I was perturbed by some abnormalities of life thus I couldn’t keep all these thoughts,  so what I can do is to express these aphorisms through writing . Remember,  thinking is attached to man but smart thinking at times may lead to wrong thinking but if  deep thinking is available give it a try. Well and truly , life gave mankind an invitation in order to join the race of thesis and antithesis at the end it will be either happiness , sadness , or tragic comic relief , in as much as she dictates all things . Can you live without life ? If you can live without life tell me how you have accomplished and how you will accomplish what are still coming without the presence of life . Perhaps , life is good but death is the cheat . Tell me life is not good and I will tell you to come as a tree or thing  in the second coming if there will be one . Do not forget that the advantage of life as a living is the autarchy and dominion over things who are also agitating to be like man. Yet , I will ask : What is life to you ? 

      We are in a long walk to freedom just like Nelson Mandela . The nemeses of life might be frustrating but soon they will become hilarious and you will trump them . Life has made me to be a talkative just  like a parrot but I believe one  day I shall be rewarded  . When ? How ? As interesting as life is , she is always in friendship with ‘limitation and death ‘ or have you not wondered that all efforts are geared to something ? Can you be appealing to nothing ? I have asked myself these questions still I am not satisfied so what I can do is to shut the doors of uncertainty and proceed to the next phase of life. However , no body wants to dance to  the music of sadness in this life but,  if happiness and wealth  are the subject matters  no choice will be given  thus , your welfarism will be their priority . This periphrasis of life is not for many but for  the few who can embrace the scope of knowledge because life is knowledge . As a matter of fact , knowledge is not life but life is knowledge . 

    Parables can not express all my thoughts neither can the words of wisdom or knowledge can be my daily mantra. What will be the purpose and essence of everything if I  desire everything when  I will end like nothing?  What I have desired to become is still in my mind but the only thing that could hinder me is when life decides to leave . How about you ? What are your wishes? I know I do not know what the future holds but the future holds something which I can not see. Can you ? If you can,  I congratulate you but beg life not to betray you in as much as you are living . When death comes there will be no remedy,  only if you can imagine how many souls  have been lost in this life you will know you are not important . So why raise your shoulders when you are nothing ? Even if  you are something be humble,because your something is nothing to some people. What has  life taught you? 

  ” I hope I have not wasted your time with this short aphorism. It will only make sense when we are senseless in order to acquire sense. If you know the contact address of life pay her a visit.” —Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 

 “I do not know what the future holds but the future holds something “—   Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua 

” Life is good but death is the cheat “— Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua . 


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