I came into this world with an unconscious mind but, as time approaches I embraced consciousness in order to partake in the race of life. What do I owe this life?  Who predestined my life?  What is my destiny depicting? I have not been able to think and rationalise beyond, if can, I would have suggested a solution to all solutions. At times we tend to work zealously thinking everything will become successful but, at the end futility is  always the main frame. You have a wish list doesn’t mean it will come pass, it is just an existence in your mind. If my life has been predestined by the unknown then, why am I working?  Why should I work?

      Someone has arranged  this world in such a way that we  cannot question it. We have been restricted by an authority whose vision  is to be in anything for life. We must ask why life is so rigid and flexible, no doubt, the quest  for more will keep radiating within the territorial condition of man. A  caged world which will not be opened anytime soon, we can get out of it, how about the next phase? A  life we have no choice even when ups and downs are tedious. Can we commit suicide or euthanasia(mercy killing)?  If we can, how about the assumed world?

     What rights do we have? We must beg endlessly, even an appeal for freedom or freewill won’t be exempted. I have wondered why peace won’t be amidst mankind, it is not the case that peace can’t reign but, it must be concealed all in the name of elevation and eulogy. Tears in some places yet we have people who are laughing at the corner of their houses. Some may argue that, if everything were to  be sweet life would not have been interesting. Says who? Although everyman has fear but, the instilled notion in the hearts of man is cumbrous or heavy. What else would I say?  What expression will I give to  convince myself that, it is what it is? A predestined life is what we are living. Think about your existence and the end that will occur suddenly. What next?

     “Are we still looking for a replacement, the original one will be costly to see”


By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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