I cried when I saw some people in abject penury who could not rescue themselves. What have they done wrong to deserve an impoverished life?  They have lamented within, but, nobody could set them free. Why?.” – – – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua


     Can this be a predestination? Is it something predestined by the supreme being? Who wants to suffer? How will I  see success and choose failure? It has now  become the survival of the fittest. Yet, we have capable men and women who are gallant in everything. They have forgotten this people who are experiencing impoverishment. Where is the government? If the essence of a government is to cater for the welfarism of the people, then, poverty termination should be put into consideration. A country like Nigeria where people pray fervently for total demolition or destruction of poverty, yet, the only improvement seen, is the elevation of the rich and the depreciation of the poor. Progress or regress?  It is better not to be, than to be. Who will save us from this calamitous scene?


    As a matter of fact, I hope this illusion will not continue for life. Now, tell me, how do we tend to settle the rift between them?  Tears in their eyes and what they can do is, to walk within the auditorium of no hope. We have been deceived by their sugarcoated utterances  coupled with their historical lies, I doubt if real is still real. Can you hear the lamentations? Can you feel the pains? They are still asking their creator why the unbearable is given to them, in fact, emotions can not express how I am feeling as I am writing, yet, what will I do? I have played my role in this journey thus, my ability to help all, won’t be accepted since I am not the unknown.


  ” Few words should be enough for conviction ” – – – – – Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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