I am about to narrate the story of a man whose world is about to crumble, but I have told him to be patient. However, he won’t listen as he has vowed to take a forbidden step if his desires are not granted. What must have prompted him to express himself in this manner? I would express all that he said without prejudice, but I will try and shorten my paragraphs for the convenience of the audience. Yet, he clamored again,” my world is about to crumble, who will save me?


Well, there is a need for me to appreciate God, my family, and my friends. Especially God for his good notions towards me maybe someday I might see him, till then let me express carefully so that you will post on your blog.

Why am I behind? Why is my life miserable? What’s happening to me? Am I taking the wrong steps? I am diligent, yet nothing. Have I, offended someone? Am I cursed? I have been trying to meet up, but I am still behind. But why?

I have become the last, I hope this is not Ichabod(the glory of God has departed from Israel). Where is my glory? Where is my hope? Why is God silent? Oh God kindly assist me, if not, let thy will be done. Now, what’s on my mind is suicide so that I may see you if possible. I hope suicide won’t lead me to hell. Yet, I pray I make heaven.

Don’t see me as an ingrate, but if one compares too much it weakens such an individual. Remember, this has led some to quit and end their life and it has also led some to ignite their life, people are created in different ways and perspectives, it depends on the forum you are. Howbeit, my life is in the struggle. But why?

There is a difference between agony and pain. There is a difference between heart and mind. It has grown from pain to agony, my mind is lost and the heart is pumping too fast. Yet, who will rescue me? They said a problem shared is a problem solved, but not in this contemporary society where some villainous people are expecting your downfall. I hope God will rescue me?

Why is that the good things I have done are not valued? Is it a normal criterion of this world that good things should be castigated? Maybe, it is an attempt to provoke the kindhearted ones to deviate from the right part. If that should be the case, what is the fate of these truthful ones? Will they not be honored on this earth? Or it’s in heaven they will be rewarded?

I am confused, even those I trust still use my past to hurt me, in such a way that they would start mentioning things they have done for me. Well, I know this is part of life. As a matter of fact, there is no way they won’t ask for it either directly or indirectly. It is as if my main purpose is besmirched, or is it not? Yet, I must continue to strive till my time is up because that is what life is all about.

Where do I proceed to when I haven’t seen life yet? It looks like everything isn’t functioning I have become an amateur who is trying to retrace his or her background. My world is about to crumble and this is not a joke. Soon, you will understand all these words I have been saying, but if it’s God’s wish for me to live so be it. I strongly believe that God is good.

If it is so, will God allow me to die without fulfilling my purposes? I know he’s not wicked, but life is complicated. What more can I say? Everything is about the struggle, it is as if the essence of this world is suffering. At this point, I would cease my thoughts at least I have expressed some things that have been bothering me, but I would end these thoughts below:

Everything moves as if there is nothing happening, desperation has led many into a “fake life” as they want to trend like others, but they have forgotten that” he who wants to be famous or popular must offer an unending sacrifice“. Depression makes one think deeply about some issues especially if you think,” this is not supposed to happen to me“. Hence, your hidden thoughts will be ignited.


The previous expression is just a free notification to the audience. Finally, I appreciate Akinrulie Opeyemi for helping me to package these thoughts. In addition, I think life is like a game, so I need to play the best I can. Well, I have a lot to say, but I hope God has not forgotten. Till then, I pray I make heaven.


There are different stages of life we must face, our struggles are different that is why we react to things in different ways. The essence of mankind is to create his own happiness in this world but remember happiness is not free. How? If happiness is free it shouldn’t appeal to something it should just be, not in this contemporary society where something must be the source of your happiness. Hence, find the thing that gives you joy.

As a matter of fact, the world is not a place to be. If that is the case, then, there must be a place to be, yet we must keep working and pushing someday the reality will be shown to us. Frustration and depression can make one utter some negative comments about oneself, howbeit, whenever you are downcast look at the mirror and say;

“I know I will make it.

I know I will be successful.

Nothing can stop me.”


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