I wish I could remove fire from fire but the only danger revealed will jeopardize my missions. I was standing aloof one day thinking about various things as related to my life hence, I wanted to unveil my identity so that I can be identified  but I can’t. If I can’t then, who am I?
   I became terrified and dumbfounded, the same question must be centered to  mankind: Who am I? If truly we are to identify all, then,the aforementioned question should be a mantra of thought in as much as we live in diversities. Yet, Who am I? Even tears brought her own tears when she heard the question, thus, she cried, “who am I?”
   Where is my real identity? My journey in life must not be impeded. I must continue to scrutinise myself in all ramifications. I wish I could think beyond life but when I informed life about the matter she said I can’t,what will I do?
   All what I have analysed should also be pictured by everyone of us. Let this question be our watchword: Who am I?
  By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
  “The world should be an empty world”

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