Even, if you choose to turn left or right, how about the middle way?  Society is everything and everywhere . The escaping route is also under the canopy called,” society. ”  How will you escape this? – – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


  I was provoked by the miserable actions of the society which I can not exempt myself from, if I can, I would have preferred a world of my own. But, can I? Can you? As a matter of fact, the world will remain a realm to be fulfilled. At times, you  feel like opting out, perhaps, you can’t get out from this society. You tend to be tired by the castigation or condemnation of the society. If you are not free then, you are going no where, this is a dungeon of no return which I can not exempt myself from. As the analysis of the past will be visited, and the postulations of the present will be given a proper investigation. Society won’t give up on that, because invitation is part of their tools. Can you get out of this dungeon? This situation will be unsolved thus, getting out won’t be easy. How about that?


   What will you say about gossipers? What will you say about naysayers? How about friends who tend to be good with fake smiles? You have now become a vigilante that secures a village called, “society”. But, this doesn’t mean you will be appreciated, even appreciation might be far from them. I am writing with a vexation of the highest order coupled with the provocative actions of the society. What will I do? What will you do? They are just there to envy what they have not worked for, neither, can they know how everything started. Their maxim will be, “who cares”. If you bother about them, you might end up losing your life. Tears will not be seen, even those who are regarded as your intimate friends will extricate or escape themselves. If you think, this is not real, try death.  If you bargain with them, this might lead to betrayal. When will you be free from all these scenes?  Have you not thought of this?


I would have loved to continue writing, but, the society will also complain about this. Even, this statement is not safe”.—–Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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