I am not writing this article for the purpose of fighting some beliefs, but I am writing this article in order to share my opinions as regards the existence of God. Remember opinions can be castigated if you have a tangible reason to do so. On a serious note, this question has caused a lot of problems for several years. The same question will be asked : is there really a God? – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 

   God is so gentle, I wonder why he has not retaliated despite the fact that He has been hearing abusive words and vulgar languages which are unpalatable. Yet, He’s so calm and patient, if man were to be in His position, then heaven would have been a worldly merriment. I know some people are preparing their arguments which might include the provision of God’s existence and His role in the creation of world. But as for those who are still doubting His existence I will encourage them to keep doubting may be,at the eleventh hour you will realize,I hope it won’t be too late. 

  If there is no God, and we have morning, day and night, then who is instructing them to perform without any disagreement? You might want to use science to explain this, but can science explain the concept of eternity? It’s very obvious that he who made the world created science. Mankind has forgotten his source, he has forgotten the finger that fed him and  he has been bewildered by civilization. Yet, the fury of God is patient. As a matter of fact, His coming will be comic, as many will laugh thinking it’s a joke whereas it’s not. Perhaps, God is not a comedian. 

  If there is no God, who will reward the wicked ones and the righteous ones? What will be the conclusion of those who have been doing good or bad? If it has been said that God will be the judge, how come there is no God? Will the throne of judgment be empty? When you think, always remember that there is a processor processing your imaginations. Hence, this processor knows what you are thinking, but the freewill given can’t make this individual to stop your thinking because you must be aware that there is God

   If there is no God, there will be no offence. You know what? Why is it that provocative scenarios are numerous in our contemporary society today? Most of these scenarios are practically lauched to provoke and ridicule the existence and the instructions given by God. Have you thought of this? If there is no God, why attacking Him? Deep inside our hearts we know the truth, but we want to flourish in this world first before thinking ahead. it’s so annoying that we still have some  people in this world contemplating about the existence of God. 

    It’s very easy to prove His existence than to disprove His existence. Do you agree? Yet, mankind is clamoring for His prosecution and execution. Can you kill God? You can only kill a person you see, but in the case of GOD He’s everywhere yet, you can’t see Him but feel Him. Howbeit, why is God the talk of the town? There are several issues to be discussed, but when it comes to the issue of God it’s as if He’s in obscurity whereas He’s not. As a metaphysician I have tried to experiment His existence but it’s something I would like to explain logically, so that you will be able to know why the unknown is known. Take a look at this argument :

Look back at your origin and reflect on how you were made. Can you get that picture? Can you get the image? The answer is capital NO. If you were made by someone,this implies the existence of a special being who made you or am I lying? You can’t be made by yourself or by science. Hence, there is a God somewhere. 

   If it has been assumed that there is no God, then tell me your true origin. Do you want to use science to define your source? You have to be reawakened by some thoughts. If I can feel everything, this means there is a spiritual being making all things to function in as much as I am alive, and if I die this functionality will continue. But there is someone overseeing all things. 

   I have been thinking rigorously about God, I don’t know why this is so, may be it is because the end will soon be activated as implied by some people. I know there are some things that are giving mankind a second thought about His existence while some people have uttered several provocative words against Him yet, He’s waiting for His time. We have been  given enough time to restructure our ways, but when it’s time no imaginations or suggestions will be allowed. All will go straight to the point. 

  It is very pertinent to note that, I am not defending God and I can’t defend Him. If I speak the truth I will surely die one day. If I don’t speak the truth I will also die one day, so why not  speak the one which is in accordance with God’s will?  I am not preaching I am only expressing my thoughts which can’t be exempted, however, the existence of gods is the evidence of God. It’s a battle between small and capital which implies that God is there source, but they have forgotten Him by giving all glory to themselves saying, He’s not coming back. Says who? 


  I can’t influence you with my belief, but all I know is, there is only one belief , it will be very wrong for one to conclude that there is God when He has not unveiled Himself, the only choice given to man is to embrace Him or face His wrath. This is not conditional, it’s necessary. 

– – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 

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