I know I have become meaningless because of my constant posts. My words are common like  houses, but I guess they will appreciate when the time comes. However, Jesus Christ should not be a strange name, afterall you have heard of him from different angles. I am just doing my part in fulfilling his coming. At end, do not say that ‘I did not tell you about the saviour’. — –  Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.

The above topic has caused a huge division between religions, men, and  women. In as much as it has been said that Christianity is not a religion, but a way of life pertaining to Jesus Christ. If  that should be the case, can we say that anyone who refuses to accept Jesus Christ as his or her personal lord and saviour will be condemned? I am not against Christianity, but all I know is that, I am serving a living God who sent  His son to this world Coupled with an establishment of the holy spirit. If one should assume that the existence of things in this world is normal then, one’s thinking should be a subject matter for the myopic minds. Yet, I will ask the christians and the masses  this question : Who is JESUS  CHRIST ?

     Is he just a man who was crucified years ago? Is he a common man who died for himself? Did he just come to lavish his time for the sake of pun? Is he just an image or a picture theory? What are you standing for? Nothing or something? All these questions are the philosophical embodiments created by the maker  for your subjective thinking. If Jesus is not real there will be no emphasis about him. To talk of something is a case of an existence of that particular  thing, if not, what essence will it yield? He has shown himself enough, he’s begging you to embrace his exemplified life. And if you think that Jesus is  not real, try euthanasia (mercy killing) may be, when you return from the land of the  dead you will have no choice, only if that opportunity will be given to  you to start another journey. Once again, who is JESUS CHRIST ? 

      Is he a comedian who came to exhibit some dramatic actions? Is he a man that should be blamed or eulogised? Tell me, who and what is JESUS CHRIST to you? If as a Christian you are still doubting about your status as regards your journey towards eternity then, your amateur thinking should be nurtured with a sensible guidance. He laid his life so that mankind will see salvation and dwell in his presence with joy. If peradventure you missed it, it will be your fault. Have you not heard this : “in those days men shall seek death, they shall find it not, and they shall desire to die but death will flee from them.”  I am not forcing anyone to embrace Jesus Christ neither will I make him a compulsory concept. Once again, Who is JESUS CHRIST?

    Although, I have not seen Jesus Christ in appearance, but all I could see is the great impression given by his true followers. Hence, if we can think judiciously  we would discover that he’s the true son of God. But, how? Why  did God call  Jesus Christ His son ? I will be explicit, but you will need to open your inner light and understanding. Look below :


     God is the trinity. This implies God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. You can not believe in one of them and neglect others. You have to believe in all, because they are one. When God said ‘let there be light’ that “command” connotes ‘the WORD’  which represents JESUS CHRIST. Have you not heard this :  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The word is JESUS CHRIST representing the salvation of mankind, have you not noticed that you can cast and bind by the mention of Jesus Christ? Why is it so? Because there is power in the “WORD OF GOD”. THE WORD(JESUS CHRIST) + GOD produced a comforter(HOLY SPIRIT)  that gives interpretation to everything you can comprehend and you can’t comprehend. 

If nobody created God then, he can’t be divided. Only Him can divide Himself into trinity and still be one. Because to be created is to be divided. Let me break-it-down in this form : 

     God (A)  is an everlasting supremacy (equals to) =

      A the A( God the Father) 

       A the AS(God the Son) 

       A the AHS(God the Holy Spirit) 

     From the above explanation, you can see that God is in all. When you call  one of them  others must follow, because God is one performing every duty with accuracy and perfection. Can you do that? Even Satan can’t do it. Think about this. This aphorism  came to my mind without stress. Perhaps, only those with great understanding will see this explanation and digest it. I might be tempted to publish the part 2 of ‘WHO IS JESUS CHRIST?’  because he’s more than this. For the last time, who is JESUS CHRIST to you? 


  If  my explanations are difficult to understand , I will be happy to answer your questions. But, one who is deep in thinking should be able to imagine this enigma as an indivisible construction. God is trinity and trinity is one. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

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