This article is not associated with the writer’s thinking but it’s in conglomeration with what is happening in the society as some people tend to ask this question : when will I be rich or wealthy? It’s so frustrating when one is ridiculed because he or she lacks some things, however, this tends to oppress some people who don’t see it as an inspiration to do more.

This question would still pop up, but when? In your mind you are very frustrated. You look at your date of birthday you nod your head, even sometimes you think about it, especially why you haven’t hit the right spot that would catapult you to wealth. You tend to hem that phase and focus on your life. Nonetheless, don’t allow what you see pressurize you, there are lot of things going on behind.

At times when you walk around you see luxury cars parked by one person. What comes to your mind? Some questions like : Does this person has two heads? Why am I not favored despite the fact that I am hard working? Have I not paid my dues? Or my dues aren’t enough? What are my doing in a wrong way? Yet, when?

In as much as you are going through a lot, kindly remember it will end in this world,aftermath, is what I don’t know, but by faith is what has been set aside to believe. Howbeit, outwardly you laugh, you say a lot of comic words, but inwardly you are feeling something different. You want that comfortable life you have been thinking of, you have also demonstrated how you would behave when you become what you have desired. But, when?

There are some people that would oppress you, even some would use you to uplift themselves and dump you later, thinking you won’t become somebody in life. However, one day the story would change, they would laugh with you, but they have forgotten how they got rigid with you. In addition, vengeance is not the best way, let karma function. Hence, an everlasting social distancing is necessary. Isn’t it?

One day, you sat yourself, you started thinking about how some people have accused you pertaining your lack of sharpness. I know this has been weighing you, it’s not an easy thing to stand upright under criticism, however, this is necessary for your growth. This would upgrade the concept of your “self and identity”. What is self? What is identity?

Let us take a glance at some theses by some writers, before I explain my own theory:


“In common discourse, the term self often re­fers to a warm sense or a warm feeling that something is “about me” or “about us.” Re­flecting on oneself is both a common activity and a mental feat. It requires that there is an “I” that can consider an object that is “me.” The term self includes both the actor who thinks (“I am thinking”) and the object of thinking (“about me”). Moreover, the actor both is able to think and is aware of doing so. As the philosopher John Locke famously asserted, “I think, therefore I am.” Aware­ness of having thoughts matters.” (c) Daphna Oyserman, Kristen Elmore & George Smith (handbook of self & identity edited by by Mark R. Leary& June Price Tangney)


“Want a burger and fries or softly steamed fish and fungi? How about offering a bribe to win that contract? Feel like bungee jump­ing? People believe that they do not need to seriously weigh the pros and cons of these choices before deciding, that their identities provide a meaning-making anchor. They know who they are, and who they are directs their choices. In that sense, choices large and small feel identity-based and identity­ congruent.

Identities are the traits and characteris­tics, social relations, roles, and social group memberships that define who one is. Identi­ties can be focused on the past-what used to be true of one, the present-what is true of one now, or the future-the person one expects or wishes to become, the person one feels obligated to try to become, or the per­son one fears one may become. Identities are orienting, they provide a meaning-making lens and focus one’s attention on some but not other features of the immediate context”. __(c) Daphna Oyserman, Kristen Elmore & George Smith (handbook of self & identity edited by Mark R. Leary& June Price Tangney)


If “self” is different from “identity”. How would one separate these two conflicting issues? Is realising oneself not identity? In a contemporary Palance, If self connotes myself, that is my identity, so how is self different from identity?

One day, I went for meeting a young and vibrant lady walked in, as she was about to sit a man asked, “would you please identify yourself?”

In the aforementioned scenario, there is a misuse of language which is often common in our society today. “Identifying yourself” is so incongruous, but using a statement like, “would you please introduce yourself nullifies the conflict.” How?

When one is “identifying oneself” it conveys both the self and identity. Hence, there is no need to separate the introduction of self and identity. In addition, if someone says, I don’t want them to know me, so let me hide myself . Hence, if “self” has been hidden, how do we tend to know the “identity” of such an individual? When self is not allowed to manifest, identity would become useless.

However, they are inseparable if you think about it deeply. They work together for the purpose of your existence. If that should be the case:

how is a random thought for the hopeless related to self and identity?

When self is activated, then identity would follow, although they can’t be divided. This would make you know that the underlined question in italic is necessary towards actualizing your goals. You would have what you have desired, but self and identity would play a major role. Hence, let your random thought be hopeful.


I have vowed not to be a fan of GULDER. I have decided to be a STAR, so that I would have a LIFE. I was told that, in order for me to become a LEGEND,I must defeat one particular HERO, but I must also know his ORIGIN, then use my BULLET. Hence, the TROPHY will be mine. – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.

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