I would have loved to generalize,but I only know about my mind. Let me erase the past and create a new beginning and this will be an establishment for the future. If I can’t know your mind, then why should I guess without accuracy? Perhaps, in this stride of life one must embark on his or her journey individually. As you know that I will put myself as an example so that people examining this article can convert it into their perspective may be it will work for them. But as for me, I am just expressing the loneliness of my mind. How about yours?

I would be a fool if I should say my mind is empty, if my mind isn’t functioning, then my ideas would be no more. I have decided to talk to GOD in everything telling Him to express the reason why He created MIND for mankind. It should have been empty or another means should have been created, because it’s hard to distinguish between some animals and some human beings who tend to behave like the former. My point is, at times the loneliness of mind can provoke the mysterious animal in an individual, therefore contradicting the norms of society, people would think he or she is insane, but loneliness is the cause of the insanity.

Life has created an option of loneliness for me, she has given a doubtful mind to ask about everything except GOD. She has frustrated many people to sell their identity in order for them to be famous and rich in the game. As a matter of fact, when your mind is lonely you must be careful,because if you don’t occupy it, it will be occupied. Kindly listen to me and accept this fact. I know I am too young to advise people, who am I? I am just an unjust trying to be just. Lonely or not lonely always occupy your mind with good thoughts.

I have too many scenarios to give, but I prefer to be inherent in my expressions than to be a story teller whose intention is to cause jocularity. Let seriousness be in your mind and permit progress to dwell within you, at times the loneliness of mind can help to restructure yourself, perhaps a noisy spirit is not option. Yet, let me  ask you this question : is your mind lonely? If your mind is forlorn, then there must be something bad you are thinking. Can happiness ignite loneliness of mind? If happiness creates loneliness of mind,then she has betrayed what she is known for.

I know you have been betrayed,and this has made you to segregate yourself from some people. I know you have been cheated, and this has made you  to embrace a doubtful mind. I know your lover has disappointed you, but you can still love again. No matter what, you must forgive in as much as you are aware that there is a life after death. The loneliness of mind has destroyed many, may be life has failed them, that is, there are some certain things they have pictured, thinking, life will get them cheaply. As a result of that, they opted for ‘loneliness’.

Are you bored? Am I making sense? But I think you are lonely internally. At this juncture, take a look at  how mind works : As I put it below –

I know you know you have a mind of your own, your heart can’t picture anything only your mind can. In a situation where one says, ‘my heart is brokenyour heart can’t  be broken, but your mind can, in the sense that, she would be lonely and this will reflect behaviorally. No one can break your heart, but your mind. If your heart is broken, then your exit is certain. Hence, you are lonely because your mind is broken. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi

Furthermore, it’s a misconception to think that the heart and mind are friends, if they are friends, why are they performing different duties? In a nutshell, the heart beats,the mind speaks.

How often do you control your mind? Can you control it? What are the things you read and see? Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua explains, “demons can’t know your mind rather they operate through what you read and see in order to influence your mind. If you are defeated, then your mind isn’t exempted. This loneliness gives an avenue to your mind to seek for different options like depression, suicide, drugs and other delicate things.” As a matter of fact, when your mind is lonely, then the avaliable  can’t be rejected.

You can still love again, what has he or she done to your mind? I know it’s hard to forgive and forget, but let it go. As I put it below :

“X is  so sorry, X can’t forgive Y, because X’s  mind has been pinned. X won’t go back to reconcile or become a friend to Y again.  For how long would X continue to think like a child? Yet, X  would be preaching forgive and forget, deceiving people with sugarcoated utterances and this has aggravated X’s loneliness.” What I have explained in the above statement should be digested with critical thinking, because it will make no sense if X’s  mind is devilish rather forgive and forget, then move on. As I have always said eternity is our final package.

It’s a battle you must encounter, you can’t always be happy,but you have the freewill to choose either to be happy or sad. I know life  can be unfair at times, but when you think about the consequences waiting aftermath one would know how to invigorate oneself. Although the mind is simple, but you can’t go beyond her it’s either you humble yourself to know her or be defeated by your pride.

Well, I would like to express more but how can I go beyond my mind? It’s easy to activate the story of beyond all you need to do is, to be at where you are incapable. As a matter of fact, the writer’s loneliness of mind can’t be understood, but I believe the reader would be able to detect his or her status as regards the lonely mind. My lonely mind has given many ideas and secrets to unlock my hidden potentials. What has your own lonely given you? Hate? Deceit? Love? Thoughts? Or how to ostracize others? Yet, my mind is lonely, but it’s not the case that I am in need of a companion , perhaps I have my holy red cup may be someday I would see that imperfect one.

My time is up, I have to go. My moment is about to start,let me mute myself. I have to be left alone in order to think. All these are traders of mind. Would you rather be alone? Or accept that, it’s what it is and move on? Remember this : we can’t escape the normal establishment of this world. The mind works independently as programmed by God, it’s not the case that He has no power to influence your thoughts,but there is a way He created it in such a way that, He knows your thoughts and He uses His power to restrict Himself from penetrating. It’s like a restricted reminder.

If you have a lonely mind, happiness is the best option – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

An Akinrulie Opeyemi Dexterity



              THE ILLUMINATI 
  What else is left in this world? What is new on  this earth? I hope my thinking won’t kill me one day. But, for how long will  I continue to be a critical reminiscer? I guess it’s part of life to think about the past in order to avoid some futuristic mistakes, but I hope people won’t repeat the mistakes of others which they have committed as a result of the light, the pyramid, the eye, and the eternal. All these are symbols belonging to this occultic  group. I have no hatred for them, what I  am perturbed about is, the way they haven’t been able to tell their members the authentic truth about their establishment. All what I have been hearing is, they follow the aforementioned symbols which will bring them fame, fortune, wealth, and a lucrative job. In other words, you can have anything you desire.

   What gain is it if I don’t know what I am serving? The obscure thing about this group is, their mentality is positioned on earthly acquisition only. Yet, their members have failed to question  their suspicious identity in which they are  using to cajole people into their territory. Everything will continue to appear good in your presence, fame and wealth will always be at your doorsteps, but always remember that, it’s more than a trap. I will liken it to be a trap of eternity. As a matter of fact, this illuminati has not unveiled her true identity, and if you study their belief properly you would know that, they know that the over is certain. Kindly examine this definition of  “illuminati “ gotten from an English Dictionary :       

“An alleged global, elite, secret society which has  its ultimate objective the subjugation of humanity (world domination or New World Order).”

   Take a look at the words I purposely converted into a  small view, that is, the subjugation of humanity. From the definition you could see their purpose and mission, if that should be the case, what are they doing it for? Who are they doing it for? As they have claimed that they are not related to Satanism, perhaps one is permitted to worship any deity. Now, let’s examine the meaning of the word “DEITY” gotten from an English Dictionary: 

“The state of being a god; divine characteristics, godhead.A divine being; a god or goddess.”

 If the  above definition is true, then it is contrary to GOD’S EXISTENCE. Perhaps, when something is a deity it becomes tricky somehow, in such a way that, one is free to commit immorality. Let me ignite your thinking in order for you to understand my arguments so far :

   “Deities are real, because God is real, if not, these deities won’t be accountable at end. Hence, there is a God somewhere supervising all affairs which you know, but the mission of this elite group is, to subdue your thinking by making you assume you can act anyhow. Have you not heard this? If you do anyhow, you will see anyhow. “–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

  They control the world, so if you are planning to be a messiah in this world you must join the party. If you are not ready to sell, don’t even bother to buy. They are in their last days, so they need to bring  more candidates to their kingdom, I won’t judge them and I won’t say they are going to hell, If I do, I might upset my creator. The journey to becoming a star won’t be an easy one, yet you want to have the whole world, you want people to keep clamoring your name all the time. You want to be the talk of the town, what essence will it give? 

   A deceptive action tinted in a good manner, would  God allow you to worship anything? What “light” are they following? What “pyramid”are they following? What” eye”  are they following? What “eternal” are they following? Show your real identity and let people know your stand, let us know the  rights you have been claiming, if it is right, then, we can join you to fight for it. But, in a case where one is  not straightforward, what would you expect? Is it not deception? 


  It is as if most people aren’t aware of this particular organization, or may be they are, but they have underestimated their predominance. Truth be told, I could feel the pains of eternity struggling to end the world, she’s tired of all these disastrous occurrences. She has been begging the creator, because she’s angry. She wants to reign forever just as it has been ordained. But, the creator told her to wait for her time. Hence, time has been instructed to quicken herself. If that should be the case, the last days would appear like the tower of babel, but it won’t be completed, because it is a disguised concept created in order to obstruct mankind. They hid the truth and spiced it with deception for man’s consumption. 

  Honestly, all I know is, there is a God. Is not the case that He’s silent, He’s waiting for His time. You should know that, God has His own time. Some skeptics might ask me these following questions : how sure are you that there is GOD? Have you seen Him?  What if His existence wasn’t real? These few questions may put your mind to the state of doubt, but it is a conspiracy. If something is not real, why battling with it? Because it’s real that is why  they are finding different ways to end it. Their watchword is, “kindly sell your soul and acquire what you have been looking for. They will only show you the positive aspects, but when you are IN, the OUT will be difficult. 


    It’s a battle we have to fight, but either it’s for or against.  A battle that will take many lives, tears will be natural. How many lives are we  going to sacrifice? It’s so sad that the entire world has gotten to the stage of destruction, as a writer, what choice do I have? I have nothing to lose, but I have something to achieve. Yet, the illuminati has taken over everything , even using some churches as a tabernacle of atrocities. What choice do you have!!! Tell  me, when everything has turned into a comic state, we tend to laugh at everything, thinking it is, whereas it’s not. As a matter of fact, mankind will continue to joke until reality becomes angry. If she is, nobody can beg her to return to her normal state. 

   I hope you are following my explanations so far, don’t be carried away by the displays happening on earth, it’s a strategic distraction. Let’s ask ourselves the following questions : why offering fame and wealth when they won’t last? Why not offer the kingdom of God? Why offering war to attain peace? Must it be bad before it can be good? Why must I sell my soul in order to acquire the world? All these questions should be set just like an alarm which wakes us everyday, if the human life is short, and nothing will be taken after departure, then why should I buy a shaky happiness? 

 ” As long as we live on earth, the only choice we have is, to decide within, whether we like it or not, it is a trap created for us. The debt has been paid already, it is left for us to use the opportunity to correct all abnormalities. At times, I tend to question myself severally, may be, I have been  infected by rigorous thinking. It looks as if the world is dominating the world, not God dominating the world. As a matter of fact, if you have sold your soul, kindly reclaim it, because time would soon be replaced with eternity. “- – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 






      If I knew I would have come to the world as a mind, so that I will have the power to dominate the future with certainty. As a matter of fact, the power given to the mind can’t be diluted. The question we need to ask ourselves is, where is the mind? Where is her location? If the mind has a location, then she would have been captured and corrupted by mankind. What we use to picture and image the future is, the mind, she accommodates all thoughts and activates them, but the problem will come when your thoughts are extremely negative, what do you expect your mind to do? 

      She can’t separate your positive and negative thoughts, but what she does is to actualize what you are thinking. Howbeit, if you control your mind judiciously you will move the unexpected. How? You have to have a belief and believe, these words are common, but their influence in the race of mankind can’t be underestimated. Remember, “as you think it you will become it”. If you think I am lying, then give it a try, because the mind is structured in a way that she doesn’t give up so easily, but when you give up, she gives up. When you are determined, she is. When you are down, she is. It is very pertinent to note that, the mind succumbs to your wishes. 

      Furthermore, if X is rich or poor some will say, it’s destiny. Can destiny be a dictatorial dominance over the mind? What relationship do they have? If destiny depicts a divine purpose and the mind connotes a realm of actualization, then is it the case that the way X thinks and how he actualizes his thoughts with his mind can be traced to the foreordained? If that should be the case, nobody will be wealthy. What this will mean is, if Y uses his or her mind to visualise his or her possible visions with his or her mind ,then  he or she can’t achieve them, because his or her has been foreordained with abject penury. It may be argued that, if we should rely on destiny in the case of the mind, progress will be a dream without reality. 

     What do you see? What do you think of? Are they possibilities or impossibilities? What books do you read? Remember, you once had a good mind, but when  your eyes saw the other side of life all the visions you have became destroyed because you said, “you can’t jokingly”, then your mind took this statement serious, look at what you have done. A child of light has become a figure of regrettable reference, what a pity. You must never forget this : your mind is your future. Your mind needs to be solidified with good thoughts, if not, your future will be dwindled. As a poetic writer I have tried over these years to keep using my mind to activate what I will be in  few years,  I have a belief and believe it will happen. In addition to this, I have been standing on front of a mirror to proclaim some statements about my future which I won’t say. Let your mind be your future. 

       How do you  tend to progress from that spot when your mind has been infected with a virus? The moment you think it won’t be possible, then you have impeded your future. Remember this, “your mind is like a spirit, and the spirit sees more  than an individual, because your body is a flesh and the spirit might not be able to communicate effectively as regards what she’s seeing about your future to her. But when you activate your mind with positivity, it gives the mind the ability to create a future for you. If  you have a belief and you believe, you will do it. You were created into this world not with an emblem of poverty or an omen of wealth, but which path and part have you chosen? Positivity should not be a guest nor a visit, it should be a daily manner. Perhaps, your mind is your future. 
        At this point there is need to make some clarifications as regards the brain, the heart, and the mind. I will call them,the indispensable. If the heart beats at all times, and the brain is in charge of thinking, then the duty of the mind is  to make all thoughts possible. Isn’t it? This is a simple assertion, it’s what we witness everyday. At times you tap your heart therefore saying, “my heart can’t deceive me”,whereas the heart knows nothing about deception she’s only responsible for your functionality. However, it’s not the duty of the brain to accomplish your dreams, but it’s her duty to think judiciously,and the mind is the owner of the prognosticative mission. Am I right or wrong? Think about this. It’s good to always feed your mind with positivity because life is negative, think about how you will  make it right in your own way,because no one cares. 

      The question is, if the mind is the future, does that mean, if X thinks positively at all times definitely he or she will have a good future? In other words, what can be deduced is,  positivity implies a good future. Is that so? How about the background of such an individual? Will this not affect the futuristic image? Let me make this clear : a little doubt will disorganize you, you might think it’s little, but there is much power in your first conception. Mind what you use your mind to do. 

       Only those filled with an imaginary power of the mind will recognize her capabilities. She’s can’t be seen, because she’s always on a motion to assist and render her duties. Why cry when your mind is ready to wipe your tears? How? She won’t activate herself, you must make her dance to your music. At this juncture, I will like full stop to  assist me, so that the audience will not be bored. Always remember, the more you train your mind, the more she expands. Finally your mind is waiting for you, locate her and gear her towards positivity. 





    Something  has been bothering my conscience I think this is the right time for me to express such arguments. There are some simple arguments I will introduce in this article, but do not be confused, I will carry you along for proper understanding. If at the end,you didn’t  understand, then there is a problem, but if it’s the matter of technicality, understanding will penetrate easily. 

       What comes to your mind when the word equality is being mentioned? As some will say, equality implies a thing or something that is shared without partiality. If that should be the case, can equality find a place in the hearts of mankind? I am not talking from the perspective of gender equality, but I am talking about a normal equality  that will surface within man’s society and the world he lives in. Remember that, the world is a political arena where you must choose who you want to follow either by something or nothing, the middle is too open because you might get crushed. So, where is the place of equality? 

       If equality is to be achieved, then the actual measurement of the world must be provided. Who can measure the world with accuracy? Who is ready to sacrifice his or herself? Yet, man has been clamoring for equality in all ramifications of life,especially women. If equality is real she would have equalized the rich and the poor, despite the existence of equality, things are still things, therefore nothing has changed. Perhaps, if the real meaning of equality is to be put to action,then scenarios like : V.I.P (very important person or people) and V.V.I.P (very very important person or people) should  be demolished totally. Can this be done? 

      Equality tends to appear to be doing her job whereas she is not even in control of herself. She is yet to fulfill her destiny, because it does not make sense when a group of people dictates the regulatory system of equality. Equality must be for all. Truth be told, I have been living in this world for years, I have been expecting the function of  equality, but instability and stability have been at the apex of her nomenclature. Yet, I am challenging equality to come out  from her cage. Where are you? 

      What I am concerned about is,whether equality can be possible in this contemporary society where fighting for  one’s self is a priority. Even within yourself as you are reading this article, ask yourself this question : Do I share or do things without prejudice? If you assume the paradigm of holiness trying to be a Saint, you might be the greatest deceiver of all time. Equality can only be possible if all elders can share things equally with the young ones. Since some elders can’t  commit themselves to the aforementioned statement, then the youths are not the leaders of tomorrow. 

         As a matter of fact, the backgrounds of all things built by man were basically a norm fabricated with inequality. If what I am saying is not making sense, please tell me and I will explain with a context that will be more sensible. But, do not get forget that,in as much as  there are different languages, how do we expect equality to be a daily  thing? Faces are different, traditions and cultures are numerous, religions are incongruous and to  shape the world with equality, is to provoke some battles . Have you not heard what I said priorly :  same death, but different locations. This is strange because equality is even struggling to create a spotlight of enigmatic scenarios. 


     Serious events are coming to rule, by then,you will understand the true meaning of equality. As some would say,”democracy” has it all. Democracy is only a liar structured to give man a partial equality in form of inequality. 

    “This is my short expression”



                      Read. Study. Think 


       A dipsomaniac is a person who is addicted to alcohol. As a matter of fact, alcohol is seen as a father to those who are in the state of addiction. If they don’t do it, it will be called absalonism. Hence, reverence is given to alcoholism. Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

          If I should ask the vast majority about their thoughts on who is a dipsomaniac or a drunkard, thoughts will be many, but castigation will be the subject matter because it has been assumed that anyone who is addicted to alcohol has a limited sensibility and sensitivity. Thus, people who are addicted as related to the context of the above topic can’t contribute to any judicious activity until they are free from alcohol. If that should be the case, I have two questions which are as follows : Is it the case that people who are addicted to alcohol should be laughed at, especially, when they misbehave? What if  there are some elements of truth in their expressions? 

           Well and truly, I am not supporting alcoholism but in this case, one must not drink to stupor in as much as there is a limitation. Unlimited doesn’t mean you are unlimited, it is a caution in accordance with limitations. Perhaps, if ‘unlimited’ is real, people would have opted for the best at the detriment of others without any consideration. If that should be the case, what is your consumption capacity as regards to alcohol? Do you drink to the extent of uttering some nonsensical statements? If alcohol doesn’t fit your personality, why involving yourself in this act? I am not saying that those taking alcohol steadily should persist  but, conscientiousness must be permitted. 

         When you are drunk your unconsciousness becomes conscious because the word ‘truth’ must reveal itself in that scenario. The word ‘lie’ is always easy to commit but, ‘truth’ is always waiting for an opportunity in order to strike. And if it has been argued that opportunity comes but once, truth will always be there for the purpose of fulfilling its ordained will. As a matter of fact,to Some people, alcohol is like an invigorator that empowers them to bring out the reality in them. If this is true, then, the impact of alcohol  to some people is the ability to express the reality. How about that? What’s your view? Do you think it is a must to take alcohol in order to activate the reality of things? Is this argument sensible? 

         Of course, it is not sensible. When you were created you weren’t nurtured with alcohol in order to know the reality, instructors only gave instructions. Hence, reality became the basic thesis of life. As time approaches, you concluded within your heart to taste a new form  of reasoning, unfortunately, this became an addiction, and you totally became a dipsomaniac. Whose fault? Society? God? Or you? What always perturbs my mind is that, a drunkard can construct a valid  argument that is verifiable which will attract one’s attention but, it’s always hidden. But, this should not be a platform for you to get drunk and misbehave because your misbehavior  may hinder some opportunities. A thinking of thinking that should be thought. 

         What pleasure is in alcohol? What is the joy of a dipsomaniac or a drunkard in the department of alcoholism? Some people have argued that  alcohol suppresses depression and erases some negative thinking. In other words, it is a pleasure(alcohol) that brings some lost happiness. What If alcohol was not created? What would have been the source of happiness or inspiration to some people? Will they die? How would one thing dictate for things? Shouldn’t it be things dominating one thing? What life are you living? Is it a life of a drunkard or a dipsomaniac? Every second counts, every minute reads, and every hour speeds. Hence, time is over.  

          If your unfinished business is to finish as a drunkard, well, it is an achievement that should be recognized. But, it may be hard to see a drunkard in a real business of life exhibiting a good leadership quality. Life has no future, yet I am still wondering how a rigorous drunkard will be able to create a future in a life of no future. If there is a certain future, then, mankind won’t bother God or plan for something in this world. Optimism is always the key. What optimistic point of view do you have when you are always drunk? Certainty or uncertainty? 


      A drunkard wrote this article,but if this article is not sensible. This is because, the writer is drunk. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 





      Some leaders are still acting like a megalomaniac being launching, an attack to the people who voted them. Instead of considering the welfarism of the masses, power intoxicated them, and they forgot the agreed promises. What a pity. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

          Tears won’t solve this issue even unity has failed to reconcile this bifurcation. The time given to them has expired, perhaps what will they proof again? If the citizens of a nation are seen as animals then, the people will be slaughtered one day. Moreover, these leaders want to be there forever and place their entire generation in power if possible yet, the future of the youths has been enveloped without an autarchy of retaliation. Where are we going? If one should think at the apex, insanity will be happy to  buy an apartment in one’s  life forever. 

          The brains of our leaders have been injected with backwardness because their hearts have been blurred by power, wealth, and money. But, all these things won’t live forever, a temporal concept created to deceive many. If I should acquire the world and dance to melodious tunes of this earth, what next? I have only succeeded in satisfying myself without considering the society. Only if we can think we would discover that there is nothing in this world. If that should be the case, what good deeds have you done? What good deeds have I done? 

        Remember that leadership is not for life. You will either, die or retire. The question is, what will people say about you? Good or bad? How will you envelope the future? The future should be opened to all but, in this contemporary society, there is a huge segregation between those who are and those who are not.  The leaders do not care about the citizens, they will come out openly with bravery but in their subjective world nothing will happen. Is this the kind of life we want to live? Truth in form of deception. What a shame. 

        No wonder the Igbos are clamoring for freedom and liberty in establishing their own country. As a Nigerian, what will I do? If I should rain curses on Nigeria, it won’t make sense. If I should pray that Nigeria should come to an end, I might be regarded as a tool of evil. Truth be told, Nigeria is divided. Even unity has departed long time ago,a David has become a Goliath. What a pity. I am sure that people reading this article from other countries will be bewildered by the these expressions. Do not be confused, I am only expressing my thoughts in a realistic notion. 

        Furthermore, the question you need to ask yourself is, if I am opportuned to be  in any position. Will I act in accordance with the rule of law or act above the law? This is the case of the aforementioned Country(Nigeria)  dwindling the rights of her citizens. Regrettably, the citizens are lamenting rigorously and their poor parents who are striving everyday to nurture their children are weeping under the atmosphere of inconveniency. Why is it so? Yet, these leaders are not concerned about that, all what they are dreaming of, is to be dominant till death. 

          In addition,a time will come when all memories will be investigated, some people will plead for mercy, but she(mercy) will  detach herself willingly without pity. Remember, mercy also has her own wickedness which always encompasses several prior warnings. The fake promises structured must be checked and corrected if not, the wrath that is coming will be unbearable. Once again, what a pity. As a matter of fact, I can’t perform than this  but the only way is, to express my thoughts in this article. Perhaps, who wants to die? 


           Those in high places should remember that life is not forever. They have given their children a qualitative education which will make them  be at the zenith of achievement and accompliment meanwhile, the masses are in the state of pejoration, struggling to earn a good living. Imagine they were to be in their shoes, how will they feel? Suffering has become a normalcy as imagined by these leaders. But, why? Whereas, some people are using this power for vengeance. At the end, the gain will be nothing but death. I would like to close this chapter, but the right colours will be known when the time comes. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

          “A nation should not be governed  by leaders who are cosmetic in a managerial existence with the aim of making profits. Leadership should be seen as a sacrifice, not a dictatorial dominance.” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.