My only wish is to see them but, since the doors of the dead and living are not the same, I have decided to set my aim in gentility. Tears everywhere, if tears could be calculated it will be uncountable. I thought I can hide the feelings but it will make no sense if this is kept. If we walk around what we can perceive is loneliness even an identity can still be doubted. The vestiges  were created for one purpose: That will be an end to all.

   My main concern is that painful departure. I have lamented like a baby, I cried, thinking heavens and earth will assist me in waking and exhuming them yet, they looked at me scornfully. No renditions of help from anywhere, all I could see is my  family and society who tend to cajole me to act like man. Hence, I asked, “is it in the case of male and female?” 

  I  thought I  saw them, but a dream in a dreamland. The time has come to make a huge decision coupled with an autarchy of no  interventions. I am perturbed, perplexed, and disheartened with these stereotyped situations, if these were not arranged it would be amendable. They were taken spontaneously, this baffled me to keep asking questions  about their sudden exit. Well and truly, there are things hidden which are hidden in hidden, except hidden unveils itself, the problems wont be solved.

“late Mr and Mrs  Henry  Comfort Akinrulie will continue to be an epitome of huge significance. I will be looking forward to see them again, if there is another. I still have my belief, but  what I am feeling must not be felt by others. The glorious day  has been set aside, I will always love them ” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

  ” since there is a departure then, an arrival should be in existence “

By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua (BB.PIN 5C3C48B7)

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