I have wondered why some people tend to embrace suicide as an end to their pains. Nevertheless, is it the case that they have been deserted without their consent? Suicide will always be happy.” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua.


  “ In 2010, Alexander McQueen, a producer of several designs, like shoes, was said to have hung himself.”  What must have led him to engage himself in that situation? Depression or what? It is very vital to note that the death of the above name is a tragic one. But why? All questions can not  be answered, at times, we may need to suspend judgement.

  “Kurt Cobain was a musician who has been complaining about internal demons. On April – 5-1994, he shot himself in his home at Washington.”  It is the case that, even suicide might occur as a result of spiritual intolerance. Kurt Cobain took a gun and shot himself, this is a mysterious scenario. How about that?

  “Robin Williams was found dead in his home after he was suffering from manic depression, he hung himself on August – 11-2014.” Are you feeling what I am feeling? This is disastrous.



    It is the case that they have concluded within them to choose suicide to end the depression they are battling. As a matter of fact, I am yet to know the main thing behind and beyond suicide, a situation where one will wake up and decide within that the next thing is suicide. Even spirituality might be a cause in this contemporary issue, ‘depression’ has always been the cause, how about spiritual attack? I can deduce that since spirituality can not be verified, I will have to suspend my judgement but, I am not saying that there is no spirituality. It is very pertinent to note that, if it is not empirical, will it make sense? Even empirical statements are still subjected for probation. Have you ever wondered why some people tend to engage ourselves in suicide? Depression has been the main reason for this act. Don’t you think there is something more to this?


Is this what some people were created for? Death has become a simple identity  to extent that people desire to die themselves through a brainwashed umbrella which have acquired. As life will continue to be a mystery, so as man will continue to wonder and ponder about life. In a situation where suicide is common, death will also be a household of what it is. Can you pick a knife and decide to kill yourself? Can you do that without depression or sadness? It should be noted that this suicide is attached to something, I can not just kill myself happily and you can not do the same. Something must have gone wrong, is it the case that they have thought within them that there is a second coming which will happen to them? If sadness leads to suicide, even too much of happiness can give a room for suicide. How about that?

I do not express much but, if  I were  to be suicide I would have made the world to commit  suicide ” – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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