Don’t feel relaxed when the mantle has not be given but I guess we have gained a consciousness that will make us realise the realities we have lost. As a matter of fact,we have tried to cajole ourselves but this egoistic seed planted in mankind will always be a crux and cross.
   I won’t express much,a parable is a parable to those who are well equipped in knowledge. I am not writing to communicate to myopic thinkers but a wise being must always be in the quest of knowledge. Why must we disturb the future? Why must we speak about what we have not seen? Future is complaining because a rest is needed.
   The necessary conditions were created to settle disputes. A remorseful heart will always be sad even if there is an exhilaration. That bus stop was created for manipulations yet we are rejoicing because it will stop a bus. Which bus? Whose bus?
    By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
  “A sabotage was created for a peaceful agenda”

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