At this moment, we may not buy a drink at an exorbitant price. Everything will become flexible and even bendable but, we must alert ourselves and let our consciousness be rebranded like an antique factory. The way I speak and write may look intractable but, is there anything too hard for mankind? We have pledged to do whatever it takes to establishing a journey that will be unquestionable but, things changed and we were endangered by different circumstances. We have myriad of songs but, not all, will be mellifluous. After exhausting a good music. What will be next?

     We once had a belief which became a uniqueness but, as time approaches we were distracted by pleasures that were also synonymous to success. What have we gained?  Sorrow or happiness?  Yet, we would laugh when other lives are demolished and short-lived. What will be our gain? As hopelessness will be found in hope, I guess she will be ready to define herself in order to proof her existence.

    When belief is taken, we would have nothing but an ordinary barrel with emptiness. Even if we advise them, they won’t listen to the maxim of hope because they have been destined for destruction. I have thought of it on several occasions, the answer I was able to find is, “the same as same”. If this is real then, we are wasting our time in this world. We are witnessing a supremacy whose intentions will be made known at end, if there will be an end. I know this analysis may not be objective but through subjectivism this can be made known to all. Actualising ourselves is so simple, instead of making the complex simple, we making the simple complex. Hence, it will be oxymoronic between ‘Complex and Simple’.
  As a matter of fact, we must not threaten ourselves with the same creation of nostalgia. Inventions are simple, only if we can think then, we can make the next phase of life expedient.

     “The faces we are seeing are fake but when an  originality is permitted. Sensibility will be concrete.”

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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