Where is  power? Where is wealth? Where are the mentioned and unmentioned issues? Are they powerless? Let them come out and protest about the journey that is over. The journey is over, but it seems like it’s not over. It is like a film acted to bring the reality to people so that they can feel it like emotions. If a tear should drop it won’t shake the world, so keep your tears because accountability is very angry.  End is coming to an end, even end will be happy because she’s tired of ending disputes that won’t end. 

     At the end, man would address all issues with simplicity, till then, you are not the boss of your life. If you think and reason this, you will know you aren’t. Those words are in existence in order to encourage you. As a matter of fact, people who have died should not be overjoyous,because theirs will be examined critically  for failing to accept the avaliable concepts when they were in existence. As for those who are alive, you know it’s over and you could feel the end which is not near. You have been thinking about the next step, but the interesting thing is, that  crown will be dethroned and the throne will be empty, then the real owner will be enthroned. 

     The time is over, the clock is ticking like a mark of correction. It’s so sad that the journey is over, but if you can see what I am seeing, you won’t say, “the ‘over’ is near”. What will be your position? What is your fate? When the time comes faith will become fate. You know why? You can use your faith to correct your fate in some circumstances, but fate can’t correct your faith. That is why people tend to question your faith, at the end you will have no choice, but to accept your fate.   This is where mankind can’t escape because fate is always waiting 

                     1.  SOLILOQUY 

   Note this :   Well and truly, the journey is over, I will express as if I am not, whereas I am. 

     “I have partook in different spheres of life. I have met different people from  different regions. I have interacted and argued on the basis of good and bad. Now, the journey is over and all tribes are gone, I am the only one soliloquizing all thoughts. Why is this so? There is nothing to hide when the journey is over. Perhaps, it’s already over. “

                     2. SOLILOQUY 

  ”  The first(1) soliloquy should be a dream because I just woke to reality. If the journey is over mankind will return to that dream they once dreamt about which is real. I know what I am saying is not a sensible concept, but what is the essence of sensibility when the myopic ones lack sensitivity? Even the wise ones are depreciating because of their extremism. “

     The purpose of the first soliloquy and second soliloquy is simple. I will breakdown  these  two parts in order for you to understand. The former (1.soliloquy) is a about the dream of mankind while the latter (2.soliloquy) is the concept  of reality. In other words, when you sleep you are unconscious, this implies a dreaming process, but suddenly consciousness erases unconsciousness. The journey is over yet, mankind is unconscious. I know you are confused, are you? Okay, let me explain better :

    “Man is unconscious when dreaming, but suddenly consciousness erases unconscious, thus it ends the dreaming process. In other words, the world is a dreaming process, you are in one activity or the other. Consciousness is naturally a mankind thing, until dream became our world. Now, the journey in the world is over. Consciousness is the only sincere paradigm, if you are conscious you will know  the journey is over because dream can’t replace vision.

    People are applauding you,even life knows the journey is over. She is just faking herself to mankind. Can life be a liar in this journey ? Well, she has nothing to lose because she will exist after death and even when,eternity comes  she will still exist. Life will always become lively to herself .yet, I say, ‘the journey is over’. Mankind has tried enough, he has contributed immensely to the genesis and revelation of this  world. Remember, the world doesn’t care about man’s contributions. As some will say, I am sorry for this announcement, but I am not sorry to say, ‘the journey is over’. 

     If the world is a dreaming process, does this imply that, I am also dreaming? How did I know that the world is a dreaming process? As a result of this, you have embraced a particular belief because of your consciousness that the journey is over. At the end, what you have believed in will be the judge when the journey is over. Yet, THE JOURNEY IS OVER. 



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