Kindly follow each line with scrutiny. Don’t jump into conclusion so easily, if not, you will lose some crucial points. When life gets miserable for you suicide shouldn’t be an option. I would like the readers to relax and read this article. As a matter of fact, I would make the paragraphs short and informative for proper understanding.


Life, why are you tired? You know mankind would miss you. You know you are lively, but at times you prefer to be silent when the wicked ones are at work, in addition, you even prefer to extend their existence in this world. Why? Who gave you that mentality? God? Man? Or it’s a normal thing? You have created a disastrous paradigm that is beyond your capacity. In other words, life has been clamoring with the usage of these words: As ‘LIFE’ speaks ;

I am life and I am alive, soon I would depart from this world because mankind has offended me. I would only pardon those who are using me fruitfully, I would also extend my stay in this world as I am also a stranger like mankind. Don’t be dismayed I think there’s life after death. Hence, if there is no life after death, why is death compulsory and prominent? If that should be the case, I am life I would die, but I would be recalled when the time comes. As a matter of fact,to die is for man,to live is for life.


What meaning does life give? Tell me, some would say,”let’s have hope” even hope is tired of mankind because she has become a common request. What a pity! I am not writing this to question God, but it’s very pertinent to note that those who blaspheme Him are under a systematic transformation may be they would beg repentance to win their hearts. Hence,God won’t inform eternity that He’s coming.

I am not the only one imagining this thought, I think life has no meaning. If she has a meaning please kindly tell me. I know you would say, so far I am alive I should be thankful and grateful for the gift of life. A gift accompanied by the world of wickedness? A gift where some won’t taste the goodness of life till they die? A gift where it is said that we must pay the price of our forefathers with our lives? Life has taken man as a comedian while man is tragic, life is laughing.

What is the meaning of life? For the ‘wealthy and healthy’ life should continue and if there is a way they can bribe eternity they are willing to pay any amount, we should be happy that eternity is hidden. For those who are depressed coupled with the agony they are experiencing within, their assertion would be,”life has no meaning.

As I put it,” when life is not giving you good things you tend to assume you are the only one in this world. you feel depressed and dejected, thinking about different things associated with sadness. When life decides to show her identity she would appear in a bad mood, but how you tend to handle it matters. As a writer, I can proffer solutions indirectly through my dexterity, yet life has no meaning to some.

Remember: I am only expressing my thoughts perspectively, and if you think life has meaning, then ask life to tell you her mission, she would tell you that she’s also a visitor. If I should think from morning till night it won’t change the fact that no one would get out of life alive. Hence, Life is aware, yet she gives hope to people. Deceit or truth?

As you know, not every one that laughs is happy. In other words, when happiness is not permitted to flow internally you tend to fake the laughter, and this kills so fast. As some would say,’happiness is free’. Let me address this popular sayingšŸ‘‡:

Truth be told, happiness is free. But happiness is freedom so there is no need for one to say, happiness is free. What do I mean? Happiness has her own freedom, if you say happiness is free she might feel ridiculed because she’s everywhere it’s left to you to decide.

If life should depart from this world, what would happen? who would replace her? There is one particular feeling about life which some human beings feel it should be corrected, as for them,life has compromised by not sharing equality as wished by some men,and this has made life to be on the run.

Akinrulie Opeyemi purports, I think it’s not necessary that life should have a meaning in as much as she has people within her capacity who can utilize her,then, why are some people thinking it’s the responsibility of life to give them a meaning? If life should give you a meaning, what would be your responsibility?

He argues further, let me tell you this, I hope you would understand the main establishment of this world. When you listen carefully to everything on earth you would know that life is about to end her existence, not in the concept of individualism, but collectively it’s a price ,whether you pay it or not,it would be paid on your behalf.

In other words, life is not helping you by extending your existence, she’s just reminding you that you have a little time to discover and exhibit what has been deposited in you. You are meant to give life a meaning, life won’t bother herself, what she does is to bring challenges to your ways deliberately so that when you have acquired you would know how to utilize yourself judiciously.

I hope I am not going too far in this stride,what I have been trying to say is that,rather than focusing on this subject matter : LIFE ON THE RUN. Surely, the subject matter would be for everyone at the end,but emphasising on life and her departure would leave a footprint of laziness on your mind,it would bring a depressive thought and create an irrelevant jejune within the context of your thinking.

Don’t think about life too much, if you do,she would kill you unknowingly. Remember these words below:

I beseech you to be good to one another whether life is on the run or not. ‘Evil ‘is a concept created to corrupt ‘good’. When you are good several attempts would be waged just to give you commotions and discrepancies. What would be your next move? Go on the run with life or stay with life and utilize her? As you know the world is not a better place for some while it is ,for some people ,in order for them to be wicked ,and cause villainous events . You can’t pray for their repentance they are called ,”the pharaohs” because of their adamant hearts.——–(Akinrulie Opeyemi)

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