Have you defined your purpose? 

   This shouldn’t be a strange topic, I am sure you are familiar with it. Why am I on earth? Why are you on earth? Perhaps, age can be a number, but it’s like a time that can’t be reverted. In other words, the actuality of the term ‘age’ can’t be reduced, but it must definitely increase. As time approaches, you must ask yourself the main reason why earth has chosen you. As a matter of fact, I am not exempted from this relevant question : why am I on earth? I have been thinking for several years, even insanity has become a normalcy. Let me say this fact, anyone who tries to think outside God will definitely run mad, this is not a curse. A trial will convince you. 

      Only if you were there when the world was created. At times, I speak as if there are no words again, but the most interesting thing is that, I free myself to thoughts so that they can express themselves because words also speak. If you have realized your purpose, this doesn’t mean it’s achievable. That is, there is a clear difference between “purpose and achievement”. Purpose is easy, but achievement is difficult. I hope I am plain in my expressions, I am just trying to invigorate my morale as regards my purpose on earth may be, I have lost it, who knows? If ‘why’ is not important, then purpose won’t be discovered. 

   ” Well and truly, competition won’t take mankind anywhere, it will only strengthen disagreement between people. It is very pertinent to note that, the question, ‘why am I on earth?’ is not a common watchword. It appears when suffering becomes deep.” – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua. 

    I have only created this platform to ignite your purpose because of the confusion on earth which we see everyday. I would have decided to conceal this thought, but the essence of life is learning.
     The aging concept of life will serve as a reminder. If I am on earth to participate in some things, the question is, have I concluded those things? It seems life is unfair, but it is not the case, because life is only fulfilling her destiny. I am putting myself in this scenario, you must also do the same by imagining yourself in the concept of reasoning : why am I on earth? I am not the first person to talk about this, and I won’t be the last person to do so. I want to be successful. I want to move around in wealth. I don’t want to suffer at all, but I realized that suffering must be included. If that should be the case, how about those discovering their purpose without suffering? Yet, they have discovered their purpose while on earth. 

  Has that solved the reason? Why are you on earth? Yes, I know God created us, but His creative dexterity can be seen as a true meaning of purpose. Now, here is my argument : If God has a purpose, and He gave mankind a purpose. Why is man still doubting his creation as regards his purpose? Man should know that he will report when the time comes, he can’t hide. Let’s understand one thing, there is nothing like ‘born by mistake’. If God can’t mistakes, then your creation has a purpose. 

   As a matter of fact, I am making those paragraphs to be direct and simple for the purpose of all. Born with regret, happiness becomes a melody at end. One who is always remorseful will see an easy task as an intractable confrontation. Once again, why am I on earth? Why are you on earth? This is a feeling that is not normal, because you can’t wake up and ask this question : why am I on earth? It’s very scarce. If I  can trek to heaven I won’t bother myself to come back to earth. You know why? Have you heard this statement before : why am I in heaven? Because it has been argued that, heaven is interesting. 

      However, it has been argued that the world is too short, yet man is struggling in his journey, I am wondering  when he will be able to reach the final bus stop of his destination. Instead of thinking about the above topic you tend to think about the death that is coming, you alerted her with your thinking, if not,she would have stayed on her own without interference. As I am writing this, I am picturing myself so that this article will also impact me. If I have no purpose, then what am I doing on earth? If things that are not breathing have purpose and utility, then why am I on earth? Shouldn’t be a problem. Perhaps, the main reason  why man has not discovered his purpose can be traced to the exegeses of religion. When will man be free? What a pity. 

    Why am I on earth? Is it to partake in all social activities? Is it to mock people? Is it to crack jokes and laugh necessarily and unnecessarily? Is it to gain freedom? Is it to build houses and use exorbitant cars? Etc. If all these things I have mentioned are just  additional assumptions, then what is the primary focus? Remember, there is a God who is overseeing all things whether you like it or not. If this is true,”realization” will make us know that all deeds are in existence in order to open some good acts with righteous, so that you may see God. A purposeful life must know God, but some people may say, how about people who don’t know  God yet they are purposeful? It’s lie. Let me carry you to a metaphysical realm may be, you will understand this concept. “It’s so unfortunate that you can’t see their hearts, but within them, there is a strong image of God whispering to them. They won’t mention Him because they understand how it works.”  God is versatile, He comes in different versions. Choose the version you belong . Hence, you will realize why you are on earth. 


   Why am I on earth? Don’t see this question as a common assertion created to mock your identity, but see it as a catapult which will place you to the zenith of your career. Let me tell you the truth, there is nothing on earth, this is an era where youths are going astray because the above topic has been overlooked. Whether you realize your purpose or not, the exit is not free. As I am, I am yet to fulfill my purpose, the concept of time and eternity are almost the same at this point. No where to hide because all things have been exposed. As a matter of fact, every body can speak by using analecta to express, howbeit, at this stage of life, creating a purpose shouldn’t be a challenge.  I will end my thoughts , so that the reader will be able to digest and ignite his or her purpose on earth. 

        What’s your purpose on earth? 


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