Beliefs are created to ignite the passions of mankind  but we can not proceed by only asking questions , when those questions are not  answered. The only being that can use the sagacious thinking to settle disputes within and without is man,yet, cases are not solved but no discrepancies. How is that possible?
    The vestiges of discovery beckons hence, the mental capacity to actualize those vestiges is what man has been struggling with. For many years the history of mankind is mankind,in as much as man has the agility to visualize his potentials which have been a programmed claim,what can man do? How can we ameliorate what has been done already? As the analysis of the past would be considered with a partial view because we think it won’t be relevant thus,we are always gazing at the future.
    Many lives will still be sacrificed,blood will also become bloody on its own,and even tears will be given another name entirely. This should be a memorabilia that must be a watchword, as many will be useless and useful to life but remember life won’t recognize that, one strike will be indefinite.
   The reading culture is dying thus,further explanations might alert boredom. But let those in the stride of intelligence be conscious.
   By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua  ( Dvor vinordinaire )
   “We are the separation”

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