Have you ever made this comment to yourself before? As illustrated below 👇👇

What is the struggle all about? We all want good happenings to be with us for life, therefore exonerating ourselves from bad headlines. Although, it’s good to run away from troubles, but how can one survive the unseen ones when such an individual is avoiding the physical troubles? Is this the case in your mind?

What I will do in this article is to make us think deeply about some things. It’s a pity that the world does not value things like these since my focus is not on nudity or other sexual things. It’s the reality because the aforesaid examples fetch fast money than any other thing. In addition, I will randomize my thoughts if possible, therefore, bringing some provoking and logical thinking. As some would say, logic can’t explain the existence of this world, it can, it depends on what side you tend to use.

This world is so annoying, yet the belief of some people is beginning to shake. Who should be blamed? Is everything okay is this world? A lot of things like war, oppression, depression, evil and immorality have dominated this world extremely to the extent that some people are in the state of doubt saying, where is God? Is he sleeping? Has he forgotten us? Now, people are mocking them that where is there God who is mighty and strong? Where is he that created heavens and earth?

The issue of God and this world is a complex discussion, and if one isn’t careful one may offend the two parties. Which side are you? If God operates from both seen and unseen places and if the world is the reality you are experiencing, then, who is worthy of obedience?This argument will take us to the issue of Predestination (something foreordained by God).

If Predestination is what it is, then, mankind has no freewill of his own. Hence, the game of grace is the subject matter. How about that? As we tend to say, we have a choice given to us, how sure is it that you have power over that choice? It’s a pity that religion has turned some into everlasting puppets, their thoughts are based on teachings that are not tested. Remember, test all spirit. What Predestination does, is to obey the source not the subordinates.

Predestination for me is like a created cinema by God who has formulated all things for his glory, he put in place all things whether good or evil, mankind, things and nonliving things. All these are in accordance to his will. As a matter of fact, what is the role of predestination? As some tend to ask these questions below :

  • Why am I not free?
  • Why am I not rich like some?
  • Is Grace a Game?

Like a bet you tend to try your luck may be your ticket would bring happiness to you, all in the name of making money. In addition, the outcome might favour you. The popular maxim is, money must be made.I know it is important to make money since she is the real power, but when there is nothing to rely on, desperation would have her way in. It is not the case that you have not been trying, may be grace has gone to the wrong direction.If hardwork depicts money, then the labourers deserve to be richer than employers. Isn’t it?

All(employers) they do, is to motivate you with different examples at the end you would think you can whereas not all experiences can be used in someone’s life, you have to create yours.

Yet, where is grace? Has she become a game? Has she compromised her authenticity? I can’t blame her because she’s replicating her name grace meaning “the undeserved favor”. If that is the meaning of grace, then who makes it to be deserved. Let me elucidate this in a simple statement :

Grace carries the word ‘undeserved’, when she visits an individual or a group of people it becomes ‘deserved’. Who is the catalyst behind this? Or should we call this a coincidence? Is Grace in existence on her own? We need to ponder on these questions, howbeit, the game of grace is like a journey of longevity.What hope is left for a man who has laboured all his life, yet grace hasn’t found him? Some will say,“let him continue and learn someday his time will come.” Is he Abraham Lincoln?

The game of grace is when the unfortunate becomes fortunate,therefore leaving no hope for the rightful owner of grace. Is this not a game?

Have you not wondered why grace is partial at times, to the extent that you tend to yell at your creator? Like, why not me? It’s not your fault, but the race of mankind tend to blame himself for all these calamities while they are for the pleasure of some unseen forces, man is like a toy controlled by a robotic means, yet grace can not just act without the law of cause and effect. The question is: why can’t everyone be fortunate?

I will end this short aphorism without making it too long, so that the observer won’t be bored. Honestly, grace is a game. Evil will befall X, it won’t befall Y and might happen to both parties. Some would rejoice, the other would lament. Some would be killed, some would also be pardoned. Each religion believes Grace is in their own religion which leads to salvation.

We have strived in order to thrive and subdue our enemies, but it is as if nothing is working. Hence, grace is still putting some people on queue. I hope their time will come before they finally gets knocked out of the game.

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