This has gone beyond prosecution. This is a brutality without conscience. Is it because religion?  Any belief that supports the killing of people who are not part of one’s religion is not from God. Does God kill? What have they done to deserve this martyr? Yet, they always exclaim the name of God as if He’s the one who has authorized the execution. If one’s religion is real, then you won’t prosecute and execute other religions. Hence, when people see the reality in you they tend to find a way to quench it. If that should be the case, JESUS CHRIST is real, if not, why prosecuting and executing Christians? 

     They have placed religion to be their god, thinking they are doing it for God. Let me tell you something, God does not kill. How will God kill His people? How will He  proselytize people to kill each other  on the basis of religion? This  is a warning, stop it or the wrath will come. Why deceiving your followers? Why telling  them that your religion is peaceful whereas it’s violent? For how long are they going to be on the  island of fake reality? If Christians should execute other people because of their religion, I will definitely speak and criticize them.Now, it has been promoted  to a realm where they slay Christians like a chicken. 

   Are they doing this in the name of god or God? If it is because of God, then it’s lie. I will repeat myself again, “God is not a killer.”  If they continue in this stride of execution they might end what they have been building for years. Their brains have been encrypted with a code of obstinacy. No wonder, it is asserted, “he that has  ears let him hear”. If they won’t listen then their ears will be replaced with no ears. Hence, destruction will be the happiest concept when the time comes. Spread those words with peace, not with violence. They have been succeeding in this execution, but soon, success will secede. 

   I am not cursing any religion, but I am writing this article to all religions. If you are against a particular religion, do not make any attempt to kill the person, but  instruct him or her to leave. This is the essence of religion. In this modern age, religion has been  moved from  peace to war. I am still not getting some beliefs. Will God tell you to fight in order to impose your religion  on the people of a given Country? Will God instruct you to use brutality? If God is peaceful, how come man is not? 

   Some people are saying that, Jesus Christ is not real. This has been the main reason why some religions tend to say God is one, not trinity. Are they trying to say because Christians see God as a trinity, therefore they are living in contrary to their belief? Or did God instruct them to kill anyone who blasphemes Him? God can’t instruct man to kill man. If they think they are doing it for God, well, He’s coming to defend Himself. Remember this common statement : “every private place is like a public place, and every public place is like a private place.” The alphabet ‘P’ occurred frequently in the aforementioned statement which means presentation in the sight of God. Can you hide yourself from this? 

     If  your conscience is lost, you can  buy one through rigorous thinking. If you think bad is good, then there is a problem with your source. They have been brainwashed by the code of conduct stipulated in the modus operandi of their belief. Hence, their hearts are gone, their minds are lost, and their ways are broad. This execution won’t end,because what  makes the end interesting is the closing exhibition. Once execution comes the logo of hope will cry for help unknowingly. 

   As for those who have been executed, I know you felt something deep in your hearts before your execution. Perhaps, there is a feeling when you know that there is something behind all scenes. Please,tell God to come quickly so that this people will know that, “God doesn’t kill”.  

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