It’s good to be optimistic coupled with some positive vibes, but the above question might look simple and straightforward, howbeit deep in your heart you tend to ask these questions:
Is life worth living? Why is time needed? When would eternity be enthroned? Some have argued that what has life, time and eternity got to offer? In a nutshell, what have they contributed to human race rather than make them  think rigorously about their aging existence.

The vagueness of this world has made it pretty unbearable for some while it has favored some. In a delicate life there is always a simple trend, we need to widen our thoughts but not with multiple beliefs which are birthed with doubt. As a matter of fact, we tend to ponder on questions like : is life worth living? Is my essence real? Is there a supernatural being somewhere? What have I achieved? Fruitful or fruitless?


In his piece “Is Life Worth Living?”, William James considers what he calls “the nightmare or suicidal view of life” On this view, life is not worth living because  life could be worth living only if there exists “an unseen order of some kind in which the riddles of the natural order may be found explained”  and  there exists no such unseen order.



William Hamilton’s Discussions on Philosophy and Literature (1856):

In regard to Time Past, and Time Future there is comparatively no difficulty…. But Time Present, when we attempt to realize it, seems to escape us altogether—to vanish into nonentity. The present cannot be conceived as of any length, of any quantity, of an protension [duration?], in short, as any thing positive. It is only conceivable as negation, as the point or line (and these are only negations) in which the past ends and the future begins—in which they limit each other.


Wolfhart Pannenberg, “Theological Questions to Scientists”
Is there conceivable any positive relation between the con-cept of eternity and the spatio-temporal structure of the physical universe? . . . This is one of the most arduous, but also one of the most important questions in the dialogue between theology and natural science. . . . Without an an-swer to the question regarding time and eternity, the rela-tion of God to this world remains inconceivable.


One day I killed my body and activated my spirit I wanted to assist my mental capacity into another level with a unique perspective towards understanding life, time and eternity. Suddenly, it was as if I have ignited the world of insanity, but life told me not to try to reason beyond the human level because time has been given to humans,and eternity belongs to an external force. If that should be the case, is life worth living? Some would also ask, why is it that my time hasn’t come? Is eternity a realistic postulation?

“Is life worth living?” is a statement that has destroyed a lot of people who are usually promising. As a matter of matter, the aim of the aforementioned dictum is to render one purposeless, howbeit suicide would be introduced gradually in order to accomplish the unfinished mission since time and eternity are no longer visible. To buttress my points, how about this scenario? 👇👇

When life is unfair you tend to think everything is over. No thought will be reasonable to you, you would think you should just end everything and all things in order to free yourself from what you are experiencing. Some have assumed that the main reason for committing suicide is money. This is not so in all cases, I think unhappiness and comparison should be banished, if possible.

I know it’s hard to cope and align oneself to some certain things in life, but I wouldn’t know the crux and reason of suiciding oneself. It is as if overthinking has subdued thinking, because thinking should be thinking, not to be overthought. Why is suicide the only option? If I have the power I will cease the existence of death since it has become the ultimate goal of ending one’s life. Life is good with the right things, but death is a cheat.

How about the case of a final student who ended his life because of carryovers? Some people would be quick to judge saying, no matter what you are passing through suicide should never be an option. Have you ever experienced real frustration? I am not saying that suicide should be encouraged but the way some people criticize so easily with prejudice could provoke the upcoming suiciders to follow the path of their departed heroes. It’s very pertinent to note that, suicide is not an instantaneous imagination, it’s a rigorous thinking that usually occur daily or once with an intense thinking.
Life is worth living, some would be fast to criticize me and saying, it is as if the writer has comfort within him, if not, he would not have said that sentence in bold italics. But it’s not the case. Even if it’s an obvious thing in the society that doesn’t mean endorsement should be permitted by nullifying the realities life. Imagine if everyone is this world should
end their existence, how would time and eternity manifest themselves?

This would now take me to the notion of time and eternity. Kindly note that, there is no way I would talk about time without eternity and there is no way I would talk about eternity without time. Hence, when time has been exhausted, then eternity would be the ruler because of her unending predominance. When there is too much comparison the house of inferiority would be happy because they have a client with unhappiness, this would make one  hasten time to perform her unusual duties as I put it below :👇

That very day he was told about how is mates are succeeding and buying different cars. To add to his situation, he was also reminded that age isn’t on his side, so he became dejected, his happiness was mixed with agony. What’s the next step? Money ritual? Should he wait for his own time when time waits for no one? Is he still on God’s radar? So many thoughts came to his mind. Yet,”look at your mates” has brought more harm than good,but time is at the corner watching him.
From the above scenario, what would be his next action? Would he not say, I don’t care about eternity let me just  do whatever I want, afterall, I am not sure if eternity is real. How about that?

What “time” does is to give you a sense of oldness by making you to act as soon as possible but not in the case of usurping some things which are not meant for you rather time is like a guideline that makes you plan judiciously because eternity might appear anytime. Yet, is eternity real?

Before I end this article I don’t want to be vague, the question is: what is eternity?

If it means an existence outside time or an indefinite existence. Hence, the world must end for this to happen. Isn’t it? How can we exempt God who hasn’t showed himself in his real appearance but he always sends his presence to remind mankind of eternity? If atheism is saying, there is no God which implies that there is no eternity, then atheism is false. You know the right way but you are still adamant, at the end it won’t pay you rather tears would the next thing but blood would be happy take over because it is an opportunity for her reign. This is a parable, how about that?

The moment we came to this world we have gained “Life”, then “Time” is what we are using now, but where we would spend “Eternity” is what we are still fighting for. Hence, the spirit of discernment is for all, if it’s not, then many won’t know that eternity is AROUND.  If your thinking isn’t consolidated you might think eternity is your friend whereas she has her own purpose. Hence, you can’t play with her.

How I wish I could say more or pour out my mind in a deeper sense, even in a simple sentence and sense some people are still battling with understanding. Hence, equality is delusional.

Remember, there is a supreme being somewhere whose verification is yet to be unveiled but if eternity is not coming,then the propensity of knowing the initiator won’t be real, in addition, life and time would be irrelevant.

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