Let this introduction be read carefully, respect should be given to ‘value’not ‘integrity’ . Moreover, the elders are still learning.” – – – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


Are the elders still making sense? Who is to be blamed for this immorality? You are an elder but, the way you speak is like a child, this is not the case that you are not sensible but, you have failed to apply a commonsensical concept in the stride of life. You have ridiculed yourself in all ramifications thus, you tend to look for integrity which has been sent to the world of no return. As a matter of fact, you are seeking for your lost respect. This will be hard to get, may be, thinking will be of help, if you can utilize it. Your admonitions are not working again. What will you try? As time will  be no more to see your tears, reasoning is an avuncular to thinking, when you combine both, a turnaround might be seen. I am still worried about the sudden absence of these wise men. Where are they?  Where are their words of wisdom? Have they travelled? When will they return?


   Now, you want realism but, what you can get is idealism. What have you done to yourself? You have become a quantity display even, a quality display has no place to manifest itself. If something is not wrong, then, wrong will be silent. People who have been looking up to you are seriously disappointed, time is what can not be reversed. When I write, I want you to be in the game of thinking. The elders have joined the mantra of enjoyment, in such a way that, they can no longer correct the youths to straighten their ways. A shame is a shame, there is nothing like a good shame. It has been assumed, especially, in African traditional settings that the elders have the wise curiosity to change the society. But, this assumption should be changed, because the elders are at  sleep. What have they done to the society?


It is not the case that the elders are not making sense, but, if decadence is to be quenched, the elders must also quench themselves.” – – – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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