What is encounter? Encounter is act of meeting something unexpectedly. In other words, if it is expected then, it is not an encounter.

                       MY 50TH ARTICLE

NOTE : Study each line carefully and digest every word with scrutiny. What I am about to say might not be meaningful to you now but, I want you to think about the quest of knowing the unknown. This unknown is ‘GOD’. I want the reader to be attentive to this real scenario which I encountered, although  I have witnessed many. This particular one nearly took my life. – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


A CRUCIAL NOTE : In this article several questions will be raised and answers will be given. I will operate within the paradigm of certainty and uncertainty in order to justify myself. Till then, I want you to enjoy this philosophical story and expression . Are you ready?


     The journey started when I was at a tender age I was told  by my parents about what I would become which was like a prophesy that I will be chosen when the time comes. This prophesy was directed to my late parents. Soon, I became inclined to the routine of the prophesy I  could remember how I gathered my friends when I was 10 years old to sing and worship the most high called God. This same scenario occurred severally even till now I am feeling the vibrant ego.
        During my process of development, I attended churches like Cherubim and seraphim, Celestial church of God etc. In that era I noticed that it was strange for me to be so committed in knowing the unknown (God)  with passion. I was feeling hunger for things in the unknown quest of knowing the reality, as an elegant boy I was given talents thus, I used them in churches in order to edify God and expose the archenemies of mankind. There is no doubt that  I have been encountering the maker from my childhood  and his tremendous works.
       A day came when I asked myself about the essence of encounter. It is very pertinent to note that , if you have an encounter, something must change. You will feel something because an encounter can not be easily forgotten. How about Jacob? How about Saul? What happened in those scenarios  can be accorded to what I call “ENCOUNTER” . Let’s take these two questions and answer them with brevity.


         Jacob had an encounter with an angel  sent from God but, he was sagacious or wise to hold the angel until something happens . Finally, his name was changed to Israel. In the case of Saul of Tarsus , the prosecutor and executor of the followers of  Jesus Christ, he was on his way to Damascus  when he had an encounter after  living like a blind man for three days his name was changed to Paul. Please note the words underlined because whenever there is an encounter, change must be the subject matter.
       This is not the type of change that occurs everyday but a change that operates within the context of encounter. If encounter is an every day issue it won’t make sense thus, encounter makes the  word change to be unique in a new dimension. Particularly, it will always be new to you and you won’t forget it. Did you think Jacob and Saul would forget the huge transformation? This is simply capital ‘NO’. Why? Because a good name will always be remembered at times.
         If an encounter does not opine change then, it is not an encounter because what she does is to change your mentality as regards to life. So, whenever there is an encounter, change is not optional but a certain thing. Have you had an encounter? What did you notice? Change or What? What is my own encounter? Who and what did I encounter? Well and truly, I will examine my encounter in the next paragraph perhaps, it is the main thesis in this article.
” I know God is brave to challenge anyone but, what really perturbs my mind is that, he keeps hiding himself therefore releasing one mentality called feeling within human society. Hence, there is a difference between “ What you feel and what you see“. Show yourself God because people are expecting you. “ – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


                      MY ENCOUNTER
”  It occurred at  1.00am I was in part 3 (300 level)  in higher institution, I was having an examination that morning. In that dream I saw fire burning extremely, the fire looked unquenchable I was hooked on my bed I could not move even my breath was ceased I nearly passed on but, suddenly I exclaimed, ‘Jesus I will do your work’ . Immediately I came to reality, I was terrified  I could not sleep. ” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.
   Another thing I  would like to emphasize on is  that when you encounter a thing the trademark will be like a deep scar which can not be healed.”  – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


My short analysis about  encounter  might not be strong enough to  convince the vast majority. But, I have done my part in sharing mine. Why are you keeping yours? 


Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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