It’s part of life to learn in order to grow, but can all be perfect in everything? At times, when Grace is at work kindly note that it’s a fortunate scenario.

In this article I will narrate the story of a lady who cried after been spoken to, although it’s not the first time this incident would occur. Should I say words are painful than beating? Life goes on in accordance with your age, if you miss it, you might not get it right again.

Her story touched me, even my heart is pumping so fast as if my time has come to depart. Nonetheless, she asked me to put this into writing. The next paragraph will be her innate expression.


She said, “am I not trying my best? I have always been doing my best, but can one know everything? When you have all ideas in this world,at times,it becomes vaingloriousness.

I started my life with critical thinking, but it’s so unfortunate that some people want you to think or reason like them with the same acuteness. As a matter of fact, everyone has a role to play and we are meant to help each other, if not, the essence of life is not fulfilled.

Howbeit, I am just a simple and calm individual who thinks about top notch things in order to bring them into reality. What, then, have I done wrong? Although, in life expect people to talk at you aggressively whether it’s for good or bad, but one thing I have noticed in this life is, some elders especially Nigeria would ridicule you, therefore, waiting for you to talk back. Be careful, I know it’s not easy, but the best thing to do is to be quiet. How about that?

Some want their sharpness to be the same as other people, that is, whosoever that is working with them must see things like them . How would a young individual who just gained admission into a tertiary institution think like a professor? Is experience an attachment or it must be gained? Yet,am I not trying my best? It’s not the case that I am trying to eulogise myself, but I know what I have achieved and done. After all, everyone is subjected to make mistakes.

Is it not obvious that disaster is the only option? Now I feel what a suicider always go through before taking his or her life. However, this is not to say that suicide is good.

When suicide becomes an option, one’s heart would be dejected it would be as if the world should end and move to the assumed next life. It has become a normalcy to be frustrated, but it depends on the way you want to handle it.

In addition, don’t transfer your anger on anybody, learn how to quench that before interacting with anyone. For this has made some people to lose authentic friends in the stride of life. Life has taught me a lot, especially the society and what I see. At times, I avert things before it happens to me, once again, when disaster becomes an option, what would you do?

Would you be carried away by the words of some people who are consistent with the use of satire or you would retire totally? Disaster should never be the option.

Another phase of life is, knowing how to talk. This particular expression is very important, if you know you can’t control your anger or you a problem with self control. I would suggest you talkless and embrace the law of minding your business. The disaster of not knowing how to talk should never occur. Knowing how to talk ignites the power of trust which is very scarce in this world

In a nutshell, I have discussed about anger, sharpness, knowing how to talk, respect for elders, suicide and trust. How I wish I could continue with these my random thoughts, but if there is need for me to speak about ‘when disaster becomes an option’ again I shall contact Opeyemi Akinrulie.

Finally, disaster isn’t an option, press the avert button.


Only disaster would make you feel life isn’t interesting. Although at a point in one’s life you feel you aren’t good enough because of those discouraging words that have been launched at you, howbeit, you must remember that your own autarchy is within you.

Someone once asserted “if I die you would miss me.” if you are good, why not, people would lament that a giant has fallen as they would be sad. This is not the case for a troublesome person who scatters the society as if he or she won’t die again. Suddenly, disaster appeared, this time, it became an option. What would be his or her action?

The wind came, earthquake joined and fire was so happy to finish the business. But when disaster becomes an option what would you do?

Tell nature not to be natural in her disaster. Hence,the natural disaster.



Why is the world claiming she’s perfect when her mission is to remain gentle until the arrival of her destruction? Is there anyone who is perfect in this world let him or her signify by saying, I am so perfect. As a matter of fact, I am not saying that perfection doesn’t exist, but perfection connotes something without blemish or a thing that is not tarnished. If that should be the case, am I pure? Are you?

In other words, perfection means fautlessness or infallibility. Is this realizable? Some have argued about the establishment of this world, saying, if God is perfect why did he create an imperfect world? Is it the case that he did it so that mankind will flourish for the purpose of his glorification? Or this is synonymous to the word called deliberation?

What has perfection got to do with mankind? If perfection isn’t perfect, of what use is she in your life? Remember how you have criticized some people because of their mistakes, thinking you won’t fall again till eternity. You have assumed the throne of infallibility, you have concluded in your heart that you are perfect, not considering that your major stand in the world is not to claim perfection but to align yourself with some people with the aim of improving day by day. Isn’t it?

The race of perfection has become a must have, everyone wants to be the best as a result of that some tend to frustrate people to maintain their standard in order for them to be praised. You would hear some statements like, “I have been there. I once suffered like you. What’s special about that? You should follow my foot steps. Honestly, there is only one grace, but under that grace there is also another grace. Hence, perfection is a stronghold of daily agitation.

All in the name of perfection and infallibilism some people have lost their best workers and friends, saying, they are not good enough. If I may ask, is perfection really for mankind? If perfection is for mankind, how come death is the true definition of life? I feel since the world we are isn’t perfect, why should some people agitate for perfection? Let me ask you these questions : are you perfect? What has perfection done in this world? Despite her presence she hasn’t succeeded in ameliorating the problems of mankind. What is the essence of her existence?

We tend to see perfection as the apex of all things, but at the end perfection is always a betrayal. How can perfection reflect her infallibility in human beings? If all humans are subjected to mistakes, why should infallibilism or perfectionism be a criterion? What an illusion!! Perfection is an exposition created to release an energetic confusion within the systematic embodiments of human beings. Yet some people feel perfection is attainable. Is it?

I am not saying that perfection is a despicable act but what we need to know is that people aren’t the same. As a matter of fact, if a perfectionist would admit the aforementioned fact, then, he or she would live in a partial and systematic way. In other words, according to Bertrand Russell, “you have to admit that the world is horrible”.

In my own words : If the world contains inequality, remember you can’t make everyone equal, you can only clamor for equality but the realization is low. Truth be told, if there is a maker, don’t you think there is a purpose for everything? Everything is all about agitation, for something to be in existence means we must seek for it with extreme perfectionism and if that thing isn’t existing we tend not to bother at all. It’s not the case that we are tired, it’s because inequality is meant to be.

A perfectionist doesn’t settle for less as she wants her work to be the best. She wants to sit at the Centre of all things. She hates statement like it can’t be done. Her special ideologies and enormous reliable concepts would help in sharpening her followers or workers thinking towards achieving the impossible. Yet her insatiable thinking might disorganize many because people aren’t the same.

It’s very pertinent to note that I am not faulting the stand of a perfectionist but I feel one can’t twist the totality of a person except if he or she is willing to change. Essence should be shown not earned. If that should be the case, forcing people to be who you are would only aggravate them mentally. Hence, it would be a battle between self and the world you are coercing them to embrace.

Even perfection is not perfect. As I put it below :

I traveled to the world of perfectionism to examine the true nature of her existence because some people have taken this subject matter as a personal mantra. Some would say, perfection is attainable. Some would say, everything is possible if you believe. But the name of God is absent from those statements, how possible is it to be perfect without God?

The issue of perfection goes beyond our metaphysical acquisition. As a matter of fact, it’s a dilemma for mankind to ask about what’s not real and make it real. If perfection is attainable,death should be the first thing to be eradicated. Don’t you think so?

At this point, I have to relieve myself, perhaps you should decide your belief, but remember that there’s someone supervising this world because the world can’t just be if a being isn’t in existence performing an essence. If you wish to be a perfectionist become it, but never let pride subdue you. It’s a good thing to be a perfectionist,but one can’t have all, the All is the beginning of sorrow.

Finally, let he who is perfect amidst us rule forever. Is there anyone? Perfection should be incorruptible, when all things end one day the real perfection would be known. Till then, keep your illusion.



What is life? This is not to create some arguments about life, after all, life is what it is. I would explain judiciously for the benefit of the audience, in as much as some of us are willing to learn and progress. The way this life works still baffles me as a writer. Although I love to write and I have tried as much as possible to eradicate this skill, but it is as if nature can’t be cheated. Hence, as Jesus Christ puts it, “Let thy will be done“.

We tend to think about life and how the world has been unfair to us. We want to be rich and wealthy, no one wants to be in abject penury. I am sure that everyone is egoistic in nature, therefore, we tend to consider ourselves before others which is in the human nature. No doubt, life has no limit, the human life is.

What is happening in our contemporary society today isn’t caused by God. As a matter of fact, why are we blaming God for all these things? I told the world to rebrand and give us a new life which sorrow will never come into, she said, death is still at work, so the newness of life isn’t certain.

We have different problems we are battling, some are not meant to be spoken, especially when social media has been seen as a Zenith of settlement. Even people who are meant to be corrected would also be present to sugarcoat everything. Is it not advisable to find a trusted friend? Can this friend be also trusted? Perhaps, the human nature is always a huge factor.

If you have money you need to be influential and if you don’t have money, you need to get money. If you don’t have money that is another stage of oppression. He who has no money would be ridiculed in the society even when such an individual speaks people tend to shun and abandon him even if his words are meaningful.

In our contemporary society today, meaningfulness in the hands of rich and meaninglessness is in the hands of the poor. No wonder Nigerian youth are angry, some, if not all have vowed to get this money at the expense of their lives. Who wants to be oppressed? Who wants to be ridiculed? Who doesn’t want a luxurious life? That is why money ritualism has become numerous and everyone wants to have this money whether this source is right or wrong, it’s left to you to decide.

Akinrulie Opeyemi speaks, “at times I feel some things aren’t right. I have tried to question the essence of my existence, how I wish I could just be on my own without interference. This is a world where only money and influence can speak. If your connections aren’t concrete you are nothing. Hence, power has become a must have and money has a major role in this journey. Aren’t you tired of this world?“.

At some point, we would realize the meaninglessness of life, because life derives pleasure in giving us herself , but the end is always sorrowful. After life has finished her duty what she does is to make people irrelevant when they are alive, after their departure from this world, true importance will be given to them. Is it not the case?

In this world always be careful of friends who tend to be happy with you outwardly, but their inward notions are bitter towards you. Although, this is a normal scenario happening in life. How can we alienate ourselves from these friends? Remember, selection is not the best option, even the selected ones could still betray. Who is to be trusted?

Have you ever been accused? Has anyone said to you that you are purposeless? As a matter of fact, love is not harsh nor aggressive. When one has true love it’s hard to maintain, because the calmness that love has can’t be maintained by mankind. Love is not anger, can we prove love through out life without getting angry? I don’t think so, the spirit is willing but the flesh is killing.

How about dreams? These are not the dreams you have when at sleep but dreams in the context of reality. Every man has become a futurist as he tends to visualize all things within him. He wants a life of goodness with no obstruction. He wants a world where joy will dwell forever. Hence, life is good but death is the cheat. The joy of a man is to be successful through out his life, in a case of this world, life received bribe so that she could oppress us. Have you ever wondered why?

The aforementioned question has led many to captives even some have not been able to survive psychological, it has become a life time trauma. What, then, is the way forward in this life? It seems to me that big dreams don’t last. People who are diligent with good hearts are often truncated by life, it is as if when a man is alive, “life and death” are always meeting discussing about who to live and who to die. Who is next will be unveiled directly or indirectly, but it’s good to do good.

When you think about death you tend not to do anything because that alone can demote and destroy your belief, you would ask yourself, why am I doing all these? Nonetheless, keep your dreams alive and chase them, when death sees your zeal she would leave you because you are valuable on earth. On a serious note, big dreams don’t last, but if you have a dream hold on to it and if you have many let them be on your mind. Remember, how deceptive this world is. This is what you must do if you want your dreams to be realized.

what are you dreaming about? To be a lawyer? Doctor? Business tycoon? Etc. I could see your dreams are numerous and gargantuan, but you parted ways with those dreams because of your situation and condition. Hence, you embraced that which is not of you. Yet big dreams don’t last. At times the world affects your continuity towards achieving your goals, but that doesn’t matter, progress is all you need and let comparison be ejected from your heart.

However, when people say you are not productive and scrupulous, don’t let that weigh you down. A time is coming when those words spoken to you would be forgotten, but remember that no matter what people do to you always forgive them as this is part of the criteria to actualizing your dreams,although justice is there for those who are willing to take it further.

I went back to dream the dreams I have dreamt, those dreams didn’t last. It became a jocularity and a bewildered phantasmagoric display, I sighed within and I said, where are all my dreams? Is it the case that big dreams don’t last? Some would say, big dreams do last, don’t forget some people whose dreams have been tarnished all in the name of money and no money, parents and no parents ,relatives and no relatives,proper guidance and no proper guidance. We may say that, for big dreams to last it depends on oneself. Isn’t it?

How do you intend to create your dreams without God? Yes, one might argue that it’s normal to carry God along, but this normalcy led mankind astray and he was cast out to pursue his dreams all by himself without his maker. Hence, he has returned to his source, but the only way to realize his dreams is to seek God even when he hasn’t done anything. This is faith, not fate.

Well, I wish I could go further, but I always try to cut my expressions so that it won’t be too long. At this juncture, imagine your dreams, imagine where you would like to be, don’t rush things and if the time isn’t right, you won’t get it right. If big dreams don’t last, then make yourself last. If you are, you can. Yet big dreams don’t last.





When I wrote, who is Jesus Christ? I explained some certain things in that article, but if you haven’t read it I think you will need to read it, in order for you to understand this particular article which the topic is above. I don’t want you to see the writer as a person who is so fanatic, but truth be told, everyone has what he or she believes in. Isn’t it?

For example, if I were to be a Jainist I would surely defend Jainism (a religion that believes in divine consciousness and reincarnation). Hence, I am from a Christian home, what do you think I stand for? Although there are some doctrines in Christianity which have divided the household of Christ, yet who is Jesus Christ to you?

I would have loved to generalize and blame some doctrines pertaining to the concept of the world, but my focus is Jesus Christ and his relationship to his followers. Well, some people have claimed that they saw Jesus in their dreams on many occasions which he pinpointed that he would be coming back, but whether it’s a rumour or not, believing in something would give you the ego to defend your belief, not believing in anything at all gives you a sceptical mind.

If that should be the case, what do you believe in? I am not here to preach I am just a philosopher who is trying to analyze some things in this world, perhaps is there any man without a religion or way of life? I am not here to say, if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ you would go to hell, but I would say, have you heard of Jesus Christ? If you have, who is he to you? If you haven’t found him he’s every where, but be careful because truth and deception are interwoven.


Well, in this scenario I would be affirmative in as much as this subject matter has caused a frenzy atmosphere for years. However, I am not the first writer to debate about this issue. Before I proceed with my postulations I would want you to ponder on one question, although it’s a common statement : how did ‘creation’ come into existence? Remember, science has not been able to define the existence of mankind sufficiently. This is where the superiority of God is a mystery.

There are some things happening that are beyond our capacity. The concrete establishment of religion is also a huge factor destabilising mankind. Those who believe in what they serve should wait till the end for God to pass his judgment. As a matter of fact, what makes Christianity unique is her exemption from religion, to add to this short explanation, this implies,“religion enslaves one with some ritualistic doctrines while Christianity preaches about Jesus Christ in accordance with the word of God.” In other words, Christianity is not a religion, but Christlike life.

Do not see the writer as a person who has been subdued by his belief rather I am just trying to play my role as a follower of Christ. But, I am not saying I am holy, everyone has his or her dark side, however, the holy one is yet to come. Who is Jesus Christ to you? We have nailed him several times, we have condemned him for his slow judgement on the wicked ones and we have done some certain things to him, yet he didn’t withdraw his protection. True or false?

In this contemporary society, the history of Jesus Christ has become a myth, even some people have forgotten about his return. Honestly, if one is not careful with the way this world is, one would think this is the only chapter of life. I have also noticed that Christianity is mostly castigated, why is it so? Have you ever thought of it? Why are some cabals twisting some words in the Bible? If it’s not real there is no need to tackle it. Hence, it’s real, then it must be stopped because of her predominance. Isn’t it? As imagined by the aforementioned cabals.

Akinrulie Opeyemi concludes,” for years I have been thinking about many things as regards Jesus Christ. I am not imposing my belief on anyone, after all freewill must have her say. In as much as this world is under the umbrella of God who supervises the affairs of this world except, ‘immorality’, we are not free until ‘eternity’ is ready. As a matter of fact, there is a saviour who is coming and this is certain, if not, there would be no need for me to follow Christ. How about you?

which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.
Acts 1:11 KJVA

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. Revelation 3:20 KJVA– Jesus Christ.

Who is Jesus Christ to you? Are you ready to open your heart for him? Kindly think about this.



The above topic shouldn’t be a strange thing. As a matter of fact, many marriages have been destroyed, some have been able to settle while some have vowed not to reconcile. What must have caused this division? Is it domestic violence? Dishonesty? Lack of trust? Or the interference of bad friends pretending to be good? Although marriage is a good thing, but when the notion of divorce is invited one would think life is unfair. As a bachelor the reader might be attempted to ask that, have I experienced this scenario in reality? Or am I just randomizing?

Well, he who says that,his society has not offered him anything or he hasn’t gleaned anything from his environ should be questioned, because learning is the paradigm of the society. Hence it’s an indirect experience. I am just reacting to it through my inner thoughts which are always knowledgeably provocative. Don’t you know that,you can use other thoughts to create your own thoughts,perhaps, how do you tend to know when society isn’t at your neck? I think marriage is an institution some women think of, hoping that someday they would be admitted, in response to this πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua puts it below to that single woman who is ready to mingle:

I hope you are ready for the tasks ahead,I hope you have consolidated that your weak mind, I hope you have weighed some circumstances that would occur, I hope you are ready to employ ‘patience’ as a lead role in your life, I hope you won’t get too jealous, I hope you would be careful when saying things to your friends who tend to be good, but they are deceptive inwardly, I hope you know he’s not perfect and he’s susceptible to mistakes. I have succeeded in listing few things, I wouldn’t know what you would face when married, just be of good heart β™₯ and don’t get involved in domestic violence.

The argument would be incomplete without giving a stern warning ⚠ to that man who is single and ready to mingle:πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua argues, I hope you are ready to act as a man not like a man, I hope you won’t be beating or punching πŸ‘Š her like boxers who are finding titles to add to their names, I hope you would take care of her passionately, I hope you would be proud of her in public, I hope you won’t disgrace her rather you would elevate her in the presence of your friends and other subordinates. I hope you won’t cheat on her,but I guess this is an inevitable situation for some men,I hope she would always be sexy to you all the time, I hope you won’t hide anything from her which you might need to apply sagacity, yet let love and trust be your watchword, not violence.

In this contemporary society love has become nothing, some people now tend to be married on the basis of ordinariness,not on extraordinariness. Love should be the establishment when coming together, but it has been seen as nothing. Where is the love you had when you started? Where has she gone to?

How about love in a normal sense? That is without marital vows. How about those friends that vowed to stand by you when tribulations comes? Where are they now? Although this life is a matter of individualism,no matter how zealous you are towards some people, betrayal will come from within. Love was heartbrokenπŸ’” when the only video πŸ“Ή pertaining to love was shown to her. Hence, she became frustrated,dejected and confused, she said,“I am nothing” .

Love explains herself with sobriety, I thought my main establishment is to demolish hatred and let mankind love one another in harmony. Some people have used me as hatred and hatred as love. I am sick and tired of mankind I think I will take a vacation.

In response to LOVE, Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua replies, love if you leave,mankind would be disorganized and chaos would multiply. I know love has become nothing to man, and this is happening in every aspect of life. Brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters, even loyal friends have become backbiters, perhaps if you leave who would console the betrayed ones? Pardon mankind and give him one more chance to show his sincerity. As a matter of fact, it’s a world 🌍 of hatred and it’s your duty to formulate your predominance, so that man would see love as something.

Soon, it would be over, nothing would be in existence as all feelings would be quenched. The world 🌍 would be angry with herself and she would cast all good things away, but those who are wicked in heart β™₯ would rejoice and they would sing 🎢 a song of comfort in discomfort. It’s a pity that love is nothing. Many scenarios have been created, so that we would be able to hate one another with the use of twisted facts.

How about religion? How about tribalism? How about racism? How about the huge bifurcation between the rich and the poor? Have I shown love? Have you shown love? I shouldn’t be exempted from these questions, have I not vowed not to talk with someone that has done something painful to me? How about you? You have said, you won’t forgive him or her. But, God won’t see that as an excuse as He would also recap your decadence in order to show you those you offended and who forgave you.

I think I am going too far in this article, but what I have been trying to explain is, let love be our paradigm and let us abolish and banish the following :

  • Domestic violence.
  • Tribalism.
  • Religious hatred.
  • Discrimination between the rich and poor.
  • Racism.

To cap these arguments, don’t you think these issues are hindering the progress of MANKIND? I have shared my opinions, but it’s left for the reader to reexamine his or her thoughts concerning these things, perhaps I am just an ordinary writer seeking to improve in all ramifications. As a matter of fact, LET LOVE BE SOMETHING TO YOU, BECAUSE LOVE IS NOT COMMON. THOSE WHO ARE, WOULD CHERISH THIS ASSERTION.

let love be something,not nothing”

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua




There is something I have to admit in my life whether I like it or not, and I can’t do without it, that thing is, writing. Please I would like the reader to be attentive and follow each line judiciously, it might not make sense, but may be you can realize who you really are during that process. I will try as much as possible to use myself as an example so that the audience will understand my exegeses, well, that is the life of a writer whose mission is to express his thoughts, and if he’s a philosopher he must be ready for castigation and share opinions with others. As a matter of fact, if my purpose and freewill should conglomerate, don’t you think that would lead to MY PROPOSED VISION.

If you have a purpose try and embrace freewill which would catapult you to the land of fruition. But, have I succeeded in actualizing what I have purported? As some people would say, he that is advising people must be able to show us his good deeds. I am not here to say I am holy,or to say I have gotten to the land of my assumed vision. As a matter of fact, man should always try to be ambitious with dynamism. What is your purpose? Where is your freewill? What is your vision?

The aforementioned questions have been asked by many but I hope I would be able to answer them with satisfaction, if not, you can redefine those questions and find the part and path that fits you. This article would be interactive as I would ask some questions which would make you think beyond your capacity, but don’t be afraid those questions would be simple and easy in accordance with the previous questions in bold italics.


Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua explains, Imagine I have no purpose,imagine my creation has no meaning, how would I survive? What I engage myself in everyday counts in my life and if I chose to live in this world(🌍) without a specific function, then what would be my end (πŸ”š)? These questions I have asked are not new as I am just trying to refurbish your consciousness in order for you to rethink your status. I know some people have been asking about the purpose of life and her essence, we don’t need to be lectured in order for us to perform purposefully. Yet let’s ask ourselves these questions : Is evil (😈) a purpose? Are those performing evil deeds fulfilling their purpose? If they are, this implies that, they derive pleasure from evil acts. Is that a true purpose? Or they chose that act by the freewill given to them?

If all you do is to sit and see TV (πŸ“Ί) everyday, is that your purpose? If all you do is to go to night club everyday to dance, is that your purpose? How about gossip? Etc. I hope you haven’t assumed that you still have enough time (⌚). Time has her own purpose too. Don’t joke with your life, because non-living things are begging the creator for LIFE.

Are you with your purpose or without?


It’s so sad that the freedom given to mankind can’t move beyond, if not, he would have gone to see his creator and come back to this world, but in as much as freewill is given, but limited. Hence, that doesn’t mean you should use it as an excuse, afterall you own your decisions. There comes a time in a man’s life when he would be tempted to question himself about his freedom,and how it would accede with his purpose. Have you not found yourself in that situation before?

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua purports, although you have your freewill and you can decide whatever you want to achieve with it, but they are some certain people whom the creator has chosen as He tends to direct them towards the predestined creation, they might not be aware about it, they would think they are satisfying themselves so that the creator won’t have their time. It’s a pity that it’s a training for them, at the end, it would look as if they have the freewill, it’s an illusion, not a reality that can be achieved.

When I talk about freewill, what do I mean? Freewill is what I have chosen to do, that is my wish and desire. Right? Why is it that freewill isn’t free? Have you observed it? Now take a look at this below :

Will’ is what you want to do(wish or desire). ‘Free’ means you are liberal or unconstrained. Hence, we have FREEWILL. The ‘will’ there is an obstruction ,because it’s a task which you have decided to fulfill,if one should abandon his or her task in this contemporary world, I doubt if such an individual will survive in a world where death is free. As a matter of fact, when you add ‘free’ it becomes a struggle which you think you are free whereas you are not. The questions are : are you really free? Am I? If you can influence your decisions, you can’t influence the decisions of your creator.

Be vigilant, because freewill is tired of her duty.


There is one particular vision you have and you have been waiting for the day it would come to pass. Well and truly, you have lamented within, you have cried outwardly at many places with secrecy. You have been told to present your purpose, freewill, and vision, so that they would be tinted to their own taste rather you succumbed to their request by saying, have my soul, take my freewill. But now, you are extremely deep in it. Although God can save you, that doesn’t mean that Karma would be silent about the Calamities you have committed. Fame is sweet, but the price is exorbitant.

Must you do something that is dirty before you get fulfilled in this life? Must you expose your vision to the world? Why not achieve it first, then party with it publicly. As I will end this article in order not to prolong the matter which might be boring if elongated.

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua argues, it’s left for you to decide, no one will decide your journey, but I am afraid that the creator is the ultimate decider, I am sure you have heard this dictum before : man proposes, God disposes. If that should be the case, would it not be better for Him to have your soul and take your freewill. That day, it would be a funny scenario and tears won’t be much, but some people have said, “there is no point in having a freewill without prosperity. Hence, they said to the buyer individually,” have my soul, take my freewill. ” Would you do this? The choice is yours.