I hope this celebration will be for life involving the same myriads but,it won’t be because “be” will disappear one day. The only song we can render is dirge,we must not be remorseful since we are in that arena hence,the thinking we are thinking is a ‘thought’ that is thinking. There is no second chance but we can utilize some chances now which are already given.
    Many are still struggling and agitating for existence but the crucial notion of existence is to realize you can live freely without interjections but they are distractions. The time beckons when it will be like a fluctuated network. What are we going to do? Are we going to hide? We can bet but doesn’t mean we would win because this is definitely a gamble.
    This is an historic genesis of what we have been doing. If everything were to be stable then, there will be no need for the creation of man ,expectations are high but the disappointment will not be surprising. I guess we have something to say hence,it will be nice to conceal it because all angles are not safe.
  By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.
  “To those who are not those but, real”

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