardon mankind and give him one more chance to show his sincerity. As a matter of fact, it’s a world 🌍 of hatred and it’s your duty to formulate your predominance, so that man would see love as something.

Soon, it would be over, nothing would be in existence as all feelings would be quenched. The world 🌍 would be angry with herself and she would cast all good things away, but those who are wicked in heart ♥ would rejoice and they would sing 🎶 a song of comfort in discomfort. It’s a pity that love is nothing. Many scenarios have been created, so that we would be able to hate one another with the use of twisted facts.

How about religion? How about tribalism? How about racism? How about the huge bifurcation between the rich and the poor? Have I shown love? Have you shown love? I shouldn’t be exempted from these questions, have I not vowed not to talk with someone that has done something painful to me? How about you? You have said, you won’t forgive him or her. But, God won’t see that as an excuse as He would also recap your decadence in order to show you those you offended and who forgave you.

I think I am going too far in this article, but what I have been trying to explain is, let love be our paradigm and let us abolish and banish the following :

  • Domestic violence.
  • Tribalism.
  • Religious hatred.
  • Discrimination between the rich and poor.
  • Racism.

To cap these arguments, don’t you think these issues are hindering the progress of MANKIND? I have shared my opinions, but it’s left for the reader to reexamine his or her thoughts concerning these things, perhaps I am just an ordinary writer seeking to improve in all ramifications. As a matter of fact, LET LOVE BE SOMETHING TO YOU, BECAUSE LOVE IS NOT COMMON. THOSE WHO ARE, WOULD CHERISH THIS ASSERTION.

let love be something,not nothing”

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua



                  AN OVERVIEW

 In this article I may not highlight reasons why married men cheat, but the reader must follow each line carefully in order to see reasons why married men  cheat. There is no doubt that some  married men are the reigning champion when it comes to cheating, what would have caused this adulterous act? Or is it the case that married women don’t cheat? Of course, some of them cheat, but the most popular one belongs to the realm of married men. As a single man who is not married, you might be tempted to ask this question : can he handle this? So, I will want the reader to relax and enjoy my exegeses which will be like an illumination, not a defensive thought towards married men that cheat. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.


  Listen to this story, may be it might be of help to you . It’s a story of an embarked journey before embracing an institution called marriage : 

   When you saw her, her beauty was like a shining star, you didn’t hesitate to woo her. Although, she gave you a huge difficulty before accepting your proposal, finally she accepted your date invite and you became partners of love which led to your marriage. Happily married and even joyous, to the extent that people in your community always wonder where such a love lives. Soon, you have had enough sex with her, so, you wanted to try a new woman whose blood is cold and agile. The woman you married few years ago is no longer hot again. Hmm, some  women are very seductive, it will be  very hard to resist their proposal, especially when they dance and wear a sexual attire. Some women do that on purpose, how can a married man resist this indirect titillation? Should his eyes be blinded? In as much as women are living in this world, seduction will always be available. It will take grace for your man not to cheat on you when married. 

  It is very essential to note that, what rings in the mind of a married man is to bear children who will inherit him and make his family to be alive after his departure. In addition to this, anyone who has not bore a child or children might force her husband to make an alternative move towards having a child. Hence, he will neglect his adorable wife all in the name of having kids, but he has forgotten the vow he took during their conglomeration which he said, “for good  and for bad till death do us part”. This implies that, no matter the situation, whether there is a child or no child, one is not permitted to cheat. But, let me ask a woman  this question : if you were to be a man, would you stay in a marriage where your woman can’t  bear a child? Remember, it will be an easy task to judge with alacrity since you are not a man. As a matter of fact, this doesn’t warrant a man to cheat on his wife, I know some women will be happy by my supportive thoughts towards  the world of women. Yet, I will ask all women, are you submissive to your husband? Not only that, are you also romantic? What kind of clothes do you wear when you are with him? 

  Although, marrying because of  beauty is very dangerous, as it might fade at some point in life, but the truism of a marriage is when character, love and submission are convivial. It has gotten to a stage of asking several questions as regards building a home, even thinking must be taught how to think. Is it in the nature of men to cheat? I guess body structures are not  the same, so there is need  for them to try new things. I doubt if married men can keep themselves, because in this contemporary society where women contribute to the aspect of sexual orientation which has been a mental disorder for some married men. Do you think married men have the power to resist? Let me tell you one secret : most  women are not interested in single men, but ‘married men’ is the only  option for them because they feel they can handle women  with maturity. What a world!!! 

     He’s tired  of seeing her  face all the time, in his mind he would say, “I need a fresh blood”. I think one of the solutions to solving this mess is, when all women have the same body structure in such a way that what you are seeing in other women will be the same picture of your wife. But, can this be possible? Or is it an assumed imagination which can never occur? Yet, some women are complaining about  cheating. Are they not the ones betraying themselves? If it can be possible for all women to hold a world conference and agree with one voice, may be, there will be a way out. But, the envious nature of women serves as an impediment for their progress. If people who are to stop this act can’t settle within themselves, how do you expect a total abolition to take place? 

    How about musical videos? Or should this point be exempted? Do you think I am not making sense? Women are the ones in many videos, as they tend to display some sexual parts of their body for the sake of survival. They live for today, but how about tomorrow?  If a married man pictures the movement he’s seeing in such a video, at first, he might pretend, but seduction is a spiritual embodiment. If there were no women, then cheating will be irrelevant, but as long as some women won’t stop this seductive display, the life span of married men is at risk. Now, can you see one opinion why married men cheat? As some will argue that, can’t they hold themselves? Why not, they can hold themselves, but sensitivity instigates that erection. Perhaps, this is just a view because this won’t change anything, it’s an opinion. Take a look at this below :

    “Well, it’s a world of  different options and opinions where you can’t move beyond your destiny. It’s an encrypted arena with diverse of things to be learned,you can probe yourself and ask your maker several questions as regards your life.You can twist your gender if you like, you are free to use your free life as you want, but the mysterious part is, you don’t know the number of days or years assigned for you. You may choose to marry or remain single for life. To cap this aphorism, marriage is not by force, it’s an option.” – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. “

  I hope you are  getting my arguments as regards why married men cheat. If it is not their fault, then whose fault? As a matter of fact, some women can’t even cook a scrumptious meal, all they do is to practice how to make-up. Do you think that would stabilize your home? When you try to correct them, they tend to take you as their enemy. No matter how hard you try to get the attention of your man, in as much as he radiates within the context of women, even if, you castrate  him, he would  still find an alternative. I would have loved to emphasize on single men too, but with the way things are going married men have taken over the mantle of cheating. As a matter of fact, loyalty is hard to get. 

   Do you know that there is no tangible reason why married men cheat?  If you should ask some of them, they might  give some filmsy excuses as regards their wife. Let me make this clear : 

 ” Were you forced into marriage? Were you threatened? I guess the main aim of some of them is,to settle down with a woman of their choice and embark on the journey of cheating. Some men might be quick to counteract me by saying,” but some women also cheat “. I know, but what percentage? Because you have failed to caution yourself, you have made some women to disregard marriage by making them think that there is a sincere future with married men. Sure, the future is always bright, but at the same time, it can be dull. These married men have destroyed the future of some single women. What would be left for single men? 


  At this point, I don’t want to move beyond this boundary. It’s so sad that everything will continue to be tempting. Social media is also a platform that contributes immensely to this decadence. The display of nude pictures by some women can’t be eradicated, however, in an attempt to solving this unpalatable scenario, many might commit suicide because it has become an addiction. Should all these aforementioned platforms be banished? Of course, this can’t happen. But, the only way is, every woman should find a way of limiting the way she exposes her man to her fellow friends, if not, cheating will utilize the opportunity judiciously. 

   “Cheating can be quenched, but it’s a gradual process”. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 










It is assumed that a man needs to be equipped with money and power. He wants wealth and a beautiful woman. The greatest mistake is, at times he tends to follow appearance rather than character. But, he has forgotten that some women make use of flashy things in order to cover their real character.___Opeyemi Akinrulie. 

    Time is ticking and the desperation of some men is out of bounds. Their mantra is, “money must be made whether good or bad”. There is no doubt that a man wants to inherit power, fame, money and be dominant in some places, if not all. Remember he also has the zeal for women all in the name of sex which will make him weak aftermath. As a matter of fact, men have the tendency of cheating,especially when the woman is seductive that might bring him into the state of sexual imaginations. Please women don’t be frustrated by the actions of some men. The greatest thing to resist is, perception. It’s an intractable decision. 

   Howbeit, when a man sees a woman there are  three things I think would attract him: beauty, shape, and endowment. Thinking that would be enough in creating a good family, after some years things began to change despite the fact that the woman tried to look sexy in his presence. Unfortunately, he’s still in the quest of searching for  many women to date. His dictum will be in this language, “that my wife is old”, it’s a pity that what a man wants is yet to be known. As women can’t be satisfied, so as men can’t be satisfied. Hence, the insatiable concept of mankind will continue to be a subject matter. Yet, I will ask again, what does a man want? 

   Since women love men who are  engulfed with money in this contemporary society, what else will be their  option if not to impress the society especially women? I will hide this statement, but be conscious because it will be in obscurity. Any woman who is not romantic will find it hard to adapt to this paradigm: a man will not cherish a woman whose romantic orientation has been destroyed by some religious embodiments. As a matter of fact, try and be romantic in your moves when you are with your man. I am not saying this will hold him, it will only solve the unsolved. 

   In this chapter of life a man should know what he wants because he’s in charge of the mantle. If he’s not accurate I wonder how he would lead his family. The desperation is too high, some people want to impress instead of thinking about how to surmount. Well and truly, terrorism, domestic violence, and so on, are all  happy for their popularity. Perhaps, what can be said is exhausted. Men must know what they want, if not,desperation won’t cease. Yes I know he wants a charming woman whose beauty will shine like a star, but don’t forget that even a star can be covered. He wants his woman to be young forever. There is nothing a woman will do to satisfy her man yet, he will be tempted by his attempted thinking. 

   When his creative mind has been infected with sexual notions he will have no choice than to succumb. Remember, no matter how strong  men are, women are the strongest creation that can cajole them, some men may disagree with this argument, but the truth must be told, what has been empowered by destiny will be very difficult to change. Once again, what does a man want? He wants his woman to be a good cook especially in these aspects (amala, pounded yam, and semo). He wants his food to be served on time without excuses. Whenever he wants your attention you must give him, if not he might be tempted to call one of his hidden decisions. Even if all these things are fulfilled he would stay for few minutes, afterall another lady is winking. 

   The hearts of men are filled with deceits and lies, a single man will want to titillate every woman because it has been assumed that women have different tastes. I wouldn’t know if this is true, the confirmation should  be launched  to those practicing this act. Men should know what they want. I shouldn’t be excluded from this act, how many women have I deceived? It’s not easy to castigate one’s self. If all men are liars, I am a man. Hence, I am a liar. It will depend on an individual to show that all men are not liars, this will be known when your purpose accedes with what you want as a MAN. 

   She will give you her body yet, you won’t be satisfied. She will cook the best food you like yet, you will go ahead to taste Miss or Mrs X food. You will lie to her that her food is the best whereas you have a second thought. When you were searching for her you did all you could to get her, but after the acquisition you changed like a development all in the name of covetousness. Are you truly a man? The writer is not exonerated from this scenario. What are you looking for?  What am I looking for? When you proposed to her you said, “I have finally found miss right, you were so joyous to the extent that you called your friends for a celebration because your celibate life is over, but suddenly she became mrs left. What really went wrong?                                 

   Is it the case that her sexy appearance has disappeared? Why did you date her because of  beauty? Did you examine her character? Listen to me, although a man will be attracted to a woman who is  endowed with beauty.Remember,beauty fades,but character is forever. If you won’t update and ugrade your maturity by treating your woman as if she’s the best in the world your purpose will be dwindled. Let your woman know what you want, so that she will act accordingly. As a matter of fact, what he wants might be stated directly, but he might also change his thoughts because of what he sees on daily basis. Hence, what he wants can’t be defined. 


  Some men won’t know what they want because some women tend to twerk in order to seduce them. This seduction obstructs them a lot without further thinking, in addition, the mode of dressing is a barrier that takes a man from a woman to another woman. As matter of fact, the satisfaction of mankind will be corrected when creation is restructured. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 


  This is a huge problem and a battle which some warlords haven’t been able to defeat. Men can marry numerous women to the extent that their children might not be given a solidified education. Perhaps, who cares? Who will feed them? The inability of some men in the perspective of knowing the actual thing they want has bewildered them in the real sense. Once again, answers have gone for  vacation. I have no help to render, you can only rescue yourself by  projecting what you want, even a projector can’t do it. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 





     This might be a hard task to fulfill as regards some issues about a woman. It is the case that the insatiable conditions of mankind can’t be accomplished. Remember, the curiosity of a woman is exorbitant than the opposite sex. She wants to look good, she wants the best attire, she wants expensive things and  she likes to be eulogised for her exhibitions etc. This doesn’t mean she’s satisfied, perhaps she still want more. If that should be the case, what can you do to satisfy a woman? 


Although, I am an inexperienced man, but I will express with an autarchy of simplicity as regards this topic : What does a woman want? In other words, it has  been argued that all men are the same, but how about women? Are they not the same? If one is to argue that all men are the same, then all women are also the same. Perhaps, if both parties are the same in mentality, then the world will fall apart, thus the world includes series of human beings with different views and opinions. If I should ask Miss or Mrs Y her priority she would surely have something to say. Yet, a woman can’t be satisfied because of the competitive nature that has been deposited in her. 

   I will continue to repeat this question : what does a woman want? So that women who haven’t  realized their purpose will be able to visualise it. If you are dating a woman always remember to create a department of attention, if not, you might lose her and start over again despite your investments. But, is this enough? Hmm… I don’t think. The journey has just begun, how about a department called trust. When there is a doubt between both parties. That is, “Mr X and Miss or Mrs Y” a strange annoyance will start happening, husband comes home late and wife refuses to cook adequately. What else will happen? Divorce or unity? 

    As a matter of fact, a woman should be treated with care because of her flexible heart which can easily be harmed. Let me ask you a question : in a relationship who is more committed? A woman or a man? To be candid, if a woman is treated properly she will stay with her man, except if there is curse somewhere tormenting her. If one is satisfied, what is left? I understand that money is an avuncular to women. It’s not easy to reject money in this contemporary society,  even if you sacrifice your last penny she will still say, ‘baby, don’t forget about that thing’. In this situation, ‘intelligence ‘ may disappear, especially if that man is not sufficient. Shouting won’t solve the matter and impatient is a virus.  

    Remember, jealousy is her nature, so if you look at other women trouble may arise. She wants to be cherished like no other. She wants you to keep mentioning her name many times, if possible in every dream. She wants you to give  her money when necessary, which is the crux of all relationships. Have you not heard, “no money, no love”. The world made it so,because she has been promised that she will inherit herself, even if there is eternity, it is a pity that the world fell for this deception. Again, what does a woman want? When you are with your friends make sure you hype her and elevate her like the tallest Mountain in the world. She will love you more and more. You might say, love is not in existence again, but is there anything that can hold a relationship if love is to be exempted? I know, you will mention other concepts, but love might not be, her essence can’t be demolished.  

    This is a funny world where women dominate indirectly. Is it the  case that, every man’s achievement is subjected to the umbrella of a woman? What if those instructions are detrimental? As it has been said that, ‘behind every successful  man there is a woman’. Hence, I argue that, ‘behind every unsuccessful man there is also a woman’. How about that? If what a woman want  is what you are looking for, you might not be able to fulfill your destiny. Perhaps, if problems can be solved totally, then there will be no need for you to ask questions. The society is frustrating, your woman is demanding. What’s your next step? 

    If you engage her in gossips she will like you. Every woman loves to gist about some events that are humorous,even if they aren’t funny. Is there anything you can do to please a woman? To know what a woman want means you have solved one of the greatest problems of life. It will be like an epic movie if she starts enumerating all her needed items. Yet, she won’t rest. What can you do to satisfy her? A big kitchen is necessary when building your house because a small one might cause a dispute. If one should start stating  what a woman want, one might exhaust heavens and earth. Perhaps, I am arguing about women. How about : what does a man want? This will be discussed in another article. But my main argument is about the choosy nature of a woman. 

    She wants you to be by her side and  cuddle her if necessary. She wants you to dance with her whether you have the moves or not. She wants you to be there for her in difficult situations. Remember, she gives you her body as a trap,so that when the time comes you will satisfy her. Failure to fulfill her “wishlists” will result to this question : what does a woman want? Don’t bother yourself by searching for an answer because one answer can’t be a solution for all women. If you conduct an individual interrogation one after the other, there will be different opinions. I think I am going too far, I hope you are not tired. I will give  my conclusion soon.   

   Although, men can’t take their eyes away from any woman who is sexy. Especially, in a situation when her body is sexually attractive. Some men are tempted by this scenario, what can they do? The only way is to go blind for life. In this case, it can’t be possible. In as much as nature keeps permitting the word “cheat” there is nothing we can do about it. A woman wouldn’t  like to share her man with another in this modern era. Yet, this does not mean she is satisfied. I think a meeting should be held for all women, if it will be possible. The question : ‘what does a woman want?’ Will continue to ring like a bell. 


What do you want as a woman? What do you want from your man? 


  I have only suggested some arguments about this topic maybe they might work. If this question has been left unanswered, I have tried my best in analyzing and postulating some expositions. Truth be told, if we can satisfy all human beings, then the question : “what does a woman want? ” won’t be a problem. If this can’t be done, you will have no choice than to manage your problems.